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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chapter 31 ~ Bill Returns

The next day, Sookie was sitting on her porch staring out over her driveway towards the road. She'd woken up this morning around 11am due to her late night and actually been very excited to start her day. Her guards had helped themselves to her eggs and breakfast items in the fridge to make their own food since she slept so late, and Quinn had made her a breakfast sandwich when she did finally manage to drag herself out of bed.

Since she'd spoken out loud invitations to all her friends, family and instructors after she'd eaten breakfast she knew that none of her visitors today would have any trouble getting in the barrier as long as they meant her no harm, and at noon Ken had showed up for her martial arts lesson. After they'd stretched and practiced her kata he spent the next 30 minutes teaching her meditation techniques at the order of Eric. Sookie was surprised at how relaxed and calm she felt after she meditated and wondered if Eric had asked Ken to teach her so that she could overcome her anger and sorrow when she thought about Bill and his betrayal. At this point, she couldn't put anything past Eric. He seemed to know her and be able to anticipate her actions and needs better than she did at times.

After her training session with Ken, she'd spent the next three hours doing her piano and Swedish lessons. She'd learned the basic scales with Mary who was her piano teacher. She'd practiced on the pretty solid white baby grand piano that Eric had apparently sent over that morning for her to learn on. Sookie thought it was a beautiful piece and it looked nice in the parlor attached to the living room along with her new furniture. Mary had told her she needed to practice for at least 30 minutes a day on her scales, and as she learned more over time she would need to practice an hour a day on the days she wasn't taking her lessons.

Joseph, who was a language instructor and actually spoke 11 languages, had begun teaching her the Swedish alphabet and gave her a list of 20 words he wanted her to memorize. He'd also recorded himself saying the words on a CD for her so that she could try to mimic his pronunciation. Speaking Swedish was hard she found. She had to work her mouth and throat in entirely different ways to get the right sounds out. He told her she would learn 20 words a week and he would begin teaching her how to conjugate and use tenses in Swedish.

Her instructors had worked her hard and told her that Eric had informed them she was intelligent and a fast learner so they would expect a lot from her. Just as with Ken she was excited to be pushed so much. When she was younger and in school her teachers had always treated her like she was mentally challenged due to her telepathy. No one had ever expected much out of her and most of her teachers were convinced that she cheated on her tests using her "psychic ability" or that her Gran and Tara did her homework for her. No one ever really believed she was smart and it made her feel good that Eric had such high expectations for her.

Now it was a little after 4 and she was waiting for her riding instructor Julia Sanders to arrive with her horses. Thus Sookie sat on her porch staring out at the road while her guards played poker behind her on the porch where they'd set up the card table between the rocking chairs. Thor was lying at her side and Sookie could barely sit still she was so excited. She hated that Eric was taking control of her life, but she was giddy at the fact she was about to have horses of her very own.

She knew she wasn't going to get to go riding today as Julia had told her she was just going to learn the basics of their care for her first lesson, but she was actually going to have horses to look after! Not to mention that tomorrow was Thursday and she would have all her lessons again and would get to go riding then! She was only having her lessons today because of the whole New Orleans fiasco and from here on out her lessons would be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. She would be expected to practice her piano and Swedish on her off days, but Julia had told her on the phone that for the first few months she only wanted her riding in her presence until Sookie's skill level had progressed. On her off days she could lunge her horses, but until her riding skills increased it was too dangerous for her to ride without supervision.

"What time is it?" Sookie asked as she pet Thor who was snoring softly beside her.

Without looking up from his cards, Quinn replied, "Three minutes since you last asked me. Chill, Babe, your horses will be here soon and then you can see them whenever you want."

"Don't know why you're getting so worked up about all this Sook. They're just horses," Tray said as he put two cards down and asked Alcide to deal him two more in their place.

Rolling her eyes at her guards Sookie glared at them over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out. "You just don't understand! All girls want a horse of their very own and I'm getting two! I'm excited to see what they look like! Julia said she couldn't tell me because Eric wanted it to be a surprise!"

Shaking his head as he smiled at her enthusiasm Alcide dealt his friend two cards and gave Quinn the one he asked for and responded, "Women, they're all crazy."


"Here here."

Sookie could only laugh at their words before she focused on the road again while her feet bounced on the porch step with her anxiousness. A few minutes later she let out a squeal and hopped off the porch to stand at the end of the gravel path as a white four door truck made its way up her driveway with a matching two horse trailer attached. She waved energetically at the small woman she saw inside the truck and waited for it to come to a stop. She ignored her guards behind her as she ran around the side of the truck to greet the woman as she got out. "Hi! I'm Sookie and I'm so glad you're finally here!"

Julia laughed at Sookie's enthusiasm and hopped down from the truck to smile up at her new student. Julia was a small woman in her late twenties. The top of her head came up to Sookie's chin and she had a pixyish build. Her hair was a light chestnut and cut into a little bob that framed her face and brought out her dark eyes. "Hello Sookie. I see you're eager to see your new horses."

"Am I! I've been chomping at the bit all morning. OH! Well I mean …."

Laughing harder Julia threaded her arm through Sookie's and said, "Well I want you to stand over here by your porch and close your eyes while I unload the horses. Mr. Northman gave me very specific directions on how to present them to you and I want to follow his instructions to the letter."

Practically jumping up and down with excitement Sookie stood with her guards by the porch and covered her eyes with her hands. She could hear the clang of metal as Julia opened the trailer and then the clump of hooves on the ground as her horses were backed out. "Can I open them yet?"

"Not yet," giggled Julia as she backed one horse out of the trailer and wrapped his lead rope around the tie off on the side so she could back the mare out. When that was done she grabbed the gelding's lead rope and came to stand in front of Sookie holding both horses on either side of her.

"Ok. Open them, but try not to scream. Don't want to spook them so soon off the trailer."

Pulling her hands down and opening her eyes Sookie gasped to look at the two beautiful horses Julia was holding. Both were about 16 hands. One was solid black with a full mane and tail and feathered feet, and the other was pure white with a black muzzle and hooves. The white horse also had a luxurious mane and tail but clean legs with no feathering. These were the kinds of horses that girls only dreamed of getting.

Seeing Sookie's stupor Julia nodded at the black horse and said, "This is your gelding. He's a six year old Friesian. Well trained with a beautiful gate and soft mouth. He'll handle real well for you. He's very gentle." Nodding at the white one she continued, "This is your mare. She's a seven year old Andalusian. She's well trained as well but a little on the feisty side. You'll always need to lunge her for about 15 minutes before riding her so she's not hot right off the bat. These are two famous horse breeds and Mr. Northman bought them for you from two of the best breeders in the world. He had them shipped to me and I've been working with them for about three weeks to get them ready for you. These breeds are often called princess or royalty breeds due to their appearances, and are very expensive when you've got this kind of quality."

Stepping forward slowly Sookie held her hands out so the horses could take in her scent. She trailed her hand up the neck of the white horse and stroked the forehead and poll of her Andalusian mare. "They're beautiful," Sookie whispered as she ran her fingers through the long mane.

"They sure are. I'm actually jealous of you. These are two fine specimens. You're a lucky girl." Julia was pleased with Sookie's reverent reaction to the horses. Julia had dedicated her life to horses and she would have been upset to leave two such fine animals in the care of a woman that wouldn't appreciate them, but it was obvious Sookie would love her new horses a lot. "Let's get them settled in your new barn and I'll start going over the basics with you." 

Looking at the three men standing on the porch she ordered, "There are bags of shavings, feed and hay in the bed of my truck and storage compartments of the trailer. Be good boys and get them and bring them to the barn. Sookie and I will come back for the tack ourselves." Handing the lead rope of the Andalusian to Sookie she said, "Let's go, sugar."

Sookie smiled and began leading her mare towards the barn located on the side of the house as she asked, "What are their names?"

"Don't have any. I've been calling them girlie and boyo. Naming them is up to you," Julia replied.

"They're six and seven and don't have any names? Their breeders didn't name them?"

"Oh well they have official names on their papers and everything for their breeding records, but those are titles. Personal naming is up to you….so what are you going to call them?"

"I'll have to be around them a little bit more before I can name them. We've just met after all and names are personal. A name should fit them. Not the other way around."

Smiling brightly at Sookie Julia said, "Me and you are going to get along just great. You've got love for them already and I like that. They'll do just grand here with you."

Pleased with Julia's approval Sookie returned her smile. They were coming up the barn's entrance and asked, "So what do you think? Will they be happy here?"

"Need to take a look around. It's obviously brand new so it should be in good condition. Handing Sookie the lead rope of the Friesian Julia said, "Let me wander around inside a bit and I'll check it out." Walking through the front barn doors Julia found a small tack room on her left and a washing stall on her right with a water attachment and drain. That was good so the water didn't pool inside the barn and smell. There were two stalls in the barn. One on each side, but it was apparent the two stalls should have been four but had been expanded so that each horse would have even more room. Julia was pleased. There was a sizeable hay loft above them.

Walking out the other end of the barn, Julia smiled to see the large riding ring in the barnyard where Sookie would train. Behind that was two fenced in pastures that were two acres apiece and longer rather than wider. The horses had been pastured together the last couple of weeks and got along well, but when the mare went into heat and possibly got aggressive Sookie would be able to separate them, if need be.

Walking back towards the front of the barn where Sookie was waiting with the horses along with the guards that had arrived with the supplies she brought, she said, "This is perfect. You boys take those shavings and spread them out in the stalls. I saw a feed bin in the tack room so pour the feed into that and trash the bags. Put the hay in the loft. " Taking the lead rope of the Friesian she added, "Sookie I'll show you how to make a slip knot and we'll tie the horses up in the back of the barn at the post I saw there and then get the tack out of my truck. I'll explain what everything is, how it works, how to care for it. After that I'll go over feeding, basic care and grooming for your horses, and then I'll show you how to lunge these beauties of yours."

For the next two hours Julia walked Sookie through the steps of caring for her horses. She showed her how to pick their hooves, how to brush out their mane and tails and groom their coats. She instructed her how much feed they needed and how much hay. She told her of the exercise schedule she had them on and how much she could lunge them every day if she wanted to exercise them and showed her how to use the whip and lunge line to do so. She went through every piece of tack Eric had purchased for her, the care to keep them in good condition and showed her how to tack up her horses and had Sookie tack up each horse twice so she knew Sookie could do it from memory. By the time they were done and Julia had helped Sookie settle her horses into their stalls it was a little past six.

"So have you thought of names for them?" Julia asked as she slid the stall door closed for the gelding.

Sookie smiled and nodded as she slid her mare's stall door closed and replied, "I'm going to call her Freya and he's going to be Balder."

"Freya and Balder? Those are unusual names. Why those?"

"Well I've really gotten into Norse Mythology lately. Some Eric tells me and some I've been reading out of books from the Library. Balder was the son of Odin and Frigga. He had a twin brother that was bad, but Balder was supposed to be the embodiment of beauty and goodness. He's described as golden and light, but when I look at him," Sookie said as she nodded towards her Friesian and continued, "I see beauty. He's also gentle like the god Balder was supposed to be. So I'm going to call him Balder."

Turning to face her mare and stroking her forehead as the Andalusian nudged at Sookie from her stall she added, "And Freya was a Norse Goddess as well. She was the most beautiful of all the gods and goddesses. She was the goddess of beauty and love. And this girl definitely looks like a Freya to me. She's feisty but sweet." As the mare nipped at her fingers and tried to get Sookie to pet her some more Sookie giggled and said, "And she craves love of her own."

Smiling at that Julia replied, "Well then those are real fine names."

Leaving the barn and heading back towards the front of the house, where the guards had retreated after becoming thoroughly bored with all the horse talk, Julia offered, "I'm really pleased with you Sookie. I can tell you'll take real good care of your horses. Most people get a horse and dump it in a boarding facility and just show up to ride once a week or so but you seemed to want to be involved with everything and I like that in a rider. So I'll see you tomorrow around 3 and we'll start your first riding lesson."

Smiling back Sookie answered, "I can't wait for tomorrow and I'm glad you like me. I like you too, and I'm glad Eric picked you to be my instructor."

"Me too. See you tomorrow Sook!"

Sookie waved at her instructor as Julia hopped back in her truck and slowly drove off. Turning back to face her house she saw her guards standing there rolling their eyes at her. "Hey! Just because you guys don't understand how important a horse is to a girl doesn't mean it's not! This is a big deal!"

"I say if he's going to get you gifts he should get you something good like a pool table, or an ice hockey table, something cool. Don't know why you're get so excited over two big smelly animals that you have to clean up after," Tray said as he shook his head at her.

"Well that's because you're a guy and have no taste!" Sookie stopped into the house and hollered back at them, "I'm going to take a bath before I make dinner! You guys can watch TV."

Three hours later Sookie was putting the finishing touches on her makeup while Han and Ivan waited downstairs for her to finish getting dressed so they could escort her to Fangtasia. When she was done she called Thor to her side and headed downstairs. Tonight she was wearing another evening gown. This one was solid black with a sweeetheart bust and a split all the way up her leg. It was studded with rhinestones and looked like the night sky. She was wearing black heels that complimented it and had elected to wear her diamond star pendant that Eric had given her. Smiling at her guards who were waiting in the entryway for her she said, "Good news guys! The contractor said he finished the guest house ahead of schedule! He and his crew finished up today since Eric's been having them work overtime so you guys can sleep in it tonight and move your stuff over here if you'd like."

Han nodded, "That is good news. We look forward to having more room. The house across the cemetery is not ideal for our needs."

Taking Han's hand while Ivan opened the front door, Sookie smiled, "Well I'm happy you guys will be more comfortable. I owe you guys so much and I feel bad that you are cramped over there."

"Do not worry of our comfort Sookie. We are simply pleased to be here and seeing to your care," Han said as he helped her into Ivan's Hummer.

Once they were on the road Sookie asked, "Can you guys tell me anything about this prophecy? Why do you call me the Chosen One?"

Han and Ivan shared a smirk in the front seat before Han replied, "We cannot speak to you of that. All we can tell you is that soon enough everything will be revealed to you and your bonded. You are already on your destined path. Things are progressing as they should."

"Sookie know soon," Ivan added with a grunt.

Crossing her arms over her chest Sookie let out a little growl and said, "I'm getting awfully tired of all this cloak and dagger crap! Why can't I know what's going on if it has to do with me? Why am I always the last to know! It's not fair!"

"Life rarely is, Sookie. Better you come to accept that fact now rather than later," Han offered.

"Well life certainly seems to be more than fair to Eric lately," Sookie hissed.

Looking back at Sookie over his shoulder Han asked, "But what of before? Do you think the Viking has not known suffering or strife in his thousand years? Perhaps the now is reward for the past. Perhaps the Viking faced hardships you cannot imagine to be able to enjoy life now. You judge too harshly based on limited knowledge Sookie."

She was quiet a moment before offering, "Maybe so but my life hasn't exactly been roses either. So where is my reward?"

Han just smiled as he faced front again and answered, "You are young. You have much living left to do. Your rewards will come. Perhaps you are being tested now so you can truly appreciate your rewards when they arrive?"

"You sound like a fortune cookie."

Han and Ivan laughed, before the smaller man replied, "Wisdom is wisdom, Chosen One. How it comes to you matters not. Keep your mind open and remember that all things change. Nothing stays the same. What is bad, will become good. What is good, will become bad. Balance is met somewhere along the way."

Stroking her hand through Thor's fur as he lay next to her, Sookie sighed, "Eric said something like that to me. He said the world will always change and that we'd change with it. He said I'd get used to all of this stuff happening to me."

"The Viking is wise beyond his years. He knows truths few come to learn despite their long lives. He accepts what is, and does not lament what is not. There is much you can and will learn from him over time," Han agreed.

"Why does everyone have to agree with him? For once I wish people would side with me, even if I am wrong."

Han and Ivan both laughed. To distract her from her upsetting thoughts Han asked, "Would you like to hear of the time I met Napoleon Bonaparte?"

"Of course I would!"

"Very well, then. The Ancient One was in France presiding over a trial between two sheriffs in the country that had gotten into a skirmish and each had killed the other's child. I was guarding HER of course, but one night I heard that the famous human general was not far away and requested time off to go meet him. I have always favored strategists and wanted to speak with him. The Ancient One gave me leave and I ran at top speed through the night to make it to his camp. He actually knew what I was. I asked him …."

Sookie listened attentively as Han told her of his night with Napoleon. She found it fascinating that he'd spoken with the legendary man all night discussing war tactics and the man's dreams for France. By the time Ivan pulled them up to Fangtasia Sookie was shocked at how quickly the time had passed. While Han helped her out of the car she asked, "Did you ever meet him again?"

Leading Sookie into the bar while Ivan parked Han nodded and replied, "Indeed. The trial between the two sheriffs lasted four nights and I was given each night off to meet up with him. I spoke to him of many things. He was quite the tactician and had high hopes for his country. Unfortunately power went to his head and he made grave and costly mistakes later in his life that cost him those dreams. I did enjoy hearing his theories on war and battle. His strategies were quiet brilliant in the early years before he let his arrogance blind him."

By now they were inside the bar and approaching Eric who was of course sitting on his throne. Sookie immediately began filtering the human thoughts into manageable groups as Han led her towards the stage. She rolled her eyes at Eric when he leered at her as he held his hand out to her.

"You look good enough to eat, my Sookie," Eric purred as he took Sookie's hand and pulled her down onto his lap.

"Or drink, right?"

Laughing at that while Han and Ivan moved to take up their positions behind them Eric replied, "Always. Did you enjoy your lessons today?"

Smiling, Sookie leaned forward to kiss Eric on the cheek. She saw his shocked expression and explained, "That's for my horses. They're beautiful, and I'm really happy you gave them to me."

A purr building in his chest at her tender gesture, Eric nipped her bare shoulder and offered, "I'll buy you all the horses in the world if you'll kiss me again."

"I don't need all the horses in the world. I like the two you gave me. Today Julia taught me how to take care of them and tomorrow is my first riding lesson. I'm really excited about it."

"What about your other lessons? How did those go?"

"They were good. I learned the basic scales on the piano. Thank you for that by the way. I like that it's white. And my Swedish lesson went alright I guess. The words are really hard to pronounce. It's hard to work my throat to make the sounds."

Nodding his head Eric wrapped his arms around her waist and replied, "It is different. You'll get used to it though. The more languages you learn the easier it will be for you to speak fluidly and vary your pronunciations."

"How many languages do you speak?"


Eyes widening Sookie gasped, "Are you serious?"

"Indeed. A thousand years is a long time to learn languages, and I was always good at picking them up quickly. I spoke three as a human and that was rare back then."

"What are some of the languages you speak?"

"Greek, Latin, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, Hindu, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Tai, Tibetan, Hebrew, Danish, Finnish, Swahili, Afrikaans, Romani, Norwegian, Yiddish, Sanskrit, Persian, and several dead languages that Godric taught me that are no longer used. Some not even discovered. I can also translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs."

Sookie's mouth opened and closed before she whispered, "Wow. I—wow." Looking over Eric's shoulder at Han and Ivan she asked, "How many do you guys speak?"

"I speak 62 languages. I speak all the languages Northman said and more," Han supplied.

"Ivan speak 14. Soon 15," her Russian guard answered.

Shaking her head Sookie remarked, "I can't imagine knowing that many languages. I always wanted to learn French since it's such a large part of Louisiana culture but I can't imagine knowing that many."

"Do you want to learn French now?" Eric asked.

Realizing he was thinking about getting her an instructor Sookie replied, "Let me focus on Swedish for now. Maybe after I start to get the hang of it I'll take on another language."

Shrugging Eric replied, "You learn quickly. You'll probably have a good foundation of Swedish within six months with the schedule I've set you on. We'll discuss you learning French then."

"Eric you can't expect me to learn to speak your language in six months!"

"I expect you to be able to communicate in it. You will not be a fluid speaker and I doubt your pronunciation will be on par, but you should know enough to be able to communicate simply."

Shaking her head at him Sookie laughed, "That's some high standards there, Eric."

Smirking at her as he tightened his arms around her Eric purred, "You always surpass my expectations and I know you'll do so with your Swedish lessons as well."

It was at that point that Richelle showed up with her drink and Ivan again took it to check it for foreign substances before handing it to her. Thanking him, Sookie took a drink of her gin and tonic before letting her eyes travel over the crowd. As usual all the fangbangers were glaring at her with hate in their eyes for her being Eric's favored human. She rolled her eyes at them before focusing on Eric and saying, "Did you know that Han knew Napoleon Bonaparte?"

Arching a brow Eric looked over his shoulder at the smaller man and asked, "Was he half as smart as history portrays him?"

Nodding his head Han replied, "Yes. Though he let his arrogance and pride overcome his intellect in later years and it cost him everything. When I met him he was still up and coming as he fought for his country. He had some radical views on warfare and tactics for the time period. He was an imposing man for his stature. It is unfortunate he lost his logic to his ego."

"Should not attack Russia. None beat Russian cold. Armies die," Ivan added.

Laughing Han replied, "Your homeland is far too cold, Ivan. How your people tolerate it is beyond me."

Sookie smiled at that as she listened to the three men launch into a discussion on the various military leaders each of them had met over the years. Han was thoroughly intrigued to find out that Eric had met both Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi of Japan, and asked Eric many questions of them. Eric had apparently been in country at the time with Godric and had spent quite a bit of time with the two daimyos who fought for control of Japan their entire lives.

As the night progressed Sookie listened attentively to the stories that her three vampires swapped while she monitored the patrons of the bar. At around midnight she told Eric she was going to take Thor outside and Ivan escorted her since Han and Eric were engrossed in a conversation as to whether or not the way of the Samurai was lost to the introduction of guns in warfare or the desire of the common man to achieve higher status without actually adopting the way of the Warrior (or Bushido as they referred to it).

Sookie stood outside with Pam and Ivan as Thor trotted out around the cars to take care of business and Sookie asked her, "Do you speak many languages?"

Pam nodded her head and waved another couple of humans through after checking their ID's as she said, "I speak nine. Only because Eric forces me to learn them, though. So many people speak English I don't understand why I can't just glamour a translator if I need one, but he insists. I hear he's making you learn Swedish?"

"Yeah, it's hard to pronounce the words and get the flow down."

Pam smirked and replied, "Tell me about it. It was hard for me as well."

Sookie and Pam continued to talk about Eric's overbearing ways as Ivan stood guard over them when suddenly Pam went rigid and looked at something over Sookie's shoulder. As Sookie started to look to see what had caught her attention Pam grabbed her arm and ordered, "Go back inside to Eric."

"Why?" Sookie asked as her eyes scanned the parking lot. It was very dark out and hard to see anything past the lights illuminating Fangtasia's front entrance.

Ivan, seeing what Pam saw in the parking lot, asked, "Threat to Sookie?"

"Not exactly," Pam explained before she focused on Sookie and demanded, "Go inside to Eric."

"Why? What are you talking about? What's out there?" By now Thor had trotted back over to her feet and was pawing at her dress while Sookie continued to scan the parking lot. Suddenly she watched two figures emerge from the shadows and continue to make their way towards the front of the bar. Her hand going to her throat Sookie stumbled back against Ivan and whispered brokenly, "Bill." 

She felt her heart lurch in her chest before she jerked her arm out of Pam's hold and began to march forward. She had a few things to say to him! Pam spun around and dashed into the bar to get Eric while Ivan followed after Sookie.

Bill approached Sookie with Lorena following behind him and smiled at her. He had a rough idea from his Maker about Sookie's agreement with Eric and knew she had agreed to work for the sheriff so she wasn't surprised to see her here. He wished she hadn't gone to the Viking for help, but it had apparently worked and gotten him home. He'd been so worried about her while he'd been held hostage by Lorena, and he was glad to be able to see her again. Increasing his pace towards her, he called out, "Sookie!"

She didn't respond as she advanced on him. She stopped when they were a few feet from each other and spared Lorena a brief glance, who stood behind Bill with a little smirk on her face as she watched them, before focusing solely on her former boyfriend. "You're back."

Smiling softly at Sookie Bill nodded his head and replied, "I'm back. Sookie I—" He stopped as the wind shifted and carried Sookie's scent to him. Eyes widening as his fangs popped out he hissed, "What have you done!"

Inside the bar Pam had used her vampire speed to appear before her Master and said, "Bill's here. He's out front with Sookie."

She didn't have to say anything more.  Eric was up and out of the bar in the blink of an eye to appear beside Ivan in the parking lot with Han a step behind him. He saw Sookie standing in front of Bill with her fists clenched as Lorena stood further back from her child watching the scene unfold. "Sookie, come here," he ordered.

Bill's eyes traveled over Sookie's shoulder and he snarled at Eric, "She was mine! You had no right to touch her! You had no right to take her blood or give her yours!"

Eric ignored Bill and focused solely on Sookie as he ordered, "Sookie, come here." People were filing out of the bar behind them all to see what was going on. Vampires and fangbangers alike were curious as to the scene that was unfolding before them in the dark parking lot.

Sookie ignored Eric's command and looked up at Bill as she hissed, "You've got some nerve Bill! How dare you say that!"

Looking down at her, Bill stepped closer to Sookie and replied, "Don't worry, Sookie. I'll save you from him. I am not without allies and I will find a way to get you out of the bond he has created."

"Allies like the queen?" Sookie watched Bill's eyes widen and she continued, "Tell me Bill, have you ever met my cousin Hadley?"

'She knows! Damn it!' Bill's face fell as he whispered, "Sookie whatever he's told you, he's twisted to make you doubt me. I can explain everything. I—"

"Shut up," Sookie hissed darkly. "Just answer the question. Have. You. Met. My. Cousin. Hadley?"

Running a hand over his face before he stared at her sadly Bill whispered, "Yes, but Sookie you have to understand I—"

"Oh I do understand Bill. Your queen explained it all to me. She told me how my cousin couldn't keep her mouth shut. She told me how she sent you here to secure me. Tell me Bill, did you buy the ring yourself or did she give it to you to use?"

Bill was taken aback by the anger and bitterness in her voice and pleaded, "Sookie please! Let me explain! I—I was ordered to come, but I fell in love with you! I was trying to find a way out of it all! A way for both of us to get away from all this!"

Shaking her head as tears built in her eyes Sookie asked, "You stood there! You stood there and watched the Rattrays beat me near to death. You let them nearly kill me so that you could get your blood in me, how could you do that? I saved your life! How could you do that to me?"

Bloody tears filled Bill's eyes as well as he actually flinched from her words. "Sookie I—I was under orders at the time. I didn't know you then, but I do now. I fell in love with you almost immediately and these secrets have been eating at me ever since! I hate myself for the things I've been ordered to do, but Sookie I swear that …"

"I've had enough of your promises Bill!" Stepping back from him Sookie could feel tears slipping down her cheeks as she whispered, "I gave you everything Bill! I trusted you in ways I've never trusted anyone and the entire time you were playing me for a fool."

"NO! Sookie no! I … I was sent, but the mission stopped being important to me almost immediately. I stayed for you! I was trying to find a way to keep you from the Queen! I swear! I was trying to find a way to keep you safe!"

As Bill and Sookie continued with their altercation, the crowd around them was growing. Lorena, Eric, Pam, Han, and Ivan formed a fragmented ring around the two former lovers and further back was a large group of Vampires and humans standing in front of Fangtasia as they watched the drama unfold. All of them were curious, but Eric was quickly becoming tired of the reunion taking place before him. He could feel Sookie's heartbreak and pain through their bond and he wanted it all over with. Moving to stand directly behind Sookie he set his hands on her shoulders and said, "Enough. Your deceit has been uncovered and Sookie is beyond you now. She is mine. You will not approach her again. Sookie, it is time to go."

Bill could feel anger and rage bubble up inside him as he hissed, "I won't let you take her from me!"

"I already have. Leave Compton. Do not come back," Eric replied as he tugged at Sookie's shoulders. She was stiff and unmoving in his hold and he knew she would begin crying soon as her anger abated and despair took over. He wanted her away from prying eyes when that happened. He would not let the vermin behind him see Sookie broken from Bill's actions. He would get her into his office and calm her down.

Sookie could feel Eric pulling gently at her shoulders to direct her back to the bar and away from Bill. Staring at the man who had taken so much from her she whispered, "I'll never forgive you for this Bill. Never; do as Eric says. Go, and don't come back."

As Sookie began to turn away from him, Bill felt his control snap. The time he'd spent away from her with Lorena had been agonizing. He had dreamed of his reunion with Sookie the entire time to get him through the tortures Lorena had visited upon him. He'd envisioned her running into his arms and them kissing and declaring their love for one another. Instead he found her in the arms of Eric, not fighting the Viking's hold, and she knew. She knew the horrible truth of why he'd come to Bon Temps in the first place, and there was a broken look in her eyes as she stared at him. 

His own undead heart was breaking in the moment, and as he saw her turn away from him in Eric's hold to walk away he lost it. His hand darted out to grab her arm as he snarled, "NO! I won't lose you!" 

Unfortunately he hadn't checked his strength as desperation took hold of him. When his hand wrapped around her arm and jerked to pull her to him it snapped her bone cleanly and there was an audible crack in the air as Sookie cried out.

"Ahhh!!" Sookie screamed as pain ripped through her arm. She watched Bill's eyes widen as he realized he'd hurt her and draw back his hand, but it was too late. Eric was already responding.

Eric had heard the crack of Sookie's bone breaking and felt pain flare inside her fragile body. There was no hesitation on his part. His beast roared to life and he felt a rush of power unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. He wrapped an arm around Sookie and pulled her back against him as he snarled at Compton. The air went still and crackled with energy as Eric's eyes and mark began to glow. 

"You dare to touch what is mine," he hissed darkly.

Everyone around them could feel the danger in the air. Bill and Lorena began to back up as they watched Eric's eyes glow brightly in the night. They appeared twin moons in the dark as his Mjolnir throbbed and alit on his chest. Sookie whimpered in his hold as she cradled her arm to her chest and looked up at him. "Eric." she whispered softly.

Eric could feel power beating inside him. A rush of electric energy unlike anything he'd ever felt before filled him, rose deep from within, but he did not fear it. He knew it was his own power as it called to him; some untapped source buried inside him that he finally had access to. He embraced the power and let it explode out of him. The effect was instantaneous. Everything around him and Sookie was thrown back, save Thor who was sitting on the train of Sookie's skirt. 

Bill, Lorena, Pam, Han, Ivan and all the cars near them were tossed aside like leaves in the wind. All of the Fangbangers and Vampires standing by the bar were shoved back and pinned against the side of the building and held in place as Eric turned his glowing eyes down to Sookie to focus on her. Bringing his wrist to his mouth he bit into it before offering it to her. 

"Drink little one, drink and heal."

Sookie didn't hesitate and took the offered wound into her mouth to take his blood into her. Almost immediately she felt the pain in her arm abate as his blood rushed towards the broken bone to mend it. She stared up into his glowing eyes as she drank and strangely she was not afraid. She knew he would not hurt her. When she didn't need to take anymore she pulled back and gasped as Eric jerked her up against his chest to plant a dominating kiss on her lips.

Eric slanted his mouth over Sookie's again and again until he felt her desperate need for oxygen. When he pulled back he growled, "Stay." Setting her back on her feet he pushed her behind him and focused on the crumpled forms of Bill and Lorena a dozen yards away where his power had them pinned to the pavement. Pointing at his feet he hissed, "Come." Within the blink of an eye Bill was in the air and flying towards him to crash into the ground at his feet.

Sookie stepped back from Eric as her hand went to cover her mouth. 

'He's … he's moving things with his mind!' She gasped as she watched Eric reach down to pick Bill up by the scruff of his neck and hurl him into a crumpled car 50 feet away as an animalistic roar ripped out of his throat. She couldn't take her eyes off Eric as he flew straight at Bill and was on her former boyfriend to begin punching and kicking him into a bleeding and bloody pulp before the younger Vampire could rise. "Eric stop! You have to stop!"

Lorena, who was still held down on the ground, watched in horror as Eric tore into her beloved child and screamed, "Don't you dare kill him! I'll take you before the Council and demand retribution if you do! Stop Northman!"

Sookie tried to run towards Eric but as she got close to him a gentle wave of energy pulsed off him and pushed her back softly. 'I can't get to him! What do I do!' Tears pouring down her cheeks she cried, "Eric you have to stop!"

Eric picked Bill up by the arm and flung him over his head like a rag doll to slam into the ground before looking up at Sookie, his eyes still glowing, and hissed, "He hurt you. I will kill him for harming you."

"No Eric! Don't! You have to stop!"

Eric ignored her as he kept hold of Bill's arm and flung him in the air to crash against the side of a car that had been turned over by his initial blast of power. 'He hurt my bonded! He hurt her! He made her scream! He made her cry out in pain! He will die!'

Sookie watched Eric launch himself at Bill's beaten body again and cried out in horror as blood flew out of Bill's mouth when Eric put his fist through the younger Vampire's stomach. Spinning around she searched frantically for Han and Ivan, hoping they could pry Eric off of Bill, and found them pinned to the ground along with Pam near the front of Fangtasia where Eric's blast of energy had thrown them. Running towards them with Thor at her feet she said, "Pam! You've got to stop him!"

Pam could barely even turn her head to look at Sookie as she felt an invisible force shoving her into the ground. She didn't know how, but she knew her Master was the one responsible for the deadly energy in the air. "Sookie, I can't move. None of us can, you have to stop him. If he kills Bill here in the open like this he will be punished by the magistrate."

Kneeling by the woman Sookie begged, "How? How do I stop him!"

"Just do it! Figure it out Sookie!"

Han, who was fighting to rise against the power holding him down, offered, "He will respond to you, let him know you need him. Call him to you."


Ivan offered gruffly, "Blood. Call Viking with blood."

Understanding finally dawning in her Sookie jumped up and looked around. When Eric had blasted the area with whatever power it was he was using it had caused numerous car windows to break. Spotting a jagged piece of glass on the ground about ten feet away she scrambled for it. Sweeping it up into her hand she slashed her arm and held her limb out as her blood dripped down as she dropped the glass onto the ground. She let her blood flow as she waited. 'Please work! Please God, let this work!'

Eric's reaction was instantaneous. He had been about to pull Bill's arms off when he caught the scent of Sookie's blood in the air. Dropping the broken body of Compton onto the ground, he was by Sookie's side in an instant. Taking her arm gently in his hand he brought the wound to his lips and growled, "Who has hurt you?" He let his still glowing eyes scan their surrounding's as he looked for the culprit; determined to kill them for daring to make his bonded bleed. His tongue darted out to lick the wound closed as he glared at those on the ground around them.

Sookie could feel the anger and rage, the driving need to rend and kill, pulsing through Eric as he licked at her arm gently. She caught flashes in her head of his intentions for Bill and saw how he intended to kill her former lover, and it terrified her because she knew he was moments away from doing it. She didn't understand how she could feel what he was feeling or see what he was thinking, but she'd think on that later. Right now she had to bring him back. 

As he finished licking her wounds closed, she set her hand over his glowing mark and whispered, "I need you to come back to me Eric, ok? I need you to take care of me right now."

Eric wrapped his arm around Sookie's waist and growled down at her, "I will kill him and whoever else it is that has harmed you."

Shaking her head Sookie insisted, "No Eric! No, I need you to take care of me now … I need to go … I need you to take me away from here right now." When Eric began to turn his glowing eyes towards Bill again she reached up to cup his face to bring his gaze back to her and begged, "Please Eric! Please my gyllene krigare. I need to go home. Take me home Eric, take me away from here, please."

Feeling the desperation in his bonded Eric swept her up in his arms and shot upwards into the sky without a glance or word to anyone else. When he was gone his power evaporated in the air and slowly everyone got off the ground. Lorena rushed to Bill's side to check his injuries. He would heal of course, but he was still in bad shape. Han and Ivan were up instantly and barking out orders to the Vampires around them.

Han faced the crumpled humans by the bar and the now standing vampires that had been pinned against the building and ordered, "Gather the humans and take care of their memories of this." He saw Ivan moving to right the cars that had been turned over and check on his beloved Hummer. Focusing on Pam he said, "Call the Cleaners so that they can help handle the cover up. Make sure that all the humans are properly glamoured and check on the Vampire that Eric harmed. Get him some donors to make sure he heals properly. Ivan and I must meet up with the Viking and the Chosen One." Han leaned down to pick up Thor as he made his way towards Ivan who had righted his Hummer, which had been thrown on its side, and was waiting for him. 

'The Viking begins to realize his power. This is good. It will not be long now. She told us the joining will happen not long after this event. The time approaches.'

Pam nodded her head at the orders she'd been given. She didn't even think to argue them. She headed into the bar where all the humans had been herded inside so she could oversee the altering of their memories by all the Vampires present. 'What the hell happened out there?' she wondered as she made her way through the throng of terrified and shocked vermin.

A few minutes later Eric landed in Sookie's back yard with her still in his arms. His eyes were still glowing and he was still battling the urge to kill everyone and everything to protect his bonded. Sookie was beyond grateful that Tara and Eggs weren't there. She could feel the need for violence in Eric and was desperate to pull him back. She gasped as Eric strode over to the circle of grass amongst the white flowers covering her back yard and sat down with her in his hold. He had moved her to straddle his lap with her knees on either side of his hips. The position wasn't uncomfortable due to the long slit up the side of her dress, and she stared into his glowing eyes as she tried to think of how to calm him. She just didn't know what to do. 'What's wrong with him? What do I do?'

Eric was trying to ignore the call to battle in him. He wanted desperately to go back to the bar and finish off Compton. He wasn't out of his mind. He wasn't berserker. He was simply in the grip of his protective instincts as he'd never been before. His desire to protect and shelter Sookie had reached unimaginable heights when Bill had harmed her; especially since her heartbreak had been beating at him through the bond during their entire confrontation. He was aware that the use of whatever power he'd used was unusual, and he was aware that the energy raging through him was new and strange, but he could only focus on two thoughts at the moment; his desire to kill anyone and everyone that came near Sookie, and his desire to comfort her. That was all he could comprehend at the moment.

Sookie bit her lip as she thought on what to do. Finally she decided she couldn't hold back right now. Placing her hands on Eric's cheeks she pulled him forward and kissed his lips softly. His fangs were down and she kissed each one before placing soft, fleeting kisses all over his face as she whispered to him softly. "It's ok Eric. It's ok, we're back home, it's just us now. I'm ok. You healed me, you protected me, it's ok, come back to me Eric, let it all go and come back to me."

Her voice soothed him, but the rage beat inside him. He could feel a growl building in his chest as he flexed his hands around her. He enjoyed the feel and scent of Bill's blood on his skin and clothes and wanted more of it. "I should go back and kill him. I want to tear him apart."

Sookie could tell he was succumbing to his need to kill again. She could feel his hunger to destroy and the satisfaction he felt at the blood he had on his body already; his craving for more of it. She didn't even think about what she did next. She just reacted to his darkness by giving him her light and comforting touch. Pulling his silk shirt from his pants she jerked it open and pushed it off his shoulders to bare his chest to her. Leaning forward she kissed his Mjolnir and ran her hands up and down his sides to stroke his skin softly. "Don't Eric, stay here with me, stay here and make me feel better, don't go back to the bar."

Eric wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest as he purred under her attentions. "He hurt you. He hurt you with his presence and then he hurt you physically. I should kill him. I want to kill him."

Wrapping her arms around his neck and laying her head on his shoulder Sookie whispered, "No Eric, no death. Not for me or because of me, it's ok. I'm ok."

"You're not. Your heart hurts. I feel it. You hurt."

Tears filling her eyes Sookie replied, "I do, but I'll hurt worse if you kill him, just stay here with me. I feel the anger in you, the need to kill. I need you to let it go. Let it go and be here with me. Only with me."

Nuzzling his head into her hair Eric focused on the energy humming inside him. He could feel it pulsing within him, and despite how much he wanted to continue wielding it and deliver death and destruction he didn't. Instead he pushed it back. Slowly his eyes stopped glowing and his mark settled on his chest. Tightening his arms around her Eric said, "I'm not going."

She had felt the energy die down in him slowly and Sookie let out a sigh of relief at his words. Burying her face into his neck she whispered, "Good, promise me you won't kill him."

"For now."

"That's not a promise Eric."

"I'm aware. Be happy you got that."

Smiling softly against his neck Sookie stroked her fingers softly over his chest as she questioned, "What happened back there? I didn't know you could do that."

Trailing his hand up along her exposed thigh through the slit in her dress Eric replied, "I didn't either. I've never done that before."

Lifting her head to look at him in surprise Sookie asked, "You haven't?"


Seeing the truth in his eyes Sookie pressed, "How did you do it then?"

Shrugging Eric answered, "I just did. I felt this power in me and used it. I liked it."

"Can you do it again?"

"Let's find out." Eric let his eyes roam around them. He saw only flowers. Focusing his mind he felt the power rise up in him again. It was a steady, vibrating energy inside him. This time it didn't rush to overtake him though. It simply rose up and met the call of his will. He directed his thoughts and just like that a dozen of the white flowers plucked off the ground and floated in the air to swirl around Sookie and weave their way into her curly hair. He set one in the palm of her hand and added, "Apparently I can do it again."

Twirling the flower in her hand Sookie looked at it in wonder before meeting Eric's satisfied gaze as she asked, "You've really never been able to do that before?"

"No, though I will admit I'm pleased with this development. Telekinesis is quite the gift. It will be very valuable when the queen moves against me to take you."

"So how did you do it? Where did the power come from?"

Kissing her temple Eric replied, "I felt it come from deep inside me. It's like it was always there and I was just never able to tap into it before. It appears as though now I am able to. As for how I did it? I'm not sure. Back at the bar the power took over. However just now I willed the flowers to move and they did."

Shaking her head Sookie continued, "Why is all this weird stuff happening to us Eric? Why are ancient Enforcers pledging themselves to me? Why is this Council so interested in us? Why am I getting visions of the future? Why can you suddenly move things with your mind?"

"I don't know, and we've been told we won't understand what is happening until the time is right for us to. So for now we will simply have to take things as they come." Standing with Sookie in his arms he said, "Come. I must wash the blood from my skin and you will want it washed off you as well."

Sookie laid her head on Eric's shoulder as he carried her into the house and replied, "You don't have any clothes here."

"Yes I do. I had Bobby stock your panic/light tight room with clothes for me in case I ever needed to take shelter here. I'm going to rest here today. I will spend the rest of the night here with you and seek shelter in the underground room when the sun rises."

She decided not to argue. She was emotionally exhausted. While she was still very upset with Eric manipulating her to make her a slave, the fact remained his presence comforted her. Seeing Bill had hurt her tonight and she wanted to be around Eric. She knew he wanted her for her. She didn't like what he wanted her for, but the fact that it was her he was after made her feel good. She'd take up her struggle with him again tomorrow. Tonight she wanted him to comfort her and make her feel like everything was going to be ok.

Once they were inside Eric told her to get out of her dress and take a shower while he went to the kitchen to wash the bulk of the blood from his hands and arms. After that was done he listened to Sookie upstairs while he headed for the main entrance to her light tight panic room where the door was located in the hall closet to get himself some boxers to wear. Still hearing Sookie in her shower upstairs he decided to use the second bathroom near her friend's room. He tossed his bloody clothes on the floor, Sookie could throw them out tomorrow, and hopped into the old fashioned shower to clean the blood out of his hair and the rest of his body. By the time he was done he could hear that Sookie was finished with her shower as well and headed to her room to join her. He was pleased to see her in the white chiffon nightgown with the blue ribbon that he'd sent her. She looked beautiful in it.

Sookie was sitting on her bed brushing her hair when Eric walked into her bedroom in a pair of black silk boxers. Pulling the brush through her curls, she asked, "Will you get in trouble for tonight?"

Eric sat behind her on the bed, his back to the headboard. He picked her up to put her between his raised knees and take the brush from her. He began brushing her hair for her. "There will be an inquiry to assess my new ability. Too many vampire witnesses saw me move things with my mind in such a powerful way for there not to be, but no punishment will be handed down as long as all the humans' memories are altered, which of course they will be. Pam would see to it, but Han and Ivan especially."

Sookie closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Eric pulling the brush through her hair as she continued, "But you hurt him." She didn't say his name. She couldn't, and really there was no point. They both knew who she was referring to.

"I did. However, I had the right to. He hurt you first. He knew you were my bonded and he hurt you despite this. I had the right to seek retibution. I can still seek his death but I have to go through the proper channels and be granted permission to give him his final death."

"Would you get permission?"

"Without a doubt. Our law states that a vampire's bonded is never to be touched without the permission of their Master. Our laws state that if you hurt a vampire's bonded your life is forfeit. Add to the fact the Council protects your status as mine? I could have his death easily, but I can't just kill him in public without being granted the right to first. So thank you for stopping me."

Looking at him over her shoulder Sookie asked, "What would they do to you if you did kill him?"

Eric shrugged as he replied, "Hard to say. Normally I would face severe punishment for handing out the final death to a vampire in public like that. However as you are my bonded and as the Council is so interested in us I doubt the penalty would be that great. Still it is best not to have to face such a situation at all. I will allow Compton to keep his miserable life for now."

"For now?"

Finished with her hair, Eric ran the brush through his short mane quickly before tossing it onto the nightstand. Wrapping his arms around Sookie's waist he pulled her back against his chest and replied, "I make no promises for his continued existence Sookie. If he ever touches you again I will kill him. No excuses, no exceptions."

Feeling her draw breath to argue the point he squeezed her tighter and added, "I will not allow him close enough to touch you again so you needn't worry. Tonight was an exception and it will not be repeated. Tomorrow I will notify Compton that the queen wishes to speak to him personally and hopefully neither of us will see him again. Even if he does return Han and Ivan now know he is not allowed near you and he will not have the chance to touch you, but if by some miracle he does there will be no mercy Sookie. This is nonnegotiable."

Stroking his arm wrapped around her waist Sookie laid her head on his shoulder and looked out her bedroom window as she was silent a moment. Finally she said, "I heard you tonight, Eric."

"What do you mean you heard me?"

Looking up at him she said, "I saw inside your head at the bar. I saw how you intended to kill Bill."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. It was only a few quick flashes and then nothing. But I know I was seeing and hearing what you were thinking for a few seconds."

Eric went very still for a moment before he asked, "Did you hear anyone else? Any of the other vampires?"

"No. Just you."

Taking her hand to toy with her fingers Eric replied, "Do not tell anyone that you heard me. No one. Not even Han and Ivan."

"But you told me I could trust them to know I can hear other supernaturals."

"You can … but I'm not sure if they would report to the Council that you might be able to hear vampires. Many on the Council are vampires. It is too dangerous to risk. You will speak of this to no one. If you hear me again tell me when we are alone, but other than that do not bring it up. Especially not around other supernaturals."

"You're not mad?"

Kissing her temple, Eric stated, "No. You can do incredible things, Sookie, and I will not hold them against you. I regret that is what you finally hear from me, but I'm not mad."

"Oh? Is there something else you'd prefer me to hear?"

Growling against her back and nuzzling her neck Eric replied, "Many other things. I'm thinking of one right now, can you hear or see it?"

Her face flushing as she felt his erection pressing against her Sookie answered, "No, and I probably wouldn't want to. Something tells me you have a dirty mind."

"A very dirty mind Sookie, and you'll love every act I come up with." 

With that he moved them to lie down on her bed under the covers as he tucked her smaller body into the curve of his. He knew Han and Ivan would be arriving soon, but the two guards would be smart enough not to disturb them. He knew they'd simply take up their guard duties around the house. The contractor he'd hired to build Sookie's guest house and underground light-tight lair had left a message for him today to let him know the building was done so he thought they might retrieve their belongings from Bill's and take shelter there since he was with Sookie and could watch over her.

Sookie snuggled back against Eric and let herself enjoy the comfort of his embrace. She knew it was probably stupid of her to let her guard down around him so much considering she knew what he had planned for her, but at the moment she couldn't help it. She was quiet a moment before she asked softly, "Do you think he ever really loved me?"

Tightening his hold around her Eric replied, "Yes. I think he loves you very much." He was not upset by her question as he once would have been. He knew that Sookie's love for Bill was fading almost as quickly as her love for him was growing. And since she could never leave him now there was no point in denying her the small comfort of his words.

Tears filling her eyes Sookie whispered, "Doesn't make me feel better. It doesn't change anything."

"No it doesn't."

Blinking the tears from her eyes Sookie pleaded, "Everything's going to be alright isn't it?"

Kissing her temple Eric answered, "I will take care of you Sookie. No matter what happens you'll always have me. Beyond that I can't say."

Sookie smiled softly at that and said, "Maybe that will be enough … you know that tomorrow I'm going to start trying to find a way out of all of this again right?"

Smiling at her honesty Eric kissed her neck and replied, "I've worked too hard to get you to let you get away from me. Fight me all you want, but it won't matter. I won't let you go."

Snuggling into her pillow Sookie replied, "We'll have to see about that … but either way I'm glad you're here now."

"I'll always be near you Sookie. Always."

She couldn't help but smile at that. Releasing a yawn Sookie whispered, "Good night Eric."

"Good night little one." He felt Sookie drift on in his arms and breathed her scent into his lungs as he thought, 'Her blood has awakened power in me … this is good. This is very good. Sophie-Anne doesn't stand a chance. Now I need to focus on finding a way to kill Compton without Sookie finding out. She hates violence but I will not allow his assault to her to go unpunished. He will beg to die before I'm done with him. Him and his bitch maker. I will kill everyone that intends to take Sookie from me.'

Looking around the room he focused and smirked as he watched all of Sookie's furniture rise up off the ground. Pleased with his new skill he set everything back down in its place softly and thought, 'I really like this new gift. Now no one and nothing will have the power to take her from me. I can hold her to me with my will alone. A good advantage. A very good advantage.'



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