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Friday, September 21, 2012

Chapter 25 ~ Eric's Rules

She couldn't think. She couldn't feel anything. Her entire body was numb and her mind was pure static. Sookie sat on her bed with her back against the headboard, her knees drawn to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. She stared at her closed bedroom door and her mind simply drifted.

After Sam had told her of what being Eric's asset truly met she asked him to tell her everything. The Weres were still far enough away to keep from hearing their conversation and it was only a little after 7am so Sookie asked Sam to tell her everything he knew about the Supernatural world and her place in it now.

Sam had spared her nothing. He didn't cushion the truth or her fall into it in the least. He told her she was basically a slave to Eric now. He owned her in every sense of the word. Sam explained that by signing the contract she had officially given herself over to Eric as his asset. Him logging the contract with the Council and their recognizing it gave Eric the upper hand of the entire Supernatural community having to identifying her as Eric's. That move had assured him the use of her skill for the rest of her life, but it had been her sharing blood with him that had made her a slave. Sam went into great detail of how rare it was for Vampires to blood bond to humans, and once they did that human belonged to them and only them for the rest of the human's life. No other vampire could feed on that human. No other supernatural could touch her without Eric's consent, or even talk to her without asking Eric's permission beforehand. Sam told her how his even being there without asking Eric's authorization to see her first was violating their laws.

He explained the significance of the bond as much as he could. Sam said he only knew what the rest of the Supernatural community knew because Vampires didn't share much about themselves quite obviously. He informed her that when Vampires bonded humans to them it allowed them to feel the humans' emotions clearly. The vampire could also affect the human by sending them any emotion they wanted. The bond was like a tie between the two, an open doorway. Sam had asked her if she ever felt her emotions shift suddenly or if she'd felt things around Eric she didn't want to feel? Sookie had gasped and suddenly all the memories of her time around Eric resurfaced. All the times she had been so mad at him before being in his presence only to get around him and have her anger evaporate. Her desire to be closer to him. Her desire to forgive him and let the things he did wrong to her go. It all made sense. Sam took her reaction as a yes and told her that Vampires could make their bondeds feel anything they wanted. He wasn't sure if Eric would be able to control her like other Vampires did their humans since she was immune to glamour, but she should be wary that he might try.

She'd asked what her options were and Sam had simply shook his head at her in sadness. He'd told her she didn't have any options. He'd made it clear that at any time Eric could simply snatch her out of her home and life and chain her at his side if he so chose. With all the resources at the disposal to Supernaturals to circumvent human laws her going to the police would only anger Eric. He could just glamour the right police to make her complaint go away and then kidnap her. Her family and friends wouldn't even mention it because he could simply glamour them into believing she was dead. Eric quite simply held her entire life in the palm of his hand, and there was nothing she could do about.

Sam pointed out that even if she ran away from him he could find her through the bond. Not only that but Eric could release a bounty on her to the Supe community and then every Supernatural in the world would be after her to collect the reward for her return. As a recognized personal asset and bonded of Eric by the Council they too would use their resources to help Eric get her back if she ran. There was nowhere she could go to get away from him. There was nothing she could do to counter his control over her. The freedom she thought she had was merely an illusion that Eric allowed her. If he wanted he could strip her naked and chain her to his throne at Fangtasia and there would be nothing anyone could or would do to stop him. He owned her.

Sam had even pointed out that her bargains with Eric had been completely one sided. Had she known a little more about Supe ways she could have denied sharing blood with him based on being Bill's companion. He could have still backed her into the contract, but according to Vampire law he couldn't force her to share blood with him if she recognized the fact of being Bill's. She had to choose to give Eric her blood, and unfortunately since she didn't know to invoke Bill's right of her being his she had given into Eric's request to feed from her. Sookie had been devastated at that. Had Bill only told her a little bit about his world Eric would not have had the chance to blood bond her to him. Then Sam had pointed out that the bargain she made to save Jessica had to have been a hoax. Sam told her that Jessica would have gotten a slap on the wrist for killing humans let alone feeding on an unwilling one. Not to mention that since the incident was covered up it would never have been taken before the Magistrate. Eric was Sherriff and it was his responsibility to deal with such matters. Sookie listened as Sam informed her that more than likely the entire thing was a ruse on Eric's part to back her into dating him and accepting his gifts.

With tears in her eyes Sookie listened quietly as Sam told her that she had no allies. Even when Bill returned he would not attempt to resume their relationship due to her new status as Eric's, and even if he did he'd be dead in moments. Sam went on to say that her Were guards, while protecting her, probably reported every move she made to Eric. She could trust them to protect her, but no more than that. They owed Eric a debt and they would never side with her over him. They couldn't even if they wanted to. She was Eric's bonded and therefore his property. That was why she'd heard them thinking they'd have to ask his permission to use her skill when they came out to the world. 

She'd asked why any of them were interested in her romantically if no one was allowed to touch her and Sam explained that others could touch her, but only if Eric gave them permission. The fact that she didn't smell of Eric's semen probably made them think that Eric didn't mind her having an outside sex life. A few vampires had been known to bond a useful human to them for their ability alone, and allow that human to take whatever bed companions they wished. However Sam stated that given Eric's interest in her that was very unlikely to be her situation. Sam pointed out that he didn't know what game Eric was playing by allowing her to remain free and walk around like she could make her own choices, but it was obvious he wanted her in his bed and ultimately would take total control of her at some point. It wasn't a matter of if it was when.

After two hours of listening Sookie was left with the harsh and unyielding truth that she was now Eric Northman's bonded, and in essence, slave. At any moment he could swoop in and shatter her life to truly make her live as his servant, and there was nothing she could do about it. All she could do was sit and wait for it to happen. Sam had looked stricken as he told her he'd be there for her as much as he could, but that ultimately she had put herself beyond his reach. He couldn't help her. He was only one man and he couldn't stand against the entire Supernatural community. She was not only constrained by Eric's dominance, but the Council's. She had willingly signed a contract that had been logged with and recognized by the Council, and agreed to share blood with Eric; which resulted in her being blood bonded to him. That was a powerful thing in Vampire society. There was no going back for her. If she ran every Supe in the world would turn on her at a moment's notice to deliver her back to Eric. Those that did try to offer her support would be signing their own death warrants as aiding her against Eric would be going against the Council, which was an action that automatically incurred a death sentence.

Sam had told her this with tears in his eyes and begged her to understand that he hated the fact he couldn't help her. He told her he wished she'd called and talked to him about all of this before she'd agreed to anything because he could have helped her to broker a better deal with Eric, but that was water under the bridge. He couldn't help her. Had she not been bonded to Eric and was just his asset Sam assured her he would have cashed out his bank accounts and run with her. He would have taken her where Eric would never find them. He would have defied the Council and tried to keep her safe and free, but she had bonded to Eric and there was no point in trying to run. She probably wouldn't even make it out of the state. Eric would sense her desire and intention to flee; even in the middle of the day. If the feel of her through the bond began to pull away suddenly Eric would know she was running and rouse himself from his daytime slumber. Since he was so old he'd be able to wake up and send trackers after her, and once she was caught she'd be in a whole world of trouble. Her bond with Eric was the end of her life as she knew it. She lived or died by his grace alone.

Sookie had smiled weakly when all her questions were answered and Sam was finally done. She told him she understood why he couldn't help her; if he did he would be throwing his life away, and she didn't want that. She told him that none of this was his fault and she didn't want him to feel guilty. She asked him for the day off, as she needed to think, and he gave it to her. When he stood to leave he told her to call him at any time and he would try and help her if he could. Sookie told him she might be calling to ask some questions of him today as she tried to come up with a plan, and Sam assured her that he would answer them. He also warned her not to speak to the Weres about anything she'd found out. If they were spying on her they would report anything she said back to Eric, and more than likely they were spying on her. Sookie had nodded and seen him out of the house. Her Weres had come forward and asked if she needed anything and she said she had the day off and would be getting some sleep. She hadn't looked in their eyes as she said she needed some space and asked them to remain on the porch for the day. She told them they could come inside anytime they needed anything, but requested they please leave her alone otherwise. Tom and Ian had shared a look before agreeing.

Thus she found herself sitting on her bed as her world crumbled around her. Silent tears slipped down her cheeks as she thought, 'All of it … everything was a lie … he—I fell—oh Lord! What am I going to do?' Her heart hurt. Bill was lost to her. She hung on to her life and family by only a thread. The horrifying truth that at any moment Eric could rip away all she held dear terrified her. 'What am I going to do? How am I going to get out of this?'

For the next hour and a half Sookie rocked back and forth on her bed as she tried to find a way out of the mess she was in. Sam had hid nothing from her, and while his words had shattered her hope and belief that once Bill got back things would get better she was determined not to let it keep her down. She was frightened. She was in a desperate situation. She had no light at the end of the tunnel … but she would not admit defeat.

'I can't just pretend I don't know what's going on. If the Were guards are reporting to Eric he's going to know by tonight that Sam is back, and he's going to know Sam would tell me what has happened. So I can't just pretend I don't know. I'm not sure how he'll react but I can't be afraid. I can't cower in the corner and hope he doesn't' hurt me. I need to know exactly what he's capable of this time around. I can't walk around looking over my shoulder or holding my breath as I wait for him to make a move. It's time to be a step ahead.'

Her decision made she grabbed her cell phone. "Sam … yeah, I'm ok … I need to ask you some questions. What would happen if I …."

When she hung up the phone with Sam she got up, took a shower, and dressed casually to head out for the day. Stepping out onto the porch she faced Tom and Ian and said, "I need to ask you guys some questions and request a favor."

Tom and Ian stood to face her, they were aware something was wrong, and were worried about her. Ian nodded his head and said, "Ask us lass … and we'll help you if we can."

"Do you spy on me for Eric?"

Both men hesitated before Tom offered, "We report your comings and goings to him yes."

Closing her eyes as she took a breath she asked, "Have you already sent a report about Sam?"

Shaking his head Ian replied, "Not yet…we were hoping to get the full story from you first."

Looking both men in the eye Sookie said, "I realize you have to be loyal to Eric…but I'd like to ask that you report a friend came by and that's it. I'll be speaking to Eric about the rest later tonight I'm sure … I … just please don't tell him Sam has returned. Just say a friend stopped by. If doing this will get you hurt than don't do it, but if there is any way possible that you can do this for me without paying a price I'm begging you."

Tom and Ian shared a look before nodding as Tom said, "We'll do it. We'll say a friend stopped by and that's it."

Nodding her head Sookie replied, "Ok … I need to go see my brother now."

Later that day Eric rose before sunset as usual. His first order of business was to check his daily reports from his various business managers, and then go over his emails and texts. He wondered why Sookie's guards reported she stayed home from work today and speculated on what friend might have come to visit her, but wasn't too worried about the reports. He'd felt a disturbance from Sookie through the bond today not too long after sunrise, but she had immediately gone numb and later he'd felt pure determination. The random hints of horror, pain, betrayal, hurt, and desperation had him curious, but when her feelings evened out to numbness followed by determination he decided it wasn't an immediate threat. He was eager to speak with her about her day at Fangtasia tonight of course, but since he'd received no texts from her guards of a threat he doubted it could be too exciting. He'd learned quickly after fully bonding to Sookie that she was a truly emotional creature. It was refreshing to say the least, but she did take him on an emotional rollercoaster often.

When he was finished with all of his business details and had reviewed all of his emails including the ones from Bobby assuring him the gifts and arrangements he requested for Sookie were either completed or in the works. There had been one final email from Bobby near the end, but as soon as he saw in the subject header it was another request from the news networks he deleted it without reading it. He would not demean himself by speaking to human gossip mongers. Turning off his computer he went to get dressed for the night. It was still an hour before sunset, but he wanted to be ready to go as soon as it was dark. When he was finished with his shower and dressed in his usual Fangtasia garb he took a seat on the couch to watch TV for the remaining 15 minutes. Deciding to see if there were anymore specials on him and Sookie as they seemed to be quite the hot topic he turned to the news. He watched about 5 minutes of meaningless reports on some vaccine for a Swine Flu before the news broadcaster finally brought up whether or not he and Sookie were an item. However as the news broadcaster continued reporting Eric could feel his beast roaring to life.

Before now we have been unable to contact Miss Stackhouse or Mr. Northman to either confirm or deny the rumors about them being an item. Our sources have continued to report that Miss Stackhouse and Mr. Northman as being seen around town together quite often. The latest sighting was at the AMC theater where Mr. Northman took Miss Stackhouse to see Twilight. There have also been confirmed sightings of them shopping at Wal-Mart together and ice skating. Less than an hour ago, however, in contradiction to these reports of romantic outings Miss Stackhouse contacted our network with this official press release:
Sookie Stackhouse: Mr. Northman and I are not in a romantic relationship with each other, nor do I have any interest in becoming his girlfriend or significant other. Ours is purely a business arrangement on my behalf. I am an asset in Mr. Northman's business dealings and work for him as a consultant in relation to human affairs, and have a recognized contract with him to do so for the foreseeable future. I am not now, nor have ever, or intend to ever engage in a romantic relationship with Eric Northman. Any intentions he might have in that regard are his own, but not requested or sought after by me. He is still very much available to my knowledge, and I reiterate that I have no claims on him or am interested in having any. I wish all of his fanclub to know he is still very much on the market, again to my knowledge, and I will not stand in the way of any woman (or man) that seeks to hold his attention or affections. I wish them all the best of luck.
Miss Stackhouse declined any further comment, and Mr. Northman's daytime representative has been unreachable for the last 30 minutes as we sought to contact him. Of course as it is before sunset Mr. Northman is not available for comment, but we will seek to reach him after dark. Stay tuned as we will continue to cover this story as it unfolds.

Clicking the TV off Eric stood and crushed the remote in his hand. He stormed into his office and grabbed his cell phone to call Pam. She would be up. She did not rise as early as him but she rose a good thirty minutes before sunset and it would be dark in a matter of moments so he knew she was up. The phone rang only once.
"I'm taking it you're calling about that little stunt your human just pulled on public television?"

In no mood for her attitude Eric replied, "I will pick Sookie up. I'm not sure if we will be coming to Fangtasia tonight or not. See to your duties and notify me if the queen calls."

"Yes Master … and give her a few spanks from me."

He hung up on her. He closed his eyes and waited. All vampires could feel the sun in the sky like a living thing. All knew the moment its harmful rays were no longer present and it was safe for them to go out. The moment he felt the sun set he tore out of his lair, up through his house and took to the sky. Rage was burning hot and bright in his chest and he swore after tonight Sookie would understand it was not wise to humiliate him like this. Landing on her porch he immediately knew she wasn't there, but found a note tapped to the door.

I'm at my brother's. I'm sure it won't be hard for you to locate me.

Tossing the note to the ground, his anger so great he didn't think of the implications of her words, Eric turned to face the woods and opened the bond. Feeling the pull of his bonded he took to the sky once again. Less than three minutes later he landed in a large field surrounded by woods where one of the ugliest house he'd ever seen was standing all alone. Making his way to the door he knocked so hard the whole front side of the house shook and he roared, "SOOKIE!"

On the other side, Sookie took a deep breath and readied herself for what was about to happen. She'd come to see Jason earlier today and had explained the situation. As expected, he'd been ready to take up arms and go all Rambo on Eric. Of course, that would have just gotten him killed so Sookie laid hands on him and drew the anger out of him so he could listen to reason. When he was settled from her influence, she told him that she didn't want him dead. She wouldn't involve him more than absolutely necessary in order to keep him alive. She explained her plan and told him he needed to stay at Lafayette's for the night. She was hoping that while she couldn't kick Eric out of her home he at least wouldn't be able to enter her brother's.

She knew she couldn't hold him off for long, but she needed to be able to talk to him without the threat of him grabbing her. Jason had wanted to stay so she'd been forced to be very blunt. If he interfered more than she told him to he would end up dead and she would still be under Eric's control. Seeing the truth in her eyes Jason had finally relented and headed for Lafayette's, who had sworn to her after he'd had Eric's blood to heal he'd rescinded his invitation, and told her if she needed him to call. She'd promised she would then sat with Thor to await Eric's arrival.

Her Were guards, who had waited far enough back from her brother's house to keep from hearing, had spent the day circling his woods for threats while she helped pass the time by cleaning her brother's house again. The only time she stopped was to send out her email to the news network about her relationship with Eric. As the sun set she'd begun to get jittery but swore she'd stand her ground. Eric might own her but she would not cower!
Straightening her shoulder's she pulled the door open and stepped back in case Eric was able to reach forward and grab her to pull her outside. "Eric, I guess you saw the news."

Holding her gaze Eric growled, "Explain." He could not understand why she had done it. Sure she was still mad about the spanking but he'd been using the bond to bring her back from her anger. She'd been relaxing around him again, and even teasing him back. There was no reason for her to strike out at him like this now.

Crossing her arms under her chest Sookie lifted her chin and replied, "Sam's back; he came to see me this morning."
Eric went dead still. 'Filthy shifter! There's no way he kept his mouth shut about her scent and what it meant for her! Her guards informed me a friend stopped by but they did not say his name. Damn it!

He stayed quiet for several minutes as he reviewed his options. Finally he concluded he was caught. She knew what he'd done to bind her to him. She would not believe anything he had to say over the word of the shifter, and depending on what all she'd told that meddlesome boss of hers she knew how much he had misled her about her limited options that were not as limited as he led her to believe. To continue to deny his actions would only push her farther away. With this in mind he crossed his arms, leaned against the door frame and asked, "Have a nice visit?"

Glaring at him Sookie hissed, "Not really, any confessing you'd like to do?"

Eric shrugged and replied, "I saw something I wanted and did what I needed to do to get it. End of story."

Feeling a pain shoot through her heart Sookie forced herself to remain calm. She didn't want to give him any more ammunition to use against her than she had. She had to keep control of her emotions so he couldn't use them against her. "So it's true then?"

Arching a brow he asked, "You'll have to be more specific, little one."

Clenching her fists Sookie asked, "Am I a slave?"



"I can never escape you?"


She took a shaky breath. "It's forever?"


His answers were blunt and he didn't even try to allay her anger. She didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Forcing herself not to cry she pressed, "If I had invoked the right of being Bill's the night of our deal would you have agreed to look for him in exchange for me just working for you? Would you have done it even if I didn't share blood?"

He nodded as he replied, "Yes. However as Bill was foolish enough not to tell you the ways of our world you didn't know to invoke this right or to bargain for more than what you got. And you should not focus on What if's Sookie, they will do you no good."

"What are you intentions? Tell me the truth."

"Are you making demands of me, pet?"

Wanting to scream at him for calling her pet, as she knew now the title fit because of her own stupidity, Sookie continued, "What's the point of lying? I'm well aware that I can't go to the police. I can't run because with the bond you'd be able to find me. Even if I did run every Supe around would track me down to turn me in for a bounty, and Sam made it apparent that I have no allies. So what's the point of lying?"

Eric eyed her for a moment in curiosity. 'Should I tell her? Obviously my original plans have changed due to the Shifter's interference so what is the point in trying to keep her in the dark now?' He rolled the question around in his mind before asking, "Are you sure you wish to know?"

Nodding her head Sookie replied, "I'm tired of being ignorant. I hate what you've done but I accept for now that I can't change it, so I want to know what the end game is."

"For now? If the shifter truly explained things to you then I find it hard to believe you really think you can eventually escape me."

"Maybe not, but I'll never stop looking for a way to do just that. So are you going to answer me or not?"
Shrugging Eric said, "The end game is I turn you. You become my child." He felt a sharp spike of fear in her chest through the bond as she stumbled back from him. Before now she'd been doing an admirable job of controlling her emotions, but his blunt response had robbed her of that control. As she gripped the back of the couch behind her he stated, "Do not ask questions you don't want the answers to Sookie."

Closing her eyes as tears began to fall she whispered, "When?"

"When I believe you are ready. It will probably be two or three years. Four at the most."

Eyes still closed as she shed silent tears Sookie asked, "Ready for what?"

"To take up your position as my eternal companion. As I blood bonded to you before I intend to turn you our connection will be far stronger than the one I share with Pam or most Makers with their children. Once turned you will never leave my side as Pam one day shall. From the moment you rise vampire you shall follow me always."
"Why? Why are you doing this to me!" Sookie opened her tear filled eyes to meet the sight of his completely calm expression and continued, "I don't want to be a vampire!"

Shrugging, Eric replied, "I don't care what you want. I have chosen you to walk beside me through the ages and thus you shall. I will spend the next two or three years training you to be the perfect companion and then I shall turn you. As my child you will come to appreciate my efforts and attentions to you. For now I shall begin stripping you of your human traits and make you into the warrior you were meant to be. Your human life holds you back. I will not allow it to continue. You were born to be far more than you are, and I shall aid you in finding the greatness you were meant to achieve."

Shaking her head, Sookie leaned heavily against the couch's back and argued, "Don't you want someone who wants to be a vampire? If you turn me I'll meet the sun! I won't live like you!"

His fangs popping out Eric hissed, "I have never imposed my will on Pam in the manner I described to you before, but if you ever attempt to meet the sun as my child I will have no other choice but to do so to you. I will command you to live and you will have no choice but to. Besides by the time you are ready for me to turn you, you will embrace the night and give the last of your humanity freely to me. You will welcome eternity at my side and desire it above all else."

Feeling her legs give out, Sookie sank to the ground and cried, "Why are you doing this? I already work for you. By the time I grow old and die you and the other Supes will already be completely integrated and you won't need me to read human minds for you. You've already made me a slave for the rest of my life, why do you have to rob me of my humanity!"

Crouching down so his eyes were at her level, Eric replied, "Sookie, if your gift was all I was interested in I would have simply taken you from Compton the first night he brought you before me. As his sheriff I could have claimed you since despite yours and Bill's claims to being his you were untouched and unmarked. The night he killed Long Shadow I could have taken you from him as well. There are so many ways I could have taken you for my own if your gift was all I was interested in. I am putting so much effort into making you mine because I have chosen you to be my companion. Your gift is merely a bonus. You were born for immortality and I shall be the one to gift you with it."

Shaking her head as tears continued to spill down her cheeks Sookie whispered, "I don't want this. I don't want any of this."

"I know little one, but one day you will." Holding out his hand Eric ordered, "Come to me and I'll take you home. We can finish discussing this there." He sent soothing waves to her and the desire to come to him.
Looking at his offered hand and the gentle look on his face for a moment, Sookie felt a flash of rage and jumped to her feet. "No! Stop it! I know what you're doing!" She could feel the need to relent and go to him building inside her. "Stop making me feel things!"

Rolling his eyes, Eric stood as well and said, "Sookie if need be I will knock every wall of this house down until the magic barrier preventing me from entering falls. The magic only protects a human's home. If there is no home I can come in. I haven't used such measures in awhile but I seem to remember that taking off the roof and knocking out a whole side removes the magic. Do you wish me to destroy your brother's home just to get to you? You know you cannot escape me; stop being foolish."

Taking a deep breath as she clenched her fists at her side Sookie demanded, "Tell me what you're going to do."
"I've already told you."

Shaking her head she clarified, "No, tell me what your intentions are for me now. You say you're not ready to turn me, so what do you plan to do?"

Shrugging Eric replied, "I will tame you. I enjoy your fire Sookie. I've told you this. I just want it to burn only for me. I will train you to please me, and no other. I will teach you to leave behind your foolish human ideals. I will instruct you on all the ways you are to bring me pleasure."

"Are you going to hurt me?"

"I will never beat you if that's what you're asking. I'm sure you'll disobey at some point and the need to spank you again will arise, and I might use some other creative forms of discipline to keep you in line, but you will never be incapacitated by my punishments."

Taking a deep breath Sookie asked softly, "Are ... are you going to rape me?"

Narrowing his eyes Eric replied, "I will use whatever means I must to make you desire me Sookie. I do not like that my original plans to seduce you into my bed have failed, but I assure you I will never force you to take me into your body. When we join you will want it as much as I." He decided not to mention that once she gave herself to him he would not let her leave his bed ever.

"So what happens now?"

Shrugging Eric replied, "That's up to you. I see no problem with allowing things to go on as they have, but if you decide to be difficult I will have to rethink the issue and make different arrangements."

Eyes widening Sookie gasped, "You really expect me to just keep going? Keep working for you at Fangtasia and dating you on the nights it's closed?"

"That's exactly what I expect, and it's what you will do."

"Do you really think you can seduce me into your bed now? Do you really think I'm going to willingly choose you now?"

Smirking at her Eric answered, "My original plan was for you to come to me with no other interference on my part than my seduction. However, now I—“

"You liar! Ever since that damn third exchange you've been doing nothing but affecting my emotions! I can't believe I didn't realize what you were doing! I couldn't figure out why I wasn't steaming mad at you after that night! When I took you out on that date I couldn't understand why the sight of you didn't piss me off! I couldn't understand why I wanted you so much, but the entire time you were manipulating me! You've lied about everything!"

"I have misled you Sookie. I have used our bond to waylay your anger and resentment again and again, but your desire? That is all your own my Sookie. You desire me because you want me. I wish you to choose to have sex with me because you want to."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "You're lying!"

"Believe what you want Sookie, but that is the truth. You desire me of your own free will."

"I would never want you of my own free will!"

"Shall I show you what it would feel like to have me force you to feel desire for me?" When she simply continued to glare at him he decided to prove his point and opened the bond to flood her with his desire so she would feel his want inside of her.

Sookie stumbled back as a wave of lust, need, and fierce possession swept through her body like a wildfire. She'd never felt anything like it before. Her legs turned to jelly as her womanhood pulsed and she collapsed onto the ground as she struggled for breath. She could feel wetness building between her thighs as her heart sped up and her eyes zeroed in on him. She was panting in barely controlled lust and all she wanted was to throw herself into his arms and demand he fuck her long and hard. Holding desperately to her last shred of sanity she begged, "S ... ss … stop—p—please!"

Closing off the bond, Eric crouched down again and said, "That is what it feels like when I influence you with lust or desire. If I truly wanted to I could send never ending waves of such feelings to you until you simply laid down and spread your legs for me, and it would not take long as you can see. I have influenced your anger and resentment a few times, but I have never controlled you. I could, and there will be times that I do exert my control over you, but never to get you into my bed."

Finally regulating her breathing, Sookie stumbled to her feet on shaky legs as her sex continued to tremble in need. "But you'll influence me now won't you? Now that I know what you've done you'll influence me to desire you … maybe not control, but you will influence me right?"

"I doubt I will ever have to influence you to feel lust for me. Despite your denials you want me as much as I want you. More than likely I will only have to continue to influence your anger and resentment as I have been doing, but if you force all desire back I will ignite a spark within you to "get the ball rolling" as you humans say … afterwards your own desire will ensure things progress between us as I planned."

Shaking her head Sookie argued, "Then I won't truly be choosing you."

Shrugging Eric replied, "Close enough."

"How can you be so cruel!"

"I am a vampire."

Staring at him in shock for a moment Sookie finally asked, "Was all of it a lie? Was all of it to get me into bed? Did you ever care about my feelings at all?"

Eric thought for a moment before replying, "I care about your feelings only as they affect my plans."
"What plans?"

"I plan to make you love me Sookie. I knew almost from the start you were ruled by your emotions. Your heart overrules your head every time. That part of your personality will never change. Even as a vampire your heart will rule you, unbeating or not, and as such I will secure your love. Even if you don't like me as long as you love me you'll walk through the fires of hell for me. Just as you have with Bill. You doubt him, you know he has betrayed and lied to you, and yet you have held true to him. As such I will make you love me and that will make you mine, and you will make these sacrifices for me."

Searching his gaze Sookie whispered, "But you won't love me?"

"No. I do not love. I have no desire to love you or anyone else. I wish to own you. I own your human life now. Once I win your heart I will turn you and own your loyalty and love as a Vampire. This will assure you are mine in every way possible."

Shaking her head Sookie said, "You think you can make me love you now? You think you can win my heart in the time frame you've given yourself to turn me? Fat chance!"

Thoroughly amused, Eric replied, "Sookie you were well on your way to loving me before today. You can deny this all you like but you know it to be true. Only a month has passed and yet I was able to make such progress. Despite what you have learned today, I have no doubt I will have secured your love and loyalty within a few years time. As I said, your heart always overrules your mind. This is simply the way you are. You defy all logic to follow your heart's desire. So I shall become what your heart desires above all else. You will not be able to help but love me. And once you do, you will truly be mine in every sense of the word."

"You said that you didn't view your children as possessions; that you didn't abuse your power over them. What you're saying now contradicts that claim."

"I do not abuse Pam, nor will I abuse you … but you are not my child yet. As I said I will not turn you until you are ready, and you will be ready in a few years time. For now you are still a human, and I have no problem bending you to my will when necessary. When you become my child you will understand how foolish your actions and beliefs are now. You will love me and be loyal to me, and I shall protect and guide you as I do Pam. You will not be a possession, you will be an extension of me. However now you are still a human and as such merely my property. Property I value greatly, but a possession and under my rule nonetheless. You should look forward to the day I make you my child when your thoughts and opinions will actually hold weight with me."

Sookie was quiet a moment before whispering, "Go away … I don't want to talk to you anymore tonight."

"Do not order me pet. Now that you are aware of your status, my leniency for your defiance will not be so great. You may speak back to many Sookie, but you will learn to show deference to me or face punishment. Now come here Sookie." When it looked like she was going to argue he added, "I will destroy your brother's house and take you regardless of your wishes if you do not obey. If you force me to do this I will return you to my lair to stay for good instead of your house as I have planned now."

When she continued to stare at him as tears built in her eyes Eric held out his hand and continued, "Sookie, you know you cannot get away from me. You cannot run where I won't find you. Your human laws are nothing to me and mine. We tolerate them at best, and sidestep them whenever we wish. You've seen this firsthand. Denying me now will only provoke me. Remember what I said about picking your battles little one? Well right now is not a time for you to fight."

Looking at his offered hand and knowing he was right, and really not wanting him to tear down her brother's house that had belonged to their parents, Sookie finally released a breath, called Thor over from where he'd been hiding under the kitchen counter (sensing the tension in the air), stepped forward, set her hand in his and whispered, "I'll find a way to get out of this."

"I'm sure you'll try." Sweeping her up in his arms bridal style he flew the short distance to her house. Setting her on her feet he pulled his key to her home out and let them in. He knew the Were guards that had been watching over her at her brother's in the woods would make their way through the forest to continue watching her here. When they stepped inside he shut the door behind them and watched as Sookie moved to get her puppy some food. He moved to sit on the couch and when he knew she was done he called out, "Come here Sookie. We have some things to discuss."

In the kitchen, Sookie patted Thor on the head as he ate his kibble before walking slowly into her living room. Eric was lounging on her couch and she curled up on the opposite end as she asked, "Well?"

Deciding to let her disrespectful tone go as she was experiencing a lot at the moment Eric replied, "As you are now aware of your status as my bonded I will expect more out of you. From this point forward you will no longer work at the Shifter's bar. You will…"

"What! You can't do that! I'm going to work … Ah!" Sookie gasped in surprise as she suddenly found herself across the couch and pressed to Eric's chest as he used his vampire speed and strength to reach out and jerk her against him.

Glaring down at her Eric growled, "Sookie. I am being lenient with you. I do not have to allow you to stay in this house. I do not have to allow you to continue to associate with your friends. I do not have to allow you to see your brother. I can rip you out of your life and shape you one of total servitude if I wish. If it is your desire to keep any semblance of the life you now live I suggest you listen to me carefully. At best you can attempt to negotiate the rules I am about to lay down."

Tears building in her eyes as Eric moved her to sit sideways on his lap with her side pressed against him she whispered, "I … I'm listening."

Pleased with her acquiescence, Eric continued, "Good girl. Now as I was saying, you will no longer work at the Shifters. The job was beneath you before but I tolerated it as he was gone and you gave your word to look after that rat hole until he got back. He's back so I will no longer allow you to frequent such an establishment. Second, every night you are to email me an itinerary of what you plan to do the next day. I will approve it or make changes as I see necessary. Three, from now on when we are working at Fangtasia you will sit in my lap and allow any affectionate gestures I make toward you without complaint. Attempt to rebuff me and I will spank you in front of all in attendance. Four, you—"

"Wait, what do you mean affectionate gestures? I don't want you feeling me up in public. I'm not that kind of girl."

Chuckling, Eric replied, "I'm aware. I know you are modest, and while you will no doubt be uncomfortable until you get used to my attentions I will not cross the line. I will stroke your arms and legs. Kiss your neck, shoulders and temple. I might kiss you on the lips but I will not force you to "make out" with me as you humans call it. My behavior toward you will be much like it was in front of Andre. I will display and treat you as my bonded. Further acts of affection will be reserved for when you become my lover."

Feeling his hand push between the gap of her pants and t-shirt to stroke her hip Sookie argued, "You're going to make people think I'm your whore if you do that."

Shrugging, Eric answered, "I don't care what they think, and neither should you. This rule is nonnegotiable Sookie. Fighting me on it will make me angry and I will not hold myself back in public as I'm promising to do now if you insist on doing so. Understood?"

Clenching her fists Sookie hissed, "Keep going."

"Smart move. Four, you will never make another statement to the press without my permission. Five, you will stop cutting your hair. Six, you will—"

"I can't cut my hair?"

Nuzzling her fragrant locks, Eric replied, "No. You seem to prefer it at its current length or shorter. You got it cut a week ago, and I was upset. I did not say anything at the time, but quite obviously things have changed between us now."

"That's because it grew nearly three inches in a few weeks! My nails are growing like crazy too. I'm having to cut them every day."

"Of course they are. You are taking my blood frequently. Vampire blood is very beneficial to humans. It doesn't just heal and increase your senses. My blood has improved your skin's condition, and your hair and nails will grow much faster. You're hair will also be fuller and healthier. I prefer long hair on women and I do not want you to cut yours anymore. Within six months it will be down to your waist and that is the length I want it."

Glaring at him she hissed, "Should I grow my nails long and get my eyebrows done as well?"

Tapping her nose Eric replied, "No need to get sassy. If you wish to have those things done that's up to you. I could care less. Your hair is the only problem I have. I like long hair on women, and yours is too short. You will not cut it again without my permission."

Deciding that arguing over her hair was stupid since she would need to save up her energy to get him to cave on the Merlotte's point Sookie waved her hand and asked, "What else?"

Glad she was deciding not to argue this point Eric continued, "Six, you will meet with a stylist in a few days and she will take you shopping to buy new clothes. You may wear whatever you wish at home, but the moment you step out of this house you are representing me and will be dressed as such. I will go through your current wardrobe and tell you what items I consider ok for you to wear in public, but it will probably not be much. While I like your southern laidback style I do not like the quality of your clothes. You are mine and you will be seen in only the best. Seven, you will put on ten pounds. Eight, you—"

"Ten pounds! Why?"

"You are too small. American women think they need to be stick figures to be beautiful. This idea is ludicrous. I like a woman I can hold onto. You are shapelier than most, but still too thin. You will put on ten pounds to rectify this. I will weigh you every night to make sure you are gaining."

Crossing her arms over her chest Sookie growled, "Eight?"

"Eight, you will feed me every night now. Our deal to share only three nights a week is no longer in affect. Nine, you will sleep at least eight hours straight a day so that you are not so tired at night. Ten, I will be paying your bills now and putting money in your bank account. You are to use it and the credit cards I supplied you with earlier. Buy anything you wish. These are all the rules I have for you now in addition to the ones I gave you the night you went to the club with Lafayette. I will add more as I see fit as we progress in our relationship."
Sookie was still a minute before asking, "I want to be able to work for Sam."


"No? What do you mean no?"

"I mean no. Your working there was an insult to your talent, status, and my ownership of you. I will not have you degrading yourself by serving humans anymore. You serve me and me alone. No one else. Certainly not those inbred miscreants."

Looking away from him Sookie whispered, "Please Eric, you're taking everything from me—have taken everything—don't take this. I'll work days. It won't affect you at all."

Eric was silent as he examined her emotions through the bond. Her desire to continue working for the shifter was strong. Very strong. He didn't understand it. "Why is this so important to you? You don't need to work anymore. I will be paying all of your bills from now on. What point is there in you working there?"

"Because I need to work."

"You will continue to work for me at Fangtasia. This should fulfill that need."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "You don't understand. I need to work with people, people that aren't Fangbangers. I … I know you can make me do what you want but I'm asking you to let me have this. I want to work for Sam. Please."

Eric thought her words over as he toyed with her fingers. He could feel her desperation through the bond and finally said, "Is this really that important to you? You would ask this favor of me over anything else? You would beg this favor of me over requesting I not touch you at Fangtasia?"

"Yes." She didn't even hesitate. She despised the thought of him touching her at his bar and making people think she was his little pet, even if she was, but she didn't want to give up working at Merlotte's. Not only was she desperate to retain some sense of normalcy in her life, but she also knew if she stopped working there people all over town would know what was up … and she wanted to hide her situation from everyone as long as she could. She'd made both Sam and Jason swear to keep their mouths shut until she could figure out what to do. She knew eventually people would figure it out, but until then she wanted them to think she still just worked for Eric.

After considering it for a moment, Eric offered, "I will allow you to work three day shifts a week. But you will do something for me in return. Two things actually."


"I will arrange for activities for you during the day, when you're not working, and you will engage in them willingly. You will also give me one kiss each night."

"You're setting up play time for me? How lovely. I'll be the most pampered kid on the playground."

Taking her chin to bring her gaze to his Eric replied, "Careful Sookie…you need to remember how very much I control everything you are now. I don't have to give you or allow you anything. I could put you in chains and lead you around truly like a pet if I wish. You would do well to remember that. This is my offer. Take it or leave it."
Dropping her gaze Sookie whispered, "I'll take it."

Standing Eric set Sookie on her feet and said, "I will let you have tonight off from work as you've had such a trying day. I will expect to see an email with your schedule for tomorrow. Also be aware that I will be monitoring you closely for suicide attempts. I would feel any threat to you through the bond and can be here in 10 minutes if I fly at my fastest. If you are at death's door I will be forced to turn you ahead of schedule. I will also be having one Were keep watch inside the house the few hours of the night I am not here with you also."

"Eric I'm not going to try and kill myself!"

"I do not think you would toss your life away so easily either, but I must take precautions. Humans are notorious for doing stupid things when they are in a hopeless situation they have no control over. I will not take the chance you might decide to be foolish. However I warn you now if ever try to take your life, you will fail, and then I will truly put you in chains. You will never escape me Sookie. Do not attempt to try. In any way. Any attempts to do so and you will see my true anger. Understood?"


Nodding his head, Eric replied, "Good. For now you will give me the guns I gave you and any other firearms in the house. I will return them to you when you've had time to adjust to your situation. You could still do damage to yourself with a knife but not so much that your guard couldn't give you aid until I arrived to heal you. Not to mention, I will feel any desire you have to take your own life long before you are able to actually carry the deed out and would likely either arrive or send someone before you had the chance to hurt yourself."

Sighing, Sookie turned and headed for her room as Eric followed her. She pulled out the box from under her bed with the hand guns he'd given her then moved to the hall closed to collect the three hunting rifles stored in there. After she'd given him those, she led him back downstairs where she pulled one shotgun from the hall closet before getting her Gran's .357 magnum from out behind the desk in the living room. The only gun she had left was the Colt .45 that she took from behind the clock on the mantle over the fireplace. Most of them hadn't been fired in years, but her family was from the South after all.

When he had his arms full of all the weapons, Eric arched a brow and teased, "Is there something you need to tell me Sookie?"

Shrugging, she replied, "I hunted with my brother when I was little. One of those rifles was my Gran's, one was mine, and one was Tara's when she stayed over here. The shotgun was my Grandfather's as was the Colt. My Gran got the .357 after my parents died."

"Why would your grandmother buy this gun if she already had all of these?"

Too tired to attempt to ignore him and engage in the fight that was sure to result from her refusal to answer him, Sookie replied, "I don't know. Gran got really paranoid after my parents died. She bought that gun the next morning first thing, even before she began any of the funeral arrangements. It's loaded with iron bullets. Never did understand why she got those made special. We've got an entire closet full of iron ammunition down the hall if you want that. She even made me and Jason wear these iron bracelets and necklaces every day. She put iron wind chimes up outside and buried scraps of iron all around the house. She also made us carry around squirt guns with lemon juice in them. She told us if anyone we didn't know came around us and we felt like we had to talk or go with them to immediately shoot them with the lemon juice. Everyone in town thought she was crazy for a while, and so did we, but she wouldn't let up. It was a good two years before she calmed down about all that. We tried getting her to tell us what was up, but she refused and when I tried to look in her head about what she was so scared of I'd hit these mental walls. It was strange because I've never met anyone that could do that, and she was never able to put up walls around anything else, but I figured she was allowed to be strange if she wanted. Lord knows I was. She eventually stopped and everyone just chalked her behavior up to grief."

Eric was silent a moment before asking, "And did anyone ever show up?" He flooded the bond with the need to speak to him. Since Sookie was quickly approaching exhaustion from the emotional overdrive of her day it was easy to get her to answer.

"No … well there was this one man that showed up at my parents' funeral. My Gran was real upset to see him and wouldn't let him near me and Jason. Me and Gran were the only ones that seemed to notice him though. Jason didn't even see him when I pointed at him. I saw her talking to him out by the woods late that night though. I woke up because there was this buzzing in my head and I felt like I needed to look out the window. When I did I saw them out there. She was really mad at him and I could tell she was screaming, but he never got upset. He just gave her something when she was done yelling. She took it and came back to the house. He stood there for a minute before waving to me in the window. I didn't think he could see me as I watched them, but I guess he did. I asked Gran about him but she told me he was an old friend and wouldn't be around again, and she told me never to talk about him again ... so I didn't … well until now that is."

"You never saw him again?"

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "No. I did. I just didn't tell my Gran. I saw him about two years later. He was out by the woods talking to my Gran again. She wasn't yelling at him this time, but she didn't appear all that friendly. They talked for a good hour before she came back to the house. He waved at me again and I waved back before he turned to head into the woods. I never saw him after that, but a couple of days later, Gran took our iron bracelets and necklaces off and said we didn't have to carry the squirt guns with lemon juice anymore. She left the iron wind chimes up for another ten years or so before finally taking them down. Now we only have the one hanging on the back porch."

'This is strange. If no one else saw him it was likely he was a Faery as they have a natural glamour that cloaks them from human eyes unless they let it down. However her grandmother's precautions make it sound like it was the Fae after her. It is well known Brigant has many enemies so that might be the cause for her grandmother's paranoia. It is also a possibility that Sookie's parents' deaths were not an accident. I will have to look into this. There are so many questions here.'

He didn't want to alert Sookie to how very important these facts she'd just revealed to him were so he simply shrugged and replied, "Humans act strangely in emotional situations. For now I will take these guns and they will be returned to you when I know for sure you are not a danger to yourself."

Rolling her eyes Sookie said, "Whatever. Are you going now?"

"I need a box or case to put these in so I can carry them with me, and then yes I intend to be on my way."
Heading out to the back porch Sookie pointed at a large box that had been used to store her Gran's bottles she saved up to turn in for money. She'd emptied it when her Gran died and had never tried to refill it. Looking at Eric she asked, "Will that do?"

Nodding his head Eric dumped the guns into the box and hefted it on his shoulder easily and fluidly. "I will leave you now. I will call Alcide as I leave to come sit with you inside your house and you will let him in. Remember to email me with your schedule for tomorrow and be sure to speak to the Shifter tomorrow about your reduced hours, or I will speak to him myself. Do not try to do anything stupid in the short time you are without supervision Sookie…it will not end well for you if you do."

Wrapping her arms around herself Sookie whispered, "Just go already, you've hurt me enough tonight."

Deciding not to insist she kiss him as per their agreement Eric nodded and took to the sky. On the way to Fangtasia he text Alcide and informed him of his new guarding duties for Sookie. When he was done with that he turned his mind towards what he'd learned from Sookie tonight. While he wasn't pleased that she'd found out about his true actions towards her before she'd come to his bed he wasn't deterred by it. He knew he wouldn't be between her thighs for longer than he had wanted, but he also knew she wouldn't be able to resist him for long. Their bond was growing by the day and soon enough she wouldn't be able to ignore her body's call for his. She would hate herself for succumbing to her desires, but she would nonetheless. He was also thoroughly interested in the information Sookie had told him about her parents' death, and her Gran's reaction. He knew now that whoever Sookie's Fae relatives were, and he was certain it was Niall Brigant, they were aware of Sookie's existence. So the question remained, "Why haven't they claimed her?" It didn't make sense to him, but he was determined to solve the puzzle that was Sookie Stackhouse.

After Eric had left Sookie had taken Thor outside before gathering him up and laying down on her bed to sob herself to sleep. Her entire world had shattered today, and she didn't know if she was ever going to be able to fix it. She cursed herself for her stupidity. She cursed herself for ever getting involved with Bill. She cursed Bill for hiding things from her. She cursed him for leaving her so defenseless and not telling her even the simplest of ways to protect herself from Eric. She cursed Eric for wanting her. She cursed herself for being a freak and drawing his attention in the first place. She fell asleep praying that tomorrow she'd wake up to find it had all been a terrible dream. She forgot to send the email.

45 minutes later after storing Sookie's guns at his house he landed at the back of Fangatasia where Pam was waiting for him, having sensed his approach through their own bond, and he asked, "Problems?"

Smiling at him Pam said, "More like very interesting development."

Not appreciating her attempt at banter Eric pressed, "Meaning?"

Flipping her hair over her shoulder Pam looked at her nails and replied, "Oh it's just not every day the Ancient Pythoness and the North American Prince of Faeries drop by requesting a private audience with you and sit waiting for you in your office."

Eric started and stared at his child in silence before demanding, "Explain."

Knowing he was in no mood for more of her teasing Pam began, "I was in your office refusing yet another request for an interview with you by that troublesome reporter, who is too cowardly to come down here on his own by the way, when they simply appeared in your office in front of me. I was surprised to say the least as SHE didn't have her entourage with her as she normally does. She is with Brigant alone. They told me they knew you were with Sookie and would wait for you in your office until you returned. I was instructed to tell no one else of their arrival and apparently Brigant has put up a barrier to keep Chow or any of the other Vampires in the bar from registering his or HER presence." When Eric remained silent Pam said, "This has to do with Sookie doesn't it?"

Nodding his head Eric replied, "I think there is far more to my bonded than either of us ever realized. Return to your duties in the bar and let no one know something is amiss. I shall see what they want and fill you in later, if I am allowed."

"Yes Master."

Eric watched Pam head back around the front of the building before he went to the back door and entered his bar. Seconds later he was stepping into his office to see The Ancient Pythoness and Niall Brigant sitting side by side on his couch as though they hadn't a care in the world. As though they weren't two of the most powerful beings in existence. The Ancient Pythoness was one of the oldest vampires in the world, and also one of the original oracles at Delphi that the God Apollo spoke through. She had been born with the sight long before she was taken on as an oracle at Delphi with eyes glazed over in blindness. However her sight of the future was stronger than any psychic before or after her, and her gift was so powerful the vampires back then determined she could not be lost to mortality and she was turned.

Sadly, she was made vampire at such an old age she was literally a bag of bones, and despite the vampire blood in her veins very nearly helpless because of her body's limitations at death. Due to this she was closely guarded by his kind and all other Supernaturals since she guided them amongst humanity with her sight. She was so revered that every Supernatural knew they were to sacrifice their life if it meant saving hers. She presided over all trials and disputes of importance in the Supernatural world across the globe. She always traveled with a guard of about ten of the most skilled vampire enforcers, ten Weres and two witch attendants as well as her human donors. To see her alone in his office with only Brigant was shocking.

As for Niall Brigant? He was one of the oldest and most Powerful Fae in existence. He was son to the High King in Faery and Oberon's favored son; next in line to be High King. His magic was without equal in this world, and few that opposed him outright lived for long. He had forged the North American Kingdom of Faeries through his own cunning and power and held dominion of it for over a thousand years as well as his lordship of Ireland where all Fae entered this realm from theirs through the portal there. Brigant was a vicious and deadly foe and had killed many of his kind in the vampire/fae war. Angering him would be a costly, and probably final mistake. As Faeries were not natural residents of this world they held no seat on the Council and weren't truly considered part of the Supernatural world of this realm, but they were feared and respected by all despite this. Niall especially.

Preparing himself for whatever was to happen Eric bowed his head to Brigant before sinking to his knees before HER and saying, "Ancient Pythoness, I am at your command."

The Ancient Pythoness placed a hand on his head and replied, "Your honor and duty to this one is known. Rise warrior and hear the plans of fate."

Standing Eric moved to sit at his desk and waited to hear what these two were obviously here to tell him. 'Whatever it is will undoubtedly change my life from this point on.'

When the Ancient Pythoness nodded at him Niall said, "So are you enjoying being bonded to my Great Granddaughter?"

Knowing that only the truth would be accepted with these two, Eric replied, "Very much. Though I cannot say the same for her. Might I ask what your opinion on our bond is?"

Smirking at Eric, Niall crossed his legs and brushed off an imaginary piece of flint from his designer suit as he laughed, "Oh I have no doubt Sookie is spitting mad about the dilemma she finds herself in, but as for me? I am glad she is setting out on the path chosen for her long before she was even born."

Looking between the two Eric said, "I do not understand."

"You will. This one will guide you as much as possible. Trust in you instincts and your feelings as your Maker taught you. You are already on your path Warrior King," The Ancient Pythoness answered.

'Warrior King? My path?' Eric thought for a moment as SHE and Brigant continued to gaze at him before finally asking, "Are you telling me Sookie was born to be mine?"

"Just as you were born to be hers. There has never been a bond like the one between the two of you nor will there ever be again," The Pythoness responded.

Looking to Niall, Eric pressed, "The Faery have never been fond of vampires. I find it hard to believe you are delighted by the idea I have bonded Sookie to me let alone intend to turn her."

"What is at work here is beyond me. It is beyond you and Sookie. It is beyond HER," Niall said as he nodded his head at The Pythoness before continuing, "I made a vow to Gods and Goddesses long ago when I entered this realm the first time and Sookie is the fulfillment of that vow. I will not stand in the way of your fates."

"What will be will be. The path is laid and destiny awaits. You have but to live it Warrior King."

Looking back and forth between the Pythoness and Brigant Eric asked, "So I am meant to turn Sookie?"

The Pythoness smiled and replied, "Perhaps."

Niall smiled as well and added, "You will not attempt to turn Sookie until her destiny is complete, and yours as well. To do so would doom all the Supernatural world in this realm to death."

Nodding her head and staring out of her milky white eyes The Pythoness continued, "Soon the unthinkable will happen with your bonded. When the girl gives herself to you and what has never happened comes to be you must not doubt. This one will come and give you aid."

"What is going to happen," Eric asked.

Niall's smile widened and laughed, "You don't really think we're going to tell you do you? Just know that Sookie is yours as you are hers. You have both set out on the path you were chosen and born for. Take faith in that."

Eric was silent a moment before asking, "Did fairies kill Sookie's parents?"

Niall stiffened before replying, "Yes. I have taken care of that problem however, and should it arise again I will notify you in ample time for you to secure Sookie's safety. Her welfare must be your primary concern from this point forward."

Arching a brow Eric pressed, "You aren't going to warn me to treat her right? She is of your line after all. As your descendent is she not a Faery Princess?"

"Indeed she is, but I made a vow. The girl is yours. You will not beat her or rape her so what other measures you use to bind her to you are your own, though I think perhaps you will find controlling her is not so easy as you think. We shall see how your relationship with her unfolds over time."

Speaking up now the Ancient Pythoness added, "This one would warn you that your Queen seeks to end you. She wants your bonded for her own. She has been waylaid by the humans that follow the false prophet of the sun, but this will not last for long. You will speak to none save your child of what you learned here this night. Not even your bonded. Know that you may take whatever measures you must to secure the girl as yours alone. If the Queen falls before your sword this one will sanction the death. My best enforcers will be sent to you to swear allegiance. You and the girl are more important than any other, even more than Brigant and I. The two of you must survive at all costs together."

Mouth actually falling open in shock at this Eric's stated, "Ancient one, no one is more important than you."
"True no more. For thousands of years this one was needed to guide those that live in the shadows of humans…now the time for others has come. This one was but a stepping stone to what you and she will achieve. This one is merely a tool. You and your bonded are the true destiny this world has been traveling towards. You will change all…you and she must survive."

Nodding his head Brigant assured, "The Seer speaks the truth. She is the only one on the Council that knows of yours and Sookie's destiny, but you know the rest of the them will back her on any and all of her decisions. You have a direct line to them from this point forth. If you need to you may call on them for aid and it shall be delivered. As you may call on me. However you need to hold off on doing this unless absolutely necessary. The longer we can keep the importance you and Sookie hold from becoming common knowledge the better. You will know the reason for this soon enough."

"Remember what this one said about doubting. When it happens you must believe, she will need you then more than ever before. You must be her strength," The Pythoness added.

"It would help if I knew what was going to happen," Eric offered.

Niall smiled and added, "It might, but we still aren't going to tell you. You'll know soon enough. Sookie cannot hold off her desire for you for long. Enjoying the marks?"

Looking down at his Mjolnir on his chest for a moment, visible through the gap of his black silk shirt, Eric met Brigant's gaze before asking, "This was your doing?"

The Pythoness smiled and replied, "It was the doing of many, those you wouldn't even imagine, and those you could and have. You are not alone Northman. The eyes of numerous powerful beings are upon you waiting for destiny to call, waiting for you and your bonded."

Stroking his Mjolnir Eric asked, "What are they? What do they mean?"

The Pythoness shook her head and replied, "All will be revealed when the time comes."

"Use the marks Viking. You know they increase the power of the bond between you and Sookie yes," Niall asked. When Eric nodded he continued, "Sookie cannot see hers because it would only cause her to draw back from you more. She will see it soon enough, but until then use it to your advantage. When you touch her mark it will make her burn for you. Have her touch yours at the same time and the hum will begin. Despite her anger at you she will not be able to help but succumb to you … but do not attempt to turn her until you are told the time has come."

Standing Brigant held his hand out to The Ancient Pythoness. She took it, let him help her to her feet, and said, "We have told you all we can for now. I shall await the sign it is done. Do not doubt and I shall come as soon as I see it has happened. All our hopes rest on you and your bonded. Do not fail us."

Eric stood and bowed at the waist to the Pythoness before nodding his head at Brigant as he asked, "So Sookie is mine to do with as I please? There will be no interference from you or other Faeries in my treatment or claiming of her?"

"None," Niall assured.

"She is yours as you are hers. You are linked. You are one. You are destiny," The Ancient Pythoness added.

And then they were gone. Within a blink of an eye Niall had teleported them out of there and Eric stood alone in his office. He sat down in his chair and looked at the empty couch before him for a good half hour before sending Pam a text to come to him.

A few minutes later Pam strolled in and shut the door behind her. She waited for Eric to speak before finally taking a seat and asking, "Well Master? Are you permitted to tell me what was spoken of?"

Eric nodded at his child and proceeded to fill her in on all that he'd been told. He also told her that Sookie was now aware of her status, and of his talk with her before he'd come to the bar. When he was done he asked, "What do you think?"

Pam was silent a moment before saying, "I think things are about to change in a big way."

Sitting back in his chair Eric smirked as he replied, "I was thinking the same thing, and I want you to remove Sookie's chair from the stage. She will be sitting on my lap from now on."

Nodding, still somewhat stunned at all she'd learned, Pam left the office to do as she'd been told. 'I cannot believe this girl is so important. But if she is all they say she is I will definitely welcome her as my sister. I always knew my Master was meant for greatness.'

When his child was gone Eric templed his fingers as he thought of his situation. 'She was born for me as I was born for her? I knew she was meant to be mine. I was born to be her Maker and she was born to be my child and companion. This is a very good sign. Oh Sookie, there will be no holding back by me now. I was apprehensive that one day your Fae relatives would come forward to claim you, but now I actually have Brigant's blessing. You are mine sweet Sookie. It is time I make you understand that.'


  1. Oh I love it. She's finally doing something proactive. Since jason has to give him permission to enter that wad perfect place to go. He wants a whore for his use and a slave. Sookie should have just used one of the guns he bought her. I would have. Poor sookie.. Maybe I'm the only one to see it this way but using the marks and the bond to make her submit is the same as rape in my book.. Some relative niall is.... you can't beat or rape her, but everything else is fair game???? What a prick.

  2. all i can say is she is so FUCKED now.... if Eric chooses her to be a pet in chains she will die of dispair... an oh shit momemt with the AP and NB.....but i dont think it is going to work like Eric thinks it will, she is too feisty.... Kristie

    "Everyone in town thought she was crazy for a while,0 and so did we, but she wouldn't let up" why is there a 0 after while,?
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