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Friday, September 21, 2012

Chapter 26 ~ New Parameters

The next morning, Sookie woke up and headed downstairs with Thor at her feet. She knew Tara was still asleep upstairs, and hoped she would remain so for awhile yet. She knew her friend would have questions since she hadn't gone to work the day before, and she wasn't ready to lie to Tara yet as she'd already decided to do. Unlike Jason, there would be no bringing Tara back from the brink if her friend found out what Eric had done to her. She needed to tread carefully with him right now until she either found a way out of this mess, or knew exactly what he was capable of. She did not need her friend flying off the handle and getting her into more trouble. She was doing a pretty good job at that on her own.

Walking down the stairs Sookie found Alcide and Tray sitting on her couch in the living room. When they saw her they both stood and looked at her curiously. Deciding not to beat around the bush Sookie tightened her robe around herself and asked, "If I tried to ditch you two and run from Eric, what would you do?"

The Weres shared a look before Alcide replied, "You wouldn't be able to ditch us, and if by some miracle you did, it wouldn't be for long. We'd catch you, apprehend you, and wait until sunset to deliver you to Northman for punishment."

"Why would you wish to run from him at all? Didn't you sign the contract to become his asset and agree to bond to him on your own? Both Northman and you made it clear you bound yourself to him of your own free will," Tray said.

Shaking her head Sookie answered, "I didn't know what I was agreeing to. Eric made me think that signing the contract was a safety precaution for me so that neither he nor anyone else could make me do more than I wanted with my gift. When I agreed to share blood with him, I didn't know it would bind me to him for life. He made me think it would only cause me to dream about him and be attracted to him. I didn't know it would make me a slave. I didn't know about bonding with vampires."

Alcide looked at her sadly and whispered, "Oh Sookie. I'm so sorry." 

Tray merely shook his head as his eyes shined with pity for her.
Looking back and forth between them Sookie asked, "So it doesn't matter that I didn't know what I was agreeing to? There's no getting out of it?"

"No Sookie. It doesn't matter. Trickery and deceit are part of the supernatural world; especially when dealing with vampires. Just because you didn't know what you were doing doesn't mean you're not still accountable for what you've done. You gave yourself to the Northman. You willingly shared blood with him three times. You are his forever," Alcide answered.

Nodding his head Tray added, "He's right, but Sookie it seems to us Northman treats you well. You've got a real nice life, and, other than parading you around a lot, he seems to let you do pretty much whatever you want when you're not working for him. You didn't get such a bad deal."

Laughing coldly Sookie replied, "That was before I knew. Now that I'm aware of my position with Eric he's added some new rules. I got into all of this to save my boyfriend from his Maker. I thought I would just be sharing blood and putting up with Eric's advances until Bill got back. That's what he told me."

"You were dating a vampire? Why didn't you just invoke the right of being your boyfriend's to keep Northman from requesting your blood then? He might have been able to back you into the contract, but he couldn't force you to bond to him," Tray asked.

"I didn't know I could."

Alcide and Tray shared a look before Alcide pressed, "Your boyfriend didn't tell you how to protect yourself from other vampires? He didn't warn you of any of the rules?" When Sookie shook her head he added, "Sookie something is wrong with that. Few vampires actually date humans, most just keep them as pets, but those that do make a point of warning their companions about their world. They are warned on how to keep other vampires at bay. Hell even pets are given the run down on basic safety precautions against other vampires. Were things serious between you and this Bill?"

Looking at the floor Sookie whispered, "He asked me to marry him the night his Maker kidnapped him."

"Weren't you bonded to him then? Eric violated Vampire law if he tried to take blood from you or had you work for him without permission from this Bill," Tray offered.

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "No. Bill took my blood when, well, when we were together a few times, but we never actually shared. I only had his twice and it was to save my life. We never exchanged mutually."

The Weres exchanged a look before Alcide said, "Sookie that doesn't make sense. No vampire is going to commit to a human with marriage and actually mean it if they're not blood bonded. Something's not right with that. If this Bill meant to keep you why would he not blood bond you to him?"

Wondering the same thing, but not wanting to get into right now, Sookie shook her head and answered, "I guess it doesn't really matter now does it? From what I learned even if Bill does come back we can't be together anyway."

"Not without Eric's permission, but, since you two aren't having sex, I'm sure if you asked Northman would let you have a relationship," Tray soothed.

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "No he won't. Eric made it clear yesterday that he won't let me have anyone but him, and I don't want to talk about this anymore. I wanted to know what would happen if I tried to leave and you told me. I'll make breakfast now."

When she turned around Alcide offered, "For what it's worth, Sookie, we're sorry."

"Me too," Sookie whispered before continuing into the kitchen. A little while later as Sookie was finishing up the dishes from breakfast, there was a knock at the door and Alcide answered it.

"Miss Stackhouse," Bobby Burnham offered as Alcide led him into the kitchen.

Sookie put the last plate in the drying wrack and turned to face Eric's day man as she was drying her hands on the dish towel. "Mr. Burnham, I'm guessing Eric sent you for something?"

'Such disrespect she shows my Master. What he sees in her is beyond me! She is unworthy of his attention. He will grow tired of her soon enough and realize that only loyal servants such as I are deserving of his attention. One day soon he will realize my worth and make me his child, and then I will serve him well for eternity.'

"Yes. Mr. Northman asked me to deliver this to you," Bobby replied as he held out an envelope to her.

Shaking her head at the stupidity of his thoughts Sookie took the envelope, tore it open, and read the note inside.

My Sookie,
You forgot to email me your itinerary last night. We will discuss your punishment tonight when Pam delivers you to Fangtasia. For now, as you did not give me a schedule for your activities today, I have decided to make you one. Your guards will escort you along with Bobby to Merlotte's so you can inform the Shifter of your new work schedule. You will not be working today. Once you have settled things with him, you will go to Shreveport with your guards and Bobby to meet with your stylist. Bobby will tell you where to meet her. You will spend all day acquiring your wardrobe today, and then I shall see you tonight. You may take Thor with you while you're shopping. Remember all of the rules we discussed last night and be prepared to behave when you arrive at Fangtasia. You are already facing punishment for failing to email me so I suggest you do not incur my wrath further.
See you soon.
Crumpling the note in her hand Sookie tossed it in the trash and hissed, "Apparently I need to get ready. You guys hang out down here and I'll be back in a bit."

An hour later, Sookie walked into Merlotte's with her little entourage. It was still a good hour before the bar opened so she let them all in with her key, and left her guards and Bobby at the bar so she could head toward the back. Knocking on Sam's closed office door she called out, "Sam? It's Sookie."

Looking up from the record books he'd been reviewing, the record books that were in far better shape than he'd left them in, Sam answered, "Come on in Cher." Sookie stepped into the office and was about to close the door behind her when he added, "Uh Sook, you gotta leave it open; your, uh, well you see …."

Understanding filling her eyes, Sookie nodded sadly and replied, "Yeah, Eric's pet and all, I get it." Pushing the door wide open she crossed her arms over her chest and said, "I need to talk to you about me working here."

"Guessing he's making you quit, huh?"

"No! No, I just, well, I can only work three shifts a week during the day, no more nights."

Rolling his eyes Sam replied, "Obviously he's going to want you to himself as much as possible." When Sookie's eyes filled with tears Sam whispered, "I'm sorry, Sook, I shouldn't have said that."

Nodding her head and wiping her tears away Sookie laughed, "Yeah well you're only saying the truth. I was stupid. I thought I could handle everything and didn't want to bother you. I never asked you what you knew about Vampires or the rest of the Supernatural world. I trusted Bill blindly and didn't listen when you tried to warn me, and now I've screwed myself."

"Oh Sook," Sam said as she stood to hug her. When she buried her face into his neck and began to cry silently while wrapping her arms around his waist he continued, "I'm so sorry Cher, I'd help you if I could … is he making you leave your house?"

"No. I get to stay here and continue on as long as all of my nights are devoted to him, but he's taking over everything. I can't cut my hair anymore, today he's making me go buy all new clothes, I have to put on ten pounds, I—I'm not going to be me anymore by the time he's done!"

Stroking a hand through her hair, Sam soothed, "Sook you'll always be you. He can change the outside, but not the inside unless you let him, and you have to keep in mind it could be much, much worse. I'm sorry he's treating you like a doll, but Sookie he could treat you like other vampires treat their pets and he's not. You need to make that your silver lining. The only way you're going to get through this is by focusing on the good things."

Sookie felt her heart clench at Sam's words. Once again he had cemented in her mind how very doomed she was. If there was even a flicker of hope that she could get out of this Sam would be telling her to hang in there, but he wasn't it. He was telling her to make the best of her situation, because he knew it wouldn't change. Forcing back her tears Sookie nodded her head before stepping back and saying, "Well I just wanted to come by and tell you that. I can't—well, I'm not supposed to work today and I was hoping you could have a schedule ready for me for the rest of the week and next before tonight? I want to have it when I go to Fangtasia tonight to give to him." There was no need to clarify who him was.

Nodding his head Sam replied, "Sure Sook. I'll get that done first thing and you can come by and pick it up anytime."

Smiling softly at this Sookie asked, "So can you tell me why you had to leave town? You were gone an awful long time."

"I went to see my birthparents. That thing with Maryann, well, it got me thinking about them. I decided to track them down."

Feeling the pain coming off of him Sookie whispered, "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

Shaking his head Sam retook his seat and replied, "Nah, I'll tell you." 

When Sookie sat down in the one other chair in his small office he continued, "Well you know I've never been close with them. That's because around the time I turned 13 as I hit puberty, which is when all shifter's carrying a dominant enough gene to truly shift begin to feel the call to do so, my parents and I discovered I wasn't quite normal. After the first time I shifted they up and moved without me and left me alone without a word. I never saw them again."

"Oh Sam that's horrible! Why did they abandon you? You said the shifter trait is genetic so weren't they shifters too?"

"No. The gene passed through my Father's side. My mother knew absolutely nothing about it. My father was from a long line of shifters. Both his brothers were shifters along with his father and all his uncles and cousins, but for some reason the trait passed my father. He was upset about it I guess and left and never went back to see his family again. He met my mother and left the supernatural world behind. Then when he discovered I had the gene and my mom reacted so badly he left with her. He didn't want her to know that he was the one that had passed the gene on to me. He was afraid she'd leave him. He called his oldest brother without my mom knowing and told him and the rest of my family where to find me, but by the time they got there to take me in I'd already hit the road. I changed my name of course and that's why they were never able to find me."

Tears filling her eyes at the horrible childhood her friend had suffered Sookie apologized, "I'm so sorry Sam … you deserved to have family."

Smiling softly at her Sam replied, "Thanks anyway I went back last month to talk to my parents and ask them why, that's when I found out about all of this. He was really sick though and dying of cancer. He only lasted for about 5 days after I found him and my mother. My mother didn't want anything to do with me, but she did give me a letter from my father with the names and addresses of my shifter relatives. I still don't think she knows about him. I'm pretty sure he died not telling her. Anyways I've spent the last couple of weeks with them getting to know my family. I actually have a cousin that is going to be coming to live down here to help me with the bar and my properties. His name is Jerry."

"That's great Sam. I'm glad you've got family." Standing Sookie continued, "Well I have to get going. I've got some things I have to do today and I need to get started."

Sam stood too and hugged her as he said, "I'll see you soon Sook, and remember you've got to look at the positive in your life, Sookie."

Ignoring the pain she felt in her chest as he reminded her yet again of her circumstances Sookie nodded and replied, "I'll see you later today when I come by to get my schedule, and thanks for being so understanding about all of this Sam."

"No problem Sook. I'll see you later."

An hour later Sookie pulled into a parking space at Line Avenue in Shreveport and followed after Bobby as he led her and her guards to where she was to meet her stylist. Five minutes later he brought them to a stop at a small coffee shop where a well dressed woman, who seemed to recognize Bobby, stood up to greet them. The woman looked at Sookie's shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes as she said, "Hello I'm Samantha Coller, you must be Sookie Stackhouse."

What's a girl like her doing with Eric Northman? She doesn't look like much. From what I've seen and heard about Mr. Northman she isn't at all suited to him. What's with the two big guys? They seem to be shadowing her. 

Nodding, Sookie held out her hand to shake Samantha's and tried to ignore her insulting thoughts. She was here to buy clothes and that was it. "Yes I'm Sookie. You seem to know Mr. Burnham, Eric's day man, and this is Alcide and Tray … they're uh … with me."

Waiting for her to say something else before she realized that Sookie had said all she intended to say Samantha continued, "Well Sookie. Mr. Northman sent me a guide as to what he would like you to have, but he also told me to allow you to stick to your own style as much as possible. He said you're particularly fond of casual attire and sundresses. Is this correct?"

"Yes ma'am."

Smiling, Samantha said, "Well then I've taken the liberty of calling ahead to several shops and boutiques on Line Avenue and had them put some things aside for you to look at. Let's get started, shall we?"

At half past 6pm Sookie and her guards finally pulled back up to her house. Bobby had accompanied her today so that he could pay for everything, but once she had called it quits with Samantha he'd left. Alcide and Tray had helped her to load her car up with everything it would hold, and the rest of her packages had gone into Tray's truck. 

Everything just barely fit. All told, Samantha had selected over $250,000 worth of clothes, shoes and accessories that were to replace her everyday wear. They had run by Merlotte's on the way back from Shreveport so she could pick up her schedule, and Sookie had barely had time to roll her eyes at the evil glare Arlene was sending her before taking the schedule form Sam as her bodyguards ushered her out of the bar; reminding her of the time.

So once Alcide and Tray had helped her unload her car and ditch the boxes and bags into a heap on her living room floor for her to sort through tomorrow Sookie headed upstairs to shower and get dressed as soon as possible. She was showered, dressed, and ready to go exactly at 8 when Pam knocked on the door. Opening it wide as she greeted, "Hello Pam," Sookie started as she saw the boxes Pam was holding.

"Invite me in."

Stepping back Sookie said, "Come in."

Giving the girl a smirk Pam swept inside the house and eyed the old furniture with distaste before turning to face Sookie. Taking in her black cocktail dress Pam held out her packages and said, "Change into these."


"Because Eric wants you to, be quick."

Looking down at herself Sookie asked, "What's wrong with what I'm wearing? This is one of the dresses Eric sent me to wear to Fangtasia."

Arching a brow Pam replied, "Eric wishes you to wear this one for tonight; the matching shoes are in the smaller box. Go get dressed, and wear your hair down. Eric's orders."

Taking the offered boxes Sookie whispered, "He's going to embarrass me tonight isn't he?"

Laughing softly Pam said, "He intends to lavish you with gifts and attention in front of the adoring vermin yes. Most would kill for such actions on his part, but as you are such a strange human I do suppose you'll be embarrassed. However before you balk I should remind you he is still upset by your little press release yesterday and your failure to send him your schedule last night as he ordered you to. You would be wise to waylay his anger. Go get dressed."

Deciding Pam was right and she needed to pick her battles Sookie took the boxes and headed upstairs. When she opened the largest one she found a long solid red gown inside. The skirt would trail the floor and was feathered with a split up the side. The top was a strapless sweetheart bust studded with rhinestones. There were matching red heels and Sookie knew that Eric intended to make her arrival into some sort of spectacle to get back at her for alerting the media that she didn't want him. 

'He's going to make everyone think I'm a fool tonight. He's going to make it look like I'm his little whore, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Forcing back her tears she pulled the pin holding her hair up in a bun out and shook her locks loose as she whispered, "I might as well get this over with."

45 minutes later Pam pulled into the Fangtasia parking lot, but she parked in the front instead of the employee entrance in the back. Turning off the ignition Pam started to get out before she turned to Sookie and said, "It doesn't have to matter unless you let it."

Sookie, who had Thor clutched to her chest as she began to exit the car, started before turning back to face the female vampire beside her. "Huh?"

"He intends to display you. He will keep you close all night and pay you closer attention than ever before, and that will be his response to your statement to the press. The thoughts of those around you and Eric's actions can only hurt you if you let them. Hold your head high Sookie and remember that Eric wants you, there is power in that."

Sookie clearly looked shocked as she asked, "A ... are you helping me?"

"Possibly … now let's go. Show them no weakness; you are my Master's chosen." With that Pam stepped out of her BMW with Sookie coming to walk beside her. Pam was in a black corseted floor length gown and was in sharp contrast to the human at her side. Earlier Eric had ordered her to use her cell phone to take video and pictures of Sookie's arrival tonight and his actions towards her through the night. Then he'd told her to "leak" them to the press tomorrow. Sookie was in for a long night and a rough day tomorrow. Pam felt the least she could do for her future sister and Master's companion was help her make it through the night without breaking down. That would only disgrace them all anyway.

Walking beside Pam as they made their way through the front door Sookie ignored the hateful glares of all the Fangbangers and their evil thoughts. They all wanted her dead and buried…not the rising kind of buried either. She didn't push their thoughts out as she was here to listen to them, but she did force herself to ignore them. As she walked into the club she easily spotted Eric in his normal black leather pants, boots, and silk shirt seated on his throne. However the seat she normally sat in was noticeably vacant and she felt a stab of fear. 'Please don't let him make me sit at his feet! Oh Lord, please!'

Eric watched his child lead his future child to him. Scanning his eyes up and down Sookie's form he was pleased with her appearance. Her dress was quite obviously far too fancy for his bar, but he wanted to make a statement tonight. The pictures and video Pam would discretely take throughout the evening would be front page news tomorrow and would definitely counter Sookie's statements, and as she would not be making any more without his permission people would naturally believe what they saw over her words.

He could feel her fear and apprehension through the bond and he sent soft waves of comfort to her. While he intended much of tonight to be punishment for her contacting the press he did not want her to lose her cool so he would give her whatever support he thought she needed. He kept his influence small though so she wouldn't know he was doing it. He didn't need her throwing a fit about him controlling her. When Sookie was standing in front of him he nodded to Pam and watched her head to his office to retrieve the gift he'd gotten for his pet. Sitting back in his chair he let his eyes roam up and down Sookie's form while all the Fangbangers stood around them in a semicircle watching them. Playing to his audience he said, "Did you enjoy the shopping trip I sent you on today, pet?"

Gritting her teeth as she knew everyone was watching them, and his voice was just loud enough for those closest to hear, Sookie forced herself to answer. "I went and got everything Samantha told me to get."

"That's good to hear. Of course when we travel out of town I will arrange for you to go on more shopping trips at true designer stores. Shreveport is limited in its selection. One day I will take you to Milan and Paris and arrange for you to shop in the best stores, but I'm sure whatever you bought today will be suitable for you to wear around Bon Temps."

Holding Thor closer Sookie shook her head and replied, "I don't want to go shopping anymore. I bought more than enough clothes today."

Arching a brow at her he asked, "Are you arguing with me, Sookie?"

Feeling her fear grow Sookie shook her head and whispered, "No."

"Good, you're in enough trouble as it is. We will discuss your punishment when I take you home." Just then Pam returned to his side on the stage holding a black velvet box. She flipped it open and held it out to him.

Sookie's eyes widened as she took in the item in the case. It was a diamond and platinum necklace with a ruby pendant of a large capital E. She knew immediately he was going to make her wear it, and that he was going to put it on her now. 

'He's marking me as his property,' she thought angrily.

Smirking at Sookie's expression, Eric picked the necklace up out of the case and ordered, "Turn around." When she turned to face the crowd he stood from his throne, swept her hair over her shoulder, and slipped the necklace around her neck so he could close the clasp. Leaning down, he kissed her shoulder before spinning her around to admire the look of it. They were certainly the center of attention now as he traced his fingers over the pendant and said, "Perfect, do you like it?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

Laughing at her feistiness despite her situation Eric reclaimed his seat and then replied, "I think it looks exquisite. Pam what do you think?"

Leaning against her Master's throne Pam added, "I think it makes the statement it is intended to."

Eric laughed, nodding, "Indeed it does." Patting his knee, still enjoying the rapt attention of the crowd, Eric continued, "Come my Sookie, sit."

Mouth parting in surprise Sookie repeated, "Sit?"

"Indeed, put Thor on the ground and sit now." Eric stared straight into her eyes and smirked at her expression. He could tell all she wanted to do was tear the necklace off and storm away from him, but she wouldn't. His Sookie was too smart for that. He knew she hadn't truly accepted her position as his bonded, but she wouldn't pick a fight about it now. She was smart enough to bide her time until she thought she had a chance of escaping him. She didn't, but he looked forward to the fight nonetheless. He waited with Pam beside him to see what she would do.

Sookie held his stare for a good full minute, which felt so much longer due to the tense atmosphere between them. Finally she set Thor on the ground by Eric's feet (where he promptly laid down on his side with a huff), stepped up on the stage, turned around, and sat on the very end off his knee as stiffly as she could. She could see the shocked gazes of all the fangbangers as none of them had ever seen Eric allow anyone to do what she was doing, much less demand it. She squeaked when Eric wrapped an arm around her waist and hauled her back against his chest before his other hand moved to grab her legs and swing her around so she was sitting sideways on his lap as he draped her legs over the arm of his chair while her back was supported by his arm around her waist. The split on her dress was exposing her leg as the position caused it to gap open and Sookie hissed, "Eric!"

Ignoring her embarrassment, Eric turned to Pam and ordered, "Man the door, and remember your assignment." When Pam nodded and headed off to do as he'd instructed her he focused on Sookie and let his free hand trail up over her exposed knee as he asked softly, "Do you like the dress?"

Sookie fought the need to slap him and replied, "I know what you're doing, stop it."

Tapping her nose Eric laughed, "You are certainly not in the position to be giving me orders pet." Eric watched as Pam discretely took pictures and video with her phone near the door and nuzzled Sookie's hair as he added, "Remember what you are little one … and remember what I am to you … unless of course you wish to give the vermin an even better show than they are already getting that is?"

Knowing he was referring to his threat to spank her in front of all of them, and knowing it was not a threat, Sookie merely lowered her head to look at her lap and whispered, "I remember."

"Good." Kissing her temple as his free hand continued to play with the smooth skin of her exposed leg Eric continued, "Did you speak to the shifter today?"

Forcing herself to ignore the many eyes on them and the hateful thoughts accompanying them Sookie focused on Eric's question. "Yes. I told him. I'm working the Saturday lunch shift and then after that he was going to have me work Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunch and early dinner shifts. That will give me time to get home and get dressed to be here on time."

"Fine. You will begin training with Ken every day now so contact him tomorrow and set up a schedule. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekends will be for your lessons."

Finally meeting his gaze Sookie asked, "What lessons?"

"I have arranged for the best instructors for you around in the areas you mentioned as well as one I've decided upon. You will begin taking piano, riding and Swedish lessons every week. I will email their contact information to you in the morning before I go to rest and you will set up your schedule with them around your training with Ken and your shifts at that hovel you insist on working at."

"You want me to learn Swedish? Won't that keep you and Pam from talking about me behind my back right in front of my face?"

Smirking at her sauciness Eric nipped the tip of her ear with his fangs before replying, "It will take you a year or so to learn and by then I will keep very little from you. Not to mention that I and Pam know many other languages besides Swedish … you learning my native tongue will not keep us from talking about you behind your back right in front of you as you said."

Crossing her arms under her chest Sookie asked, "Why are you getting me the other lessons?"

"You said you enjoyed horseback riding as a child and wanted to learn to play piano. I've arranged for you to take up these hobbies."

Scowling Sookie replied, "Pampering me won't make me happy."

"We'll see about that," Eric answered as Richelle approached. He could see the hatred and jealousy in the girl's eyes for Sookie and his treatment of her, but it only made him smile. Looking down at his bonded who appeared decidedly uncomfortable at her position he asked, "Would you like a gin and tonic Sookie?"

Desperately needing a drink Sookie nodded her head in agreement as she listened to the thoughts around her.

‘Fucking whore! How dare she sit on his lap! I should ….’
Skank! Lying little slut! She makes some big announcement and now she's all over him? Lying little ….’
‘Doesn’t deserve him! What the hell does she have that I don't? I could make him ….’
‘Why the hell does he like her so much? She's fat and ugly! I should be with ….’
‘Stupid cow! I'm way prettier than she is! Why does he favor her over me! He chose me once so I know ….’

Forcing herself to ignore those petty thoughts, Sookie watched as Richelle returned with her drink but before she could accept it Eric took it out of the girl's hand. After he'd retrieved her drink, and Richelle had bowed and left, he handed it to her. When she looked at him curiously he shrugged and replied, "Last time the touch of her fingers against yours hurt you. I do not feel people's emotions like you so it is a simple thing for me to take it from her. I doubt her thoughts or feelings are any more pleasant now than they were then."

Taking a large drink first, Sookie then answered, "Yeah … that's putting it lightly." After a moment she asked, "When do I get my chair back?"

"You don't."

When he didn't say anything else she countered, "I get it Eric; no more press releases. I won't do it again, but I really don't like this."

"You say that like it means something to me."

She was silent a moment before asking, "Are you always going to embarrass me like this?"

Smirking at her as he trailed his hand up along her leg Eric replied, "I will make it clear to all that you are mine in any way I see fit. You should be grateful I hold myself back at all. I could do much, much more Sookie."

"You're a monster," she whispered.

Chuckling softly as he nuzzled her hair Eric growled, "I am a vampire, sweet Sookie. I take what I want … and I want you."

"I hate you."

Their voices were low enough now that the vermin around them couldn't hear their conversation so Eric replied, "For now perhaps, but not for long. And I'm fairly certain that what you feel for me is only anger and resentment. It will abate with time. Soon enough I'll make you love me and all will be well between us. You will accept your place and serve me happily and willingly while I will bask in your presence."
Shaking her head Sookie insisted, "I do hate you, and you can't make me love you. If you really believe that than you're delusional."

"You forget Sookie, I can feel you. I know exactly what you feel about me. There is anger, resentment, and very strong dislike—but not hate. I know what hate feels like and you do not feel it for me."

Clenching her drink in her lap as Eric leaned to kiss her neck she hissed, "I do hate you. I do."

"Keep telling yourself that, Sookie. Deep down you know it's not true, but I will allow you to hold to that ridiculous claim if it makes you feel better. In the end it will not matter. Emotions are easy to manipulate and I will make you love me soon enough."

Taking a drink of her gin and tonic Sookie sassed, "Keep telling yourself that."

Eric simply laughed and kissed her temple as he replied, "You are such a delight, little one."

She was silent a moment before saying, "I didn't mean to forget to email you … I won't forget again."

Smirking Eric said, "The fact remains you forgot. I am a good Master and I will ensure you learn to obey appropriately. We'll discuss your punishment when I take you home."

"I thought we were going to discuss it here?"

Arching a brow Eric asked, "Do you really wish to? I can decide on your punishment now and carry it out right this moment if you wish."
Shaking her head Sookie gasped, "No! I—I just don't want to be worried about it all night."

Tapping her nose Eric replied, "That's part of the punishment." Leaning down to whisper in her ear he added, "I want you to sit here on my lap all night while you think of all the deliciously sinful ways I can make you regret disobeying me. I give you only two assurances in my treatment of you; I will not rape you, and I will not beat you…but that leaves me a whole word of possibilities to teach you obedience."

Tears filling her eyes Sookie responded, "Yeah … you're really on your way to getting me to love you."

Laughing Eric kissed her cheek and stated, "Well on my way." The rest of the night passed slowly for Sookie. She heard only one man looking to find V, but other than that the night was slow. Eric continued to touch and kiss her as much as he liked, but as he promised he never took it too far. Sookie found her mind battered again and again by the hateful thoughts of the Fangbangers but she forced herself not to succumb to them. It was around 1am that Eric finally called the night to a close for them. He stood, set her on her feet and allowed her to collect Thor, before taking her hand and leading her out of the bar. She looked straight ahead and refused to look at anyone as Eric directed her towards his Corvette that had apparently been moved to wait right at the front door. He got her seated before getting in as well and heading towards her house. As they drove, Eric going at his usual excessive speed, Sookie prayed Tara wouldn't be at the house when they arrived. She didn't know if she'd be able to withstand the shame if her friend were to hear, or worse witness, her punishment at Eric's hands.

The ride was made in silence and Sookie let out a sigh of relief to see Tara's car missing when Eric pulled up to her house. She didn't know what he had planned but she was sure she wouldn't like it. Stepping out of the car she and Eric waited for Thor to take care of his business before they headed inside. She set her purse and keys down on the hall table before turning to face Eric and asking, "Well?"

Eric knew the anticipation Sookie felt at what he was going to do was killing her. She had been growing more and more uncomfortable in the car as her fear built. He enjoyed the edginess in her feelings. It teased the beast in him. Moving past her he took up a seat on the couch and asked, "Why did you forget to email me?"

Not wanting to sit herself Sookie stood in the entry of the living room with her arms crossed over her chest as Thor headed into the kitchen to get some water. Holding his gaze she finally shrugged and replied, "I,well, I just didn't think about it. I fell asleep."

Lounging back on the couch as he kicked his feet up on the coffee table Eric repeated, "You didn't think about it and you fell asleep?"

"Yeah, like I said, I won't forget again, so can't we skip this? It's really not that big of a thing after all."

"Not that big of a thing? I gave you an order and you failed to carry it out and you tell me it's not that big of a thing?"

Not liking his tone Sookie resisted the urge to back up a step as he stared intently at her and replied, "It was just an email Eric, and I ended up doing things you wanted me to do today anyway."


Time passed.

Sookie began to feel hunted, and her unease was growing by leaps and bounds. Eric was simply sitting reclined on her couch as he stared at her. He was obviously waiting for something but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what. She shifted back and forth on her feet as Thor padded into the room and went to lay down on the rug near Eric only to promptly fall asleep. She was left to stand in front of Eric in the bright red dress he'd adorned her in and his large E pendant around her neck he'd used to brand her. 'What is he waiting for?''

Eric resisted the urge to laugh as Sookie began to look more and more worried at his silence. While the sending of an email was in fact not that big of a thing, the failure to carry out his order was. He was determined to teach Sookie a lesson tonight without actually having to cause her very much harm. The lesson would come from the unease he was causing her now, and from the humiliation he was going to cause her soon enough. After a very uncomfortable silence he finally replied, "It is a very big thing Sookie. The email itself was not important, nor is it what you will be punished for. The problem here is I told you to do something and you didn't. That is a very big problem."

Shifting again Sookie whispered, "I already told you it wouldn't happen again. I won't forget to email you my schedule every night from here on out."

"And I just told you this isn't about your email … this is about you not taking your position as my bonded seriously. This is about you not respecting me as your Master as you should. This is about you not wanting to obey. You forgot to email me because you have not accepted the fact you are mine now. Carrying out my order as you were supposed to do was easy for you to forget because you placed no significance upon it….this is the problem I intend to address tonight. After your punishment you will never forget my orders again. No matter how small they are."

Sookie could feel her heart rate increasing as she realized she was in very big trouble. She was quiet a moment before she decided truth was her only option. "You're right … I don't accept my situation and I never will. I refuse to think of myself as a slave to you. I might have to do what you say and play along in front of the masses, but it's my hope to find a way out of this. If I never do I never do, but I will not ever think of myself as a slave. Especially not your slave."

Pleased by her honesty and thoroughly amused by it Eric smirked at her and replied, "We'll just have to see about that as time progresses. For now I will ensure the next time I give you an order you carry it out." Standing he walked towards her and when she began to back up he ordered, "Stand still." When she stopped moving and stared at him with wide eyes he came to stand directly in front of her with only mere inches separating them.

Sookie felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest. Her stomach was in knots as Eric stalked towards her and only got worse when he came to a stop in front of her. He was so close that her breasts brushed against his chest whenever she took a breath. Her head was tilted all the way back to hold his gaze, but his expression betrayed nothing. He simply stood before her and looked down at her from his considerable height advantage. Terror was quickly overtaking her mind as she worried what it was he was going to do.

Her fear was igniting his lust. He was a vampire and he naturally was aroused by the fear of humans … Sookie's was especially sweet to him. As long as she wasn't actually in danger of course. He had thought long and hard all evening about what he was going to do to her and had decided that the best course of action was to strike out at her psyche. He would give her an initial punishment, which he knew she would refuse, and then he would give her his true punishment.

He wanted to bend her to his will as quickly as possible so that he could take advantage of her weakened resolve and sway her heart before she could build her defenses back up against him. This was a lesson he would have had to teach her sooner or later, and it was best he get it over with now so that he could move past this hurdle with her. Her pride was going to be battered sooner or later in order for her to realize exactly what her situation was. She was his and it was time she come to understand that. "Are you afraid Sookie?"

Of course she was afraid. He was scaring her with his behavior, but she would never admit it. "You know what I'm feeling. Why ask a question you already know the answer to?"

She was such a delight! Even now with him staring her down, when she knew he was going to punish her, she refused to back down. He admired her fire and spirit, and he would enjoy her using it on others many times throughout the centuries. But she would learn to bend to his will when he ordered her. "Get on your knees."

"What?!" She stumbled back from his as her eyes widened. She couldn't believe what he'd just said.

Clasping his hands behind his back Eric regarded her coolly as he commanded, "Get on your knees and apologize for disobeying me. Swear to always obey me, your Master, from this point forward."

She was silent as her mouth fell open in shock and she took another step back from him into the foyer. Finally she fisted her hands at her sides and hissed, "No!"

Arching a brow Eric repeated, "No?"

"No." She might not be able to escape him but hell would freeze over before she willingly bowed to him!

"If you will not kneel I will have to be more creative with my punishment Sookie … you will not enjoy the alternative. Kneel, apologize for disobeying me, promise not to do it again, and recognize me as your Master and that will be the end of it … do not and face the consequences." He knew she wouldn't do it. That's why he'd ordered it. He already knew the true punishment he wished to exact from her, and it would be sweet.

Lifting her chin Sookie replied, "I'll take the alternative because I will not kneel at your feet and call you my Master." Sookie thought at worst he would spank her again. It had been painful and humiliating, but she could endure it again. It would be better than kneeling before him and proclaiming him her Master of her own free will.

"Very well." Eric swept her up in his arms and was up in her room within the blink of an eye. Setting her on her feet he stepped back from her and ordered, "Strip, lay down on your bed, and bring yourself to release. I will watch."

She went completely still as she looked up into his eyes. There was no warmth or leeway in them and she knew he was completely serious. Pulling away from him she shook her head furiously as she hissed, "No freaking way! Are you out of your mind!"

Kicking her door shut behind him, Eric leaned back against it with his arms crossed over his chest as he replied, "Not at all. I gave you a choice in punishments and this is what you chose. I warned you that the alternative would be worse; you should have listened, now strip and do as I've ordered."

"No! I'm not going to—with you watching—you can't expect—just NO!"

He watched as she backed away from him and shook his head as he said, "You say that like you have the option of telling me no. You do not. You will do this or I will toss you over my shoulder and drive us back to my lair and you'll never step foot in Bon Temps again. I will cut you off from everyone and everything you know here and never allow you access to any part of your old life again."

Backing up again Sookie pleaded, "No! Please. I—I'll kneel. I'll say it." She hated the thought of having to do it, but the idea of having to—in front of him—she couldn't. She couldn't do it!

Shaking his head Eric replied, "Too late for that. You had your chance to do as I commanded and you didn't; now you face the consequences, strip and bring yourself pleasure as I watch. That is your punishment now."

"Eric please ... I—I can't do this! I'm sorry I forgot! I won't do it again. I'm sorry I didn't do what you told me to do. I'll kneel … I'll kneel right now and call you Master … just don't make me do this!"

"You may kneel if you wish but it will not get you out of this. I gave you a command and you didn't follow it. I handed out your punishment for failing to follow my command, and you refused. You told me you'd take the alternative despite me telling you it would be worse so now you will face the consequence of your choice—get on the bed and do as you're told or pack a bag of what you love the most and we'll be on our way to Shreveport. I will allow you to send letters of goodbye to your family once we're there as you will never see them again."

Tears filling her eyes Sookie wrapped her arms around herself and backed up from him even farther and begged, "Please Eric, I didn't know you would ask this. I would have knelt if I knew, please don't do this to me!"

Shrugging Eric replied, "You should have believed me when I told you that you would not like the alternative. You should have knelt immediately. You should have followed my orders in the first place and you would not be in this position. You will learn to do as you're told Sookie and your lesson starts now."

"Eric I won't do this!"

"Fine … I wanted you to live with me anyway. You have five minutes to pack whatever mementos you wish to take with you and then we're leaving." Standing up from his leaning position against the door he turned, pulled it open and added, "Hurry, I want to make it back to Shreveport in time to take you grocery shopping so you can buy the foods you like to eat the most. You didn't eat much of what Bobby picked up last time."

Sookie felt her heart break. She wanted to run. She wanted to scream and throw things at him. She wanted to order him to get the hell out of her house and never come near her again … but she couldn't. She couldn't throw him out because rescinding his invitation didn't work. She couldn't call the police or any of her friends because Eric would either glamour them or kill them. He could make her do anything, he'd just proven it. If she didn't do what he said he'd rip her out of her life and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Tears spilling down her cheeks Sookie whispered, "Wait." He'd already left the room but she knew he could hear her from outside if he needed to.

Standing at the top of the stairs Eric smirked before turning around and walking back into her room. He leaned against the door frame and asked, "Yes?"

Not looking into his eyes Sookie replied, "I … I'll do it, don't make me leave my home, please."

Moving into the room again Eric shut the door and resumed leaning against it as he stated, "Very well, begin." When she bent down to remove her red stilettos he ordered, "Leave those on … everything else comes off."

More tears slipping down her cheeks Sookie straightened as she reached behind her to unzip her dress. As it was strapless and had such a supportive bust she hadn't worn a bra and all she had on under it was her red lace panties. As she pulled the zipper down she caught the dress before it could fall and begged, "Please don't make me do this, please."

"Keep going Sookie. This lesson will teach you humility and obedience. You will never forget an order from me again. You might disobey, but you will never forget. Drop the dress, Sookie."

Closing her eyes and holding her breath, she dropped her dress at her feet and wrapped her arms around her breasts. Her heart was hammering inside her chest, and she felt like she was going to throw up. She'd never felt so exposed or humiliated in her entire life. She'd have preferred a beating. Tears were streaming down her face at the hopelessness of the situation, and she truly wished she'd never gotten involved with vampires.

Eric could feel her revulsion at what he was forcing her to do. He knew she was going to be unbelievably pissed about this for quite some time to come and her resentment for him would be great, however it was best they get this lesson over now. He knew that he had to show Sookie just who was in charge in order for her to grasp just how serious her situation was. It was better he get them past this lesson in obedience now rather than work towards winning her heart only to have all of his work undone when he had to punish her later. From here on out he would spank her when she disobeyed him, which she would of course, but this lesson would always be in her mind. She would always remember that no matter what he owned her. He needed to break her down tonight so that he could begin seducing her again afterwards. It would be difficult of course since she was going to be so upset by what he was making her do now, but he would make her love him nonetheless. Watching her stand in front of him shaking in fear he ordered softly, "Lie down on the bed and remove your panties."
Forcing herself to move she didn't look at him as she crawled atop her bed and laid on her back in the center. Keeping her legs together as much as possible she pulled her panties off and tossed them on the floor. She was lying on her back with her knees up and tightly clamped together to keep him from seeing anything. She looked up at the ceiling as she whispered, "I can't do this Eric—I can't."

"You will, but I'll help you get in the mood if you'd like." He knew he was going to have to arouse lust in her in order for her to be able to do this. At this moment all she could feel was fear, revulsion, anger and despair. She would not achieve climax as he wished her to without him helping her.

'I can't believe this is happening! Why can't he just leave me alone? Why can't he go after one of those girls that wants to be with him? Why me? I hate being a freak! If I couldn't read minds he wouldn't be hurting me like this!'

Tears continuing to slip down her cheeks she begged, "Please don't make me do this. I understand. I won't forget, I won't ignore your orders anymore. I promise … just don't make me do this, please Eric!"

Still leaning against the door and keeping control of the beast inside him, the beast that wanted to pounce atop her and ravage her thoroughly, Eric replied, "Shhh little one. I know this is hard for you, but you can and will do it … pretend I'm not here."

Shaking violently now Sookie continued, "I can't Eric. I—"

"We'll be here all night until you do, or I'll take you to Shreveport."
"Eric I can't! I don't feel—I can't make myself—please, I've learned my lesson. I promise!"

He was silent a moment before offering, "I will help you, but you must ask."

Sookie weighed her options in her mind. She knew she had to do this. If she didn't Eric would rip her out of her life and never let her see her brother or friends again. She couldn't let that happen, but she couldn't do this on her own. She wanted to get it over with so he would leave and she could cry herself to sleep; after she sent him his damn email of course. She weighed the pros and cons of letting him influence her before finally deciding he'd always used his influence over her for his own benefit, so now she'd use it for hers. "I … I don't want you to touch me. But can you—that thing you did before?"

Smirking Eric opened the bond slowly and began filling her with his own intense desire for her. He sent her his lust first in slow gentle streams before he increased them to crashing waves. He would do more than aid her; he would drive her to the very edge with his own yearning for her small body. "Feel me Sookie. Feel me and touch yourself, let me see you bring yourself pleasure my pet."

Closing her eyes Sookie arched on the bed as she felt heat sear through her body. Her heart raced in her chest as her womanhood throbbed. She forgot about her surroundings, she forgot about her circumstances as overwhelming need and desire took hold of her. "Ah! ... uh!" Her knees parted and when the air met her moistening lips she gasped. She could feel her juices building as her hands stopped covering her breasts and began kneading them instead. All rational thought had left her mind as her entire focus was on her delicate folds. One hand continuing to play with her nipples as the other smoothed down over her abdomen to stroke lightly at her drenched sex. 
"Mmmm …"

Eric's fangs popped out as he clenched his fists at his sides and stepped away from the door. He would not touch her, but it took everything he had to hold himself back. Sookie's back was arched with her heels pressed to the bed and her knees spread wide. He could see her fingers stroking along her folds as she spread her juices in a rhythmic motion. His pendant lay between her breasts as they rose and fell with her heavy breathing. The rubies forming the E glowed in the moonlight along with the diamonds and served further to mark her as his. He continued to flood the bond with his lust and met with her own fierce arousal. He knew that she wasn't even aware of him anymore, and she was beyond reason at this point. For her there was only the feel of her own fingers and the desperate desire building within her.

Sookie stroked her heated center a few times as her other hand continued to pinch and pull at her nipples. Her head rolled from side to side as she was totally lost to the feelings Eric was stroking inside her that mixed and swirled with her own. Her conscious mind retreated as the mark over her chest, the one she couldn't see, throbbed and pulsed in time with her desire. Behind her still closed eyelids she envisioned herself lying atop red silk sheets with Eric hovering over her. His hair brushed against her cheek as he whispered sinful encouragements into her ear. The hard muscles of his chest caressed her breasts as he rocked against her and she could feel his fingers join hers between her legs. She was no longer in her room. She was no longer being punished … this had become about them.

Dipping two fingers inside of herself. she moaned, "Eric …."

He hissed at the sound of her soft voice. He knew deep down she wanted him above all things. If she actually loved that fool Compton and had not simply been swayed by the effect of that idiots blood in her system along with her first relationship with a man then it would be Bill's name she was whispering as passion took her…but it wasn't. She was calling his name. It was Eric that escaped her lips as her fingers began to thrust inside her tight sheath. "That's it pet, stroke yourself, touch what belongs to me, give yourself pleasure … my Sookie, my sweet Sookie .…"

He wanted nothing more than to join her in the bed and show her how much better reality was to whatever fantasy version of him she'd built in her mind, but he couldn't. He couldn't touch her during her punishment.

'She's so beautiful, soon I will be inside her. Soon every night she will offer herself to me and I will claim her again and again until she can't move anymore, and even then she will beg for more of my touch … mine … My Sookie.' His own mark began to throb as he continued to stroke the flames inside her. "You're beautiful Sookie … so beautiful … such a rare treasure … and all mine!"

Her palm rubbed against her clitoris as her fingers continued to stroke inside of her delicate folds. The wet sound of her movements were accompanied by her gasps and moans of delight, and tore through the night air as she sought release. "Eric, please … harder, please harder!"

Her fantasy Eric was so real in her head. She couldn't conceive anything beyond the images of him and her moving in a sea of red silk that filled her mind's eye. There was only them. Together as one. Thrusting. Touching. Stroking. Moving together towards the precipice. She could feel his body pressing hers down as she rocked beneath him. Her mark began to glow atop her chest as passion soared within her. Her fingers plunged harder and faster into her dripping sex as she moaned, "Eric! You feel so good! Please, my gyllene krigare! [golden warrior] Please!"

From his place in front of her Eric was fast losing control. He was so out of it he didn't question how she had been able to speak any Swedish when she didn't know any. His Mjolnir throbbed on his chest and he could feel his body begin to burn. Ghost sensations ripped through him and suddenly he could feel … her. He could feel her hands stroking against him. His cold skin ignited in flame as the sensation of her warm skin moved along his own. He could see her fantasy. He could see the erotic dream inside her head as though he too were a part of it. They were together on a bed of red silk surrounded by total darkness. There was no one and nothing around save them. His fingers were entwined with hers as they both stroked her drenching core. He could feel the silky heat of her womanhood as if his fingers truly were inside of her. He could feel her breath against his cheek as she panted beneath him in her fantasy. He'd never felt anything like this before, but he was more than happy to experience it again.

"Min älskade," he growled as he stepped closer to the bed so he was standing at the end. His cock throbbed as she began thrusting her fingers harder and faster and his own digits twitched in response as he felt what she felt.

'She's so soft, so wet and hot. I cannot wait for when she yields to me, when she gives herself to me we will both find ecstasy unlike any found before. I will fill her again and again and she will scream my name as she comes hard around my cock.'

A growl building in his chest he whispered harshly, "That's it my sweet, touch yourself, fuck that lovely little cunt of yours with your fingers and dream of me! Soon my cock will bring you this pleasure! Soon all you will know or wish for is the feel of me inside of you."

Sookie could feel the coil of desire tightening in her stomach as her hips bucked off the bed to meet the thrust of her fingers. She could feel her dream Eric's mouth envelope her nipple to suckle at her hungrily while in real life her finger pinched and rolled the hard nub as Eric stood at the foot of her bed with fangs out and eyes practically glowing. "Eric, Eric please! Bite me! I need you!"

Seeing the same thing she saw. Feeling the sensation of her glorious breast in his mouth as his fingers thrust hard and deep inside her welcoming core through the too real fantasy Eric lost all control of himself. He was over her in less than a second. His fingers truly joined hers as his mouth latched onto the nipple she wasn't abusing with her pinches and pulls. He nipped her peak before sinking his fangs deep to drink her blood.

She came. She drenched both of their fingers as she bucked wildly beneath him screaming his name. "ERIC!!!" Her inner walls clenched convulsively around their digits as they both continued to stroke her through her climax. Burying her free hand into his hair to hold him to her breast she begged, "Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

He had no intention of doing so. The fire of her blood flooded his mouth as he continued to pet her softly along with her own movements. The feel of their joined hands between her thighs was so unbelievably erotic as he fed from her long and deep. Only when he knew he could take no more without putting her in harm's way did he stop. Rearing back from her with a needy hiss he sat up and tore his silk shirt from his body as blood dripped from his fangs. They had both stopped stroking her center but Sookie was just as far gone now as she had been before. At this moment the only thing either of them knew was hunger. There was nothing beyond the here and now for either of them. Grabbing the knife from his back pocket he slashed his chest over his Mjolnir then grabbed her up to pull her against him as he demanded roughly, "Drink min älskade [lover (more respectful term)], take me into you."

She didn't even think. Her hands settled on his hips as she mirrored his knelt form on the bed. Trailing her tongue up the stream of his blood that had dripped down his chest she practically purred against him before latching her mouth over the wound over his unbeating heart.

'He's so good….he taste so very good…I need more of him!'

Wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her pressed against him he reached down between them to stroke her wet cunt again. "Feel me Sookie, take my blood and feel me touching you, you are meant to be mine, pet. I was meant to own you, you were born for me!"

They were both so lost in the feel of each other they didn't hear the sound of a car pulling up out front, or the sound of arguing as the two passengers got out and slammed their doors shut. Eric especially was so overcome by his pleasure that his senses failed him. He knew there was no danger as his instincts were dormant, but he was oblivious to what was approaching. Tara glared at the sight of the Corvette next to Sookie's Mercedes and turned to Eggs as she hissed, "I'm telling you something is wrong! I haven't talked to Sookie in over two days and now Sam tells us that she only wants to work three days a week! Something is wrong and I know it's Eric's fault!"

Eggs shook his head and followed her up the porch as she led the way into the house. "And I'm telling you that you should mind your own business until she comes to you! I'm not saying Sookie ain't got something going on, I'm saying don't go buttin' in until she asks for help!"

Tara glared at her boyfriend as she stomped up the stairs; determined to speak to Sookie. She loved that Eggs was never afraid to stand up to her, but she was right damn it and nothing was going to get in the way of her taking care of her friend! She and Eggs continued to fight all the way up the stairs yelling back and forth as Tara marched towards her friend's room. She was so angry she didn't think about the fact she hadn't found Sookie and Eric in the living room. She was only focused on getting some answers.

Inside Sookie's bedroom she was still feeding at his chest, but her hands had long since left his hips. By now she had worked his pants open and was stroking his cock with her hands. 'I want him inside me! I need to feel him!' Her Faery Star was blazing on her chest and she felt like she was literally on fire with need for him. All she could think about was the feel of him against her. The memories of what he'd done to her were gone from her mind. The knowledge that he saw her as a slave never crossed her consciousness as her mouth moved over his heart to take in his blood as he'd taken hers. After several long moments of her feeding and their combined petting of each other she pulled back from the wound with blood dripping down her chin and his chest she begged, "Eric please, I need you, please!"

The thought of denying her never even crossed his mind. Using his vampire speed he had her on her back and was kneeling between her spread legs with his hands beside her head to support his weight. He licked his blood from her mouth and chin as she undulated beneath him; desperate to feel him thrusting inside her. Their lust was one in this moment and ebbed and flowed between them in heated waves of passionate fury. There was only them, in this room, pressed together as they sought to ease the voracious hunger raging between them.
His pants were pushed down far enough to allow him to enter her and that was all he cared about. Sookie was looking up at him desperately as she raised her knees to grip him to her as she bucked her hips up against his hard length. One hand settled on his cheek as she brought his face closer so she could nip at his lips while her other hand took hold of his cock to guide him to her entrance. "Eric please! Hurry! I need to feel you! I need you inside me! Please my gyllene krigare!"
His fangs grazing her lips as she brought the head of his cock to her hot core Eric hissed, "You will feel me älskade, you will always feel me!" He was just about to thrust into her when her bedroom door flew open to bang against the wall and two very unwelcome voices disturbed them.

Tara and Eggs had been yelling at each other as they approached Sookie's bedroom door and didn't hear the heated words of the two would be lovers inside. Throwing open her friend's door as she looked over her shoulder to glare at Eggs behind her Tara yelled, "I don't care what you say! I've got every right to butt in if I think it means helping Sookie! She'd do the same for me and has!" Facing forward Tara started, "Sookie! I want to know what the hell—oh my God!" The sight of a half clothed Eric fixing to fuck a completely naked Sookie beneath him had her stumbling back against an equally shocked Eggs as she cried, "What the HELL!"

Eric reacted violently to the intrusion. His beast took the entrance of the two humans as a threat against his chosen female and mate. He looked over his shoulder and roared in fury with eyes glowing in anger and protective fury. His fangs were out and gleaming in the night. He had never looked more savage or deadly; violence and danger rolled off him in waves as everything went very still. The predator in him roared to life with the need to protect his mate from the intruders. He was about to fly off the bed and rip the throats out of the two humans before they had a chance to flee when he felt a small hand settle over his heart.

The magic whirling through Sookie and binding her to Eric shimmered as their attention was diverted from each other to the world around them. Her body was still burning, but awareness slammed into her as soon as she felt Eric's need to rend and kill well up inside her as though the emotions were her own. Seeing her friends at her bedroom door in shock as she felt Eric tense over her she didn't have time to be ashamed. She acted on pure instinct to save their lives and put her hand over Eric's tattoo as some part of her told her it was the only way to bring him back. "Eric …." she whispered softly.

He would never be able to ignore her. Especially when she called out to him for assurance. Looking down at her he saw the terrified look in her eyes and let a gentle purr fill his chest to soothe her. He could feel her fear and worry for her friends through the mark, and he knew he had to calm down. Clenching his fists into her bedding beside her head he hissed, "Leave Now."

Eggs knew a dangerous situation when he was in one. Wrapping an arm around Tara's waist he pushed her behind him before grabbing Sookie's door and pulling it shut with a loud click. When Tara looked like she was going to argue he hissed, "Don't! He was about to kill us! Just be glad Sookie stopped him. We're going to your room and waiting for her to tell either us we can come out or the sun comes up!" 

Grabbing her hand he pulled her after him. Tara, finally realizing he was right, followed after him without struggling.

Back in Sookie's bedroom Eric was shaking in need and barely suppressed rage as he laid over her. His body was pressed tightly against hers as he tried to pull his beast back from the need to kill. The moment the two humans had intruded on his heated moment with Sookie the call to battle had rose swiftly within him. All he could think was that they were trying to take her from him. They wanted to take his Sookie, his mate! He could feel Sookie's fear for her friends through the bond. He knew she was afraid he'd kill them and it took all he had to hold himself back from his beast's desire to tear off after them and rip them limb from limb. He wanted to stand over their mutilated bodies and roar in triumph so all would know that Sookie belonged to him.

'Mine, my Sookie …  I won't let anyone take her! She's mine!'

Sookie, feeling that Eric was on the verge of losing control, did her best to calm him. She would be angry about what had happened later. Right now she had to bring him back from the darkness she felt threatening to overwhelm him. He had ignored his instinct to kill for her, and she would do her best to help him abate the hunger for violence in him because of it. He was still lying between her raised knees and she could feel his cock pressed against her folds, but forced herself not to think about it. One hand stroked slowly along the corded muscles of his back, while her other hand caressed his scalp. "Shhh Eric, it's ok. They're gone, no one is going to hurt me. No one is going to take me. I'm here with you, it's ok, come back to me Eric, come back." She didn't know how she knew what he was feeling or what to say to soothe him, but she trusted her instincts at the moment.

Time seemed to stand still as Sookie continued to pet and stroke Eric softly while whispering soothing words in his ear. Finally his body began to relax over hers and she asked, "Are you ok now?"

Lifting himself so his head was no longer buried in her shoulder Eric kissed her lips softly as he replied, "Yes, and your friends are fools."
Arching a brow Sookie asked, "So I don't need to worry about you jumping up to go kill them?"

"Not tonight," he teased as he nuzzled her cheek.

"Good, now get the hell off me you lying manipulative bastard!" 

Shoving against his chest though it was more for effect than an actual attempt to move him of course. "How dare you! You said you wouldn't touch me! Get off!"

He should have known her gentleness wasn't going to last. Knowing that he wouldn't be getting an invitation inside her now Eric rolled to his back beside her and adjusted his pants while Sookie grabbed the quilt at the end of her bed and wrapped it around her. Propping himself up against the headboard he raised a knee and rested his arm on it as he waited for her tirade.

When she was covered Sookie jumped up from the bed and spun to face Eric as she hissed, "YOU! You ... how could you … get out!"

Arching a brow, Eric replied, "Forgetting yourself so soon my Sookie? Eager for more punishment are you?"

So angry she was actually shaking now, Sookie gripped the quilt tighter around her before she pointed towards the door and continued, "You got everything you wanted from me tonight! I did what you told me to do. You got your damn blood and your kiss now get out!"

Realizing that to push her any farther tonight would do him no good, Eric stood fluidly from the bed and gathered up the drops of blood on his chest from where she'd fed and licked his fingers clean before saying, "I will leave you as you obviously have a lot to think over." Walking towards her as she backed up until she was against the wall he leaned down to whisper against her ear, "I will see you tomorrow night, sleep well, sweet Sookie." And then he turned and walked out of her bedroom.

When he was gone Sookie felt her legs give out and she sank to the floor. She didn't know what to do. She was fairly certain that Tara was waiting for her to come explain what the hell she'd just seen, but Sookie just didn't have it in her to face her friend right now. Reaching up she tore the necklace from around her throat and hurled it across the room. Burying her face into her hands she began to cry. Anger, shame, horror, and self loathing tore through her. 'How could I … he … oh Lord! I almost .…'

She couldn't wrap her mind around what she'd done, and at the moment she didn't want to try. She felt dirty and used and she needed a shower. A hot shower. She had to scald the memory of his touch and what they'd almost done from her body. Standing up she stumbled out of her room into her bathroom. Dropping the quilt she turned the water on as hot as it would go without truly burning her before stepping in as she swore to herself, "Never again." She felt the area over her heart throb as though in denial, but paid it no attention.


  1. With relatives like niall, who needs enemies. Poor sookie. Wish she would go off on bobbie like she did arlene. Really hope she gets some sort of revenge for the shit he is putting her through. At this point, I hope she gets revenge on eric, niall, and the ap. Just like rohipnol, he is using the bond to make her do what he wants. Niall is apussy if u ask me.

  2. oh shit things g=keep get better and better Kristie

    "I can't cut my hair anymore, today he's making me go by all new clothes," buy spelt wrong