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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chapter 13 ~ Mark of the Fae

That Wednesday night Pam was making her way to Bon Temps to pick up her Master's bonded. Eric had filled her in on what had happened between him and Sookie the night of their blood exchange, and he had showed her the mark that had mysteriously appeared on his chest. While she'd never spoken to her Master of his life as a human, she had read every book ever written on the Norse as they were printed, and she was aware of the significance of the mark now adorning his chest over his heart. She was beginning to believe that her Master was right—Sookie was meant to be his.

'There is no doubt that such magical results of their bonding can be no accident. Natural magic is rarely wrong, and if such things truly happened then Eric must be right … he is meant to have Sookie.'

As much as she hated to admit it, the thought made her jealous. Sookie could lay claim to her Master in a manner she did not. She did not want to share him, and by the way things were looking, Sookie would hold far more importance to Eric than she herself did. The thought did not sit well with her. As she pulled up to the front of Sookie's house she thought, 'This girl had better be worthy of my Master.'
Inside the house, Sookie was finishing getting dressed. Tonight she wore a corseted forest green dress with a layered bottom that had yards and yards of tule that gave the overall look of a tutu. The organza was stunning on her, having a deep lace up detail to show off her back. The fronds of organza reached to the floor at the center back but sat just above her knee in the front providing lots of drama. The corseted bodice was strapless and her breasts were pushed upwards emphasizing her cleavage. She could tell the outfit was supposed to be tight, but over the last week or so she'd barely eaten and the lack of nourishment was beginning to show. Her own clothes were getting awfully baggy and she reminded herself she needed to start eating more. Her schedule was beyond hectic at the moment but she wasn't going to be much good to anyone if she didn't start eating again. Tying the straps of her black stilettos to her feet she stood and appraised herself in the mirror. She was wearing the necklace Eric had given her as her only adornment as her hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders. Hearing a knock signaling Pam's arrival, she headed down the stairs, grabbing her purse off the table and opening the door.

"Hello Pam."

Pam did not return Sookie's greeting as her gaze was immediately drawn to the girl's chest and the mark that adorned it. "Where did you get that?"

Thinking that Pam was looking at her necklace Sookie touched her fingers to it and replied, "Eric gave it to me."

Pam shook her head. "Not the necklace. The mark. Where did you get the mark?"

Sookie took a curious glance down at herself before turning confused eyes to the taller woman and asking, "What mark?"

"The Mark of the Fae, you foolish girl! Where did you get it?" Pam was pointing at the area over Sookie's heart now.

Once again looking at the area Pam indicated for a moment before meeting the vampire's questioning gaze, Sookie frowned. "Pam, are you playing a joke on me? Is this some weird form of vampire humor?"

"You do not see it?"

"See what?"

Pam looked deep into Sookie's eyes and saw only truth. 'She does not see it. Am I seeing it or is it just my imagination? I doubt I am seeing things. I guess I will find out when we get to Fangtasia. If it is there, Eric will see it too. I shall get my answers then.' Turning on her heel, she said, "Let's go."

Once she was settled in the car and her seatbelt was drawn across her chest, Sookie turned to Pam. "So are you going to tell me what all that mark-talk was about? Were you messing with me?"

Pam slanted her eyes at Sookie and coolly replied, "We'll find out when we get to the club. Until then, I would prefer silence."

Sookie reacted with some offense. She crossed her arms over her chest, sputtering, "Well fine then. Nice seeing you too!" The rest of the ride was made without any further conversation.

At Fangtasia, Jessica was whining to Eric that she didn't want to check IDs at the door. She wanted to be one of the dancers, and he was studiously ignoring her. "Eric come on! Why can't I dance? Let Pam check IDs!"

"Do as you're told." Eric was trying to get the invoices done so that when Sookie arrived he could spend all night sitting with her on his throne. Hopefully he could get her to flirt with him some more.

Jessica was pissed that he'd never even looked up from his desk to answer her. Ever since coming back to Fangtasia she'd been having a difficult time. The first time she'd stayed here Eric had let her feed off of fangbangers, dance the night away doing whatever she wanted, and pretty much run wild. Now he did nothing but make her work and drink that bottled True Blood crap. He'd spouted off some nonsense about her having to live the same way Bill had made her so that Sookie couldn't say he hadn't lived up to his end of their bargain. It was driving her crazy! She was literally a kid in a candy store and Eric wasn't letting her have any. She was tired of it! While she was still scared of Eric she had come to realize over the last few days that she had a bargaining chip … Sookie.

'He's so desperate to get Sookie that he's willing to do anything. I bet if I threaten to tell her what he made me do he'll let me dance … and drink from one of the fangbangers too. It's not like he can hurt me, anyway. Sookie will be here any minute and if she doesn't see me she'll know something is up. Maybe Eric hasn't thought of that little fact.'

A smirk forming on her face, she crossed her arms over her chest and said, "If you don't let me dance and feed on a fangbanger, I'm going to tell Sookie what you made me do."

Now that got his attention. Looking up and sitting back in his chair, Eric grinned at the redhead in front of him. His voice was smooth. "Have you forgotten your lessons in the basement so soon?"

Jessica's grin widened. "You can't hurt me. Sookie will be here in a minute and if she doesn't see me she'll know something is wrong. So you'd better let me be a dancer tonight and feed for real … or I'm going to tell her."

Eric was up and out of his chair to pin Jessica to the wall before she could blink. Snarling into her now frightened eyes, he hissed, "You stupid thing … dare you threaten me? Yes …. I need for Sookie to see you tonight … however, after tonight she isn't scheduled to work until Friday. Imagine all the cruel and horrific things I could do to you between now and then. Or perhaps I'll tell her she doesn't have to come in until Saturday? Hmmm?" He grabbed the vampire baby's arm she had raised to try and pull his hand away from her throat and yanked hard, dislocating it.

"Ahhh!" Jessica felt white hot pain rip through her shoulder and bloody tears appeared in her eyes.

Realization dawned in her gaze that Eric would, and could, do things to her that Sookie might not see. He grabbed her jaw and pulled down until a sickening pop filled the air and it hung uselessly open. "Do not attempt to interfere with my plans regarding Sookie. It will not end well for you, Jessica. Sookie is mine and nothing and no one will stand between her and I and live." 

Dropping her to the floor, he brought his knee up under her jaw to kick it back into place. He grabbed her arm and unceremoniously slammed it back into its socket and listened as Jessica's scream filled the night air. He knew she would be healed by the time Sookie arrived and took one last vicious kick to her, flinging the defenseless girl into the far wall. 

"Pathetic child. Forget your place again and I shall arrange an accident to cover up your disappearance to Sookie when in truth you will spend all your time locked in Pam's basement so we can play with you … and, trust me, we will be the only ones having any fun."

Jessica cowered, scrambling away from him as Eric then turned around and sat back at his desk to finish his paperwork. He did not raise his eyes as he ordered calmly, "Go man the front and check IDs." 

Pushing clumsily to her feet she ran for the door, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

He waited for her to open his office door before he called her back. 

"And Jessica?"

She turned around slowly catching a glimpse of his contemptuous grin before she lowered her eyes to the floor. "I trust that Sookie will hear only good things about me from you. Yes?" He watched as she nodded furiously before fleeing his presence as fast as she could.

When she was gone Eric shook his head at her ridiculous attempt at manipulation. 'To think she would try to beat me at my own game? Fool child. She will certainly not last through the ages.'

When the last of the invoicing was complete he stood up from his desk and stretched, giving himself a final check to his appearance in the mirror. Tonight he was wearing black leather boots and pants with an unbuttoned black silk shirt tucked in at the waist that was open all the way to his navel. He looked dark and dangerous, just the way he liked it. The mark on his chest was visible and he wondered what Sookie would say of it.

He was elegant, his movement fluid and panther-like as he moved through the vermin to ascend the platform and sit on his throne as he eagerly awaited the arrival of his little Sookie. 'I will not be able to hide the truth from Sookie of what I am for much longer. Sooner or later she will learn just how monstrous I truly am. She will come to find out that I am not the tame kitten I portray myself as for her now. Of course I should be able to put this knowledge off for awhile yet. I want her to come to my bed willingly before she learns the truth. I want her to choose me willingly before then. I did not lie, I will never rape her, but once she has come to my bed I will not allow her to leave it. Now that we are bonded I can flood her body with my own feelings of lust and need and she would cave easily to my advances. I won't do this now since I want our first time to be her choice, but afterwards? When she learns the truth I will do whatever necessary to keep her beneath me.'

Feeling himself harden at the thought of Sookie's delicious body writhing beneath him in ecstasy, he thought, 'I bet she's a screamer. I cannot wait to hear her shout my name in pleasure; to moan and beg me to touch her, to fill her. I cannot wait to taste the sweetness between her thighs. I wonder if she shaves like so many other women in this day and age? I bet she's tight … so very tight.'

Richelle approached to see if he needed anything and he sent her away with an angry wave of his hand and a growl. He had made use of the girl several times over the last week as a stand-in for Sookie. It took everything he had to control his desire for his golden Valkyrie when he was with her. So when he left her side he grabbed whatever decent looking woman was available and lived out his need for Sookie on their worthless bodies. Richelle had been lucky enough to be handy, but she was starting to act as though he favored her in some way and that bothered him. He would make a point of selecting a different girl tomorrow night in front of her to take to his office for a quickie. That should remind Richelle of her place. He belonged to no one. Others belonged to him. That's just the way it was. He would not even be monogamous to Sookie once he truly made her his. She would know no other man but him, of course, but he was not one to be restricted in such a way. If another man ever touched her he would kill him and chain her to his bed until she learned her place. 'Of course if she wants a few females of her own I would allow that … as long as I can watch. And join in.'

He knew Sookie was fairly new to the sexual arts, and undoubtedly Compton had taught her little, but he planned to rectify that. Once she submitted to him he would introduce her to a wide variety of sexual acts. He was a natural Dom, and he planned to train Sookie to be his perfect submissive. While he enjoyed her fiery spirit she would learn to obey him. In the bedroom he would be her God and she would bow before him to do his bidding … or she would be punished.

'I know she will not be cowed easily. She will challenge me often and force me to punish her. I will enjoy taking her over my knee and introducing a paddle to her ass. Oh yes … turning her beautiful behind a bright red will be a favorite past time of mine. I can imagine her kicking and screaming, demanding to be let go as I show her exactly who is Master. She will fear me. She will obey me. She will worship me. She will love me … I will make her.'

Envisioning his Sookie lying across his lap begging for mercy as he paddled her for being naughty, he felt the bond come alive and begin to hum rapidly within his chest. 'She is coming.' His eyes stayed on the door for long moments until he saw Pam enter and then behind her was Sookie … with the Mark of the Fae on her chest over her heart just like his.

He shot up and was across the room before they were barely through the door. Taking Sookie's arm, his voice was strident. "I asked you if anything else had happened. You will tell me why you lied. Now."

"Ah. So I'm not the only one that sees it," Pam remarked as she crossed her arms over her chest and smirked down at Sookie who Eric was staring intently at.

His hold on her arm was so tight it was nearly painful as he pulled her up against him. Grabbing his hand to try and pull it off, she looked at him, then Pam, and asked, "See what? Let go of me! I didn't lie to you about anything! Let go!"

Ignoring the stares around them, Eric turned his gaze to Pam. Her words had confused him. Switching to Swedish so that Sookie wouldn't know what they were saying, he asked, "What do you mean you're not the only one who sees it?"

Answering in her Master's preferred language, Pam explained, "She cannot see it, Master. I asked her about it at her house and she looked at me like I was crazy. She sees no mark on her chest. I thought perhaps I was imagining things, but now you see it as well."

"HEY! Speak English! It's rude to talk about someone like that, you know!" Sookie was still struggling against Eric's hold though she knew it was useless. She wouldn't be going anywhere unless he released her. She didn't know what they were saying, but she knew it was about her.

Still ignoring her, Eric ordered, "Chow." When the other vampire came from around the bar to stand at his side he switched to Chinese, and asked, "Do you see anything on Sookie's chest? Do not answer in English."

Nodding at his sheriff's order, he glanced at Sookie before replying. "Yes, Master. The Mark of the Fae is on her chest."

Having his answer, Eric dismissed Chow with a wave and focused back on Sookie. He watched her eyes carefully. "Do you see anything on my chest, Sookie?"

Her eyes travelled down to his exposed chest before she nodded. "I didn't know you had a tattoo. Does it mean something? It kind of looks like an anchor."

Ignoring her question, he continued, "You see nothing on your own chest?"

Looking down at herself once more, Sookie saw only her necklace and lifted it with her free hand towards him. "Just this. Is this what you guys are talking about? Does it mean something? I just thought it was a star … and you're the one that gave it to me so if it means something bad that's not my fault."

He stood silently as he opened the bond and measured her honesty. They had created quite the stir in his bar and everyone was watching them but he paid them no attention. A thought entering his mind, he turned to the closest fangbanger, some scrawny boy with spiked hair and a dog collar, and said, "You. Come here." The boy practically pissed himself but came like a good human. "Do you see anything on my chest?"

"Y … yesss … sss … sssir."


"A … a—tt … ttattt—oo, sir."

Indicating Sookie, he pressed, "Do you see anything on hers?"

"Y—yyess … sir."


The boy flicked his gaze to Sookie's necklace again before stuttering, "A—a necklace … sir ... uh … Master."

Eric raised a brow and pressed, "Nothing else? You see nothing else, boy?"

Shaking his head rapidly, the boy stuttered in rising panic. "N … no … sss—sir."

Waving his hand, Eric ordered, "Leave me, vermin." As the boy scurried away, he looked at Pam who seemed equally as baffled, and said in Swedish, "Why is nothing ever simple with her?"

Pam grinned dryly at her Maker and cocked an eyebrow. "She's your human."

Glaring at his child, he turned and pulled Sookie along behind him towards his throne. He sat Sookie down beside him before taking his own seat and let his mind ponder the significance of what he had just learned.

'She does not see the mark on her chest nor can other humans … yet mine is clear to their eyes? What magic is this? And the Mark of the Fae? That is one of the most powerful symbols I know! This is bigger and more important than I thought. I have no choice … I am going to have to contact a witch or seer about this … perhaps I should even send a query to HER. This kind of magic and power is beyond me.'

Beside him, Sookie crossed her arms across her chest and glared up at him. "Eric? Eric! What is your problem? What was all that about? Are you listening to me?"

"We were speaking about your necklace."

Shaking her head, Sookie demanded, "There's something you are not telling me and I want to know what it is!"

Glaring at her, Eric stood and pulled her after him towards his office. Pushing her ahead of him, he shut the door behind him. He took hold of her arms and pulled her against his chest. "Sookie my tolerance for your outbursts, and my leniency with regard to your behavior is far beyond what any other human, or vampire for that matter, has experienced before. I make allowances for you that no other is graced with. However in my bar, when you are working for me, you will not raise your voice to me or make demands of me. If you wish to speak to me in private then you are to request an audience … respectfully. Do you understand?"

Sookie swallowed and nodded slowly. Eric had been so kind and attentive lately that she forgot how frightening he could be. Right now he was so intense she could feel the power of him electrifying the air all around her. "Y … yes."

Scenting her fear and feeling it beating at him through their bond, Eric gentled his hands on her arms. While he was not used to being addressed so disrespectfully, he knew that part of the reason he was being so harsh with her right now was because of what had just happened in the bar regarding her mark … the mark she and other humans couldn't see. The Mark of the Fae that had magically placed itself upon her chest after their bonding. While he intended to use fear to train her once she yielded to him, he could not afford to overdo it now. If he wanted her to choose him freely he needed to tone it down.

Shaking his head, he softened his voice. "Sookie, I do not reprimand you to frighten you, however you must remember that I am not a human, and this is not a human world you have become a part of. I am a vampire sheriff. You just made demands of me in front of several of my vampire underlings out there. You raised your voice to me. That cannot happen. When we are alone you may say whatever you wish to me in any way you choose. However when we are among my kind, and more importantly my underlings, you must show me the proper deference. I cannot have you making me look weak … it would be dangerous for both of us. Do you understand this?"

Nodding again, Sookie fretted, "I understand. I was out of line. I shouldn't have raised my voice to you like that out there and it won't happen again … but I need you to tell me what all that was about before. You and Pam were making a fuss about the mark on your chest, and something tells me you aren't talking about my necklace either. I want to know what's going on."

'Should I tell her? No. Powerful magic is at work here, and if this magic has made it so that Sookie cannot see the mark it is not my place to tell her. For some reason her memory of the night we bonded has been altered. Whatever forces are interfering in our lives do not want her knowing of what is taking place between us. Until she can see the mark on her own I will not discuss it with her. However I can't tell her of my mark either. To let her know of the significance of my mark would only cause her to be more suspicious.'

He opted to use a bit of the truth mixed with some well placed lies as he replied, "This is a new tattoo and I wanted to see people's reaction. And we were speaking of your necklace. When you first came through the door, the necklace I've bought you appeared to look like a Septagram. That is a powerful symbol in the supernatural world. When you held it up, though, I could see I was wrong. I brought the others over to see if the same trick was played on their eyes. When Pam and I were speaking in Swedish I asked if it had appeared as a Septagram when she had first picked you up, and she verified that she had initially thought it looked like that as well. Chow told me the same. I did not use English because, as I said, the Septagram is a powerful thing in the supernatural world and I did not want any of the vermin overhearing. However it was merely a trick of the light and nothing to worry over."

Finding no fault with is explanation, she let her eyes travel to his chest and asked, "What does your tattoo stand for?"

Smirking at her, glad she had bought his less than honest explanation, he moved his shirt aside and took her hand to place it on his Mjolnir. 

The moment her fingers touched it, heat spread through his body and his fangs dropped down. The reaction was completely unexpected and he felt the beast inside him awaken. It wanted her. Hungered for her. The need to reach out and touch her Fae Star was nearly overwhelming but he held himself back. 'I want her.'

The dark and hungry look in Eric's eyes as his fangs ran out the moment the tips of her fingers met his tattoo, made her gasp. She tried to pull her hand away but he merely pressed her palm completely over the tattoo as he stepped closer to her. Her heart started beating faster as that strange sensation in her chest grew. It was almost as if it was humming. Her voice filling with hesitancy and fear, she whispered, "Eric?"

He was frightening her. Eric forced his fangs to retract but did not release her hand or step away from her. They were only inches apart as he said, "This mark is special … powerful. It was very significant to the Norse. It is still used today by many Swedes, and, in fact, others all around the world have adopted it to use in their own ways. It is called the Mjolnir, or Thor's Hammer. Look it up, and then tell me what you've learned. I will correct any historical misconceptions."

Sookie tugged on her hand and felt relief when Eric released it. "I didn't know vampires could get tattoos."

Chuckling softly, Eric reached forward to toy with the necklace he'd bought her. "Of course we can. And since we heal immediately we don't have to worry about aftercare. Our skin absorbs ink just like yours does. How do you think Longshadow got all those tattoos? He was turned almost 250 years ago. As a member of the Huron tribe, he fought in the French and Indian war. Most of his tattoos were acquired after his turning because he enjoyed the attention they brought him."

Cocking her head to the side, Sookie ignored the butterflies in her stomach at Eric's proximity and said, "I guess I never considered any of this. What happens if you want to get rid of them? Or do you keep them forever?"

"Well, laser treatment doesn't work on us if that's what you're asking … and no, we don't keep them forever. Longshadow got new sleeves every decade or so. Most vampires who get tattoos wear them until they are bored of the symbols and then rid themselves of them to get new ones."


Grinning, he stated baldly, "We simply carve the skin off. It heals by the next day all brand new, and off we go. However that only works if your skin was without mark before you being turned. If you are made vampire with a tattoo, the mark will be with you always." Looking over Sookie's body he thought, 'Perhaps I'll get "Property of Eric Northman" tattooed on her ass before I turn her … or right above her pussy. I would definitely enjoy seeing that on her body for the rest of eternity.'

She shook her head. "I would imagine that wouldn't be very nice. Having the same tattoos on you for eternity? I think it would get old. Almost like never changing."

"You'd be surprised. Most ancient tattoos carry more significant meaning than the petty drivel humans paste on themselves today. Ancient tattoos carried deeply spiritual, intellectual, familial, or social meaning. We did not put butterflies or flowers on our backs just because they looked good. Most vampires that were tattooed in the past wear their markings with pride."

"Is that why Godric had those marks? Were they spiritual tattoos?"

Eric winced at the mention of Godric. She saw his eyes shutter as his entire countenance went still and realized she'd hurt him by the mere asking. Sookie lowered her head and murmured, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that … I won't ask again."

His tilted her face up with his fingers under her chin and replied, "I'm not upset. Godric's tattoos carried a deep meaning for him, and I'll tell you about them the next time you ask. However I ask that you wait awhile. I … I am not ready to speak of him so casually."

Smiling softly at him, Sookie nodded. "I'll wait … so why did you decide to get a tattoo?"

Eric considered his reply and smiled craftily. "I guess you could say this mark chose me. Apparently it was time for me to wear it."

Huffing in exasperation, Sookie complained, "Why must you say everything in code? Why can't anything ever be simple with you?"

Throwing his head back and roaring with laughter, Eric wrapped an arm around Sookie's waist and pulled her against his chest to claim her lips in a quick kiss. He released her before she could find the will to push him away and exclaimed, "Sookie, I swear I find myself saying the exact same thing about you every day! Between the two of us, my pet, you are by far the most problematic."

Holding her head high, Sookie pushed past him and replied, "Don't call me pet! And I take exception to that! I'll have you know I'm very easy to get along with! Humph!" With that, she pulled the door open and stomped back into the bar.

Eric followed after her, chuckling at her feistiness. 'Nice view,' he thought, as he watched the fine slope of her back and the shimmy of her dress. 'Strange … I thought that dress would be tighter on her. Perhaps I have misjudged her size.' Taking a seat on his throne beside Sookie, he looked over at her as she leaned over to pull the manual to her phone out of her purse. Smiling at her, he questioned, "You are going to read it while scanning the crowd?"

She looked up at him, her eyes searching his with concern. "Is it a problem? I won't do it if you want me to focus only on the crowd … I just thought you wouldn't mind since you were after me to do it more the other day."

He shook his head. "No. By all means read your book. I am not offended. These vermin do not deserve your undivided attention anyway."

Sookie's eyes shot to the ceiling with undisguised frustration. "Don't call them that. People are deserving of respect every bit as much as vampires."

Eric made a sweeping motion in front of him with his hand. "You believe these people are deserving of respect?"

Glancing at the scantily clad, over sexed, heavily made up people around her fawning over the vampires in attendance in a desperate attempt to be noticed she frowned. "They're a little … lost, I'll admit. But that doesn't mean they're vermin. Not everyone can be a Viking sex god, Eric. You can't hold it against people that they're not as interesting as you."

Arching a brow Eric grinned and leaned close to Sookie as he purred, "Viking sex god, am I? Do tell."

Her face flaming in embarrassment as she realized what she had said, Sookie spun around to face the crowd. "I think I should read my manual and do what you have me here to do."

"Oh no, Sookie … I want to hear about how interesting I am."

She jerked her book open and looked down at it studiously, trying to fake some semblance of dignity in a battle she had lost before it had even started. "Leave me alone Eric … and quit staring at me."

He laughed at her desperate attempts to ignore him and straightened in his chair. While he enjoyed teasing her, he would refrain ... for now. "We'll speak later on how you find me interesting, Sookie … I can't wait to hear it."

Doing her best to ignore him, Sookie began to read her manual as she scanned the crowd. As expected, nearly all the thoughts were about sex, but she caught the occasional bit of information that was attention worthy. Over the next three hours she read the obscenely long instruction manual stopping only a few times to point out to Eric two girls at the bar were underage and using fake IDs, one guy was here with a partner out in the parking lot who was selling bootleg Fangtasia t-shirts while his friend scouted out buyers who didn't want to pay the bar prices, and a couple that was trying to find some V. As agreed, Eric handled all the issues nonviolently. The girls were escorted out and warned not to return until they were of age, the sellers of the bootleg shirts were frightened with an inch of their lives and then let go (sans shirts, of course), and the couple looking for V were glamoured into believing that they'd bought it and had such a bad reaction they'd never do it again.

All in all it was a quiet night and when it was nearing 1am Eric decided that Sookie had picked up everything she was going to pick up and told her they were leaving. As they walked out the front door Sookie said, "I want to speak to Jessica before I go. Pam rushed me in here tonight and I didn't get a chance to say more than hello on the way in."

Smirking at her, Eric replied, "Of course."

As they came up to Jessica at the front door Sookie pulled the note from Hoyt out of her purse and said, "Hi, Jessica. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to speak much to you earlier. How are things going for you? Are you behaving for Eric?"

Casting a nervous glance over Sookie's shoulder, Jessica saw Eric grinning at her with his fangs out and she quickly focused back on her friend. "Y—yeah … I'm doing what he says."

Sookie nodded. "That's good. I don't want you to get into any more trouble."

Stepping up beside Sookie and setting his hand on her shoulder, Eric decided to add to Jessica's uneasiness and added, "Yes … Jessica has been behaving admirably. She has told me she wants to man the door every night so as not to be exposed to the…what was it you called it, Jessica? Shameful ways of the humans? Yes, I believe that was it. She doesn't want to be exposed to the shameful ways of the humans inside. I offered to let her feed on one of the waitresses or some of the fangbangers each night but she refused that as well, sticking solely to True Blood. She said she wants to continue on with the mainstreaming life Bill introduced her to … even though he's gone. Admirable, don't you think Sookie?"

Smiling up at Eric, she missed the glare Jessica shot him. Sookie nodded her head before focusing back on the girl. "Jessica, that's great! Bill will be so proud of you when he gets back!"

Playing along with Sookie's enthusiasm, Jessica put a fake smile on her face and replied, "I hope so, Sookie."

"So how is Eric treating you? He's not being mean is he?" Sookie was joking with the baby vamp, and as such, didn't notice the slight stiffening of Jessica's body.

Jessica broadened her smile seeing the malevolent glint that entered Eric's eyes as he mouthed, "I'll kill you if you tell her." She beamed at Sookie. "Oh yeah, … Eric's being great. He and Pam are really nice."

Her own smile widened at that bit of good news, it was a relief things were going well for Jessica. Sookie held out the note to her. "Here … this is from Hoyt. He said that he's been trying to get a hold of you."

Taking the note with shaky fingers, the smile left Jessica's face as she whispered, "I—I thought he was mad at me …."

Sookie stepped forward to lay a comforting hand on the younger girl's arm. "Couples fight, Jess … but then they make up. Read the note and then call him. Okay?" Jessica nodded silently as she held tightly to the note. Sookie added, "Well goodnight, Jess … I'll see you later."

"Good night, Sookie … uh, thanks for bringing the letter."

"You're welcome."

"It is time for me to take you home, Sookie." Taking her arm, Eric led Sookie towards his car around the side of the building with a hand on the small of her back. He had enjoyed taunting Jessica, but he was eager to get Sookie home. He wanted them to exchange blood and see what would happen. Now that they were bonded, and since their bond was obviously unique, he was willing to bet it would be a memorable experience. 'I bet all of our exchanges will be unlike anything I've ever experienced. I cannot wait.'


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