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Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter 16 ~ Eric's Guest

Later, a few hours after dawn, Eric stood in the doorway of his bedroom staring at a still sleeping Sookie. She hadn't stirred once since he'd tucked her into his bed, and he was glad she was getting the rest she obviously needed. It had been hard for him to ignore the call of her presence while taking care of his work, but he'd forced himself to do it. While he was enamored with Sookie, and determined to own her in every possible way, he would not allow her presence in his life to become so much of a distraction that he neglected his duties. That simply could not happen. So he'd forced himself to concentrate on the work at hand and ignore the delicious scents wafting from his bedroom. Now, however, he was done and he could do what he'd been fantasizing about all night; crawl into his bed beside Sookie and take her in his arms.

He found it strange that he was going to share his sleeping space with her so soon and wasn't the least bit apprehensive about it. The only people he'd ever shared space with during the day had been Godric and Pam. Never a human. Never someone he knew could harm him while he was so vulnerable. However he wasn't the least bit worried about doing so with Sookie now. He knew with every fiber of his being that Sookie was going to be pissed the moment she woke up, but the thought of hurting him while he was dead for the day would never even cross her mind. No …. she would wait until he was awake to express her anger towards him, and he was amusedly looking forward to it. She was so beautiful when in a snit.

Cocking his head to the side as he crossed his arms over his chest from where he was leaning against the doorway Eric watched as Sookie released a sigh in her sleep and rolled over. The action caused the bedding to slip off her leg which was now exposed to his gaze as his shirt had ridden up around her waist. His fangs dropped down as the delicious scent of her filled the air and a smirk firmed on his lips. 'I read the box and it said she wasn't supposed to sleep in those things… is it worth risking her ire? Most definitely.'

Striding forward he moved to the side of the bed to gaze down at his pet sleeping in his bed as he set the note he'd written her on the nightstand closest to her. The idea of sleeping with her tucked in his arms as her blood flowed freely between them nearly had his knees buckling. To wake with her life's essence coating his skin and hers? To wake with the all consuming delicious musky aroma of her fae blood surrounding them both as her tiny body found shelter in his arms? The idea filled him with enough lust to make him cum here and now. Pushing the bedding aside and rolling her gently onto her back, Eric kissed her cheek as he pulled the bottom of his shirt up to lay completely around her waist … and there she was.

"Beautiful," he growled while looking down at the perfect sex of his Sookie. He was pleased to see she didn't shave as he'd always preferred a woman be natural, but she was well trimmed. Her tiny curls were formed in a perfect v. Trailing gentle fingers over her silkiness, he groaned with desire at the feel of her folds. Her curls were so blonde they were nearly white and unbelievably soft. Her pussy was emitting such fragrant heat it drew him like a moth to a flame, but he was able to restrain himself from exploring her fully. As his fingers stroked gently over her soft folds, yet never pushing inside her as he longed to do, Sookie released a sigh … of his name.

"Eric …." Sookie moaned lightly as her hips bucked lightly against his hand.

Tossing her head from side to side Sookie pressed up against her Viking as his body covered hers. She could feel his hand working its way between them as he kissed along her neck and jaw and whispered her name in need. She could feel his rigid cock pressed between them and her pussy shuddered in want. Running her hands along the corded planes of his muscular back, she bucked beneath him and begged for more of his touch.

"Please Eric …."

His smile was purely predatory as Eric opened the bond and felt the lust coursing through her body. 'She is dreaming of me again,' he thought in satisfaction. Every instinct he had was screaming at him to take advantage of this situation. Every manipulative intuition he'd ever had that got him ahead in the world was telling him that this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He could stroke the passion in her to all new heights, send her his own feelings of incredible desire to heighten hers, and wake her at just the precise moment when she needed him most, needed the relief he could provide, then she wouldn't be able to rebuff his advances. But he wouldn't. Something about the idea didn't sit right with him. When she chose him he wanted her to choose him … not just because she needed sexual relief.

Eric shook his head at his own foolishness. He was throwing away a perfect opportunity to finally have Sookie for his own and couldn't come to terms with why. Deciding that if he wasn't going to take advantage of Sookie he'd better stop stroking her while she dreamed of him, he moved his fingers to grab the tiny string of her tampon and pulled it out of her. His nostrils flared as the pungent aroma of her blood filled the air with its bouquet. The blood ... her sex; he was so hard he throbbed. He flung the tampon into the trashcan across the room, then quickly stripped off his clothes and crawled into bed with her.

As he drew her into his arms, her head tucked naturally under his chin and he felt the soft pillow of her breasts press tightly against his chest. He growled low and deep as she whimpered in need and shifted wantonly against him, still totally lost in her sensuous dreams. If she persisted in this fashion his newfound sense of honor towards her would be lost.  He opened the bond on his end and sent waves of calm towards her. Slowly her heart rate slowed and he felt her lust abate. Wishing that she was every bit as naked as he so he could take some consolation from his act of chivalry, but knowing she would be even more angry with him once she awoke for such a thing, he nuzzled her hair and whispered, "I'm going to kick myself for this come sunset. I could be inside you right now, you precious thing." Wedging a knee between her legs, he inhaled the delicious scent of her free flowing blood and purred in satisfaction at having Sookie in his bed. He let death take him.

A few hours later Sookie awoke, the lingering effects of her rejuvenating slumber clouding her mind as she came to awareness slowly. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, she finally took notice she had not been sleeping alone. Seeing the marble chest in front of her that was far more muscular than Bill's, she shrieked and tried to jump back. 'Try' being the operative word there. It felt like there were bands of steel wrapped around her back and waist, and there might as well have been. Looking up she saw who was holding her in death and growled, "ERIC!"

Putting her hands against his chest, she pushed as hard as she could while jerking her body backward. No good. His arms weren't moving. Feeling a dewy wetness between her thighs, she looked down and was shocked and disgusted to see that her tampon must have somehow come out (though it had never happened before) and she had bled all over Eric, herself and his bed. Her face also flamed in embarrassment to see that while she was wearing one of his shirts, he was naked as the day he was born … and hard! She'd learned from Bill that male vampires became hard the moment they died for the day and stayed that way, and the evidence of Eric's once again above average physique had her renewing her escape attempts with new vigor.

Finally figuring that she wasn't going to be able to break out of his hold, she squirmed down beneath his arms. 

Her blood was smeared everywhere. This was mortifying!

Jumping up from the bed she headed straight for the bathroom to clean herself up and get a damn tampon in. She was grateful he'd left the bathroom light on for her so that she wasn't stumbling around in the dark and as she was entering the bathing area her gaze was drawn down to the small wastebasket by the entryway … that was completely empty save the tampon she was now missing. Quickly realizing just what had transpired, she spun around to the dead Eric and screamed, "YOU JERK!"

Seeing him every bit as dead before she shouted at him, Sookie spun back towards the bathroom muttering obscenities under her breath and stripped his shirt off to make for the shower. An hour later she was washed, dried, tampon'd, and brushing her hair out with a towel wrapped around her in front of his mirror as she considered her options.

'If what he said last night is true about this place, then there's absolutely no way I'm getting out of here until he wakes. So what am I going to do? Sit around all day? No way. First I'm going to make sure he was telling the truth. If there is a way out of here I'm going to find it. If not I've got to contact Tara and Jason and let them know I'm okay. They're probably worried sick. Then? Then I'm going to find a way to get back at the big jerk! If he's got a collection of one of a kind stamps or something around here they'd better watch out! I'll lick every one of the suckers! If I find any collection of rare coins those bad boys are going down the toilet!'

After brushing her teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste left out on the counter, which she had known were for her since they were in new packaging, she strode back into his room. The door to his closet stood open and she quickly grabbed another one of his shirts and a pair of black silk boxer shorts to dress in for the day. She was about to leave the bedroom and begin rummaging around to see if she could find a way out when she glanced back at him and her gaze was drawn to the nightstand to see the note Eric had apparently left her. Striding over to it she opened it with a bit more vigor than necessary and read:

My dearest Sookie,
I know you will be upset when you wake, but I hope you don't waste more energy than necessary trying to find a way to escape that simply does not exist. I was truthful when I told you that you would not be able to get out without my permission. Though, of course I know this hope is in vain. So instead, I ask that you make sure to eat as much of the food in the fridge as possible while you attempt to escape me. Bobby assures me they are foods you will gain the most nutrition from and should enjoy. You may look around all you like. My home is your home.
I shall see you as soon as I wake.

Rolling her eyes at the note, her stomach rumbled at the invite and she headed for the hallway that connected to the rest of the underground lair. Eric's room was situated on one end with the living quarters and an attached kitchenette on the other where the door was. Along the hallway were four doors that entered into the other rooms. Opening each along the way she found an office, a library, a game room, and a small dojo. She sighed. 'At least I can get my stretching and kata done today, even if I can't find my way out of here.'  

She was surprised to find the kitchenette contained a microwave, an oven that had obviously never been used and appeared brand new, a fridge and half a counter. The entire assembly took up only one wall and she felt some confusion as to why Eric even had it since it could be of no use to him, but the answer to that particular question had to wait. Opening the fridge she found grapes, apples, oranges, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, sliced turkey breast, non fat cheese, non fat milk, eggs, fresh orange juice, bottled water, and a number of other healthy snack foods, many of which didn't need refrigeration, but apparently Eric didn't know that.

She made herself a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich, popping a few grapes in her dry mouth as she did, then carried the meal in her hand as she surveyed the living area with a frown. Apparently she'd made a bit more of a mess last night than she'd thought. While she felt Eric had deserved her anger, her Gran's upbringing wouldn't allow her to leave the room in such shambles. So for the next hour she put everything she'd thrown back where she thought it should go, and what was broken she put in the trash can and promised herself she'd replace. Having cleaned up as much as she was able, she then began to try and find a way out of Eric's resting place. Two hours later, she sank onto his couch and admitted defeat.

"I'm not getting out of here till he lets me out," she admitted bitterly. She could sit and stew or try to burn off some of her anger by practicing her stretches and kata like she'd promised Ken. Padding down the hallway to the dojo, she flipped the lights on and stepped inside to take a better look around than her initial inspection allowed and was awed at all the weapons on the walls.

There were broad swords, maces, battle axes, spears, samurai swords, short swords, and other weapons she didn't know the names of. Inspecting them all and seeing the nicks in the metal she knew that these weren't decorative weapons. Eric had obviously used them firsthand. The knowledge made her stomach flutter uncomfortably. As there was nothing on the floors besides the fighting mats, she rolled her shoulders and looked on the one wall without weapons that was one massive floor to ceiling mirror. Checking her stance in her reflection like Ken had taught her, she began to stretch before transitioning into her kata.

An hour later she emerged from the dojo covered in sweat, but wonderfully relaxed. There was time for another shower to rid herself of her smell of sweat (why was it smells seemed more enhanced during her period?), so she headed to Eric's room and ignored his still dead figure on the bed to make her way towards the bathroom. Seeing the tub, she decided she'd earned another soak. Shedding his clothes and dumping them with the others in the clothes hamper, she filled the tub and selected the honeysuckle bubble bath to pour in. Moments later she was sighing in total bliss as she relaxed in the tub.

'He can't keep me here. I don't know where he gets the gall to think that he can just rip me out of my life and bring me here, but I'm not going to let him. So I fainted … big deal! I'm fine and I won't let the same thing happen again. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself! Who the heck does he think he is? He can't make me stay here. This was not part of our arrangement!'

Feeling her anger returning, she shook her head and decided she'd save her energy for when Eric rose. He had another thing coming if he thought she'd just roll over and take this kind of treatment!

When she was done with her bath and dressed again in another of Eric's shirts and boxers, she headed for his office. She was sure if he had a phone down here it would be in there, and if not, she'd see if she could use the computer to contact Tara and Jason in some way. Fortunately his cell phone was sitting on the desk beside the keyboard and she was able to call her friend and brother. Jason's cell phone went straight to voicemail so she left him a message. Tara actually picked hers up.


"Tara, thank goodness! It's Sookie!"

Tara, who had been unloading some of the beer crates before Merlotte's opened, stood up and replied, "Sook! Girl, are you okay?"

Leaning back in Eric's chair, Sookie drew her feet up under her. "I'm at Eric's … but I don't know where that is. Apparently his house is underground somewhere."

"Are you okay, though? Eric just sort of ran off with you the other night … we, uh …well, we all wanted to say something, you know …."

Sensing her friend's worry, Sookie assured her, "Tara, I totally understand and I'm not mad. I wouldn't have wanted you to get in his way when he gets like that. I'm not mad … well, I'm mad at him, but not you guys."

Leaning against the bar, Tara replied, "That's good. Jason has been really worried about it. He put up the biggest fight against Eric. Got up in his face over it too."

Sookie smiled envisioning wiry little Jason sparring with big hulking Eric. Her heart warming at the action, Sookie said, "Well, tell him I appreciate it, and I'm not mad at him, but next time he needs to steer clear of Eric. I tried calling him but his phone went straight to voicemail. I just wanted to call you guys and let you know I'm fine, and I'm going to get home as soon as that big ass quits being a jerk."

"Good luck with that, Sook. But don't worry about Merlotte's. I knew where Sam kept the spare key to get in so I'm opening today and I can handle closing. You're the only one with a key to his office so I'm just going to lock the money in the register each night. I can handle things until you get back."

"Thanks Tara, that means a lot. Well, I was just calling to check in. I'm going to do a little snooping around Eric's to see if I can find anything so I'll let you go."

Tara laughed, "Happy hunting Sook! See you soon girl."


After hanging up with her friend, Sookie powered up Eric's computer. His screensaver was a picture of the night sky with a full moon and she thought it was beautiful until she remembered she was mad at him. Pulling up the most recent items, she saw that most of his computer history had to do with the many businesses he ran. However, there was one file that captured her attention. It was labeled "Sookie". When she tried to open it she found that it was password protected and she cursed. She tried about 20 different words she thought he might use, she tried capitalizing, spacing, adding underscoring. She tried spelling them backwards, leaving out the vowels, substituting symbols for letters. Giving up was unhappy and she determined she'd ask him about the contents of the mysterious folder later. She decided she'd snooped enough on his computer, and she was pretty sure that anything he didn't want her to see was password protected as well. With that she started rummaging around in his desk and an evil smirk lit her face when her fingers grasped the permanent marker at the back of his side drawer.

Weapon in hand, she made her way into the bedroom and stared at her unsuspecting victim. Without the least bit of remorse she carried out her plan. When she was done she stood back and admired her handiwork. Nodding and snapping the lid shut on her marker with a decided click, she headed out of the bedroom with a spring to her step. Since she wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon she might as well grab a book from the library and try to entertain herself.

Later that day an hour before sunrise, Eric woke with a languorous stretch. Immediately catching the scent of Sookie's delectable blood he grinned down at himself to see his body smeared with the evidence of her womanhood. 'Mmmm … wonderful,' he thought with satisfaction. 

Standing, he decided to try and stay on Sookie's good side as much as possible and put on a pair of boxers before searching her out. He couldn't bring himself to wash her blood off, though. He easily caught her scent in his closet and smiled at the idea of her rummaging around among his clothes. He'd deliberately left his closet open so she wouldn't try the door next to it and find the one he'd prepared for her. 

Once he was somewhat decent, he headed into the living area where he knew Sookie to be by the sound of her heartbeat's distance. Testing the bond, he found she was calm and was glad for it. Coming to stand at the entrance of the hallway into the living room, he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the corner as he observed her.

Taking in the sight of her Eric found he really and truly liked the look of Sookie in his clothes … and in his home. She was curled up on the couch reading one of his books, he couldn't read the cover from this angle, with her feet tucked under her. Her curly blonde hair was down around her shoulders and every few moments a wayward strand would fall in front of her face and she'd brush it back idly. She was absolutely adorable …and he felt the Mjolnir on his chest throb at the thought. 

Deciding it was time to make his presence known he said, "Have a nice day, my pet?"

Jumping at the sound of Eric's voice, Sookie looked up at him and giggled. He obviously hadn't looked in the mirror yet. Then her eyes were drawn to her blood smeared along his abdomen and on his thighs and she hissed, "I can't believe you did that! How dare you…you didn't have the right to … you are such a jerk!"

Wondering what she had laughed at, Eric cocked his head to the side but decided to let it go as he shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I read the box when I purchased it and the instructions said not to sleep in them. I was taking care of you as I said I would."

Placing the book beside her she stood with her hands on her hips and pressed, "You didn't have the right! You can't touch me like that! You should have woken me up to take care of it! And I can sleep in them if I have to. And why haven't you washed that off yet? It's offensive! And dirty! Geez, Eric don't you have any standards?"

Nodding his head Eric replied, "I have very high standards, my dear Sookie, and you are one of the few to meet them. Your blood is not dirty. Menstruation is not unclean as you humans make it out to be. The blood between your thighs is heaven to me and I hope one day to feast upon it. For now, I have to be content with having it on my skin and scenting the delicious aroma of it in the air."

Blushing a crimson red, Sookie crossed her arms over her chest and hissed, "Keep dreaming! I can't believe you're standing there in front of me with that smeared all over you! You are such a jerk! You don't care …."

Ignoring her ranting he looked around and arched a brow as he asked, "You cleaned?"

Feeling some of her anger deflate, and realizing there would be no reasoning with him on the topic, she replied, "Yeah … uh … I wanted to say I'm sorry for breaking your things. I shouldn't have done that, especially after what you did for my Gran's house, and it won't happen again. I was upset. It's still no excuse, but I'm sorry anyways. There were only a few things broken and I'll pay for them."

Staring at her intently, Eric finally shook his head in wonderment as he said, "You are truly an intriguing creature Sookie. Worry not about replacing anything. I understand you were upset last night and that was why I let you expend your anger in such a way. If any of those things had meant something to me I would have stopped you before you broke them. I saved what I didn't want damaged and the rest was yours to break if it made you feel better."

Relieved that he wasn't going to guilt her Sookie felt her humor at her earlier handiwork return and placed a hand over her mouth as she giggled while looking at him. 'I can't wait for him to figure out what I did. It's childish … but soooo worth it!'

Intrigued by her laughter again Eric asked, "What keeps making you laugh?"

Still giggling Sookie retook her seat on the couch and picked up her book as she replied, "Go take a look in the mirror and find out you big bully."

Growling softly, Eric spun around and headed for his bathroom. Stepping inside and seeing his appearance in the mirror he called out, "Very mature, Sookie!"

"You deserve it, you big jerk!" she called back from the living room.

Grabbing a washcloth, Eric began to furiously scrub at the uni-brow, black mustache, goatee, and "Hug me, I'm lonely" drawn on his forehead along with the hearts on his cheeks. Finding it wasn't coming off, he shouted, "Is this permanent marker?"

"Damn straight!"

Heading back to the living area he ignored Sookie's giggling and dug around in one of the drawers in the kitchenette for a knife. Finally finding one, he headed back towards his bathroom. He was not letting his face stay this way! He was a 1,000 year old Viking vampire sheriff!

Seeing him grab a knife and head for the bathroom Sookie's interest was piqued, and she got up to follow him. Standing behind him at the bathroom entrance and watching him raise the knife to his forehead she screamed, "Stop that! What are you doing!"

Meeting her gaze in the mirror he said, "It will take too long to come off with regular soap and water so I'll carve it off. The skin will regrow in moments."


Shaking his head at her, Eric replied, "I understand your need to get payback, Sookie, but I refuse to walk around like this."

Rushing forward to grab his wrist when he raised it to his face again she cried, "That's not what I meant, you dummy! You can't carve your face off!"

"Sookie it will only take a few moments and then everything will be good as new. Now, let go of my wrist."

Shaking her head, Sookie begged, "I can get it off … just … don't hurt yourself."

Seeing tears fill her eyes, Eric was silent for a moment analyzing the situation before he said, "You do not wish me to know pain." It wasn't a question. It was fact. 'She's angry with me. She's upset and wants revenge, but even now she wishes no true ill will upon me. What is this girl?'

Looking away as she tried to blink away her tears as she whispered, "I … I don't want anyone to hurt … I can get it off. When we were kids Tara and I used to draw all over my brother when he was sleeping. Gran was always cleaning him up. I ... I can get it off—just put the knife down."

Eric silently set the knife down on the counter before replying, "Very well. How do you get it off?"

"Do you have any rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, hairspray, or fingernail polish remover? Any of those will get it off."

Reaching under the sink he pulled out a bottle of hairspray. "Will this do?"

Nodding, Sookie joked, "You would have the hairspray handy, wouldn't you?"

"I like to look good. Have to uphold my Viking Sex God image."

Sookie scowled at him for that before grabbing the washcloth and hairspray. Taking his hand she led him into his bedroom and sat him down on the bed. Moving between his legs she sprayed the hairspray onto the washcloth and said, "Close your eyes." When he did she took his chin in her hand and began to dab at the markings she'd drawn on his forehead and between his eyebrows.

Eric sat calmly and quietly while Sookie brushed the cloth over his face repeatedly. Truthfully he believed cutting the marked skin off would have been quicker, but he liked her warm ministrations. He was pleased by her reaction to him intending to harm himself. Whether she was willing to admit it or not her heart was warming to him. As he sat there letting her clean him up he was finding it harder and harder not to be overcome by the pure, clean scent of her. 'How can she find her blood dirty? I would bathe in the blood between her thighs if she'd let me … one day I will.' After about 15 minutes, he purred, "You smell delicious."

Rolling her eyes Sookie finished with the last heart on his right cheek and stepped away from him as she said, "All done. Now go take a bath."

Opening his eyes Eric stood so that he was dangerously close to her and said, "I'll bathe if it pleases you, but rest assured the loss of your blood on my skin will only sadden me." He turned and headed for the shower.

When he was gone Sookie let out a breathless sigh and whispered, "Oh boy." Turning she made her way back into the living area to wait for Eric to join her. She decided she'd better take a seat in the chair if she didn't want him pressing in on her.

About thirty minutes later Eric came striding into the living area in only a pair of low riding black cotton hakamas. He was barefoot and the sight of his muscular chest threatened to overwhelm her. Steeling her nerves she asked, "So … uh … what now?"

Taking a seat on the couch and kicking his feet up Eric replied, "Now I listen to you rant and rave at me until you finally figure out I won't be letting you leave. Then I'll check my email and handle my business, and after that I'll take care of my training session before rejoining you … unless of course you'd like to watch?" He'd given her a cocky smirk at that letting her know which option he'd prefer.

Rolling her eyes Sookie replied, "I've had enough sitting around and watching you be impressed with yourself thank you very much. Now about this talk … why won't you let me go home?"

"You've already proven that you can't take care of yourself."

"I can too!"

Arching a brow Eric asked, "Can you now?"

Fisting her hands in her lap Sookie argued, "Okay, so I haven't been doing the best job of it lately, but I won't mess up again. I'm 25 years old and I don't need a babysitter! I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself!"

"Under normal circumstances possibly."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Stretching his arms across the back of the couch Eric replied, "While I would assume you are normally able to take care of yourself it is obvious the moment others depend on you, you all but toss away all regards for yourself. The shifter calls and you rearrange your entire schedule to fit his work in with what you are doing for me already. On top of all that, instead of taking any time for yourself outside of these two work schedules, you were cleaning up your full-grown brother's house for him, and doing all of the housework and yard work by yourself despite the fact that you have a roommate that is working far fewer hours than you that should be picking up some of the slack. Or am I wrong and the girl is helping you out?"

Looking down sheepishly Sookie answered, "Well … uh—Tara and I haven't exactly discussed the housework scheduling yet … uh … she did just move back in a week ago … so we haven't—well I haven't—"

"Enough. My point has been proven."

"Tara isn't a freeloader!"

Scoffing Eric replied, "Yes I can see that. She lives with you and does none of the house or yard work; perfectly content to let you take care of everything. Does she at least pay rent? The mortgage payment on your house is $600.00 a month, not including what you pay in utilities. I saw your grandmother needed to take a second mortgage when finances grew tight some years back."

"What Tara pays is none of your business!"

Arching a brow, Eric replied, "Isn't it? and don't bother answering I know what she pays. Your bank records show she pays you $200.00 a month as her share of the mortgage and utilities. Disgraceful."

"I don't want any more! Tara has dreams and I want her to be able to save up to see those dreams. Besides with what I'm making by working for you, I don't need her to pay anything. We originally agreed on $400.00 before she moved in, but after I signed the contract with you I told her she could pay less. I wanted her to pay nothing since you're paying me so much, but she wouldn't hear of it! … and I haven't had time to talk to her about the housecleaning. Tara … well, she wasn't raised the same way I was so she probably hasn't even thought about it yet! It's not her fault!"

"If you spoke to her of taking less money since you want her to save up for these "dreams" then the least she should do to show her gratitude is to help you around the house, especially since she knows you are so busy."

"I haven't asked her to! If I did, she would in a heartbeat!"

Smiling Eric replied, "And you prove my point. You disregard anything to do with yourself in order to take care of everyone else. That is why you will be staying here with me."

She'd walked right into his verbal trap. Sookie sat back in her chair with a harumph and crossed her arms over her chest in anger. She pouted for a moment before her eyes narrowed and she asked, "How do you know all that stuff about my finances?"

Seeing no point in lying, he easily replied, "I told you that I will involve myself in any part of your life I see fit. I've been able to access your bank records for a while. I wanted to make sure you had everything you needed. Oh, and according to your phone records, you contacted the contractor I hired to redo your bathroom. I called him last night and he told me of your plumbing problems, and informed me of the arrangement with you to get them fixed next month after you'd saved a little more money in the bank. I told him that wouldn't be necessary and he was to get started today. By the time you return home, the problem should be fixed. Do not attempt to hide such things from me again."

Her mouth opening and closing a few times as shock and rage filled her, Sookie finally hissed, "You have no right to do any of this! You have no right to get into my personal business like that! You have no right to interfere in things that have nothing to do with our arrangement! I agreed to work for you! Not let you run my life!"

'Oh but you did, my precious Sookie … you agreed to be my everything you silly girl … you just don't know it yet.' Shaking his head while flashing her an indulgent smile he replied, "We'll just have to agree to disagree there won't we Sookie. For now know that the problem is being taken care of."

"Dammit Eric, you can't do this!"

"I can and I have."

"I'm not going to let you ...."

Standing Eric stretched his body, pleased when Sookie blushed as his muscles flexed, and said, "Sookie you need to learn to let go of the issues you can't win and focusing on those that you can. My taking care of you is not an issue you will win with me … find another point to argue. Now I have work to do before we can enjoy the evening together."

Following after Eric as he made his way to his office she asked, "What do you mean enjoy our evening together? Aren't we going to Fangtasia? And don't think we're done talking about you getting into my business! Which you have no right to be in anyways!"

Easily picking up her scent in his office and seeing his computer already on Eric held in his smirk. He'd known she would go snooping around, but he also knew she couldn't get into anything she wasn't supposed to. Taking a seat in his chair he ignored her whining as she stood beside his desk and continued to demand he stop interfering with her life, let her go home, learn to respect her boundaries, yada yada yada.
Sookie continued to bitch at Eric for about 10 minutes before huffing, "Are you even listening to me?"

"Not really," Eric said as he checked his stocks online and reviewed status reports from his various businesses. "Go find something to do while I'm working and you can continue to scream at me when I'm done."

Eyes widening in shock Sookie hissed, "Did you just basically tell me to go play?"

Slanting his eyes at her as a smirk graced his features Eric replied, "Yes, now run along, pet."

Screaming in outrage, Sookie spun around and left the office, slamming the door behind her. Chuckling once she was gone, Eric thought to himself, 'We are most certainly not going to Fangtasia tonight. Or tomorrow night, my precious. Having you all alone to myself with you in my clothes and no way to escape me? Not to mention with you bleeding? Too good a temptation to pass up. We have much to do over the next two days my Sookie. Much to do.'


  1. "Personally I'd give him the silent treatment if he kept calling me pet.....or at least call him buddy or pal since he'll hate it. Granted some of what he said is true but since you are lying to her about so much, she has every right to be pissed at you for taking over. Cant wait till she gets some magic

  2. ohh he is such a schemer..... KY

    hello same word as before just different sentence fainted vs feinted
    "So I feinted…big deal! "