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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chapter 3 ~ The First Exchange

Pulling up to Sookie's house, Eric turned off the ignition of the car before turning to gaze at her. She had fallen asleep almost immediately, and hadn't stirred. Seeing her curled up beside him with her dress riding up high on her thighs, he felt lust rise up in him. Reaching forward, he stroked a lock of her hair back from her face and thought, 'I hope she yields to me soon. I'm not sure I can wait much longer. She is so very tempting.'
Knowing it would be best to wake her so that he could see to their mutual blood exchange, and she could then get some rest, he shook her shoulder gently, and murmured, “Sookie … Sookie, wake up. We're here.”

She woke with a small moan, sitting up and stretching as much as the tight confines of her car seat would allow before blinking bleary eyes at Eric and yawning. “We're here already?”

“Yes. You fell asleep within moments of leaving Fangtasia, and I did not see the need to wake you during the drive. Are you capable of walking? Or would you like me to carry you?”

Sookie quirked a frown seeing his wolfish grin and shifted away from Eric. “I can walk just fine.” 

Opening her own door, she got out with as much grace as she could muster in her sleepy state, balancing on the stiletto heels Eric had chosen for her. She ignored him as she fumbled in her purse for her keys before finally finding them on the dimly lit porch and letting them both in the house. Tossing her keys and her purse onto the table by the door, she turned to face Eric who had entered behind her, and said resignedly, “Okay. Let's get this over with.” She swept her hair away from her neck exposing the inviting curve of it to him.

Eric chuckled softly and took her hand as he led her towards the couch, “You know many would give anything to be my meal for an evening, and you behave as though it is such a chore.”

“It is, and you know I'm only doing it because you've left me no other choice.”

Sitting down and pulling her alongside him, Eric ignored her attempts to put distance between them and ordered, “Be still. I shall feed from you and you shall take more of my blood, as per our agreement.”

Her wide eyes leaped up to his only to find his narrowed eyes were waiting for hers. She had forgotten that piece of information. “I … uh … I didn't think it would be so soon.”

“Then you thought wrong. Last night I didn't give you my blood as you seemed to be overwhelmed enough as it was. However. from this point forward, I will likely give you my blood every time I feed from you.”

“What? I … I thought it would only be a few times? I mean, I know you wanted to feed from me a bunch, but I figured you'd just give me your blood a time or two.”

“You thought wrong.” Tracing his thumb along her wrist he pulled her tight against his side and nuzzled her neck. “So would you like to go first or shall I?”

Leaning away from him as much as his hold on her would allow, Sookie swallowed and stuttered, “Uh … I … I think you should go first.”

“Fair enough,” he replied as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up into his lap. When she began to struggle, he nipped her shoulder and reproached, “Behave, little one. You agreed to this.”

“I didn't agree to let you … touch me so much! Surely you can feed from me without pulling me into your lap!”

Smirking, he buried his face into her neck and ignored her squirming, which was merely serving to entertain him further as he deeply inhaled her delicious scent. “I could, but I like this way much better … and by all means, keep moving like that. I assure you I thoroughly enjoy it.”

Gasping as she felt his hardness pressed so tightly against her backside, Sookie stilled immediately and hissed, “Just get it over with. And watch your hands!”

Laughing softly, he stroked his hands over the curve of her hips, his long fingers fanning out to hold her stomach as he licked her pulse at her neck a few times. “You smell positively erotic, Sookie, like some old world spice or undiscovered hot tropical flower. In all my millennia on this Earth, I have never come across a human with a scent as provocative or as delicious as yours.”

“Flattered. Truly,” Sookie said with evident disdain. “Will you just get it over with already?”

Nuzzling her neck, he blew hot breath across her ears sending her into sensory overload. His fingers tracing light swirls along her stomach, he remarked, “So eager … mmm … I like that.”

Indignant, Sookie tried to rise, “That's it! I didn't agree to let you … manhandle me!”

Jerking her easily back against his chest, Eric wrapped an arm around her waist pinning her arms to her sides as he nipped her shoulder in reprimand. “So much fire …” he whispered before nudging her head to the side to expose her neck.

Sookie's heartbeat lodged into her throat. Despite her vehement protests, she knew Eric was right: she was attracted to him. He was any girl's wet dream. Add in the fact he was so adamantly pursuing her, SHE who'd been considered the town freak her whole life, and it was hard for her heart not to thrum in response to him. She knew, however, that Eric was incapable of caring for her the way she needed a man to. Despite her insight into his character in Dallas regarding Godric's death, she knew in her heart that Eric's primary concern and only motivation was for Eric. She couldn't afford to forget that. She bit back a gasp as he trailed his fangs lightly over her pulse but couldn't contain the moan that followed. 'Good Lord … I will not enjoy this. I will not take any pleasure in his touch. I'm only doing this to find Bill. That's all.'

He easily felt her bloom of excitement through the bond and grinned in satisfaction. He would soon strengthen their bond through yet another blood exchange. He was ravenous for her. Laving his wet, velvet tongue over the area he intended to bite, he thought, 'She can say whatever she likes with her mouth, but her body tells no lies. She desires me. Soon, enough of my blood will be inside her, and she will be begging for more than my touch. Soon every inch of her luscious body will be mine.' Deciding she was as ready now as she'd ever be, he sank his fangs deep.

Gasping at the pleasure that flamed through her body at the feel of his fangs sinking into her neck and his mouth against her flesh, Sookie tried to push dark thoughts into her mind to keep back the surging lustful ones. She could feel the sexual pull in her body for him, and despite her resolve not to feel attraction for Eric, wetness pooled between her thighs. 'NO! I won't enjoy this! Think dark thoughts! Think dark thoughts! Dead puppies … ice cold showers … roadkill … Rene … Gran ….' A crushing wave of loss and pain slammed into her, nulling all other sensations she'd been experiencing moments before. Now her mind was filled with the darkness of the loss and devastation experienced over the last few months.

Eric sensed the abrupt 180° shift in her mood and felt irritation. When he'd first bitten into her and the delicious taste of her unique and powerful blood flooded his mouth, he'd felt the same surge of lust she was undoubtedly experiencing swamp his senses. He'd dined on hundreds of thousands of humans in his long life and none could compare to the sensuous vixen now in his hold. As he'd feasted, he'd easily picked up on her rising lust and enjoyment from his attentions and reveled in it, but out of nowhere he felt grief and loss overtake her and he was at a loss as to why. Deciding he'd taken enough, he retracted his fangs and licked the wound until it healed before nuzzling her hair. “What has you so upset, my pet?”

Feeling stronger than the last time he'd taken her blood since he had not taken as much this time, she gave into her exasperation. Her stomach clenched as she struggled against him, trying to slide off his lap. “I'm not your pet! You've got your blood now, let me go!”

Tamping down his annoyance at her resistance, Eric merely tightened his arms around her and ordered, “Hold still. I have taken your blood but you have yet to take mine, and when I ask you a question you will answer. Why are you so upset?”

“I'll rescind your invitation!”

Growling and pressing her tightly to his chest, he leaned down to whisper blisteringly into her ear, “You can force me from your house, little one, but I am still holding you and would take you with me, and I assure you there would be repercussions for such action. You are not to rescind my invitation if you know what's good for you. Do you understand?”

Tears pricked her eyes. Shuddering at both the threat and the sheer physicality of his strength, Sookie nodded. “I … I understand.”

Nuzzling her soft hair again, he said, “Good. Now answer my question … why are you upset?”

Pushing stubbornly against his arms one last futile time, she realized she wouldn't be moving anywhere unless he released her. She said bitterly, “I'm upset about everything! I'm upset with what my life has become!”

He turned her in his arms so that she was sitting sideways on his lap, lifting her chin and capturing her unwilling gaze. He ordered, “Explain.”

Exhaustion was threatening to overtake her. Sookie found she didn't have it in her to fight against him anymore. Tears clouding her eyes, she confided, “Since I've met Bill, I've been attacked and nearly beaten to death by drainers; had my grandmother, who is the only person who loved and accepted me completely my whole life, murdered by a psychotic killer who was really after me; I've nearly been kidnapped; I've been held hostage and I've been nearly raped, and now I'm indebted to you for however long you deem necessary. I'm just really starting to think it would have been better if I'd never met Bill, or any of you. I'd have been alone for the rest of my life, but at least I wouldn't be in danger or reduced to a slave.”

He watched her close her eyes and lower her head in misery. He could sense her fatigue, and knew that it was partly to blame for her despair at the moment. He knew she had merely been overcome by the events of the last few days, and after she was well rested, she would return to being the feisty and belligerent hellcat he was so intrigued by. Yet, he was surprised at the total sum she had endured since meeting Bill. He recalled that in the background check he had performed on her there had been mention of a recently deceased grandmother, but he had assumed she'd died of old age as humans tended to do. After a few moments of silence he used to mull over her disclosure, he said kindly, “I was not aware your grandmother was murdered. Nor was I aware that you were the target of a killer. Bill should have alerted me to this fact so that I could have provided protection for you. Has this killer been found?”

Sniffling, Sookie gave a somewhat hysterical laugh. “Oh yeah … in a big way.”

“So he is in jail?”


“I do not understand.”

Shrugging, Sookie wiped the tears that had spilled down her cheeks and murmured disconsolately, “Well, you can't put a dead guy in jail.”

Stroking her tousled hair back from her face, he asked, “Are you not relieved he was killed during apprehension? It is a more resolute ending than a trial and jail time, I would imagine.”

Shaking her head, Sookie whispered, “He wasn't killed by the police. I … I killed him.”

This shocked him. Learning that she had killed someone went against everything he knew of her. While he'd known she'd go to great lengths to protect those she loved, as she'd proven by the deal she'd made to free her friend Lafayette, he hadn't thought she could be capable of killing anyone. “You killed him?”

Resignedly looking into his eyes, Sookie whispered, “I didn't have a choice. He came after me, and was trying to kill me. Then Sam was there, trying to get him off me, but Rene turned on him. I hit him with a shovel to knock him out, but then he grabbed me and I just ... I just reacted and put the shovel through his face … I didn't want to do it … but I didn't want to die either. It was him or me. I chose me.”

“You continue to delight and astound me. I am truly impressed.”

“Yeah, you would be. That's not something I'm proud of Eric, and I don't want to talk about it anymore.”

He understood that with her morals and sense of right and wrong the taking of a life probably didn't sit well with her and he let it drop, but he knew that he'd be spending considerable time in the future thinking about it. 'I would never have guessed she was capable of such a thing, but I admit I am pleasantly surprised.'

He stroked a lock of hair behind her ear and regarded her beautiful face, waiting for her eyes to meet his own. “Fair enough. If these events disturb you, it is best to put them behind you. As one who has lived lifetime after lifetime, take my word for it, dwelling on losses or bad times such as those you described will do you no good. It has been my experience that it is always best to move forward in life. Living in the past is dangerous. Mourn your losses, and then move on.”

Her jaw dropped. “Is it really so easy for you? Can you really just put all the bad things that happen behind you? How do you do that? Don't they haunt you?”

“Simple. I do it because I must. The longer you live, the more you have the opportunity to accumulate losses, regrets, and missed opportunities. If you allow them to stay in the forefront of your mind, you cannot appreciate the here and now. If you dwell only on what was, you cannot appreciate what is and you cease to live. Then you are merely existing. I enjoy life. I enjoy living.”

“You're dead.”

Laughing, Eric tightened his arms around her waist to pull her against his chest once more and heard her soft sigh. Her head fit in the crook of his neck and he stroked a tender hand down her arm. He knew it was only her fatigue that was allowing her to take comfort in his embrace, but he didn't care. He'd take what he could get at the moment. Her legs were dangling off the side of his lap and her short dress was exposing her thighs and tempting him thoroughly, but he refrained from touching more than her arm. He was making headway here and he didn't want to endanger that. He was also imparting a vital piece of information to her that would follow her to her rebirth as a vampire. It was the same lesson he had taught Pam. Focus on what is and what will be, not what was. It is the only way to survive through the centuries. He wasn't sure when Godric had forgotten this fact, but it no longer mattered. His Maker had made his choice, and he had made his. He chose life.

“I may not have a heartbeat, Sookie, but I live, nonetheless. I enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. I face adversity when it comes and I overcome it. Most importantly, I move on and don't dwell. Focus on the good things and life is easier.”

Inhaling his strong masculine scent and feeling strangely comforted by it, Sookie closed her eyes and relaxed against him, “You make it sound so easy.”

“I've had a lot of practice.”

She laughed. “I bet you do.” They were silent for a moment before Sookie realized he was stroking her arm. Feeling an undeniable frisson of pleasure race down her spine, she forced herself to focus and asked, “What are you doing about Bill?”

Eric stiffened, inwardly cursing that she had broken their accord by bringing up that fool's name. Darkness crossed his eyes for a fraction of a second before he willed himself to relax. “I have set trackers on Lorena's trail. They will find her location and relay the information to me. From there, I shall contact her and begin negotiations for Bill's release.”

“You won't go look for him yourself?”

“Of course not. I am sheriff and my duties lie here. The trackers are well trained and experienced in finding those who don't wish to be found. They will find Bill. My part will be in negotiating with Lorena.”

“How long do you think it will take them to find her?”

“That depends entirely on how far she travels and how often she moves. If she returns to Seattle where she was residing, it will be relatively easy. If she leaves the country, it will be decidedly harder. I will keep you updated on my progress. Now it is time for you to take my blood.”

Sookie opened her mouth to argue, lifting her head from his chest to engage him, but seeing the determined glint in his eye she knew it would be to no avail. Besides, she was just too tired to argue and her head still hurt. It would be best to get it over with so she could go to bed. “Alright.”

“What, no arguing?”

“I'm tired. I'll argue with you next time.”

Laughing delightedly, Eric raised his wrist to his lips and bit deeply before offering it to her. When she leaned forward and latched onto the wound, he felt a throb of lust fill him. He could feel the draw of her small mouth against his skin and his cock grew hard with need. He buried his face in her hair to inhale her scent as she continued to take his blood and sighed with satisfaction, 'Soon enough she will beg to taste me. Soon she will live to be a part of me as I wish to be a part of her.'

Sookie tried not to think about the spicy taste of Eric's blood in her mouth. She could feel hot, wet heat licking her breasts, her face, her sex as his blood flooded her mouth and she desperately fought back the moan threatening to escape her lungs. 'He tastes … oh god, he actually tastes good.' When she'd taken his blood in Dallas, she'd been so worried that he was dying, and freaked out by the circumstances that she hadn't really noticed how he tasted, but now? Now she was able to appreciate the flavor that was Eric Northman, and as much as she hated to admit it, he tasted good. More than good. So much more than good. After a minute, she drew back and released his wrist to watch it heal in moments.

Before she could fight him, Eric buried his fist in her hair, jerked her head forward and claimed her lips. The feel of her mouth pulling and sucking on his wrist had been so pleasurable that when she'd raised her head and he'd seen her full lips coated with his blood, he hadn't been able to contain himself. His mouth  kissed her with a savagery, parting her lips to thrust his tongue inside the silky cavern of her mouth, sucking on her tongue and he groaned in rapture. 'So good … so soft … mine … she will be MINE!'

Sookie was stunned. So stunned she didn't think to draw back. Couldn't react. She sat in his lap as he pillaged her mouth. She could feel his tongue sliding along the roof of her mouth as one of his hands cradled her head and the other trailed up along her thigh. When she felt his fingers slipping beneath the hem of her skirt and inching towards the v of her thighs, the reality of the situation hit her and she began to struggle wildly against him. When he finally released her she slapped him with everything she could muster.

Smiling darkly, Eric ignored the small sting of her hit that was more of an annoyance than a true attack. Licking his lips, he regarded her heatedly, “You taste better than I could have ever imagined.”

Jerking out of his hold and ignoring the fact the she was only able to get free because he allowed her to break his hold, she demanded, “Eric! Don't do that again! I'm with Bill.” She leaped up from the couch and put several feet of distance between them.

“For now,” Eric replied smoothly as he stood. He never took his eyes from hers as he moved towards her. She backed away from him with every step he took towards her until her back hit the wall. Placing both hands beside her head, effectively boxing her in, he leaned down so their lips were inches apart and said, “I want you Sookie, and I will have you.” 

With that he turned and left.

When he was gone, Sookie let out a deep shuddering breath and whispered, “Oh my god.”

Outside, Eric slipped into his Corvette and headed back towards Shreveport as he considered all that had happened tonight. He'd been surprised by Sookie once again, and thoroughly delighted by her. He'd never imagined she would be capable of killing someone and could admit he was stimulated to think that not only had she done it, but would more than likely do it again if the situation arose. He was also intrigued by his reaction to her taking his blood.

He'd rarely allowed anyone to take his blood and the few times had been strict necessity. Except with Pam, of course. When he'd first turned her, she had been his ideal bed companion and they'd shared blood often as he had with Godric, but, as with most vampire relations, the lust between them had faded over time and they had settled into a comfortable Maker/child relationship. 

His relationship with Sookie would be different. He'd turned Pam quickly, and had never exchanged blood with her beforehand. His relationship with Sookie would ultimately be far more complex. By exchanging blood with her many times before he turned her, it would bind her to him completely. In vampiric terms, once he turned her, she would be his life companion. It would be impossible for her to leave his side as most other children left their Makers. It was rare for vampires to do this, but to his marrow, Eric knew it would be right.

As he hit the highway, Eric allowed himself to consider the course of action he'd set himself on. When Godric had turned him, he'd spent nearly six centuries at his side, traveling the world and learning what it was to be vampire. One of the most important lessons Godric had ever taught him was that making a child was not something to be done lightly. His Maker had made sure he understood that turning someone was a great responsibility as that person would be tied to you for the rest of your undead life. Eric had asked Godric how he would know when to turn someone and his Maker had been blunt.

They had just finished feasting on a small contingent of Japanese soldiers, and were enjoying the silence as they lay side by side on a hill looking up at the stars, when Godric turned to him and said, “It is time for another lesson, my Viking.”

Eric turned his head and looked at his Maker. “And what lesson do you have to teach me tonight?”

“The lesson of making a child.”

Eric was startled. Since joining his Maker as a child of the night, he'd learned that Godric was far different than most other vampires, as was their relationship. From what he'd learned from other vampires they'd met and nested with throughout the centuries, Makers tended to treat their children as possessions: tools to use in their own quests to garner more power for themselves. Godric had never treated him this way. They were everything to each other, and, as such, that was why they were still together. 

It hadn't taken Eric long to discover that vampires rarely stayed together for very long. Their very natures assured they clashed, and couldn't coexist with each other for any length of time. Yet he had been with Godric for over six centuries. He knew that some night within the next century or so, it would be time for him to make his own way in the world. He could feel the need to go coiling in him, but that time was not tonight. Observing his Maker's intensity in his eyes, he suggested, “I think perhaps that is a lesson saved for another time. I have no desire to make a child anytime soon. I am still enjoying life as your child.”

Godric smiled benevolently at the large warrior beside him. “You will always be my child, Eric. No matter where either of us go in life, or what happens between us, you will always be mine. Just as I am yours. However, I know the call to go is building in you. I feel it, and I want you to be prepared.”

“Prepared for what? I know how to turn a human should I decide to do so.”

Godric shook his head, “No, my child. Turning a child is the easy part … it is finding them that is hard. This is what I want you to teach you to be prepared for.”

 “I do not understand. Humans are plentiful and it will not be hard for me to find one to turn when I have the desire to make a child.” 

“Eric, the desire not to be alone and to make a child once you leave my side will come upon you quickly, and this is what I wish to prepare you for. You must be prepared to wait.”

“Again, Godric, I don't understand. Wait for what?”

Smiling at his child, Godric laid a hand on his golden warrior's cheek and replied, “Making a child is a great responsibility. Most of our kind turn any they find useful or pleasing to the eye. They pick children like a human picks food. Whatever looks good and is available—but this is not the way. A true vampire will walk this earth and wait for the pull.”


“Yes my child. The pull. Do you remember the night I turned you?”

Smiling, Eric put his arm around Godric and pulled him to his side. His Maker was much smaller than him and fit into the curve of his body perfectly. “I will never forget. Fader. Broder. Son.”

Returning his child's smile, Godric rested his head on Eric's massive arm and looked up at the stars. His beautiful upturned face appeared to be absorbing the moonlight. “You are unaware that I had been tracking you for a month before I came upon you the night of your battle.”

Eric was startled, “I thought the first time you saw me was the night before you turned me.”

“It was. But I felt a pull towards you long before I saw you. The pull of a Maker towards his child. I felt it for awhile and searched for it. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, as I had never experienced it before, but the night I saw you in battle, the pull was stronger than ever, and I knew that you were what I was being called towards. You were born to be my child. The next night I came to you and offered you a place at my side.”

“You offered me life and I accepted.”

“Indeed. This is the lesson I have to teach you, my child. When you leave me to travel the world, you will feel joy at standing on your own. You will delight in waking each night to live and feed as a vampire, but soon enough, loneliness will come upon you. The desire to make a child to ease that loneliness will build, but you must endure. You must be patient until you feel the pull. When it comes upon, you do not fight it. Follow it and find the one meant to be your child.”

“Why? Why can I not just make a child to please me until I feel this pull? I would be kind to them, even if I did not experience this pull towards them.”

Godric turned his head to look into the blue eyes of his companion and child. “I had another child before you.”

Stiffening, Eric replied, “You never told me this.”

“I do not enjoy remembering. She was not as dear to me as you are.”


“Indeed. I made her to ease my loneliness as I caution you against. There was no pull between us and ultimately she tried to betray me to another vampire for power. I was forced to kill her.”

Eric hissed, “As you should! To betray your Maker? Unthinkable!”

Godric laughed softly, “What is unthinkable to you or I is very much common among others of our kind, Eric. You know this. We are the unthinkable in our world. Few children and Makers share the love and trust we do. This is why I caution you now. I never want you to doubt your child. I never want you to have to guard your own back against your child. I want you to have what we have when you finally make a child of your own. So I implore you to wait for the pull. Wait for it and follow it. Be true to it and you will create a child as wondrous as you are to me. This is what I desire for you.”

“So it shall be, Godric. I will wait.”


Eric returned his gaze to the stars before asking, “So the only ones I should turn are those I feel a pull towards?”

Again Godric laughed. “Oh no … there are two others you can turn and still have a deep connection to, that will ensure your child does not betray you. One is dangerous and the other is almost impossible to find.”

“Tell me of the dangerous one.”

Godric was silent a moment, considering his words. “If there is a human you truly desire to turn and have not felt the pull to, a human you wish to bind to you, and assure their loyalty to you above all others, you form a blood bond with them before you turn them.”

Eric sneered, “You have only spoken poorly of vampires that bind humans to them in such a way. You say creating such “pets” is beneath us.”

“It is in the manner they bind them. Other vampires form blood bonds with humans so that they can use them to create comfortable lives. They make slaves and call them pets. Those are vampires that wish to live amongst humans and need the safety these bonded humans provide, because they are too lazy or have not the wit to ensure their own. We live more elusive lives and need no such pets. However, if there is a human you desire to turn, one you did not feel the pull to, yet wish to have a deep connection with, you form a blood bond to them before you turn them. But, this is not without danger. Have you never wondered why none of the vampires we've met turn their pets no matter how fond of them they are?”

“No, I've never thought of it, but now that you mention it, I do find it odd. When we were in Rome before coming here, I noticed that Caesar was particularly fond of his pet, Cara. I would even dare to say he loves her,” Eric reflected.

“And yet he will not turn her.”


“Because they share a blood bond. When a vampire forms this connection with a human it can be very beneficial. Not only will it bind the human to the vampire and allow the vampire to manipulate the human through their blood, but it also renders the human incapable of betrayal. The vampire can sense all of the human's emotions and would know its bonded's thoughts before the human would ever have a chance to act on any thoughts of betrayal … even if the human was capable of having those thoughts, which is rare in a bonded. However, there is a significant drawback for the vampire and the bonded should they be turned.”

“What are these drawbacks?”

“By creating such a bond it is inevitable the vampire comes to care for the human. Should this human be turned, they will never be capable of leaving their sire. Not only will the bond of Maker and child be there, but factor in the existence of a blood bond before the turning, and the child will literally feel pain if there is ever any great distance between them and their Maker for any significant amount of time. By turning a blood bonded human, you are literally making a lifelong companion. They will be loyal to their dying day, but they will never wish to leave you, nor can you send them away. As their Maker, you would feel their pain as your own, and even if you tire of their presence, you could not send them away because of this. If you wish to turn a human you do not feel a pull to and desire, such a bond between the two of you, there must be absolute certainty on your part that you desire them by your side for all time, for that is where they will be.”

Intrigued now, Eric pressed, “And this elusive one is what? What is the one that is almost impossible to find.”

“Why a mate, Eric—but in my time I have only heard of three vampires finding such a creature, and, of them, only one couple remains. A vampire mate is a great thing, Eric, but so rare it is best not to think on it. The chances of finding one are not favorable.”

“I would still hear of this mate. Many vampires are married.”

“This is not marriage between our kind for political gain or standing. A vampire mate is a great thing. A sacred thing, but ultimately rarely found. I will tell you of vampire mates, but not tonight. That is a lesson saved for another time. For now, I wish to see the stars.”

Grunting, Eric stood and swept Godric up in his arms as he took to the sky. Godric could night fly, but had been delighted his child, too, had the ability to do so. They spent many evening hours flying through the sky to observe the world below.

End Flashback

Smiling wistfully at the memory, Eric wiped away the solitary tear that had spilled down his cheek. As promised, Godric had eventually spoken to him of vampire mates, and how to recognize one when you found them. It was considerably harder than finding a child, and Eric had not been surprised by that. As Godric had said, mates were rare, and he, himself, had never heard of any vampire finding one in his millennia on this earth, but that was not his concern.

Godric had spoken of binding a human with a blood bond and turning them, and Eric knew, he knew, that he was meant to bind Sookie to him in such a way. He was certain that was why he did not feel the pull towards her but had such a desire to have her as a child. As Godric had assured, upon leaving his side, the desire to create a child to ease loneliness would come upon him, but it had not been hard for him to push it away until he felt the pull towards his Pam. Since he'd turned her, she had delighted him in many ways, but even with her, he hadn't had such a desire to be a sire as he did with Sookie. He didn't feel the pull with her, but he knew to the bottom of his undead heart, she was meant to be his. As he did not think he was fortunate enough to have found his one true mate, he was certain he was meant to bind his little southern belle to him through a blood bond and eventually turn her to make her his child. They would be together for eternity, but he knew he would ever tire of her.

Smiling into the night Eric whispered, “You will be mine Sookie … forever.”


  1. hmm Love the Godric Flashback. Hated that he died in TB version. Guessing that bill never told her about the blood bond either. Is it three only in your story? If so, they'll have it awfully quickly.

  2. fight fight fight is all she ever wants to do..sooner or later she will smarten up and realize ERic may be harsh but he does not lie to her like Bill (oh yeah she does find that out, lol).... i liked the flashback with Godric he was a caring soul.... he is a character i wish TB kept like they did Lafayette.... turing the page. my best Kristie