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Monday, September 24, 2012

Chapter 27 ~ Sookie Gets Revenge

She felt him nuzzle her hair as she pressed closer to him. They were lying naked on a bed of furs beneath a sparkling night sky. He was on his back with her smaller form molded against his side. She lay with her head over his heart and an arm slung across his waist. his arm was wrapped around her back while the other was folded beneath his head acting as a pillow. They had been resting peacefully together in a soothing silence as they simply enjoyed the presence of one another. She was happy; he was content and his beast at rest with her safely in his arms.

Feeling his hand stroke up and down her back tenderly she slowly traced her fingers over his sculpted abs and asked, "Do you ever miss the sun?"

He thought about the question for a moment before answering, "I remember missing the warmth of it as a newborn. I remember resenting the lost hours of the day at a few centuries old, but now? Now I do not remember the sun's warmth, and I have lived in the night for so long I do not think about walking in the day. Vampires spend just as much time up and about as humans; we just do our living at different times than you … I will say I wish I could see you in the sun. Make love to you in the sun."

Giggling softly Sookie kissed his chest before lying against him again as she whispered, "I'll miss it … I don't think I'll ever forget it after you …."

When her words trailed off Eric tightened his arm around her back to soothe her. He knew she feared him turning her. He knew she didn't want it, but she knew she couldn't stop it. He needed her and would not let mortality take her from him. He would allow her what time he could to walk in the light before he made her Vampire to walk beneath the moon and stars forever. "Do not think of such things my love. The sun will be lost to you, but you will gain so much more. You will gain an eternity at my side. In my arms. You will share lifetime after lifetime of love and devotion with me. Is that not worth the loss of your sun?"

Pushing herself up so that she could look into his face Sookie smiled softly as she whispered, "Yes. I would give up the sun if it means having you … but immortality frightens me."

Rolling her beneath him Eric kissed her lips softly before whispering, "The unknown is always frightening min älskade, but you will have me. I will protect you from any and all threats for all eternity little one. No one and nothing will harm you. This I swear."

"But can you protect me from myself? Can you keep me from losing my humanity? My heart and soul? Can you keep me from becoming cold and cruel as you were when I first met you?"

Stroking her cheek as he braced himself above her with one arm beside her head Eric replied, "Min älskade, I was the creature you first knew because I had never known love. Not in my human life or in my Vampire one. You taught me love and with it, restored the humanity inside me. I am still vicious and cruel when I need to be, I will always be first and foremost a warrior and your protector, but I have learned kindness and mercy as well. You gave me these things. You taught me to enjoy the warmth of my heart; dead though it may be. Our love has helped me to become the Vampire I am now. I will turn you and our love will only grow stronger. You will never have the chance to become the cold and callous creature I was because you will have me and our bond. Not only will our love keep the humanity alive within you, but I shall protect you from the evil the world has. I will shield you from all, and thus your tender heart will continue to love and hope as it does now. I would allow nothing less."

Nuzzling his hand as he cupped her cheek Sookie countered, "You loved Godric and that didn't keep you from becoming what you were when we first met. How can you be sure the same thing won't happen to me?"

"I did love Godric, but I didn't know it. I did not hold to any of the warmth I felt for him. I buried those emotions and embraced only the friendship, the devotion, respect, loyalty and admiration I had for him. I exalted him as my Maker and teacher. I buried my heart when made Vampire as I believed love was a weakness and thus I lost the ability to feel it or recognize it in my heart. When I found you I could not identify what the emotions forcing their way into my heart were. I thought it was possession and lust stronger than any I had ever felt before, and that is why I was so determined to own you. I could not tell that it was love and need that had awakened in me. You had to show me, teach me, what these things were again so that I could understand…now that I remember and have embraced them there will be no forgetting. Not for me, and not for you."

Sookie laughed as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as she replied, "It wasn't easy teaching you that's for sure! Your head is as hard as a rock! And you were so mean to me!"

Laughing with her, Eric kissed her lips softly as he answered, "Indeed, but it was a lesson I needed to learn. It was not easy but it will never be forgotten, and I will spend the rest of eternity making up for my behavior towards in you in the beginning. That is why I tell you with absolute certainty that you will not become what I was. You cannot simply because of who you are, and I will not allow it."

Pushing against his shoulder so that he would roll onto his back with her atop him, Sookie leaned down to kiss him deeply. When she drew back to straddle his waist she stared into his blue eyes and whispered, "I will follow you anywhere my gyllene krigare … always."

Running his hands up her back as her long golden hair fell down in curly waves around them, Eric replied, "I will protect you from everything and love you for eternity my älskade."

She felt him take hold of her hips to lift her up and she reached down to take hold of his erection to press it against her entrance. Smiling at him she set her hands on his chest and together they lowered her body down atop his. He was so long and thick that he stretched her wide every time he entered her. She always felt so deliciously full when he was inside her. Her head fell back and her long hair brushed his thighs as she moaned, "Eric…."

Trailing his hands up her sides to cup her breasts as she began to rock against him Eric growled in pleasure. He loved being inside her more than feeding or fighting. There were not words to describe the ecstasy he felt in joining with her. "Min älskade, you are so beautiful little one, so very beautiful. I would conquer worlds to keep you safe and at my side."

Stroking her fingers over his Mjolnir Sookie brought his hand away from her breast to cover her Faery Star as she whispered, "Together as one."

"Forever," Eric growled as their marks began to glow and their bodies alighted in a sparkling light.

You are his. He is yours. Become fate. Become destiny. Embrace your path chosen one of the Gods.

Eyes shooting open, Sookie sat bolt upright in bed as her hand when to cover her heart. Looking down she saw nothing. The mark she'd seen so clearly in her dream was not there, but her skin was hot and throbbing beneath her palm. There was a light sheen covering her body and she could feel the sticky wetness between her thighs indicating her arousal. She could still feel the sensation of Eric buried deep inside her and her body trembled with need for him. There was no doubt she'd been turned on by her dream, and she hated herself for it.

Thor was still snoring softy at the foot of her bed as she hopped up; she needed a cold shower. Looking at the clock she found it was only a few minutes after 6am and was mad she'd woken up so early. Scanning the house with her mind she found her guards downstairs in the living room (After she'd assured Eric they were loyal he had given them each a key and a general keycode to work her security system so they could get in and out, but the code had to be refreshed each week). Tara and Eggs were asleep in her friend's bedroom so she knew she wouldn't have to be doing any explaining quite yet.

After tying her hair up, she'd washed it last night and didn't want it drying out from over washing, she hoped beneath the cold spray to cool her body down. When that was done she adjusted the water to warm and bathed quickly. By then Thor was up and yipping softly at the shower door; he apparently wanted her to hurry so he could go out. She got out, dried off, and dressed quickly in shorts and a t-shirt to head downstairs.

"You're up awful early," Allan remarked from his spot on the couch beside his brother Mark.

"Couldn't sleep. I'm just going to check my email and then I'll make breakfast if you guys are hungry," Sookie said as she opened the front door for Thor; who promptly ran outside to take care of business. He was getting bigger and she idly noted she'd need to get him a larger collar soon.

Mark smiled and laughed, "We're Werewolves Sookie. We're always hungry!"

She laughed too and grabbed her laptop case just as Thor came running back inside with his tail wagging. She'd get him his food before logging on to her computer to see if Eric had approved her schedule for today. It was Thursday so she wasn't scheduled to work at Merlotte's for awhile and had planned to get some chores done for today after her training session with Ken at 10am. After feeding Thor she turned her computer on, logged in to the internet, and opened up her inbox to read Eric's email. Her email to him had said she wanted to clean the house and do her yard work today since she wasn't scheduled to work until Saturday. She was expecting Eric to OK it and remind her to contact her instructors about setting up a schedule for her lessons. She was wrong.

ERIC: No. You will not do such work anymore. I've arranged for a yard service and a house keeping service to come by and take care of these matters for you today. They'll be there around 8am. Since you should still be asleep at this time, since I ordered you to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each day, I sent texts to your guards to let them in. I will soon have a witch come to your house to perform an anti-dust spell so cleaning won't be necessary, but until then you will use the housekeeping service. The yard service will come by weekly and tend to everything. You won't even have to speak to them as Bobby has added them to my monthly bills and I will see to their payment. All you need to do today is let them know how you want things done, and if you desire any landscaping (flowers, trees, bushes, ect) merely let them know and they will return tomorrow to take care of it. After that they will arrive weekly and tend to things themselves.

After your lesson with Ken you will take your bodyguards and come to Shreveport to go shopping at Broyhill. It is a furniture company and you will order all new furniture for you house. Set up a delivery date giving you enough time to get rid of the furniture you have now, along with having your walls and floors redone. You may keep only those pieces with the most sentimental value. Everything else will go. After you've done that stop by the Bose store located down the street and pick out a new TV, a theatre system, and anything else you want. I have an account there and they are expecting you so you won't have to pay. Just point at what you want and the store will deliver it to your house on the date you tell them.

A painter will be arriving tomorrow morning for you to speak to him about what kind of paint or wall paper you'd like while a crew comes to buff and wax your hardwood floors. Have Broyhill give you pictures of the furniture you select (they are aware you're coming and will attend you properly), and give those to the painter so he can help you select the best colors to use on your walls.

I have an account set up at Broyhill as well so you only need to show them your license and point out whatever you wish, and they will send the bill to Bobby to take care of. However be sure you're taking your credit cards and checkbook with you everywhere as they are yours to use at will. I've wired money to your account and there is twenty five thousand in it now. I've set it up so my bank will automatically transfer more money to yours if your balance drops below five thousand. Add that to the fact your Visa, American Express, and Discover have a $150,000 limit a piece and you may buy whatever you wish. Feel free to shop more in Shreveport while you're there. 

I've attached the list of your instructors to this email. You won't be starting your lessons until next week, but call and set your times with your instructors and introduce yourself. A work crew will be arriving around the same time Ken gets there today to begin constructing the barn, pastures, and training ring for you to take your lessons in. I've ordered a stable and pasture setup that will match your house and already told them where to build it. You don't need to speak to the builders. I decided that it would be easier for your riding instructor to come to you instead of you driving to Shreveport to meet with her. I've bought two horses for you and they are currently being boarded at her stable, but she will deliver them to your house when the accommodations for them are finished at your home.

Also, remember you are to wear your new clothing. I will go through your closet when I have time and pick out what few items you may keep while the rest you will get rid of. Until then, wear only the new wardrobe you got yesterday. Have a nice day my Sookie, and I will see you tonight. Pam will pick you up and deliver you to me at Fangtasia as usual.

Sookie could feel her rage bubbling up inside her. Her fists gripped the sides of the table and it took everything she had to keep from hurling her laptop through the kitchen window. Eric was building her a daytime fairy tale, and trapping her inside it with electric fencing and barbwire. She couldn't escape the little bubble he was putting her in. The only problem was he was no knight on a white horse coming to save her. Her days might be filled with endless shopping and frolicking as most girls and women only dreamed of, but her nights were lorded over by a dark Vampire sheriff that wouldn't leave her the hell alone!

'How dare he! How dare he treat me like this! I'm not some doll for him to dress up and play with whenever he wants to! I can't believe he's making dreams I've had my whole life, things I've only ever hoped to have or be able to do, become a living nightmare for me!''

She sat seething for a good ten minutes before an idea popped into her mind. Tallying up how much was in her account and on her cards she decided she had more than enough to do what she wanted. She grabbed her cell phone and called Ken to see if he could come as soon as possible. She told him she had to go to Shreveport and get quite a bit done today before she had to come home to get ready for Fangtasia and wanted to get started; he said he would leave immediately. A smile on her face now she logged off the internet and shut down her computer before setting about making breakfast.

'Eric wants me to shop? Oh, I'll shop all right … just not alone.'

She knew it would be hard to distract Tara from the explanation her friend wanted, but she was sure she could come up with something to hold her off for today at least.

Two and a half hours later she pulled her Mercedes into the parking lot of Broyhill. It was not yet 10am. Just as Eric ordered, she was wearing one of the outfits she'd been forced to buy and was dressed in a dark purple sundress with matching accessories. It looked good on her, but made her feel like a doll. She watched as Allan pulled his truck in beside her and then she and her passengers got out. Smiling at Tara, Eggs, Lafayette and her brother she said, "Now you all know what to do? Tara, you and Eggs go pick out a bedroom set for you at our house. Lafayette and Jason, you two go pick out whatever furniture you want at your houses. Eric has an account here so I don't have to use my checkbook or credit cards. Hurry though, we have a lot of shopping to do today!"

Mark and Allan shook their heads at their charge and followed after her and her friends as they ran into the store like little kids. Sookie had woken her brother and all her friends up this morning and told them to get the day off from work because she was taking them all shopping; Eric's treat. She'd called Sam and filled him in or her little plan and he was only too happy to give Tara, Lafayette and Eggs the day off as long as they all worked the night shift to make up for it. With that in mind Sookie had told them that since Eric was obviously intent on treating her like his Mistress then it was only right she spread the wealth. They were in total agreement.

Once inside the store, everyone took off in different directions while Sookie strolled up to the front desk and presented her driver's license to the clerk. As soon as he realized she was the woman that Eric Northman had called about he began falling all over himself to help her. Sookie had walked through her house this morning to see which pieces she wanted to keep, but her grandmother hadn't kept much out of sentiment so much as necessity. They'd never had the money to replace anything. So now all she intended to hold onto was the old desk in the living room that had been in the family for over a hundred years, the grandfather clock, and a few pieces scattered throughout the house. Other than that she would give the rest to the town church to sell off to raise money.

Dining room
Living room
Guest Bedroom
Master Bedroom (imagine queen bed)
Sookie's bathroom (minus the pillars)
It took Sookie about an hour and a half to select a new living room set, dining room set, kitchenette set, guest bedroom set, and bathroom accessories for her hall bath. When she was done, her brother and Lafayette had picked out all new furniture for their homes and assured her they'd donate their old stuff to the church along with her, and Tara had picked out a bedroom set for herself. 

Tara's bedroom
The Broyhill employee that had been following her around was practically foaming at the mouth thinking of the commission he'd get. Jason and Lafayette arranged for their furniture to be delivered tomorrow afternoon since the church was coming by in the morning to take all of their old furniture. Sookie informed the man that her house was getting painted so she'd call him sometime tomorrow to give him a time and date to deliver her furniture. The salesman assured her that would be fine and wished her and her companions a nice day. They didn't have to worry about paying since he would immediately wire the bill to Bobby for him to take care of.

When they left the store Sookie swung by Bose just as Eric had told her to, and once again everyone filed out. She assured everyone they could pick out anything they wanted since Eric had set up an account here for her too. An hour later when they left Sookie had picked out two 60 inch flat screens for herself; one for the living room and one for her bedroom. Tara and Eggs both got one as well; one for Tara's room and one for Egg's hotel room. Lafayette and Jason got two 60 inch flat screens as well for their living and bedrooms. She, Jason and Lafayette each got two state of the art home theater systems; again for living and bedrooms while Tara and Eggs each got one for their bedrooms. 

She also bought 6 more 60 inch flat screen TV's and theater systems for each of her guards and ordered them delivered along with everyone elses. Mark and Allan were ecstatic. They knew she was trying to piss Eric off, and thought her plan was hilarious.

With that done Sookie smiled at everyone and clapped her hands together as she asked, "Who wants a new car?" Facing Lafayette she continued, "Since Eric has been so mean to you I think a Lexus is definitely the way to go! You said you always wanted one! How about a convertible?" Grabbing his arm and pulling him towards her Mercedes she called back to her brother and other friends, "You guys be thinking what kind of car you want! We have a lot to do today before I have to be home to get ready for work!"

Jason's 2010 Challenger
BMW 650i for Tara
Cadillac for Eggs
Lafayette's Lexus
One of Seven Ford F-150's
By 5pm as they finished up shopping, Sookie had used her American Express, Visa, and Discover to buy Lafayette a red Lexus SC10 priced at $70,000. Jason got a black Dodge 2010 Challenger. It wasn't the most expensive car but since they came out last year he'd been itching to get one. It only dented her Visa by about $30,000. Tara got a black BMW 650i convertible that cost $90,000. Eggs decided on a silver 2010 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid that cost $80,000. Still nowhere near done, Sookie bought 7 Ford F-150's in various colors. One for each of her guards, and one for Terry since she knew he was desperate for a new truck. They each cost $27,000, but since she was buying so many, Ford gave them to her for $22,000 apiece. She gave out the names and addresses and they assured her they would be delivered by the end of the day. All anyone had to do was sign for them. Mark and Allan of course signed for theirs on the spot.

It didn't take her long to buy all the cars since she was paying for them fully, and didn't have to sign a contract for a payment schedule. And since she'd paid for each car up front her brother and all of her friends got to drive their new cars home. However as she'd had a total of $475,000 to spend with all of her credit cards and cash in her bank account, and since she'd only spent $424,000 she had one last stop in mind before heading home.

She swung by Louisiana State University at Shreveport and slapped down the $47,000 it would cost to pay for her brother, Lafayette, and Tara to go to school part time (since they'd still need to work) for six full years; summers included. She put what she could on the cards and then the rest she paid with the money in her bank accounts. The head of the registrar's office assured her that as long as she paid up front her brother and friends could pick whatever degree they wished and begin classes in the spring. All they had to do was come in and fill out the necessary paperwork. Sookie couldn't wait to tell them. She knew Tara and Lafayette would be ecstatic to go, and she knew Jason would be happy as well. He'd had dreams of going to college and making something of himself, but he'd lost his football scholarship when he blew out his knee and without the scholarship he hadn't been able to afford to go.

With all the money Eric had given her spent in the ways SHE wanted to spend it Sookie smiled at Mark and Allan, who were thoroughly amused by her actions, and headed for Bon Temps. She had been so busy throughout the day she hadn't had the time to watch the news or see the paper. Had she then she definitely would have felt even better about spending Eric's money on her friends instead of herself as he probably expected.

Two hours later at 8pm on the dot, there was a knock on her door and Sookie answered it. Mark and Allan had just left two minutes earlier as they heard howling from the woods signaling the arrival of her night Were guards. As they left they told her that the Weres in the woods were barking out thank you's for the cars and she only laughed at that. Opening the door to smile at Pam, Sookie greeted, "Hello Pam. How are you this evening?"

Pam eyed Sookie and took in the short purple dress with a black belt that served as her wardrobe tonight. Her hair was down and she wore no jewelry, but the girl still looked good. "Fine. Are you ready?"

Rolling her eyes at Pam's lack of manners Sookie picked up Thor, her purse and phone and followed her out to her car.

When they were on their way Sookie asked, "So uh … did Eric mention anything when he got to Fangtasia tonight?" Sookie knew there was no way Eric hadn't learned of what she'd done today when he woke. He kept such a close eye on her that she was certain he knew exactly what she'd spent his money on.

Laughing Pam replied, "Why don't you come right out and ask, Sookie? You want to know if Eric is upset by your little shopping spree today correct?"

Glaring at the vampire beside her Sookie continued to pet Thor, who was getting a bit too big for her lap, and said, "Basically."

Ignoring her glare Pam shrugged and laughed, "You'll just have to figure that out for yourself when we get there won't you? I'll say this though … for such a tiny thing you've got some balls, Sookie."

"Takes one to know one I guess."

Shocked at her comeback Pam eyed her for a moment before smirking as she replied, "Indeed it does, Sookie. Indeed it does."

Half an hour later, Pam pulled into the front Fangtasia parking lot again and walked with Sookie inside. Eric was once again seated on his throne and watched them approach. Pam was manning the door again tonight, but there was no way she was going to miss this! She actually had no idea if Eric was mad at Sookie or not over what she'd done. He'd merely informed her of the girl's little stunt when he arrived and then headed straight to his office to return a phone call from the queen. She was just as curious as Sookie as to what his reaction would be.

Eric watched Sookie and Pam come towards him, but kept his gaze solely on his bonded. He'd become aware of her spending nearly half a million of his money on her friends and guards the moment he awoke when he'd listened to Bobby's urgent voicemail that Sookie was going crazy with her credit cards and suggested that he cut her off immediately. Eric, not believing that his frugal southern belle would so soon settle into her place in his life now and be comfortable spending his money, had immediately pulled up the account records.

He'd actually laughed his ass off when he saw what she'd done. It wouldn't happen again, of course, but he found it humorous, nonetheless. A half million was nothing to him, but he didn't like spending his money on people that weren't worth it if it didn't benefit him in some way. He'd checked his reports from her guards and found the recipient of Sookie's, and therefore his, generosity had been her brother, Lafayette, her roommate and her boyfriend, and all of her guards as well.

He was thoroughly amused by Sookie's defiance and way of getting back at him for vetoing her schedule and ordering her around instead. It was obvious she knew she couldn't disobey, but she had certainly read so far between the lines she'd barely followed his original commands at all. He was truly pleased by her feistiness. He was also wondering what she had to say about their picture in the paper, and the video of them on the news.

As Pam brought Sookie to a stop in front of him he kept his face neutral and tapped his fingers on the arm of his throne as he gazed at her. He wanted her to think he was upset. He wanted to see her squirm. He could feel her unease building as she stood before him, but was pleased when she merely lifted her chin and glared right back at him. Such fire and spirit his bonded had! Not wanting to end their game so soon he asked, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Sookie shrugged and replied, "You told me to shop and buy anything I wanted. I followed your orders to the letter."

She had at that. He could tell she was angry at him for last night, but she apparently wasn't about to be cowed by it at all. He couldn't have been happier. He loved a challenge! Bending Sookie to his will would be his greatest conquest yet. Arching a brow Eric said, "Apparently, I'll have to be more specific in the future."


Pam couldn't help but smirk. The tiny human at her side certainly had nerves of steel that was for damn sure. She hadn't been so thoroughly amused by a human in decades, and she hoped that Eric went easy on her so that Sookie wouldn't be too apprehensive about annoying him in the future. It was quite the spectacle to see the little tug of war for control between them. Eric had it of course, but it was fun watching Sookie try to fight for the upper hand. More and more she was beginning to not only appreciate the spice Sookie seemed to bring into her and Eric's undead lives, but the humor as well. 'Such a strange little thing she is.'

Sookie and Eric continued to stare each other down for several very uncomfortable minutes before Eric finally said, "As I was not specific in my orders today your brother and friends may keep the gifts you bought them, however from this point forth you are to use the money I give you to buy yourself things. If you wish to purchase something for a friend or relative you must clear it with me first. Is that understood?"

Happy that she wouldn't have to ask her friends for their gifts back, but unwilling to show it to Eric, Sookie answered, "Perfectly."

Standing Eric added, "Good. Now we have several things to discuss in my office before we return to entertain the vermin. Come my Sookie." Taking her arm Eric led her towards his office. When they were inside with the door shut behind them he seated her on the couch, where she laid Thor down beside her, before moving behind his desk. He got straight to the point. "We've been summoned to come before the Queen in two nights time. We should only be there for one evening, but you must be in attendance. Several other Kings and Queens across North America will be there with humans, and your skill might be needed."

"I'm guessing this has to do with the Fellowship site?"

"Indeed. A tentative plan is being formed."

Sookie was silent for a moment before she asked, "You guys aren't going to hurt anyone right?"

Shaking his head Eric replied, "I can no longer make you that promise. What is happening here is beyond our original agreement. This has to do with the entire supernatural community as a whole. When the monarchs and Council set down a decree as to how to handle this situation that is how it will be handled. I cannot disobey our laws simply to make you happy."

Sookie had already figured as much and was about to tell him she understood and just wanted to be in the dark as to the fates of the Fellowship terrorists as much as possible if it got bloody when a memory of what Sam told her hit her. Glaring at him, she hissed, "Jessica was never in half as much trouble as you made me think was she? The whole thing was a trick!"

He shrugged as he replied, "I told you Sookie; I saw something I wanted and did what I had to do to get it. You should not worry over these things as they no longer matter. My ownership of you is secure and absolute. Do not concern yourself with the What ifs. It will only make you mourn the loss of your freedom more."

Sookie was silent a moment before she asked, "Did she know?"

Nodding his head Eric replied, "Jessica was aware it was a ruse, yes. She played her part rather well I must say. I did not expect her to be so good an actress."

Sookie felt her nails digging into her palms as she tightened her fists in her lap. "Where is she? I'd like to talk to her."

Eric, knowing she wanted to yell at the newborn for deceiving her, smiled and said, "As you wish. She got so annoying for Pam and I that I've been allowing her to spend her nights with that boy from your town as she wishes. She generally returns to Fangtasia around 4am, but I will text her and tell her to return earlier."

Sookie clenched her fists in her lap as she asked stiffly, "Is that all?"

Not perturbed by her anger in the least Eric shook his head and replied, "No. I have several matters that I need to discuss with you beyond our summons."

"And they would be?"

"First, two vampire guards are arriving tomorrow night. They are enforcers and from this point forth they will guard your home at night along with your Were guards and follow you anywhere you go. They will bring you to Fangtasia each night and take you home on the nights I do not. Their sole purpose here is to keep you safe. I'm ordering a light tight guest home built on your property with the stable and they will use that once it is up. Until then they will take shelter in the ground during the day and use Bill's home to clean up and such. They will see to their own feeding and entertainment while I am with you here at Fangtasia. I have spoken with—"

"Wait, why do I need two Vampire guards? I thought you got Alcide and the others to look after me until the threat with the Fellowship is over?"

Not upset by her interrupting him as her question would lead him into his next discussion Eric replied, "You will continue to have Were guards. As I was saying I spoke to Alcide the other day and informed him that I would need full time protection for you on a permanent basis until you are turned. He and his pack have agreed to provide it along with your two new vampire guards and once you are turned their debt to me will be considered paid. They will add more Weres as needed to cover all the shifts, and you will of course look inside their heads to make sure they are loyal. You will now have four guards with you during the day, and only two Weres at night alongside your vampire guard."

Sookie was silent a moment before saying, "This isn't about the Fellowship is it?"

"No it is not. I have information from an impeccable source that you are a very significant target to many. Some will seek to kill you and some will seek to kidnap you. This I cannot allow. You will be heavily guarded from this point forth. It is not up for debate."

"What source?"

Smirking Eric replied, "That I cannot tell you. You will simply have to trust me on this. The names of your vampire guards are Han and Ivan. Han is 2,000 years old and a world renowned Enforcer. He was made in China. His skill with a sword is legendary and none that have gone against him have lived. Ivan is 800 years old and also an Enforcer. He is a giant of a vampire and even makes me look small. He speaks very little English but will learn quickly. Han speaks Russian, which is what Ivan is, and can translate for you if need be since he also speaks English very well. Both will be traveling with us to New Orleans. You will drive to Shreveport with your Were guards Saturday during the day with Han and Ivan in travel coffins. I will fly there that night. Our meeting with the queen is not until 9 so I will make it there in plenty of time. Afterwards we will all stay at a hotel for the night and then you and your guard will drive back the next day. I'll fly home that night. Understood?"

"I have to work Saturday."

"Not anymore."

Sookie glared at him for that and replied, "You are such a jerk!"

"Don't forget Viking sex god."

She forced herself not to throw a pillow at him. She was not eager to be punished again so soon. She was quiet a moment before she asked, "2,000 and 800? Why do I get the feeling that having the two of them look after me is a really big deal?"

"Because it is. I'm certain that the queen and other monarchs will be shocked to see them. The source I have is not only above questioning, but also very powerful. Their presence will be highly regarded and the fact that they are your guards will have spread through the Supernatural community within a day."

"You're really not going to tell me what's going on?"

Shaking his head Eric replied, "I was instructed not to. I was only told you would be informed in time. For now you must remain in the dark, and I'll admit even I don't know everything. I know only that your safety has been threatened so deeply and considered so important to many powerful beings as to warrant these enforcers being sent to me to help protect you."

"What many? I don't know any of you guys except the ones Bill and you introduce to me. How can anybody be after me?"

"I cannot answer these questions, nor do you need to concern yourself with them. Know only you are thoroughly protected and no one is going to get to you."

Crossing her arms over her chest Sookie huffed, "Fine, is that all?"

"No. Remember that I warned you I suspected the queen was moving against me behind my back and that her sending Andre was suspicious?" When Sookie nodded, he continued, "I now have verification of that fact. She will seek to kill me and bind you to her. Before you get your hopes up that she is a better master let me assure you that she would simply allow Andre to blood bond you to him and you would have to serve him for the rest of your life. He is loyal to only her so you would be her asset. I do not think she will attempt to be rid of me until the Fellowship problem is dealt with, but I will take no chances. Be wary when we are before her and go nowhere without your guards. Do not speak unless spoken to or told by me to do so. Understood?"

Shuddering at the thought of being bound to Andre Sookie nodded her head. She despise being Eric's, but the idea of belonging to the queen's child terrified her. Besides she was not interested in trading one Master for another; at least Eric held some regard for her. "Got it, now are we done?"

"Not quite, according to the reports from your guards you woke a little after six. As it was well after 2 when I left this morning, that means you did not get the 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep I ordered you to get. You will explain this to me now, and I will decide if you need to be punished for breaking another rule."

Mouth falling open in shock Sookie glared at Eric for a full minute before angrily replying, "I couldn't sleep."

"Not good enough. Explain further."

"What do you want me to say Eric? I couldn't sleep!"

"If you woke up you, could have gone back to sleep or at least rested in bed a few more house. You did neither. You got up and began your day after a measly 4 and a half hours of sleep, at best. This is unacceptable. In order for you to remain healthy as you carry out your obligations to me you must be well rested. If you don't want me to spank you for disobeying me I suggest you give me a better reason for getting up before you were allowed to."

Grinding her teeth together Sookie hissed, "I had a bad dream and I had to take a shower ok! I couldn't lay there and there was no way in hell I'd be able to go back to sleep!"

Smirking at this Eric leaned back in his chair as he replied, "Bad dream that caused you to need a shower? I'm thinking perhaps it was more along the lines of a good dream. Perhaps featuring me?"

Glaring at him Sookie said, "That's none of your business! You asked for the reason I had to get up and I told you."

Still smirking Eric shrugged and added, "One day you'll tell me of your dreams. As I understand your dilemma I shall let it go this time. From now on I don't care if you wake up from a dream or not; you will get your 8 hours of sleep. Now we have only one other item of business to discuss."

"And that is?"

"Bill will be returning to Bon Temps sometime next week. I do not have the exact date as of yet. I know only that he will be returning before next Friday." Of course he didn't mention Bill was only returning because he'd called Lorena and told her to bring him back. He'd warned her to keep her mouth shut about everything they'd discussed over the weeks if she didn't want to be finally dead, and she'd assured him she would. He knew she had begun to realize just how powerful he was while in Europe and doubted she'd cross him, and even if she did it wouldn't matter. Sookie was already his.

Sookie sat back on the couch as her body and mind went numb with that little bit of information. She had purposefully forced herself not to think of Bill and their no longer possible relationship since she'd discovered just how thoroughly she'd screwed herself by coming to Eric for help. She couldn't do that anymore since Eric had slapped her in the face with the knowledge her former fiancée was returning.

'What am I going to do? What will I say to him? He's going to hate me! Heck I hate me! I threw away any chance we had at happiness by coming to Eric. Bill warned me he was not to be trusted; that he was tricky and deceitful! What is going to happen now?'

Looking at Eric she whispered, "What happens when he comes back?"

Eric had watched her go silent as she digested the fact that Bill was returning. He felt shock, fear, sorrow, despair, and worry flood her body as she thought over his news. When she asked him what would happen he was blunt and to the point. "I will allow you to speak to him. You will obviously dissolve your relationship with him at that time, and return his ring. You may explain to him how I tricked you if it will make you feel better. I really don't care. If you wish to remain friends with him that is fine, but you will never be left alone with him. Your guards will always be near."

He didn't mention that he hoped she tried to remain friends with Bill, nor did he mention if Lorena allowed her child to stay in Bon Temps Bill would likely try to find a way to get her back if the fool loved her half as much as Eric believed he did. He wanted to see this happen. He wanted to see Bill hiding in the shadows watching him have Sookie all to himself. Bill had been a fool to tell him she would never be his. 'Well who's laughing now Billy boy?'

Sookie forced her eyes to remain dry. She would not allow Eric to see her cry over this. She would be strong. "Will you at least allow me to tell him by myself? Will you allow us to be alone for that one conversation?"

"No. I do not trust that he will not react badly to the situation. I will be there to keep him from doing anything foolish…again this is a nonnegotiable point."

Deciding she'd think about this later Sookie replied, "Fine, we're done now?"

"Yes … though I have something to give you first." Reaching inside his desk he pulled out a black velvet box and stood to approach her. Sitting beside her on the couch he opened the box to reveal another necklace. This one was a platinum pendant of his initials EN in a diagonal design in cursive hanging down from a platinum chain. "You will wear this everyday and at night unless I say otherwise. Or if you desire to wear any of the other jewelry I've given you."

Sookie waited as he clasped the necklace in place around her neck before replying, "I hope you're not waiting for a thank you."

Smirking at her Eric stood and offered her his hand as he said, "Of course not. Grab Thor and let's go entertain the vermin." He was surprised she hadn't said anything to him about the news or paper and finally concluded she hadn't seen it yet. As he led her to the front he sent a text to Bobby to get a copy of every paper that had reported his and Sookie's behavior at Fangtasia last night and have them delivered to Sookie's house in the morning. He'd email her the link to the news broadcasts before he went to rest.

When they were once again seated on his throne with her in his lap he waved Richelle over to get Sookie her Gin and Tonic. He took it from the waitress again so Sookie wouldn't have to touch her. After that the night progressed slowly. The fangbangers glared at Sookie. She ignored them and their evil thoughts about her. Eric touched her and teased her until it was all she could do to keep from slapping him. She found two underage kids with fake ID's, one girl looking to find V, and a guy with Hep D. Other than that, the night was quiet.

At around 1am Jessica came strolling in. Hoyt wasn't with her. Eric had texted her and told her to return early to speak with Sookie so she'd told her boyfriend she had to call it an early night and would see him tomorrow. Walking up to Eric's throne, she waved hi to Sookie and started, "Hi Sook! Long time no …."

She never got to finish as Sookie flew off Eric's lap and slapped the newborn Vampire across the cheek. "Don't you dare talk to me like we're friends Jessica! How could you do that to me? How could you stab me in the back like that!

Everyone in the bar had gone dead silent. The DJ stopped the music and all eyes were on the two women. Eric sat lounging on his throne as he watched the confrontation unfold. He could have grabbed Sookie before she got off his lap if he'd wanted, but where would have been the fun in that? He also could have brought her back from her anger as he usually did when she got upset with him by using the bond to influence her, but he wanted to see her explode at the younger vampire. Sitting back with a smile on his face he watched Sookie step down off the stage and advance towards Jessica; who was holding her cheek and looking at Sookie in shock as she backpedaled. All around them every Fangbanger and Vampire was watching the scene unfold carefully. Eric could see Pam lounging against the bar with a smirk on her face; just as amused as he was. Sookie was nothing if not unpredictable.

'She really is fond of slapping Vampires. I'll have to break her of that habit before it gets her killed, but not now. Now it's just far too entertaining.'

Backing away from Sookie, Jessica stuttered, "Sookie … what—why … what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong? You lied Jessica!" Pointing behind her at Eric Sookie hissed, "You helped him to trap me! You helped him to make me a slave! You helped him to own me! Do you understand that Jessica? He owns me now! I can't ever get away from him, and you helped him do it! I can't be with Bill now because I belong to Eric, and you helped him to do that to me!"

The smirk on Eric's face just got wider and wider with every word out of his Sookie's mouth. Her anger at the girl before her was so great she didn't realize she was shouting her status to every Fangbanger and Vampire in the room. It was exquisite to him as she reiterated all he'd done to her, and how very much he owned her. 'Oh this is too good,' he thought as he propped his elbow on the arm of his throne to rest his cheek on his fist and watched Sookie continue to berate Jessica. Everyone else in the bar was hanging on her every word as well, and he did absolutely nothing to dim the fury rising in her. Normally he would send soothing waves of calm to her to bring her back from the edge, but this was just too good to pass up. Sookie was finally getting to vent her anger and frustration at her situation, and it was a truly glorious thing to see.

"Sook—I … let me explain. Eric—"

"DON'T! Don't say another word!" Coming to stand directly in front of the other girl who had finally backed up against a table, everyone moved out of their way of course, and hissed, "How could you? You sat there crying and begging for my help. You played off my affection for you to get me under his control. I sacrificed for you and all the while you were playing me just like he was! Well I hope you're happy with yourself Jessica! I've lost my entire life to him, and you helped him take it! Do you remember how bad you felt when you realized you were a vampire?"

"Sook … please let me—"

"Stop!" Sookie clenched her fists at her side and hissed, "He's going to turn me Jessica! He's going to drain me dry in a few years and fill me with his blood and I'll really belong to him for the rest of eternity! He's going to rip my humanity away from me, and there's nothing I can do about it! You helped him to do that! So FUCK you, and FUCK your excuses! I don't ever want to see you again you lying bitch!" Spinning around Sookie stomped back towards Eric and sat down on his lap as she glared at the girl she used to call friend. Obviously redheads were no good for her. She then proceeded to ignore everyone and everything around her. She was shaking she was so angry.

Eric wrapped an arm around Sookie's waist and pulled her back against him farther. It took everything he had not to laugh outright at the show Sookie and Jessica had just put on. Every mouth in the bar was hanging open. The vampires were shocked a human had just slapped a newborn and gotten away with it. While every Fangbanger was stunned to learn that Sookie not only really belonged to Eric, but that he intended to turn her. They looked at him to see if he would counter any of her claims and he decided to cement the truth in their heads. "I believe my future child told you to leave Jessica. From this point forward you will stay out of her sight as she said. Leave Fangtasia before opening, and return just before dawn so you know you won't run into her…though you won't be here much longer as your maker is returning next week."

Jessica looked back and for the between them before she began, "Sook, I had no ch—"

"Now Jessica," Eric growled. He flashed his fangs at her over Sookie's shoulder so she would know not to divulge the entirety of his plot; how he'd tortured her and threatened her with more if she didn't help him. He watched as bloody tears filled the newborn's eyes before she spun around and darted out of the bar. 

When she was gone Eric waved a hand at the DJ and ordered, "Resume."

Sookie was literally seeing red as she crossed her arms under her chest and glared out over the crowd. The thoughts of those around her slammed into her head as their shock wore off.

'HER! He's going to turn her? She doesn't deserve to be his child!'

‘Filthy slut! I should be his child! I would make ….’

‘I'm so much better than her! Why the hell would he want a fat cow like her when he could have me? I'm ….’

‘What the hell? I've been sleeping with him for weeks and he wants her? No way! I won't let ….’

Rubbing her temples she closed her eyes and tried to push the pain of the hateful thoughts back. 

'They can have him if they want him! I'd give anything to get his attention off me!'

Cradling her on his lap Eric kissed her temple when she lowered her hands and said, "Calm down pet, you don't need to be so upset. Your anger is hurting you."

"It's not my anger, it's theirs. I should have kept my mouth shut. Now they know and they hate me more. It hurts when they throw hate at me like this," Sookie said as she clenched her eyes shut and felt another wave of hate and anger batter against her mind.

Looking out over the crowd Eric saw every human in the crowd literally glaring daggers at his bonded. They were practically foaming at the mouth in their rage at the knowledge Sookie was not only his, but that he intended to turn her. Standing with Sookie in his arms he left the stage and headed towards his office with Thor padding after them. Stepping inside, he kicked the door shut when the puppy was safely in the office as well.

He took a seat on the couch with Sookie in his lap and said, "You can stop listening. Raise your shields." He could feel the immediate relief in her mind as she blocked the thoughts out. He sent waves of comfort and relaxation to her as he absorbed the pain in her head into himself. The pounding at his temples was nothing to him as he focused on her. 


As soon as the pain disappeared from her head Sookie looked up at Eric and asked, "Did you do that?"

Nodding his head he replied, "Yes. Just as I can cause you feelings or sensations I can take them using the bond. I took the pain from your head."

Jumping off his lap Sookie hissed, "Don't do that! Give it back!"

Arching a brow Eric questioned, "You want me to give you pain?"

"I want you to give me back what's mine and stop controlling me!"

Shaking his head Eric replied, "No … and stop being foolish."


"No. Your head hurt because you were here working for me. From now on I will draw the tension from you so it does not bother you when you lower your shields to work for me."

"Doesn't it bother you?"

Eric laughed at that. "Of course not. I have suffered through torturous pain you couldn't even imagine in my 1,000 years on this earth. The paltry ache you experience is nothing."

"Then give it back! I don't want you manipulating me through the bond!"

Shaking his head again Eric replied, "No. You are mine and I will care for you as I see fit. If you are in pain that I have not caused you through punishment then I will take it from you. And stop giving me orders."

Hearing the steel in his voice at that last part Sookie let the matter drop and said, "Can we go now? Am I done for the night?"

"You are done, but we're not going. I have work I have to do here tonight in preparation for our visit to the queen so Pam will take you home. Now we will exchange blood and you will give me my kiss, then you may go." He held his hand out to her.

Glaring at him Sookie took it and allowed him to pull her onto his lap again as she said, "You go first."

Deciding not to force her to exchange at the same time Eric swept her hair off her neck as he pulled her back against his chest and whispered, "My pleasure."

Sookie forced herself not to gasp as he nudged her head to the side and began licking her pulse point softly. She took a shaky breath just as his fangs sank deep into her neck. His arm tightened around her waist as she felt his cock grow hard beneath her. His other hand rested on her abdomen just above her cervix and she moaned as she felt him growl against her back while he continued to drink deeply from her. The area over her heart throbbed and heated to an almost uncomfortable level. Her eyes fluttered shut as her hands settled atop his over her waist and she whimpered, "Eric .…"

He could feel his Mjolnir pulse in time with her heartbeat. He could feel how her body heated at the sensation of his mouth against her pulse, and every shudder of pleasure that coursed through her ran through him as well. He rocked his hips beneath her before he lifted his head from her pulse long enough to bite into his wrist and offer it to her. She was in the same feeding frenzy he was now and latched onto the wound immediately. Feeling the burning desire in her for him he knew he could continue feeding without her attempting to stop him. He licked the few drops that had escaped his bite on her neck before sinking his fangs back into her.

'She tastes so fucking good! It's like liquid fire in my mouth and unadulterated power!'

Sookie gripped Eric's wrist to her mouth and drank deeply. His blood was always cold in her mouth, but burned her from the inside out nonetheless. Her back was to his chest causing their hearts to align. She felt like a line of energy flowed between them from those very spots. As her eyes fluttered closed she could see the glowing string connecting them pulse bright and strong between their bodies as they fed from each other. She felt Eric bucking beneath her and she rolled her own hips in time with his movements while his free hand dipped beneath her dress to sink into her panties and stroke the liquid heat of her. She was so lost in the taste of his powerful, centuries old Vampire warrior blood, and the throbbing heat of lust her mark pulsed into her that she didn't care how much she disliked him. She just wanted him. Their bodies began to glow along with their marks as Sookie closed her eyes and thrust her hips against Eric's fingers plunging inside her.

Eric was just as consumed as Sookie. Stroking his fingers deep inside her welcoming sheath he marveled at how very tight she was! The heat of her surrounded his hand as he thrust his fingers into her again and again while his palm rubbed against her clit. They were so thoroughly connected that every tremor of pleasure she experienced reverberated through his aching cock as well while he continued to buck against her. He was growling against her neck as they both continued to feed and thought, 'Mine! My Sookie! Min älskade.'

What neither knew was that every feeding, every touch, every moment they spent with one another bound them closer and closer together. Soon their blood inside each other would bind them in ways they and others couldn't imagine, in ways no two creatures had ever been bound before, and they would truly become a part of each other. The power of their combined blood inside one another was growing. Eric would grow stronger and stronger as he continued to feed from Sookie. Soon his skill and abilities as a warrior and as her protector would be unparalleled. He would be a danger to any and all that threatened his mate. As for Sookie? Eric's blood was attaching to the dormant power in hers and preparing her. The power of Life in her blood grew by the day as they drank from each other. Soon she would be ready to take him inside her and the path would be laid to join them as one for all eternity. Soon, no matter what disagreements or obstacles they faced with each other, they would fight towards the same goal as their priorities shifted.

As they continued to feed the fire raged between them as they bucked and thrust against one another. Lust and need warred together as they moved as one. Eric could feel her approaching her climax and dragging him with her. He curled his long fingers inside her to stretch her walls further. His eyes were glowing in hunger and possessiveness as he ground his cock against her backside. The Mjolnir ached and glowed against his pale skin and he could literally feel Sookie's heartbeat inside his own dead chest. The sensation was strange, and yet welcome.

Sookie moaned against Eric's wrist as his fingers began to stroke her in unbelievable ways. Her mind was a haze of passion and all she could focus on was the feel of him surrounding her. Her chest burned and throbbed as she felt her heart race. It felt like a fire was consuming her body and soul, but the sensation was so deliciously wonderful she only wanted more of it!

'More Eric! I need more of you!'

'More you shall have my Sookie!'

'Don't stop touching me! Don't let me go!'

'Never my älskade. I'll never let you go!'

Both were so lost in the touch and taste of each other they didn't understand they were actually speaking to one another in their minds. Nor would they remember once the euphoria of their marks induced haze passed. It was not time for either of them to know how deeply they were connected. She would only grow more terrified, and he would only grow harsher and more controlling.

Eric began thrusting his fingers inside of her harder and faster as he growled in primal hunger against her neck. Sookie was bucking madly against his hand while trying to grind herself down on his cock all at once. They were both wild with need and hunger and their frenzied movements were causing the couch to slam against the wall. All at once ecstasy rushed up to take hold of them both. Sookie released Eric's wrist and cried out his name as he threw his head back and roared hers so loud the walls shook. Eric could feel Sookie's pussy contracting around his fingers buried deep inside her as his cock exploded inside his pants. He felt her collapse back against him as she panted for breath and he felt a purr fill his chest. He licked her neck clean as his wrist healed and then nudged her head to the side as she rested against his shoulder so he could claim her lips in a heated kiss.

Sookie felt Eric's tongue delve deep into her mouth as his hand continued to pet her softly between her thighs. She reached a hand up to cup his face as he leaned down over her shoulder to kiss her. She could feel a delicious hum enveloping her body as she let Eric stroke and kiss her into submission. Her mind was still a fuzzy haze of pleasure at she let him pet her softly.

Eric became aware slowly as he continued to touch and kiss Sookie. He watched the glow slowly recede from around their bodies and focused entirely on trying to get his bonded off again when he noticed his office door open. He knew of course it was Pam before she ever stepped inside, but he ignored her as he nipped at Sookie's lips while her tongue twirled around his fangs. He was pleased his pet was still lost in the touch and taste of him and hadn't noticed their silent intruder yet.

"Can I join in? Whoever said three was a crowd was obviously a fool."

So much for silent. Eric felt Sookie jerk in his lap and he was forced to still his fingers inside of her. When Sookie began struggling against his hold, he looked up at Pam and said, "You will drink True Blood for three nights for that."

Kicking and squirming in his arms Sookie finally found herself free of Eric's hold, and jumped off his lap the moment he pulled his hand from between her legs. Her face flamed in embarrassment as she pushed her skirt down to cover herself and hissed at Eric, "We weren't supposed to feed at the same time, you jerk!"

Setting his arms across the back of the couch he replied, "You didn't seem to mind at the time." Before she could go off on another tirade he looked at Pam and added, "I trust you had a good reason for interrupting me. I was about to get lucky."

Both ignored Sookie's indignant gasp as Pam replied, "I thought it best I come check on you since the whole bar heard you shout Sookie's name a moment ago. It was even heard outside, the vermin were worried."

Eric's smirk grew and he said, "You may tell them I'm more than alright … I'm positively orgasmic."

"NO! No telling!" Sookie wrapped her arms around her waist and glared at Eric as she continued, "This is all your fault! You know what happens when we take blood at the same time! That's why we're not supposed to do it anymore!"

Shaking his head Eric countered, "You don't wish to do it anymore. I'm more than happy to continue doing it. What happens between us when we mutually exchange is unlike anything I've ever experienced before … .and I intend to experience it over and over."

"Can I have a taste?" Pam had meant it to be a joke, but obviously Eric hadn't taken it as one. He was standing in front of her with fangs out within the blink of an eye as everyone went still. Pam, realizing she made a serious mistake, lowered her eyes to the floor to show her submission. If her heart still beat it would be racing wildly.

"Master," she whimpered in slight fear. 'I don't understand. He told me he'd let me drink from her once. Why is he overreacting now?'

Eric could feel his beast rise up in anger and rage. The thought of anyone touching Sookie but him made him want to slaughter everything around. He would never let another touch her! Never! She was his! His alone! A growl was building steadily in his chest as glared down at Pam.

Sookie had seen Eric react violently and once again she could feel his fury; though she didn't understand how. She knew if he hurt Pam he would regret it when he finally regained his senses, and she also knew that she was the only one that could calm him down. Again she didn't know how she knew this, she just knew it. Stepping close behind him she set her hand on his back and whispered softly, "Eric." She let the fear show in her voice and she knew deep down he would respond to it.

Just like that he was back in control of himself. He was still furious that Pam had not only interrupted his time with Sookie but joked about touching and feeding off her so he hissed, "Jag eskorterar Sookie hem inatt. Gå tillbaka till baren." [I will see Sookie home tonight. Go back into the bar.]

When Pam turned to carry out his order he added, "Och Pam... skämta inte om sådant något mer. Mitt tidigare erbjudande att låta dig smaka av henne kvarstår inte längre. Hon är MIN." [And Pam … do not joke about such a thing again. My previous offer to let you taste her stands no more. She is MINE.]

Pam didn't look at him as she replied, "Jag förstår, Mästare. Jag skall inte ta mig några friheter igen.." [I understand Master. I will not overstep my bounds again.]

When Pam was gone Eric faced Sookie and said, "Change of plans. I will see you home tonight after all." He grabbed his keys off the desk and waited for her to collect Thor before leading her out the back to the parking lot. His mind was whirling at what had just happened while Sookie stayed quiet beside him for the tense ride.

'Why did I react so violently? Her friends the other night was one thing, but this is Pam. My child. My beast should not have been so threatened by her.'

Eric had of course noticed that he was growing more jealous and protective with Sookie than he would have ever imagined possible, but he hadn't thought it was that big of a deal. Now he knew things were quite obviously changing. It seemed that when it came to his bonded it didn't matter who it was that was close to her or tried to get close to her; he saw them all as threats and rivals. Even his child. He wasn't sure if he liked that.

The entire ride to Sookie's house was made in silence. Seeing the new cars parked in her driveway as he pulled up he growled at her, "You just had to get them luxury cars didn't you? They should be driving Honda's at best."

Sookie laughed as he broke the tension. She'd been worried about his behavior at the bar, and his small joke eased her tension. "You're the one that gave me nearly a half a million dollars … I figured if I'm gonna go, go big."

"Indeed." Turning to face her he said, "You spent nearly $50,000 at the University. Are you planning on taking classes?"

"No. I paid for six years worth of college for Tara, Lafayette and my brother. Tara and Lafayette have been talking about going lately, and my brother had planned to go after high school but lost his football scholarship when he blew out his knee. I'm going to surprise them tomorrow."

Arching a brow he pressed, "But you do not intend to go?" He was somewhat upset that she had thought to get her friends enrolled but not herself.

Shrugging her shoulders Sookie replied, "What's the point?"

He thought she meant he would keep her from going and said, "If you want an education, Sookie, I will not keep you from it. More money will be in your account tomorrow and your cards paid off at the end of the month when Bobby pays the bills so you can enroll for next semester as well."

Shaking her head Sookie looked at her lap and whispered, "That's not what I meant. I meant why go when you're going to kill me before I can graduate? What would I do with any degree afterwards anyways? I'll be undead and serving you."

Taking her chin and tilting her face towards him Eric soothed, "I will be taking one life to give you another Sookie. I will not and would not truly kill you. I will hold you in the ground and dig you out so you can rise Vampire and walk beside me in the night … and once you are my Child you will no longer be my slave. You will be my companion and may do whatever you wish."

"Dead's dead Eric. My heart won't beat. I won't eat. I won't be able to walk in the sun. I'll be dead."

Getting angry now Eric asked, "If you have such a problem with Vampires why did you get involved with one in the first place?"

"I don't have a problem with Vampires Eric. I just don't want to be one. I don't want to feed on blood. I don't want to never see the sun again. I don't want to die every day. I don't want to live forever!"

"You are a strange human. Do you know how many requests, applications, and outright pleas we get at Fangtasia alone from humans begging to be turned? Humans despise their mortality. All know this."

"Then turn one of them!"

Gripping the steering wheel now he hissed, "I don't want any of them! I want you, and I will have you!"

Glaring at him Sookie shoved open her door so Thor could hop out and replied, "You are such a spoiled brat!"

He was so shocked that he could do little more than watch her slam the door shut behind her and march up her porch and into her house. He thought about following after her but decided he didn't want to get into a fight with her in front of her roommate and this Eggs fellow. Besides he wanted to get back to the bar and speak with Pam. Pulling out of her driveway he thought, 'Spoiled brat? Hardly … she'll pay for that tomorrow night.'

When he pulled into the back of Fangtasia he sent Pam a text to come to his office. The bar was just beginning to wind down and all the humans were leaving, so he didn't need her to man the door anymore anyways. When he was seated at his chair he watched his child enter, close the door behind her, and bow her head as she waited to be recognized. "I apologize for my behavior earlier Pam." He rarely apologized but he knew he had overacted and that Pam had simply been joking.

Pam looked up in shock before asking, "What?"

"I overreacted earlier and my treatment of you was unfair. I know you were teasing and I should not have behaved as I did."

Pam could tell Eric obviously felt very poorly about how he'd treated her in front of Sookie and she replied, "There is nothing for you to apologize for Master. I was out of line. I should have—"

"No you were not. I had made the offer to allow you to feed from Sookie previously, and therefore you had every right to make such a remark. I should have told you sooner that I no longer wished to share her at all. This mistake was mine."

Pam crossed her arms over her chest and added, "Eric we both know your situation with Sookie is more complex and unique than any other. SHE and Niall Brigant came to visit you personally over your bonded. As soon as you told me what they said to you I should have known that offer was off the table. Sookie is no mere human, and whether I like it or not you and she are destined to be bound closer than you and I. There is power between you two and no one should come between that."

Eric was silent a moment before asking, "Do you still dislike her?"

Shaking her head Pam answered, "No, I'm just jealous. I've had you to myself for so long the idea of sharing you is not easy. Especially since it's obvious, and apparently destined, that you and Sookie be closer than we are, but I'm getting over it. Sookie is … different. I think I'm beginning to see what drew you to her so much. She …." 

"Stands out." 

"That's putting it mildly. That girl bitch slapped a newborn vampire with a bar full of Fangbangers and other Vampires watching. She either has absolutely no regard for her own safety or truly has balls of steel."

Laughing Eric replied, "I think perhaps a little of both. She does tend to let her emotions get the best of her. She feels and then she acts." 

"Dangerous combination for a Vampire Eric, and I don't think it is one you'll be able to break her of." 

Nodding his head Eric replied, "I know … I'll protect her though." 

Knowing that their little Maker/Child bonding moment was over Pam turned and headed for the door. As she pulled it open she looked at Eric, who was already working on his computer, and asked, "Just tell me one thing; does she taste as good as she smells?" 

Smirking up at his Child Eric purred, "Better …. much better." He watched as Pam left his office laughing. He was glad that his child was growing fond of Sookie. It would make things easier once he turned Sookie. Clearing his head of such thoughts he got down to the business of assuring his and Sookie's safety when they went to visit the Queen Saturday night. He vaguely wondered what Sookie's response would be when she read the newspapers he was delivering to her house or got his email in the morning when he sent it to her? 'I can't wait to hear what she has to say,' he thought in amusement before getting back to work. The coming days were going to be hectic.


  1. Well he did tell her to shop and buy whatever she wanted. "collaring her" with the necklace with Bill coming back is so childish. Such BS that they are all hiding shit from her (Eric, AP, Niall, etc). Can't blame sookie for it, Jess . Everything she said was true. Jess sold her out to save her own skin, torture or not. Althought she also made it clear she was a slave. Hopefully that will get out to the press from someone at the bar??? But Probably not. He is such a spoiled brat....sigh.

  2. i wanna shop like that... i dont know which one is worse LOL Kristie