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Monday, September 10, 2012

Chapter 21 ~ Werewolves on Patrol

An hour and a half later, Eric pulled up to Sookie's house and as he was opening her door he was pleased to see a flash of movement in the woods that accompanied the scent of Weres. Alcide and his pack were in place as they'd agreed. Taking Sookie's hand, he led her towards the house and waited for her to unlock the door and let them in.

At this early hour, her roommate was not home yet, and he was glad for the opportunity to be alone with her. He made his way to the couch as he watched Sookie kick off her shoes and move to get her puppy some water. A few moments later, she came back into the living room with her own drink as she pulled the clip from her hair to let it down. His fangs dropped down at the sight and he said, "We must speak of the days to come."

Curling up on the end of the couch opposite him, Sookie nodded and said, "Shoot."

"Fangtasia will not be open tomorrow night or the night after. I sent out an area-wide notice to all those under me to meet at the bar and I will inform them all tomorrow night of the site and the fact they must take greater diligence in their protection. With many of their resting places compromised no doubt many of those in my area are going to be grouping together and finding temporary daytime resting places."

Cocking her head to the side, Sookie asked, "I thought your homes weren't compromised? I thought only your safe houses were and your true homes were still secret."

"Mine and Pam's weren't, but we are more careful with our protection than other vampires. We also have greater means to keep others from finding our true homes. Most vampires do not have several homes. The majority of the locations listed on that site for vampire residents are accurate. It is those vampires that are in the most danger. Thus Fangtasia will be closed tomorrow night so I can hold a meeting and assign area patrols, and make the necessary arrangements to counter this surveillance. Because of this you will not come to Shreveport tomorrow night or the next, but you will be needed to work every night we are open after that until this threat is resolved."

"Why will it be closed the next night?"

"I am arranging for Fangtasia to be updated with the newest security measures, and I'm having a witch come to perform an anti-human violence spell. It will keep humans from attempting to harm vampires in my bar."

Arching a brow, Sookie observed, "Awfully convenient that only humans aren't allowed to commit violence in the bar."

Grinning Eric nodded his head and said, "Yes, awfully convenient."

It was not worth arguing. She continued, "So I guess the security system is to prevent humans from getting in during the day and planting bugs or bombs huh?"

"You are such a clever little thing, my pet, and yes, that is exactly what it is for. The same security firm, which is owned by a reputable vampire, by the way, will be handling the securing of your home as well. Luckily they are a large firm and will be able to handle both locations at the same time. Though I have no doubt they will be backlogged soon after by other vampires wishing to update their own homes. Your home will take a little longer than Fangtasia to handle due to all the changes I've requested."

"What all are you going to get done?"

"First, there will be a state of the art security and surveillance system installed. Then—"

Holding her hand up Sookie asked, "Wait. Surveillance system?"

Nodding, Eric replied, "Yes, security cameras will be installed in and around your property with motion sensors to alert of any movement so you can be warned of approaching intruders before they get close to the house."

"Won't animals set them off? I don't want to be jumping at some alarm that goes off every time a rabbit goes hopping through the woods."

Smiling, Eric answered, "The motion sensors will only alert you to significant movement. The object would have to be fairly large to set them off, and it won't be an alarm. The setup I've ordered will be linked to a mobile remote. It's a touchscreen and about the size of your cell phone. It has a clip so you can keep it on you. It will simply vibrate to alert you of possible activity, or you can turn the alarm on if you wish. Once you've been alerted to movement and you deem it non-hostile you can order the system to ignore this movement.

"The cameras will continue to track these objects but not alert you of their presence. This will be necessary due to your night bodyguards. The cameras will have night vision capabilities so you'll be able to see in the dark. If you see figures moving in the woods you can turn on the security lights to frighten them away while taking cover in the safe room I'm having prepared which will also serve as a light tight sleeping quarters for me in the event I or Pam ever needs to take shelter here.

"The main control center for the security and surveillance system will be located here and the room will be large and advanced enough for you to take shelter in for a number of days should the need arise."

"That sounds pretty high tech Eric, don't you think you're going to a little too much trouble for a telepath on your payroll?"

'Oh but you are so much more my little Sookie. You are to be my life companion, you just don't know it yet.' Shaking his head, Eric replied, "It is no trouble. I arranged all of this with one phone call and the money means nothing to me, as you know, and I thought we established you are more than a telepath to me?"

Blushing, Sookie said, "Ok, so high tech security on its way, is that all?"

"No, after the security and surveillance system is up and running I will be bringing a witch here to put up a safety barrier around your house. Once it's up it will provide magical protection for you. Only those you invite inside the house will be allowed in. So once it is up you will need to re-invite all of your family and friends over."

"Well if you are putting up a magic barrier or whatever why do I need the security system at all?"

"Because there is no such thing as too safe. Eventually someone might come after you that can thwart the barrier with their own magic. The security system will serve as another barrier of protection for you in that event."

Not wanting to ask what other dangers she might face as she had enough to worry about at the moment Sookie asked, "What will the barrier do? It won't hurt anyone will it?"

Shaking his head Eric replied, "No, it will make it for others much like it is for a vampire trying to enter a home without an invite. There will simply be a force preventing them from entering. However, the barrier will allow anyone you have invited in to pass undeterred."

"Ok, so is that it?"

Knowing the next part was going to be what truly upset her Eric answered, "No … now we speak about your bodyguards."

"Ok, what kind of bodyguards?"

"The kind already outside and keeping watch."

Head swiveling around to look out the window Sookie asked, "What? Where? Who's out there?"


Mouth dropping open in shock Sookie stuttered, "W—werewolves? Sam told me they're very dangerous and never to go near them."

"They are dangerous to those they do not owe allegiance to or aren't protected by their pack. However, this pack owes a great debt to me and it will take them many favors to repay it. Your protection is the first one I have recalled since they came to owe me. Right now there are four werewolves patrolling the area around your home. During the day two of them will be at your side all the time. Alcide, the son of the packmaster, has told me that six men, including him, will be responsible for your welfare and they will switch shifts. I requested the best warriors and those most loyal, and he assured me they will meet my standards. You will meet them throughout the following days."

Stunned, Sookie asked, "Why not have regular bodyguards during the day?"

"Because Weres are stronger than average humans and have better senses. They are nowhere near as powerful as vampires, but they are certainly better than a human. They can pick up more scents, move faster, hit harder, and heal quicker than any human guard. They are better protection. However I want you to keep in mind the promise you gave me concerning your gift and other supernaturals."

Wondering why he was being so cryptic Sookie finally asked, "Can they hear us?"

Shrugging Eric replied, "Possibly. Their senses are not as good as a vampire but they can hear at greater distances. The closest one is about 20 yards away right now, but he might be able to hear us despite our voices not being loud. I have no doubt they have been trying to pick up most of our conversation. They are more than likely curious as to why I care so much about the safety of a human. I expect they will ask questions of you tomorrow."

"Can I answer them?"

"You may tell them whatever you wish, as you do not know anything you shouldn't, though I expect our private conversations to remain just that."

Knowing he was speaking of the times they shared personal information Sookie nodded her head and replied, "I haven't even told Tara any of that and she's my best friend. I wouldn't tell a stranger."

Pleased by her loyalty Eric replied, "Good. Do you have any other questions concerning the Weres?"

Standing Sookie said, "I want to meet them. I can't have them prowling around out there all night and not know who they are."

A devilish smirk forming on his lips Eric replied, "By all means." Standing as well he led his way to the front door. When they were standing on the porch he called out in a raised voice, "Come forward, she wishes to meet you."

Beside him Sookie's mouth dropped open in shock as she watched four of the largest wolves she'd ever seen emerge from the woods. They were all black or dark brown with shaggy coats. Their heads would come up to about her chest if she was standing in front of them. She could feel their minds buzzing and pressing against her shields as they focused on her, but she blocked them out. Unconsciously she shifted closer to Eric as she caught sight of the large fangs and slightly glowing eyes.

Eric could easily sense her rising fear through their bond, not to mention her scent was ripe with it, and he was pleased she had moved closer to him. She was already starting to see him as not only a source of comfort, but as protection as well. This knowledge delighted him. Taking her hand he addressed the wolves. "She wishes to meet you, step forward and introduce yourselves."

Gasping, Sookie watched as the wolves began to morph right in front of her eyes into very naked men. "Oh lord!" she gasped before darting behind Eric's back to block her sight and hissing, "They're naked!"

Delighted by her reaction, Eric laughed and looked back over his shoulder as he replied, "Well what did you expect? They cannot wear clothes in their wolf forms and it would be cumbersome to carry them around in their mouths. Supernaturals are not uncomfortable with nudity as humans are; you will get used to it."

"I most certainly will not!"

Chuckling Eric asked, "Do you wish to meet them or not?"

In front of Eric and Sookie the Weres exchanged smirks with each other. They had found humor in the girl's reaction as well. Alcide stepped forward and said, "I'm Alcide, with me are Ian, Tom and Tray. Would you like us to stand behind your bushes? That should cover us from the waist down if you're really that uncomfortable ma'am."

Hearing everyone laughing at her Sookie pinched Eric, slapped a hand over her eyes, and stepped out from behind him. Trying to direct her voice in the general area she remembered them being she said, "Hi … uh … I'm Sookie Stackhouse and I wanted to thank you for your help … I'm sorry you all are going to all this trouble just for me."

Laughing at her modesty, and the sight of her standing next to Eric with her hand covering her eyes, Alcide replied, "It's no trouble. We're happy to be able to begin paying off our debt. Seeing as how you're so uncomfortable we'll head back on into the woods and you can get your proper introductions tomorrow … when we're all wearing clothes. Goodnight Miss Stackhouse, and don't worry. With us here, no one will be getting to you."

"Thank you." After a few minutes Sookie whispered to Eric, "Are they gone?"

Leaning down to whisper in her ear Eric answered, "Indeed, it's just you and me. You can remove your hand from over your eyes now pet."

Doing as he said she scowled up at him and hissed, "You knew that was going to happen!"

Shrugging his shoulders Eric took her hand and led her back inside as he replied, "Perhaps."

When they were back inside in their previous positions on the couch, Sookie scooped Thor up in her arms and asked, "So that's it? Security system and werewolves?"

"Indeed. They will be adequate protection for you while you are not at my side. They will stay out of the way and not interfere in your life more than necessary. I would advise you that if your friend is going to be living here she be made aware of the danger, and you should also make preparations at your work in case we have to leave town quickly. With this new threat the Queen or Council could call upon us at any time and we need to be ready to leave immediately. It would also behoove you to have a bag packed with the necessary supplies for you to be away from home for up to a week kept in your car. We may have to leave at a moment's notice."

Sookie scratched Thor's head as she whispered, "It's all changing so fast. This is really happening. I'm really a target now …."

Scenting her rising fear, Eric sent gentle waves of calm to her as he reached forward to pull her against his side. She was tense for a moment and he thought she might pull away, but after a minute she relaxed against him to rest her head on his shoulder. 

Nuzzling her hair he said, "Life is always changing Sookie and we must change with it; you will adapt. What seems odd to you now will soon be the norm. I will deal with this threat and you will be fine."

Closing her eyes, Sookie let herself take comfort in Eric's gentle embrace. Two weeks ago, she would have pulled away from him and told him to keep his damn distance, but now she couldn't bring herself to. Over the last few weeks Eric's presence in her life had provided more and more comfort and support. She didn't know why but when he was close her body felt warmer, her heart felt lighter, and she felt safe. The more she was around him the more she felt like it was where she was supposed to be. The feeling frightened her in many ways, but at the moment what was outside of her house frightened her more. All she knew right now was that Eric wanted to keep her safe; they had the same agenda.

Besides he had proved himself to her yet again tonight. He had proved that he not only had no part in Bill's abduction, but that he was actively working to bring her maybe fiancé back to her with that phone call. So far he had made good on every promise he'd made her, and given her no reason to question his word. She was still skeptical about his intentions for her, but at least he didn't want her dead.

Feeling Eric's fingers stroking through her hair she said, "I'm really never going to get away from your world am I? I'm not just going to be reading minds at Fangtasia for the rest of my life I'm going to be doing a lot more aren't I?"

Eric was silent for a moment before wrapping his arms fully around Sookie to pull her into his lap with her head tucked under his chin. She was so small compared to his much larger form.

Kissing her temple he replied, "You will do much more, and there will be no escaping my world now that we know of you. Your skill is far too valuable to us. Coming out was dangerous for Vampires. Knowing what humans think is a tool we can't afford to lose. Andre was right; if you hadn't heard that man in the parking lot than we would never have thought to pay him any attention. Unless he did something deliberate to draw our notice he would have come and gone undeterred. No doubt he was there performing some kind of surveillance, but I will know for sure when I return and Pam tells me what she's learned."

"I don't like this Eric. I don't like any of it."

"I know, little one, but, as I told you before, Sookie, there are many things in life you will not like, but you can't ignore them. You must face adversity when it comes, overcome it, and move past it when it's over. This site and the Fellowship's mission to destroy us is a problem, but we will overcome it. It will be nothing more than another chapter in the history of the supernatural community's quest to survive humanity's stupidity. You simply must trust me when it comes to matters of safety until then."

Releasing a sigh Sookie said, "It feels like everything is moving so fast around me and I can't catch my breath. Bill just disappeared and now I'm in this position … I … I don't like it. I want it all to stop."

"The world never stands still Sookie. Sometimes things move fast and sometimes they are slow. You learn to adjust to the ebb and flow of life. You are mine now Sookie and I will take care of you. You just have to follow my orders when I give them and you will be safe."

"I'm not yours Eric. I belong to myself. I just work for you."

Smirking against her hair Eric thought, 'Oh Sookie, but you are. You just don't realize it yet. Everything you are belongs to me…you will understand this soon. Until then I can be patient. I can allow you to believe you are free to make your own choices long enough for you to choose me…and then I will chain you to my side for all time. The moment you yield to me of your own free will I will make you very much aware of just how much you really are mine to do with as I please.'

Kissing her temple again, he replied, "We'll see, for now you need to rest. It's time for you to go to bed. Be aware that Bobby will be arriving with the security firm early in the morning to begin installing your security system. Your bodyguards should already be here and waiting for you to inform them of your schedule."

Standing, Eric set Sookie on her feet as her puppy stood on the couch with its tail wagging. "I probably won't be able to see you tomorrow night but I expect you to call me to check in."

Yawning Sookie nodded her head as she held her hands out to her puppy and said, "Come here Thor, time for bed."

Smirking, Eric watched Sookie pick her puppy up to cuddle against her chest and remarked, "Thor? You named him Thor?"

Blushing, Sookie nodded. "Yeah. I thought it fit him."

"Indeed. It's a good name." Leaning down he kissed her forehead and added, "Go to bed Sookie. You've had a long night." He wished to see her to bed himself, but he didn't want to push her. She'd been through a lot this evening and since she'd allowed him to comfort her he knew he was making headway into securing her heart. He would not ruin it by moving too far too fast now.

Sookie nodded her head as she watched Eric step around her to walk out of the house. She locked the door behind him and heard his car start and drive off before setting Thor on the ground at her feet and saying, "Let's go to bed, puppy." A sudden thought hitting her she unlocked the door and stepped out onto the porch.

Scanning the darkness for a moment she said, "Uh … hi, I'm not sure if you can hear me but I have a roommate. I'm not sure if Eric told you or not. Her name is Tara. She works late like me and won't be back until 2 or 3. She's black with long hair, and she might have her boyfriend with her. So ... uh ... don't go biting them or anything, just to let you know."

She smiled when she heard a soft bark in the tree line as a response. "Thanks, she might go to her boyfriend's tonight, but she might come home. Just thought I'd let you know. Well, goodnight to you guys." A few soft barks was her reply. Turning around she headed back into the house with Thor at her feet.

The next morning Sookie awoke to Tara shaking her shoulder as Thor barked angrily beside her head at her friend for doing so. Releasing a sigh Sookie rolled over and mumbled, "Go. Away."

"Sook! Girl that Bobby guy is here with another small army, he really wants to talk to you and there are two other guys sitting on the porch that say they're your body guards. I think you'd better get up."

Sitting up Sookie pushed her hair back from her face as she released a yawn. "Damn. I forgot about all that."

Crossing her arms over her chest Tara asked, "Sook, what's going on?"

"I'll tell you about it over breakfast. First let me get Bobby settled. That man already despises me; no reason to give him actual ammo." 

Getting up Sookie put on her house slippers and robe before picking up Thor and making her way downstairs.

Opening the front door, she found Bobby standing there with a large envelope and a small package in his hands. Behind him were two vans with "Eternal Security" on the side and a construction vehicle behind it. There were about 10 guys milling around her front yard apparently waiting to get started. To her left, she found two men, both who looked familiar from her brief glimpses last night, seated in her rocking chairs. They were in t-shirts and jeans with their feet kicked up on the banister. Both nodded their heads at her, but didn't say anything so she focused on Bobby. "Hello Mr. Burnham."

"Miss Stackhouse. Mr. Northman instructed me to give you this envelope and package, and then I am to oversee the work crews."

Taking the envelope and package Sookie nodded her head and stepped out onto the porch with Tara following her as she said, "Go right on in, you guys do what you need to do."

When Bobby nodded his head and led several of the workers inside the house while the others took off to get a lay of her property Sookie turned to the two men she knew to be werewolves. "Hi … uh … I don't really know what to do here."

Standing with his friend Alcide inclined his head and said, "Well how about we introduce ourselves? Last night you seemed … uh ... disturbed?"

Blushing furiously, Sookie replied, "Let's not talk about that. I'm still getting used to all of this stuff."

Chuckling, Alcide gestured to himself and said, "I'm Alcide Herveaux and this is Tray Dawson. We were here last night and we'll be working with you all day today. After today though your days will be split between two shifts of us most of the time." Alcide was tall and well built with green eyes and black hair. Tray was well muscled as well, but not as tall as Alcide with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Both were very handsome.

"Sookie what is going on?" Tara asked as she eyed each man skeptically.

Glancing back at Tara Sookie said, "Tara I'll explain over breakfast." Facing the men again she said, "Have you guys eaten?"

Shaking their heads Alcide replied, "No…we brought some sandwiches with us and we'll eat those while we're out here. The Viking told us to stay out of your way as much as possible."

"Well the Viking isn't here and I'm inviting you in to breakfast. You guys may have to do this because you owe him, but you're still helping me and I'm not going to make you sit outside and eat crummy sandwiches when there's plenty of fixin's in the kitchen for eggs, bacon and biscuits. Unless of course you want to sit outside?"

Smiling at her feisty attitude Tray and Alcide nodded their heads as Alcide answered, "Northman told us to follow your orders as though they were his own unless they interfered with his standing orders for your safety…with that in mind we'd like to hear the particulars of what's going on as well. Northman only gave us a brief overview."

"Ok. You guys head on into the kitchen I just want to see what Eric sent me. It will only take me a minute." While they all headed into the house she watched Thor hop off the porch to use the front yard to take care of his needs before she tore into the envelope. Inside she found a certificate to a day spa and a note.

My Sookie,
You looked stressed last night. Take your friend into Monroe and use the spa there to relax. I have two waitresses coming to your shifter's bar to cover your shifts for the hours you'll be gone and I assume Lafayette can oversee things during that time. You can take Thor with you. I've already spoken to the spa owner and been assured it will be fine. Also, while I do not want you alerting the Weres that you can hear them I want you to drop into their minds to make sure they are as loyal as I hope them to be. While I'm certain that they won't betray me I don't want to take the chance. No doubt they'll ask for details as to why they've been assigned to protect you so I want you to read their thoughts as you fill them in. You can report to me tonight about it when you call to check in.
Hope you enjoy the gift.
P.S. Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you.

Smiling at the note, she shook her head and set it on the banister so she could open her package. By now Thor was at her feet wagging his tail and she smiled down at him while tearing into the brown wrapped package. Inside was a black box and when she flipped it open she laughed to find a black studded collar with a platinum dog bone tag with "Thor" engraved on it. 'He can be so sweet,' she thought to herself. After putting the collar on her puppy she headed inside. She tucked the note into a drawer in the desk in the living room before heading into the kitchen.

Inside Sookie found everyone seated around the kitchen table so she headed to the fridge to get out everything she'd need to make breakfast. She lowered her shields enough to listen for the construction crews while she started to explain and began, "Ok guys … here's what I know ...."

By the time she was finished making a platter of eggs, a plate bacon and a tray of biscuits, she had filled them in on all she knew about the Fellowship's site. "So Eric wants to step up security until the site is shut down and he catches the ones responsible. I think he's going overboard, but it's easier to just let it go. I've found it's best to pick my battles with Eric and he never gives on the ones about safety."

Alcide and Tray exchanged a look before Alcide swallowed the bite of eggs he'd eaten and asked, "You can really read minds?"

‘This could be useful. Weres don't have much time before we'll have to reveal ourselves as well. If we can make her a friend of Weres, or our pack at least, she can let us know what humans think about us. Helping Northman protect her will not only pay off our debt to him, but endear her to us as well. This could be very useful,’ Alcide thought. 

Since Alcide's thoughts were about Sookie and directed right at her she didn't have trouble hearing him. She'd noticed that when he or Tray thought about things not related to her their thoughts were harder to read. However when she'd put her hand on Alcide's shoulder to ask him if he wanted juice his thoughts about whether or not he should go to his dad's for dinner that night or turn in early opened right up to her.

She nodded. "I can read human minds. Like right now I'm focusing on the minds of the men upstairs who are apparently measuring my closet to build an escape hatch in the bottom … weird … anyway, I'm monitoring them so that I'll know when they get close and can stop talking about this stuff."

Alcide and Tray shared a look before Tray asked, "Can you read other minds?"

Hating to lie, but knowing Eric was right and her keeping her abilities a secret was vital to her safety, Sookie shook her head and replied, "That's why I enjoy Supes so much. You guys are quiet to me and it's not so hard for me to be around you."

‘That's good. It might have been a problem if she could hear us,’ Tray thought. Again, since his thoughts were directed right at her Sookie had no trouble hearing him, but a moment later when he started wondering what the men were doing upstairs things got hazy and fragmented in her mind and she couldn't hear him very well.

Turning to face Tara, who looked a little bewildered, Sookie said, "Tara I know this is a lot to take in, and I know this has nothing to do with you. If you decide to go stay with Eggs or Lafayette until you can find a new place I won't hold it against you. I'm hoping all of this is just Eric overreacting, but there very well could be trouble. I don't want you getting caught up in anything."

Clearing his throat Alcide offered, "Miss Stackhouse the Viking isn't overreacting, sooner or later there's going to be trouble coming after you. Human or Supe, it's not a matter of if, it's when."

"Call me Sookie, and Eric said the same thing." Facing her friend again Sookie continued, "This is why it might be a good idea for you to stay somewhere else for awhile Tara. I don't want you to get caught up in all of this."

Shaking her head Tara replied, "Sook we've been friends for a long time. I stood by you when people called you freak in town, and I'm damn sure going to stand by you now when some group of holier than thou Christian fanatics come around lookin' to cause trouble. You're my family. You stood by me during that Maryann crap so I'll be here for you now….besides it sounds like Eric is going to make it Ft. Knox around here anyway."

‘Good. Packs should stand together,’ Alcide thought. He was unaware that Sookie could hear him and thus continued, ‘It's strange that Northman cares so much about this girl. He's going to an awful lot of trouble for her. We all got the notification from the Council that he'd taken her as his personal asset and she was protected by him and the Council's edict. If she's a mind reader it's no wonder he wanted her for his own…but to go to these measures? That's just strange. Maybe if I ask some real broad questions she'll give something away. She smells an awful lot like him so she's definitely taking his blood, but I don't smell his semen on her so they're not having sex…which is strange. Why does she smell so good? She's human, but her scent….’

As his thoughts trailed off Sookie focused on Tara and said, "Eric sent me a gift certificate to a day spa in Monroe for us to use. He's got a couple of waitresses going to Merlotte's to cover our shifts, and I'll tell Lafayette to look after things when I open and we can head out for a few hours, you want to go? I figured I'd ask Arlene to go with us too. She's had a hard time of it lately and she could really use this." 'And maybe she won't be so mad at me about things anymore.'

"Shoot yeah Sook! And Arlene will love you for this! Maybe she won't bitch about things so much anymore." Smiling Tara stood and said, "I'm just going to go take a shower and get ready, you mind if I use your bathroom?"

Smirking at her friend while gathering up the dishes Sookie said, "You wouldn't listen to me if I said no anyways so go on, but don't take too long because I'll need it after you."

When she was gone Sookie offered the remainder of the eggs, bacon and biscuits to Alcide and Tray, which of course they took it all, and as they ate she started on the dishes. She could hear Alcide and Tray's thoughts and waited for their questions.

Tray nodded at Alcide and asked nonchalantly, "So if you don't mind us asking what is between you and the Viking? He's never had a human companion before and well, we're kind of curious. He is going to an awful lot of trouble to keep you safe after all."

Scrubbing at the skillet Sookie replied, "Well I ran into some trouble and made a deal with Eric in return for his help; I'd be his telepath and he'd help me get something back that was taken from me."

Alcide arched a brow after eating another piece of bacon and pressed, "And that's it? You uh…you just work for him?"

Turning around Sookie eyed both men before saying, "If you guys are going to be around me a lot, and it sounds like you are, then you're going to learn pretty quick I'm not one for pussy footing around things. If you have a question just buck up and ask me. I'm more offended by veiled insults or accusations than blunt questions."

Both men were shocked before Alcide smiled and nodded his head as he replied, "I like that, not many people, Supes especially, are that forward."

Sookie smiled and answered, "Yeah I get that. You guys all seem to be about secret handshakes and underground societies, but, I'm just a small town girl not used to so much pomp and fuss, come at me straight or not at all."

Laughing Alcide and Tray shared a smile before Alcide said, "Well then, point blank, are you Northman's pet or not?"

"Not! Eric can call me whatever he wants to his vamp friends or you guys since other's opinions don't matter all that much to me, but the truth remains part of our deal was that he couldn't force sexual favors from me. I might have to work for him, but that's as far as our deal goes."

There was a moment of silence for a moment before Tray asked, "So you realize that everyone else is going to call you his pet? You know vampires will treat you that way and other people and Supes will look down on you for being the pet of a vampire right?"

Shaking her head Sookie said, "I've been looked down on, ostracized, called names and all sorts of other horrible stuff my whole life for being different. Whatever everyone else has to say to me for my arrangement with Eric won't kill me. I've got some pretty tough skin. I know who and what I am, and that's all that matters.

"So it's purely business between you two?" Alcide asked.

"Yep. Well Eric's made it clear he wants more from me, but I'm not intending to start up anything like that with him."

"That's good. A nice girl like you doesn't want to go getting herself tangled up in a relationship with a vampire," Tray said.

Deciding not to mention her relationship with Bill Sookie asked, "What's up with Supernaturals not liking each other? Eric doesn't really like Weres or shifters from what I gathered, and I have a shifter friend that isn't too fond of him or you guys either. I would have thought you guys would stick together against humans."

"We do," Alcide answered. "Against humans alone. The supernatural community lives in a kind of strained harmony most of the time, but we do have long standing disputes. Each species is loyal to their own first and foremost. It's true that we aren't fond of each other, but we understand that we need each other. We, the Weres, tend to take care of security matters for vamps during the daytime, and they can help glamour the right humans at night for us. Witches are always useful too if someone needs a little magic done, and well…pretty much every species has something to offer to the others and we strike deals when we need to. Our only true rule of loyalty to each other is never to betray supernaturals to humans…other than that it's to each to their own."

Placing the last of the dishes on the drying rack and hearing the shower shut off upstairs Sookie replied, "Yeah Eric told me your world is all about give and take…I guess that makes sense. It's kind of sad that you guys don't do anything for each other out of friendship though."

"Oh we do," Tray said, "just for our own kind. For other species though? Nah, there needs to be some kind of incentive."

Sookie was about to say something else before she heard the thoughts of the security men with Bobby and said, "They're coming downstairs. I'm going to leave you guys here while Thor eats his food and I'll go get my shower and dressed. We can leave right after." When they nodded, she poured Thor his dog food and headed upstairs.

An hour and half later, Sookie pulled up in her car to Merlotte's with Tray following in his truck behind her. Alcide had ridden with her and Tara, but both he and Tray insisted that Tray follow behind so that if something happened to her car they had a back up one. She didn't want to think about what they meant by "something happening to her car". It was only about a half hour before the bar opened and as the four of them headed inside Sookie said, "I don't want you guys saying a whole lot about what you're doing here with me. I'm just going to tell people that you work for Eric and will be following me around per his orders…I don't want people knowing about this Fellowship problem."

Tray and Alcide both nodded their heads and she told Tara to hook them up with drinks while she called some of the vendors. Retreating to the back with Thor at her feet, she spent the next 45 minutes making phone calls as the bar opened out front. When she was done, she shut down Sam's computer, grabbed her bag, and patted her leg so Thor would hop off his pillow and follow her out front. After locking Sam's door behind her, she headed into the bar and was immediately met by Arlene.

"Sook! Thank you so much for inviting me! You have no idea how much I need something like this! And that girl…Ginger? She said that she will be giving me her tips for working for me. Apparently this is all a big favor from that blonde vamp of yours, so it won't even cost me anything!"

Obviously Tara had been talking. Smiling at the red head Sookie replied, "That's great Arlene, really, let me just talk to Lafayette and we'll be on our way."

Making her way past the over excited Arlene Sookie headed for the kitchen with Thor padding after her and smiled sheepishly at her friend. "Hey, Lafayette. I was just wondering—"

Waving his hand dismissively as he cut up onions Lafayette replied, "Yeah, yeah. Tara done told me, go on and have a good time."

"Are you mad at me?"

Looking up, Lafayette said, "Shoot no! Sook I'm only here cuz of you. You could burn my house down, dime me out to the cops, and donate my incredibly fashionable wardrobe to charity and you'd still be my favorite person. I don't know what's going on with you lately but you're obviously got something important runnin' you ragged. You deserve today. Go have fun, and I'll hold down the fort until you get back."

Moving around the chopping table Sookie hugged him and said, "Thank you so much Lafayette! This means so much to me!"

'Besides I don't want to give you a hard time and Eric find out about it. He's already got me dealin' V and I don't want to make any more waves and get deeper into this shit.'

Gasping Sookie jerked back from Lafayette and demanded, "What! He's making you sell that stuff!"

Eyes going wide at the knowledge that she had heard him Lafayette grabbed her shoulders and begged, "Sook! You can't tell him you know! As long as I keep my mouth shut and do as he says he won't hurt me! Please don't say anything! Please!"

Pulling out of his hold Sookie hissed, "Oh, he'll hear about it alright! He gave you such a hard time for dealing it and was ready to kill you for it and now he's making you sell it! He forced me to work for him to get you out of that damn basement over this supposedly "killable offense to vampires" so like hell I'm just going to let it go!"

"Sook, please! He'll kill me!"

Shaking her head Sookie answered, "Oh no he won't. Eric won't touch you. I promise."


Setting her fingers over his lips she asked, "Do you trust me?"

Lafayette was quiet a moment before he finally nodded his head. When she removed her fingers he whispered, "I don't want to die Sook. I meant to stop all that shit and called all my buyers and told them I'd never deal again but Eric sent his blonde Amazon the day after I got back with a bottle and said I was to sell one a week and if I didn't I'd find myself back in the basement. I ... I just don't want to die Sook."

Feeling his fear rolling off him Sookie pulled Lafayette into a hug and opened her barriers to absorb his pain and panic into herself. When he had calmed she whispered, "You're not going to die. You're not going to get hurt at all, everything is going to be just fine. I'll handle Eric and you won't be working for him ever again. I'm glad you want to go straight Lafayette, and I'll help you do it. Just trust me."

Hugging her back Lafayette felt his fear melt away and he replied, "Thank you, Sook, you're saving me again."

"I'll always save you if I can Lafayette, you're one of the only people that was willing to look past my handicap to see me … for that alone you have my love and loyalty. I'll get you out of this and Eric won't bother you anymore, ok?"

"You aren't handicapped Sook. You're special. Don't let nobody tell you different."

Smiling at him Sookie kissed his cheek before heading back out to the bar to meet her friends as she thought, 'Eric Northman you are so dead.'

The rest of the day passed fairly quickly. She, Tara, and Arlene had a nice time at the spa and after that all three returned to finish up the night shift at Merlotte's. Tara opted to return home with Eggs and from the thoughts they were broadcasting neither intended to get much sleep so Sookie found herself being escorted home by Tray and Alcide.

Walking into her house, she found a note left by Bobby explaining what had been done for the day, and noting it would probably take another four days for everything to be finished and that a larger construction crew would be arriving tomorrow to start on the safe room, but she didn't care about that. It was a little after midnight, they'd closed Merlotte's early since Jane had been their only business, and Sookie had decided she was going to Shreveport to have a word with a certain vamp. The things she had to say couldn't be said over the phone.

With that in mind, she faced Tray and Alcide and said, "You guys can go on home. I have to go to Shreveport."

The Weres exchanged a look before Alcide said, "Well the night shift is out in the woods already to guard you since we were told you wouldn't be going to Shreveport tonight."

"I wasn't going to, but I need to talk to Eric about something very important, and I find anger is best expressed in person."

Alcide looked at Tray and said, "You go on home. I'll ride with her and follow on foot."

"You don't need to…." Sookie began before Alcide interrupted her.

"We do," Alcide interrupted. "Your safety is our debt to pay and we can't allow anything to happen to you. Northman assigned you to me personally though so I'll be the one held accountable if something does happen. You say you need to go to Shreveport? Fine. I'll ride with you."

Seeing the determination in his eyes Sookie finally nodded and said, "Let's go." With that she grabbed her car keys and purse, picked up Thor and got in her car with Alcide beside her.

As they hit the highway Alcide said, "You seem awfully upset Sookie, mind me asking what for? You were happy this morning, and I didn't notice anything that happened today to upset you so I'm a little curious."

Slanting her eyes at him before focusing on the road Sookie replied, "Eric is hurting a friend of mine after I made a deal with him for his life and freedom. I intend to have words with him about it."

Taken aback by the vehemence in her voice Alcide offered, "You understand that even if I wanted to protect you from Northman if he strikes out at you tonight I can't right? Not only am I not physically strong enough to take him down, but I can't risk my pack's safety by starting a war with the vampires. I'm here to protect you from Northman's enemies, not Northman himself."

"I don't expect you to. If Eric tries to hurt me that's his prerogative, mine is to protect my friends. I can't let him get away with this, and if he does hit me or hurt me in any way it will prove my suspicions about him and I'll at least know where I stand with him."

Alcide looked at her curiously before saying, "You're willing to get in the face of one of the most powerful vampires in the world, someone you know you can't defeat and could kill you with a flick of his finger, for a friend?"

"Damn straight! I may not be able to defeat him in a fight, but that won't keep me from telling him what it is I have to say. I won't keep quiet about something I know is wrong just because I'm afraid of him!"

"Why not get back at him in other ways? You're a mind reader; I'm sure you could use your skill to hurt him in some way without him even being able to prove you had."

Gasping Sookie looked at him for a moment before replying, "I would never do something like that! I'm a good Christian woman! If I have a problem with Eric I'll tell it to him personally; straight to his face. I don't agree with dirty underhanded tactics …and if you do I don't think you looking after me is going to work out."

Alcide was silent a moment before he said, "I do what I have to in order to survive and look after my pack Sookie. Always have and always will … but I try to be a good honorable man. The supernatural community doesn't always allow that, but me and mine try our best. I like that you're honest and up front about things … most people, supe or not, aren't. You're a good woman."

"Thank you. Now I'd like a little quiet so I can think of all the things I'm going to say to Eric when I get there." Sookie was so focused on her own rant she didn't think to listen to Alcide.

'What is this girl? She doesn't smell completely human. She smells of Northman so they're obviously blood bonded like he said, but he told us she's unaware of that fact and we're not to tell her. Us keeping quiet counts as another favor so we will, but it surprises me. Why is he so focused on her?'

Shaking his head Alcide looked out the window as he thought, 'She's certainly something special that's for sure. She's got a pure heart, and that's rare these days. She's damn pretty too.'

In Shreveport, Eric was finishing up his meeting with his vampires and laying out his plans for their safety as he felt Sookie approaching through their bond. He could feel her anger and emotional turmoil and he wondered what was wrong. The texts he'd received today from Alcide had said nothing had happened so he wondered what had upset her so much. Opening the bond fully he could feel her anger like a living thing inside her and thought, 'Whatever it is it must be bad. She's pissed.' He was glad he was almost done with his meeting when a text appeared on his phone. He listened as Pam announced the locations of the safe houses he'd set up for those vampires whose homes had been compromised and read:

SOOKIE: Are you at Fangtasia?

He texted back yes. A moment later his phone buzzed again and he read:

SOOKIE: Will you be able to speak with me…alone?

He typed back that by the time she got there he would be done with his meeting and Fangtasia would be empty except for him and Pam. She replied:


He had to admit he was very curious as to what Sookie wanted to speak to him about. Putting his phone in his pocket he listened as Pam finished announcing the safe house locations before standing and saying, "You all need to take extra precaution when returning to these safe havens each night. Until we discover how the Fellowship got our addresses in the first place, the utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that these new locations are not discovered. Be mindful of any surveillance and report any concerns, no matter how small, to me. Now we will address counter surveillance. I want each of you to…."

About 45 minutes later, Eric was sitting in his office chair as he waited for Sookie to arrive. He could feel her getting closer and closer and he knew she was becoming angrier by the second. He was pursuing the Fellowship website when he heard the screeching of tires out front that signaled Sookie's arrival. He was glad that he and Pam were the only vampires left in the establishment because it was apparent Sookie was about to make a scene. Leaving his office he made his way to the front in time to see Sookie come marching inside. "Sookie, what has you so upset pet?"

She never took her eyes off him as she stormed right up to him and slapped him across the face. "You low down, manipulative, lying jerk! How dare you!"

Behind her, Alcide's eyes nearly bugged out of his head as his mouth dropped open in shock. He saw Pam leaning against the bar in much the same state. He'd scented Sookie's rising anger all through the ride here, and when she'd barely taken the time to throw the car in park before jumping out, leaving the door open as her puppy scrambled after her, he knew whatever happened wouldn't be good. 'She's got balls. I'll give her that,' he thought as he crossed his arms over his chest and waited for Northman's reaction.

Eric felt the beast in him roar to life as he restrained himself from tossing Sookie over his shoulder to take her to his home and show her just who was Master around here. Looking over Sookie's head he saw Pam leaning against the bar in her Chanel dress staring at him in total shock, while Alcide, with a similar expression, stood near the door with Sookie's puppy at his feet.

Focusing back on Sookie he replied in a dangerously soft voice, "You'd better have a damn good reason for that."

He was leaning very close to her now, but Sookie didn't care. "I know about Lafayette."

Immediately knowing what she was saying he muttered, "Förbannade tankeläsare... Jag borde ha insett att hennes gåva skulle komma i vägen förr eller senare." [Damn telepath…I should have known her gift would get in the way sooner or later.]

Looking up at his child he ordered, "Låt varulven ta hem hennes bil. Jag tar hand om Sookie." [Have the Were take her car home. I'll see to Sookie.]

Taking her arm Eric ordered, "My office now."

Jerking against his hold Sookie said, "I'm not going anywhere with you! You lied to me! We had a deal and you went back on it!"

Spinning around Eric hissed, "You will be quiet! Do not forget who or what I am little girl…now we are going into my office to speak of this." Looking up at Pam he ordered, "Nu, Pamela." [Now, Pamela.]

Pam watched Eric drag Sookie into his office before turning to face Alcide as she said, "Eric wants you to take her car home, do you have the keys?"

Alcide looked after Sookie for a moment before replying, "She didn't even take the time to pull them out of the ignition. Car is still running outside with her door open, guess she's pretty upset."

Pam smirked and headed out as she said, "Let's go, wolf. Eric won't want an audience. Take her car home and leave it there for her."

Looking down at the puppy at his feet Alcide asked, "What about him?" He doubted Sookie would want him to take off with the dog. She seemed very attached to the puppy as she'd spent most of the day holding him.

Sneering at the live ball of fur, Pam said, "Drown it for all I care, but I would suggest leaving it here. Sookie can care for the thing after Eric puts her in her place." With that Pam turned and held the door open for him. "Let's go, wolf. Eric gave his orders."

Looking down at the puppy Alcide growled, "Stay." The puppy immediately laid down with his head on his paws. That done Alcide preceded Pam out of the bar and got in Sookie's car to drive it home as he thought, 'Good luck girl…you're going to need it.'

Back in Eric's office he pushed Sookie down on the couch as he sat down in his chair. He was upset at this turn of events as he'd been making such headway with her over the last week or so. He had actually not thought about Lafayette's selling blood in a while as Pam received the bottle of the Queen's blood every week and saw to its delivery to him on her own. He didn't concern himself with the matter after he'd selected the man to be its dealer, and thus hadn't really thought about it since. Now however it was posing a big problem.

When he heard Pam and Alcide leave he said, "You are upset and therefore I will forgive your previous attack, but do not let it happen again. That is twice now you've struck me and faced no consequences. The next time, I shall punish you."

Her fists tightening in her lap Sookie hissed, "You punish? You've got some nerve! We had a deal, Eric! I was to go to Dallas and you would let Lafayette go! You lied to me! How do I know you're not going to go back on our deal about Bill?"

"I did not lie to you. I did let Lafayette go, he's just continuing to work for me."

"Out of fear! You have him terrified you'll kill him if he doesn't sell for you and where do you get off having him sell that shit when that's what you damn near killed him for anyway?"

Gripping the sides of his chair, Eric growled, "I do not have to explain myself to you, this matter is between your friend and me."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "The hell it is! You can't make him do that! It's not right! He wants out and I went to Dallas to get him out!"

"You went to Dallas to save his life. Nothing more. My arrangement with Lafayette is none of your concern. I am asking no more of him now than he was doing before, and he is making money off of it. There is no reason for you to be angry."

Standing, Sookie hissed, "I have every right! He wants nothing to do with you! You're forcing him to work for you under threat of death! You! He despises you and is terrified of you and you have him living in fear!"

Waving his hand dismissively Eric said, "He'll get over it. Our deal stands."

"Fine, than you can find yourself another telepath!" Spinning around she pulled open his door only to have it slammed close as Eric pressed against her back with his hand on the door.

Leaning down Eric whispered in her ear, "Don't walk away from me Sookie, you'll never get very far."

Taking a deep breath Sookie turned around and looked up at him. He was dangerously close to her and she said, "You can't do this…I won't let you….you're going to let him go."

Putting his other hand on the wall beside her head so that she was trapped between his arms Eric leaned closer and demanded, "How. Do. You. Intend. To. Stop. Me." He knew he shouldn't be doing this. He knew he should be negotiating with her over releasing her friend from his service. Baiting her like this was only going to make her angrier, and he didn't want that. But he couldn't stop. She had riled the darkness in him and it demanded satisfaction. He'd held himself back around her for so long, denied his desire to drag her under him and sate himself between her thighs all these months, that her defiance now had him struggling for control. She would bow to him tonight or he would claim her…damn the consequences.

Feeling fear prick at her as her instincts screamed for her to back down Sookie forced them back. She wouldn't cave on this. She'd given up enough where he was concerned, and she wasn't going to back down when it came to her friends or family. Lafayette was counting on her.

"I'll walk out of here and never come back. I'll rescind your invitation and file charges against you for harassment. I'll do anything and everything I can to get you out of my life…even if it means leaving and never coming back….if you don't leave Lafayette alone I'll do whatever I have to in order to sever my connections from you."

She shouldn't have said that. Snarling Eric gripped her arms and jerked her against his chest. His mouth slanted over hers as he pressed her tightly against him. His arms banded around her as he plundered her moist depths. He ignored her struggles as he growled into the kiss. He could feel his Mjolnir throbbing on his chest as fire surged through his body. His beast was roaring inside him, and he no longer had the control to hold it back.

Sookie struggled against his hold as her hands pushed against his chest. There was a raging heat over her heart and a fierce energy coursing through her body that demanded she pull him closer, but she was fighting it with everything she had. Her anger was bright and raging in her blood, and she used it as fuel for her struggles. She pushed harder against Eric but when he slammed her back against the wall and ground his erection between her thighs as his fangs nipped at her lips she couldn't help but whimper. She had been fighting her own attraction for him for so long that she was finding it harder and harder to hold out against him now as passion surged between them. 'I want … I want him so much,' she thought before forcing herself to pull back for air.


"Never!" Eric growled as he began nipping and sucking at her neck and jaw. "You're mine Sookie…all mine and you're a fool if you think I'll let you leave me. I'll never let you go." Burying his head in her neck he ground his hips into her as he inhaled her delicious scent and purred, "So sweet."

Pushing her hands against his shoulders Sookie demanded, "Let me go! I don't belong to you! I'm leaving and never coming back!"

"Like hell," Eric hissed before burying his fangs into her neck to drink long and deep. Power and passion exploded in liquid waves across his tongue. His knees nearly buckled and he found himself pressing harder against her to support his own weight.

Stars exploded behind her eyes when he bit her and Sookie cried out in pleasure. She could feel him…and not just his body. She could feel him … he was inside her … deep inside and entwined with her soul. Her chest throbbed as whispers filled her mind promising heaven if she accepted him.

You are his. He is yours. Become one. Become destiny.

She didn't know where the voice came from and she wouldn't remember it later, but for now all she knew or understood was Eric. Wrapping her legs around his waist as he bucked against her she buried her hands in his hair to hold him to her neck and moaned, "Eric … Eric please …."

He could feel her need as great as his own. She was alight with desire and in this moment she wanted his blood … needed his blood. 

Continuing to suck at her neck he removed one arm from around her to grab the knife in his back pocket and slash at his throat. He lifted his head long enough to growl, "Drink."

She didn't need to be told twice. As Eric resumed feeding at her neck she lowered her head to the wound he'd made and latched on. She closed her eyes just as both of their bodies began to glow. She could feel him bucking against him her she rolled her hips to meet him. Layers of clothes separated them, and she hated it. Pushing her hands under his shirt she scraped her nails down his rock hard chest and moaned into his neck as she sucked harder at his flesh.

As her nails raked over his mark, Eric snarled into her pulse and ripped her Merlotte's work shirt from her body with two hands while he kept her pinned to the door. His hands explored her torso and lace covered breasts as they fed continuously from each other. He noticed the glow but was too far gone on the taste of her to give a damn.

Together they floated from the floor towards the ceiling; wrapped around each other as they drank long and deep the power their blood had to offer. Eric wrapped an arm around Sookie's waist to keep her pinned to him as his other hand went to her jean shorts. Unsnapping them he pushed his fingers inside her lace panties to stroke the heat of her. She was as soft as he remembered and immediately he sought out her nub. Swirling his fingertips over her silky wet pearl he felt his beast roaring in satisfaction while his back hit the ceiling. Rolling so Sookie was between him and it he pressed tighter against her. She was still feeding at his neck as though she couldn't get enough. He continued to stroke her clit with his thumb as he pushed two fingers deep inside her beckoning heat. Hissing into her neck at the tight feel of her he thought, 'So good … my cock will feel so good inside her … she's so small … so very small.'

For her part Sookie was beyond rational thought. She couldn't tell she was no longer on the floor. She didn't notice the weightless feeling in her body. All she could think about was the heady taste of Eric's blood filling her mouth as he played her body so expertly. His fingers were stroking her to ecstasy while his blood drove the passion and need inside her to greater heights. Her hands stroked his chest before one settled over his heart and mark while the other slipped from under his shirt to cup his hardness over his jeans. She didn't stop to think about right or wrong as she worked quickly to unbuckle his belt and pull his pants open so she could push her hand inside to hold him. 'More … I need more of him.'

The moment her small hand surrounded his hard length Eric felt ecstasy consume him. He snarled into her neck and began to stroke her harder and faster as her hand matched his pace while his body shuddered from her touch. The taste of her blood, the scent of her surrounding him, the feel of her hands on him was driving him beyond reason. 'She's mine … all mine … I'll never let her go!'

'He's huge!' Sookie had limited experience of course, but she'd seen different men's sizes from the minds of some female friends, and Lafayette of course, and Sookie knew Eric was truly a god among men. 

She ran her fingertips over the swollen head of his cock before pumping her hand up and down the full length of him. Raising her head from his neck she licked gently at the still bleeding wound as she whimpered, "Eric … oh God Eric!"

He answered with a growl as he bucked his hips into her hand. 

Releasing her own neck he kissed his way down her shoulders to reach her neck. With his vampire speed he used his hand behind her back to unhook her bra and pull it down. When he breasts were free he purred, "Beautiful," before latching onto a nipple to suck hungrily. She had the most beautiful breasts he'd ever seen; so full and ripe, begging for his attentions.

Sookie didn't know how he was able to bend like this comfortably, but she was grateful. Her hand continued to stroke him as he suckled at her breast like a man dying of thirst. She could feel his fangs graze her swollen nipples as he switched from one breast to the other and back again. It was as though he couldn't get enough of her. Her other hand had found its way to the back of his head and she buried her fingers into his hair to hold him closer as she moaned, "Eric, it's so hot—please—it burns!" She could feel his fingers pumping inside her while his mouth sucked greedily at her breast, and she was nearly delirious at the combined sensations.

Her breathless pleas were driving him wild. He bit gently at her nipple before releasing it and kissing his way back up her neck. Nuzzling her cheek he whispered, "You're mine, mine Sookie. Say it."

Feeling him nibble at her jaw Sookie jerked her hips against his hand as she continued to stroke the hard length of his manhood and begged, "Please Eric, it burns please, I need you."

"SAY IT! Tell me you're mine! Say it Sookie!"

She didn't care what he was asking for. All she knew was that she'd surely die if he didn't give her release soon. "I—I'm yours, please Eric …."

"Tell me you'll never leave me! Promise me, promise me Forever."

"I promise!"

"So be it." Pumping his fingers harder into her as his thumb rubbed against her clit Eric leaned down and sank his fangs into Sookie's Fae Star directly over her heart. Her reaction was instantaneous.

Sookie arched against the ceiling as her legs wrapped around Eric's waist, trapping their hands between them, as she screamed, "ERIC!"

Her pleasure fueled his own as his cock exploded in her hand. He felt her cum dripping into his palm as he continued to stroke between her legs while her hand trailed languidly along his now dripping erection,  spreading his seed with every stroke. Slowly they floated back to the ground. The glow around their bodies faded while Eric continued to suck at her chest as she lied beneath him on the floor; desperately trying to regain her breath as her mind floated in an orgasmic haze.

Sookie could feel him feeding from her, but she didn't care. Her body was humming with life. She'd never felt this whole, this complete, this alive in her entire existence. Every molecule of her body was alight with pleasure and racing with pure sensation. She was practically purring beneath Eric as his fingers continued to slide softly along her swollen folds; gently bringing her back from her climax.

When he knew he could take no more without endangering her Eric lifted his head to gaze down into Sookie's lust filled eyes. Blood trickled down her breast from his not yet healed wound, and dripped from his still extended fangs as he took in the sight of a topless Sookie panting beneath him. "I'll hold you to your promise my pet, you will not leave me … ever."

A fierce need to feel him all around her seized her heart. She needed his comforting touch on a primal level. At this moment she was a woman that needed her mate to hold her and make the rest of the world go away. She needed him. Gazing up at him in her daze Sookie stroked her hand along his cheek tenderly as she whispered, "Eric."

He heard the plea in her voice and lowered himself to claim her lips in a slow, deep kiss. Her hand stopped stroking his still engorged length to push under his shirt and trail along his muscular back as she whimpered beneath him. His hands dug into her hair so he could tilt her head back and open her to his kiss fully as he ground his body against her small one pinned beneath him. He growled into her mouth as his tongue sought out hers and stroked along it languidly as they tasted each other.

His touch was so soft and comforting that Sookie found herself lost in it. Drawing her knees up to cradle his hips between them she continued to stroke his cheek as she met his kiss with equal vigor. The thought of Bill or her loyalties to him never entered her mind. Eric was all she could think about, and all she wanted in this moment. 'Closer. I need him closer….'

When he knew she need breath he pulled back and began to place gentle kisses along her neck and shoulder while rubbing himself against her as he whispered between kisses, "Du är min, Sookie. Allt du är hör hemma hos mig. Jag har allt det du är. Jag kommer aldrig låta dig gå. Min, Min älskarinna, Min Valkyria." [You are mine Sookie. Everything you are belongs to me. I own all that you are. I will never let you go. Mine, My lover, My Valkyrie.]

It was only when the whining and scratching at the door finally drew her attention that Sookie realized where she was—and, more importantlywhat she'd just done. "Oh my God!" Pushing at his shoulders frantically as her eyes shot open, Sookie screamed, "Get off me! Eric get off!"

Releasing a resigned sigh Eric lapped at the wounds on Sookie's breast, feeling heat soar through her and himself due to their bond at the action, to heal his bite before pulling back slowly. He knew the feel of his tongue on her star had brought her pleasure, but the horror she felt at her actions had her recoiling from him despite this. He leaned back on his knees with his cock still straining at attention through his open pants as he watched Sookie wrap an arm over her generous cleavage and scramble back from him. "So I guess this means you don't want to cuddle?"

Mouth dropping open in shock Sookie looked around wildly. She saw her bra on the couch, but her shirt was in pieces. Holding her free hand out to him she demanded, "Give me your shirt and turn around!"

Deciding to humor her, Eric pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to her before standing. He tucked himself back into his pants and chuckled as Sookie gasped at the eyeful he gave her before she spun around on her own knees to hastily pull his shirt on. As she did that he moved to open his office door and glared down at the culprit that had interrupted his time with Sookie. Seeing Thor looking up at him curiously as he sat on his haunches wagging his tail he growled, "Förrädare." [Traitor.]

Completely mortified at her behavior, Sookie stood on shaky legs and ignored the sticky evidence of hers and Eric's combined orgasms coating her shorts and thighs as she re-buttoned and zipped herself. 

When she was set to rights she turned around to face Eric who was now leaning against his desk with his arms crossed over his chest with a confident smirk on his face. Thor was seated at his feet and looking at her inquisitively. Taking a deep breath she wrapped her arms around herself and said, "I ... I don't know what happened, but it's never happening again."

"Don't count on that. I intend for what just happened to be only a preview of what's to come. I've never cum as hard in all my long life as I have with you, and I haven't even had the pleasure of being inside you yet. I can only imagine how good your tight cunt will feel around my cock as I ride you but I'm willing to wait until you offer yourself to me fully and freely."

Gasping in outrage, Sookie picked a pillow up off the couch and threw it at him, dismayed when he batted it aside, and hissed, "Don't speak to me like that! And … and that's never going to happen! Tonight was an accident and it won't happen again!"

Shrugging Eric replied, "So you say."

"I'm not yours and you can't ever touch me again!"

Smirking at her Eric said, "You touched me just as much little Sookie. Though I have no complaints…you may touch me like that anytime, anyplace."

"Don't hold your breath! It's never going to happen again! I'm with Bill!"

"I don't have any breath so no problem there and you are only deluding yourself if you believe it won't happen again. Even now your body cries out for my touch. Your body begs for the pleasure only I can provide. You hold to your claims of love to Bill, but tell me Sookie…has he ever ignited such passion or desire in you? Has he ever brought you to such heights of ecstasy? Has your body ever responded to his touch in such a way?"

Refusing to acknowledge his claims Sookie shook her head and said, "I didn't come here for this! I'm not going to argue with you over what was nothing more than a HUGE, one time only, mistake! I'm here to talk about Lafayette!"

Understanding that pushing her any farther would only make matters worse Eric stood to make his way around the back of his desk and retake his seat as he answered, "Yes. I'm aware of your concerns about your friend, now let's discuss them." Indicating the couch he ordered, "Sit."

Taking a seat on the couch and picking up Thor to cuddle against her chest when he padded over to her she stressed, "I can't let you do this to him Eric. You have to stop using him." She forced herself to ignore the sight of his hard chest before her and focus on the matter at hand.

Sitting back in his chair Eric regarded Sookie and said, "I can't do that. I am no more pleased with the selling of this V than you are, but it is something that has been assigned to me. Your friend Lafayette is the only seller I know that didn't get his supply from drainers and thus the only one still alive in my area. He is my only option."

Sookie was silent a moment before asking, "Does that mean your queen is ordering you to do this? Isn't that illegal?"

"I neither confirm nor deny that remark, however, you should be aware that attempting to link the queen to such a crime is very dangerous, if she were guilty of such a thing."

Understanding the unspoken information Sookie bargained, "What if I find you another seller?"

"That doesn't obtain from drainers? Then, I would consider letting your friend out of our agreement, but until you provide such an alternative his service to me stands."

Realizing he wouldn't negotiate any farther Sookie nodded her head and said, "I'll find you someone, and I want your word that as soon as I do you'll stop all contact with Lafayette for good. You'll never bother him again."

Nodding, Eric replied, "If you find an alternative, and acceptable, means for me to carry out my responsibilities I will leave your friend alone and not contact him on this matter again."

"Not contact him ever."

"I can't promise that. No one knows what the future holds. It might be necessary for me to make contact with him in the future for any number of reasons, but I will promise to only do so in the case of an emergency. Other that he will be free of me if you find a new supplier suitable for my needs."

"And this new supplier won't be harmed? You'll just have them sell for you? You won't lock them in the basement and torture them?"

"They will not be harmed. I need them alive after all."

Sookie was silent a moment before asking, "What happens if your orders change and you don't need them to sell anymore?"

"Then they will be released from their duty to me and warned that continuing in their business would be hazardous to their health." When Sookie looked relieved at that, he thought, 'Unless, of course, I'm ordered to kill them, which is most likely, but she doesn't need to know that.'

Having the information she needed Sookie stood with Thor in her arms and said, "I'm getting Alcide and going home." She headed for the door but Eric's smug voice stopped her.

"Alcide is gone. I ordered him to take your car back to Bon Temps so if you want to go home you'll have to get a ride with me. As I'd prefer to take you to my home tonight I suggest you ask me for a ride nicely."

Gritting her teeth Sookie refused to turn around as she growled, "Eric will you take me home, please."

"That sounded like it hurt, and I'd prefer if you faced me, but I guess it is an acceptable request." Standing he picked up his keys and followed Sookie out of the office. Since he was the last one here he had to lock up for the night.

Sookie kept as much distance between her and Eric as possible as he locked up Fangtasia and led her to his corvette parked around back. She glared at him when he held her door open and slid into the seat; for the first time in her life ignoring her manners and not thanking him for the gentlemanly gesture.

Eric decided that silence was best during the drive as the emotions he was getting from Sookie through the bond were wide ranging and ever changing. She was obviously in turmoil about what happened between them and bringing it up now would only push her further towards meltdown. She needed time to come to terms with what they'd done, so he'd give it to her.

'Because regardless of what she says it will happen again and soon. I've never felt such passion as what she holds inside that delicious body of hers…and I intend to experience it fully instead of bits and pieces as I have. She will be beneath me screaming my name as I pound into her soon enough. It's a pity I didn't take her from Compton before he took her maidenhead. I should have been the one to introduce her to the sexual arts. Mine should have been the only cock to enter her folds. I guess I will have to content myself with the fact I will be the last man to ever touch her.'

Thirty minutes later he pulled up to Sookie's house and was up and out of the car to open her door before she could undo her seatbelt. He could see her about to protest him coming inside so he said, "There are several things I must speak with you about before I leave you for the night."

"Fine." Making her way to the front door she found her purse and keys sitting on the porch and smiled at Alcide's thoughtfulness. She let Thor use the front yard before opening the door and leading Eric inside.

When he was standing in her entryway as she faced him he took in her appearance. Her hair was slightly disheveled from their earlier romp, and his black t-shirt dwarfed her body falling to her knees. However the fire in her eyes belayed any vulnerability in her appearance. 

Clasping his hands behind his back and purposefully flexing the muscles of his chest for her viewing pleasure he said in a soft tone, "The Weres are surrounding your house so listen carefully." When she nodded to show she understood he'd be speaking cryptically he continued, "Speaking to others of the orders you suspect I have is dangerous in the most permanent of ways. Do you understand?"

Nodding, Sookie whispered, "I … I understand."

"Good. Search all you like, but tell no one of what you are doing. Absolutely no one. When you find a suitable alternative give me the information in private and I'll handle it as we agreed, and then you will never bring the subject up again."

Realizing how dangerous what he was having Lafayette do really was Sookie nodded and said, "I won't, I'll do what I agreed to do and that will be the end of it for me. I don't want to know anything else."

"Good. Now as you know tomorrow night Fangtasia is closed for upgrades. As such you will be ready at 8pm for me to pick you up for our next date. I will send—"

"Like hell! You must be out of your mind if you think I'm going out with you again after what you pulled! Not just tonight but with Lafayette in general!"

Taking a threatening step forward Eric hissed, "Do you forget Jessica so soon? You made a promise to me."

"Well you made one to me about Lafayette and didn't keep it!"

"No, our agreement about him was that if you went to Dallas I'd release Lafayette from my basement and revoke his death sentence. I did both. You made no mention of further contact with him, nor did I agree to leave him alone after I released him. I did not break our deal."

Trying to find a way to argue the point Sookie finally admitted, "You know damn well what I meant when I made the deal! You tricked me!"

Shrugging Eric replied, "My ability to make beneficial arrangements is not what we're arguing. You claim I broke our deal and I've proven that to be untrue, in future, I suggest you take greater care to assure you negotiate for all of what you want, and not just what you think you're getting. Remember Sookie, you're in my world now. You have to play smart."

Too tired to argue anymore, Sookie picked up Thor and said, "Just get out, you've had your blood for tonight and I don't want to look at you anymore."

Irritated at her dismissal, but unwilling to get into another argument with her over it, Eric simply nodded his head and replied, "I will see you tomorrow night. Suitable attire for the evening will be delivered sometime during the day. Goodnight Sookie."

When he had turned and gone Sookie locked the door and clutched Thor to her chest as she whispered, "What am I going to do now? How can I forget how he made me feel? Every time he touches me it gets harder and harder for me to turn him away." Sighing at her predicament Sookie decided things would look better in the morning after a good night's rest.

Outside in the car, Eric smirked as he pulled out of Sookie's driveway and headed back for Shreveport. Tonight might not have started off well with his pet, her slapping him and threatening to leave him and all, but it had certainly turned out better. He could still taste her on his tongue and feel her breasts pressed against his chest. His cock throbbed in his pants as he growled at the ghost sensations coursing through his body. Strangely he found himself remembering the conversation he'd had with Godric about her the night of the bombing. It had been after everyone had left for the hotel while he and Godric stayed behind to clean up the evidence.


"You tricked her."

Turning to face his maker as he dumped another load of vampire remains and debris from the house into the hole they'd dug to burn them in Eric asked, "Who?"

"The girl. Sookie. You tricked her into taking your blood despite her belonging to the young one."

Shrugging his shoulders Eric replied, "She won't belong to him for long, and you taught me to do whatever I must to get what I want."
"Perhaps I was wrong about that."

Startled by his maker's words Eric pressed, "What's that supposed to mean? Godric you are acting most strange. You would not leave with me at the church, you ordered me not to hurt any of those pathetic vermin, and now you are chastising me about my methods in procuring a human I desire, something is not right."

Smiling fondly at his child, Godric began walking back to the house to gather more remains and debris. When Eric fell in step beside him he said, "All will be explained tomorrow night. For now I wish to speak of your desire for the girl."

Realizing his maker had revealed all he intended to about his change in behavior, Eric stepped into the destroyed house and began scrapping what was left of Stan off the walls as he said, "She intrigues me, more than any bloodbag ever has. There is something different about her. She is wasted on that fool Compton. I desire her so I shall have her."

"Do you feel the pull towards her?"

"No, but I desire her all the same. I desire her in ways I've never desired anything before. You taught me that few things will hold my interest for long as a Vampire and to enjoy those that do. Thus I intend to make Sookie mine."

Smirking at his child, knowing that Eric felt more than desire for the girl but wouldn't admit it, Godric said, "She is certainly different. Something about her shines. She glows in a way I have never seen a human do before, her soul is bright in her eyes, there is power there."
"I'm aware, it's why I desire to make her my own."

"Do not lie to me Eric. I do not like such things between us. If you are unwilling to admit the truth to me than be silent."

Taken aback by the rebuff, Eric was quiet a moment before replying, "You're right; her power intrigues me, but it is something else about her that draws me to her. I already have access to her power, but it is not enough. I have to own her. There is something different about her. I just can't figure out what it is. Once I make her mine she will not haunt my thoughts as she does."

Each of them carrying another load of things to burn in their arms, Godric said, "I doubt it. I think once you have her she will only intrigue you more and more, that is no mere human."

"You speak as though you desire her, if this is true, I will let you have her," Eric said despite the beast in him fiercely denying the idea.

Feeling his child's emotions as though they were his own due to their close bond Godric shook his head and said, "The girl fascinates me yes, but I do not desire her. I feel your need to have her my child, and I would not deprive you of such happiness."

"Why does she fascinate you?"

After they dumped their burdens in the pit and began walking back to the house again Godric answered, "Her heart is pure. To find such a thing in a person her age in the world at this time when things are so damaged, in any time really, is a strange thing. She argued for the lives of humans that sought her death. In the basement she sought to save the man that had led her into a trap from being beaten. She never once thought of herself, and cared only for those that for all intents and purposes did not deserve her regard in the least. She was willing to take on a vicious vampires she knew she could not beat in battle for her own rights to love one of our kind. She is fierce, brave, loyal, and selfless. I have never met one such as her. I have known dozens of self proclaimed holy men, men of the cloth, brides of Christ, and priests and none of them held a fraction of the goodness that girl does.

Rarely having heard his maker speak with such passion Eric said, "So if I decide to turn her despite not feeling the pull to her you would not disagree?"

"On the contrary. I think she is probably more deserving of eternal life than any other vampire I've ever met, though I hope you intend to blood bond her to you first."

"You think it a good idea to bind her to me in such a way? There would be no leaving her or her leaving me if I did such a thing. You have warned me of these types of relationships. You've told me the stories of Vampires that eventually killed their children bound to them in such a way to be rid of them and their bond."

Nodding in agreement, Godric gathered up a pile of vampire remains as Eric did the same beside him. "Normally I would not approve of such a relationship, but, I think once you've bound that girl to you the likelihood of you growing tired of her presence is slim. I have never seen you so determined to have anything as you are her. You might not feel the pull towards her but there is something between you two; do not let it pass you by because you fear the unknown. If she is not meant to be bound to you for all time your instincts will alert you to this fact. If she is your desire and need to have her will only grow. Trust your feelings Eric. I taught you this as well."

Nodding, Eric replied, "I do, and will. I am glad you approve of her."

"I do. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of her. Have you given any thought about how you will win her from the young one? What was his name?"

"Compton. Bill Compton," Eric spat out. "He is not good enough for her. He's a simpering fool. He seeks to shield her from our world and fight her battles for her when it is obvious she has the spirit of a warrior. He wishes to hold her back. Sookie needs another warrior to tame her fire and redirect it in better ways; to teach her how to fight and stand strong. She needs me to show her how to embrace life. I can tell she is bound by her home and people, and Bill is only another constraint for her. There is passion inside her begging to be set free ... she will burn brightly for me and I will enjoy showing her the ways of life, just as you showed me. And I have several plans in mind to take her from Compton."

"I am glad you have such passion and hopes for her, though it seemed to me when provoked she is quite capable of standing on her own."

Recalling the slap Sookie had delivered to him in regards to his treatment of her friend Lafayette Eric smirked and said, "She is at that, but it takes too long to rile her to a physical response. She has been taught to back down too much. I will break her of this habit."

Godric smiled and replied, "I wish you luck. Now let us finish this. I wish to rest with you this dawn. We have not shared a resting place in centuries and I miss the feel of you next to me."

Returning his maker's smile Eric said, "I have missed you as well Godric."

End Flashback

Tears building in his eyes as he remembered his last glorious night with his maker and the intimacy they had shared.

Eric whispered, "Jag saknar dig Godric, men jag har funnit livet med en annan. Jag kommer fortsätta leva och genom mig ska du det också. Jag skall lära Sookie allt det du lärt mig; minnet av dig kommer aldrig att dö." [I miss you Godric, but I have found life with another. I will live on, and, through me, you as well. I shall teach Sookie all that you taught me; your memory will never be forgotten].


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