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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chapter 32 ~ Confidences with Han and Ivan

The next morning, Sookie woke up to Thor licking her cheek obviously wanting to go out. She figured that Han and Ivan had brought her puppy home for her and she reminded herself to thank them later that night for looking after him. She sat up in bed and stretched her arms above to as she released a yawn.

She was fixing to get up out of bed to head downstairs when she caught sight of the note propped up against her fishes bowl. She knew it had to be from Eric and reached forward to see what it said:

I hope you enjoy your first riding lesson today. The sun sets at 7pm and I'll see you then so we can head to Fangtasia.

Smiling, she put it inside her nightstand, fed Eric who was swimming around in circles in his bowl, and then headed downstairs with Thor at her feet. Mark and Allan were seated on her couch with Quinn and all three of them looked up at her as she opened the front door for Thor so he could go outside. "Hi guys."

"Hey Sook."

"Hi Sook."

"Morning, Babe."

The Weres shared a look before Quinn asked, "So what was up with the Viking last night?"

Standing in the entryway as she waited for Thor to come back inside, Sookie crossed her arms over her chest and regarded her Were bodyguards for a moment before she pressed, "What did you hear through the supernatural grapevine you guys got going?"

Kicking his feet up on the coffee table Quinn shrugged and replied, "We heard that Northman's got quite the new talent. Movin' shit with his mind and all. Apparently he blew everything but you and your dog back last night and then wailed somethin' fierce on that ex of yours. Put his fist through the vamp's stomach and all. Then you cut your arm up to get his attention and he flew off with you."

"Seems y'alls grapevine is awfully accurate. That's pretty much what happened," Sookie affirmed.

Leaning forward, Mark inquired, "So when did Northman learn to do that? No one's ever heard of him being telekinetic before."

Shrugging Sookie answered, "You'll have to ask him, but I know it wasn't a onetime thing. When we got back here he moved stuff again and it appeared to be pretty easy for him. He was always able to fly and that's a form of telekinesis so I guess his powers are expanding. Beyond that I don't know." She shut the door as Thor came running back in and turned towards the kitchen as she said, "You guys want breakfast?" Which of course they did.

After that her day progressed quickly. Ken showed up just as Sookie was finishing up the dishes from breakfast and she carried out her training session with him after they both meditated for a half hour. 

Sookie had her piano and Swedish lessons afterwards and her instructors had been pleased to find that she really did have a good memory and was picking up their instructions quickly and easily. She enjoyed learning of course but was more than eager for the day to progress so that she could get to her riding lessons . As soon as 3pm rolled around Sookie was once again waiting on her porch and ran down the steps as soon as she saw Julia's car come rolling up. "Hi!"

Julia waved at Sookie as she hopped out of her truck and came around the front to hug the taller woman. "Hi yourself, sugar. You ready to get started?"

"Of course I am! I've barely been able to contain myself all day." As she threaded her arm through Julia's and headed them towards the barn Sookie continued, "I wore tennis shoes and jeans like you told me to. I'm so excited!"

Smiling at Sookie's enthusiasm Julia asked, "So who do you want to ride first?"

"Balder. I'll ride Freya on Saturday. They're both out in the pasture right now since I let them out of their stalls this morning just like you told me to."

"That's good. Horses shouldn't be stalled all day, and I can't understand why some people do that. So let's go get Balder, groom him and get him tacked up. I'll have you lunge him for about 10 minutes and then we'll get you in the saddle."

Sookie's smile widened at that and the two girls headed through the barn after grabbing Balder's lead rope and harness. They weren't being shadowed by Sookie's overprotective guard since they had relaxed after the barrier was put up and pretty much left her alone during her lessons. It was when they left the house that they surrounded her and went all macho on her. She and Julia headed to the pasture. Julia was pleased when the two horses immediately came over to the gate to get a pat of affection from Sookie. She was somewhat surprised that they had bonded to the girl so quickly, but pleased with it nonetheless. She watched as Sookie crawled through the white fencing to slip the halter on Balder's head before attaching the lead rope. Julia opened the gate so that Sookie could lead the gelding out and the two women walked side by side to the post so Sookie could tie him up for grooming.

A half hour later, after Sookie had groomed Balder and picked his hooves and lunged him for a bit, Julia gave her a boost into the saddle. "Now don't jam your feet too far into the stirrups. You just want the toes of your shoes in there. We'll see about you getting some riding boots soon if you don't want to wear tennis shoes. Your shoes are fine since you're just riding for fun but if you ever want to compete you'll need boots. Now keep your heels down, back straight, and shoulders back. Remember he's got a real soft mouth so easy on the reins. He'll respond to the slightest touch. Now you're riding English today and it's a bit different than Western, but it gives you a better seat and a better feel for the animal. You have more contact overall. These horses are trained in English and haven't been taught the Western style of handling, but they would respond to it if you wanted to ride Western. They just might not respond as quickly and it would take them a few weeks to adjust."

"What's the difference?" Sookie asked as Julia adjusted her feet in the stirrups.

"Well, in Western style you use neck reining and your shifting weight in the saddle with leg movements to direct them. English you have a bit more contact through the mouth with the bit. You also use your legs much more. Western is easier since the wider saddle gives you a more secure seat, but English makes you a better rider. It's as close to riding bareback as you can get. You also have to be able to post in English and it requires a lot of muscle coordination. Riding English is quite the work out. You'll be feeling this come morning."

"Well if Western is easier why aren't I learning it?"

Satisfied with Sookie's seat and feet placement, Julia stepped back and looked up at her as she replied, "Because if you learn English you can easily ride Western. However if I taught you Western first and you tried to ride English you would have to take lessons all over again. English requires great skill to ride well and really teaches you balance and the feel for the horse beneath you. Many people can ride Western well enough to get by right off the bat because of the firm seat the saddle provides. As long as you're on a well trained horse, of course. English is just a great foundation to start with."

Nodding at that Sookie said, "Well then I'm glad you're teaching me English first. So what now?"

"Well first I want you to walk him around the ring in a circle for a minute so you can get a feel for how to hold yourself. I've got your body in the position it needs to be so we need to start building up some memory muscle of this position. Posture is very important in English riding. After that we'll increase to a canter and then a trot and I'll teach you how to post … so take the reins like I showed you before and head him towards the sides of the ring. Squeeze your legs to get him going."
An hour later Sookie slid of Balder to landed on the ground on shaky legs. Sweat clung to her skin and she wiped her brow as she said, "My back is killing me!"

Julia laughed as she held Balder's reins and looked at the taller woman. "It'll be worse come morning. You should soak tonight to help ease your muscles. You'll get used to sitting up straight soon enough, and if you think your back hurts wait until morning when you really start feeling the pain in your thighs."

'Not if I take blood from Eric tonight,' Sookie thought as she followed after Julia towards the barn so they could take Balder's saddle off and cool him off. 'Wow, did I really just think that? I always get upset that he makes me take his blood! Why am I looking forward to it now? In fact why does the thought of him no longer make me angry anymore? Now I'm only annoyed at the idea of him during the day.'

Sookie began stripping the saddle and tack off Balder while Julia complimented her on her first riding lesson as she thought, 'I can't actually be getting used to the idea of being his can I? I mean, I've been grateful to him over the last couple of days since he's been so great about the whole Bill thing and what I found out in New Orleans, and I appreciate he hasn't tried to use it against me, but that doesn't change the fact he's trying to make me a slave and plans to turn me whether I want him to or not. I can't let him fool me into thinking he's this great guy again. He may care for me, but I'm not going to be stuck with him the rest of my life. I need to start setting some boundaries with him. I can't keep letting him sleep in bed with me. I'm going to have to talk to him tonight. I'll let him know I really appreciate what he's been doing for me lately, but he's got to give me some space.'

Sookie finished cooling Balder down and giving him a quick hose off. When she was done with that she put him back in the pasture with Freya. Quinn and her other guards were going to take her into Monroe so she could set up a delivery schedule with the feed store there (Julia had written her a list of the type of hay and grain her horses were eating), and then she was going to swing by the Vet on the way back to get Thor his last round of shots. She was hoping she would have time to get dinner before she came back, but she wanted to make sure she was here before Eric rose.

Heading into the house Sookie saw her guards sitting on the couch eating some of her Rocky Road ice cream as they watched some game on the premium cable package Eric had ordered installed at her house and said, "I'm going to take a shower and then we'll head out."

45 minutes later she was dressed in one of the new outfits that Eric had insisted she buy with Samantha and her hair air-drying around her shoulders. She was wearing a flowing red flower print spaghetti strap top that flittered around her thighs as she walked and a pair of short shorts that barely came to mid thigh. On her feet was a pair of her new white sandals. She wrote Eric a quick note and left it by the house phone in case she didn't make it back before he rose. When that was done she put her phone in her bag and called Thor to her as her guards got off the couch to head out of the house with her.

Quinn had been thoroughly impressed with her Mercedes, especially when he found out Eric got it bullet proofed, and enjoyed driving it for her when he escorted her around town. Sookie decided to go to the Vet first in Bon Temps to make sure he didn't close before she finished with the feed store in Monroe and directed Quinn to go there.

"You should get rid of the thing. You should get a cat. Much better than dogs," Quinn said as he headed the SUV towards the other end of Bon Temps where the veterinary clinic was located.

"Hey! Dog in the back," Mark growled from his spot in the back seat. His brother was following behind them in his new truck that Sookie had bought him.

Quinn smirked at the Werewolf from the rearview mirror and added, "I'm aware,and I stand by my statement."

Sookie giggled at the playful competition between the two Weres as she pet Thor's head where he had it leaning against her thigh as he sat between her legs on the floor board. She'd been in her Werewolf guards minds and knew they really liked Quinn and thought it was pretty cool they got to be around such a famous fighter. Quinn's thoughts were still fuzzy to her but she felt only affection from him towards the Werewolves when she touched him and tried to hear him.

"Be nice boys … and I did have a cat, Quinn. She died a few months ago and I can't bear the thought of getting another one right now. I loved Tina too much to just move on. I've never had a dog before and Eric bought me Thor to make me feel better about Tina."

"Just as long as you realize how excellent cats are, Babe. Superiors in the world of animals," Quinn said with a smirk.

"Yeah! In your own minds," Mark laughed from the back seat. "You stick with your puppy Sookie. Dogs beat cats any day. The fur ball up there is just upset you're not keeping catnip in the house anymore. Get him a scratching post and he'll be fine."

Sookie laughed as Quinn and Mark began tossing insults back and forth to each other over and shook her head at the antics of her guards. The rest of the afternoon and early night passed rather quickly. Quinn flirted with her endlessly and she couldn't help but laugh at his advances as they were so corny. She was surprised at how attracted to him she was. His eyes really did draw her in. She'd never met anyone with purple eyes before and thought his were beautiful. She also liked how easy going he was with her other guards and how laid back he was despite his diligence in keeping her safe. The day was going so well she didn't really notice as the sun set when Quinn pulled them into a local dinner in Monroe to eat dinner before they headed back to Bon Temps.

Back at Sookie's house, Eric was up and out of the underground light tight chamber as soon as the sun had set. He was already dressed in his normal Fangtasia garb of black leather with a black silk shirt since he'd instructed Bobby to have both his normal clothing available at Sookie's house along with his Fangtasia get up. He'd woken a few hours before of course and was grateful he'd ordered Bobby to put a spare lap top with WiFi connection in the panic room in case of emergency and he'd been able to check his businesses on line and check his email while he waited for the sun to set. As he rose from the chamber he expected to find Sookie waiting for him but he could immediately tell that he was alone in the house. Growling at that he took a quick look around the house and found the note that Sookie had left for him.

Went into town to get Thor his last round of shots. Also going to Monroe to set up the delivery schedule with the feed store. Probably stop for dinner on the way back and should be there around the time you rise.

He was pleased she'd at least left a note, but angry she was not here with him. He would discuss her responsibility to be available to him when she returned. He decided he'd go through her clothes to begin throwing out what he didn't want her wearing anymore while he waited for her to return. He'd also lay out one of the dresses he'd given to her to wear as her uniform for Fangtasia. A half hour later he felt Sookie approaching through the bond and a few moments later he heard her car pull in the drive. He tossed the last of her jeans that he decided were not suitable onto the pile of other clothes he'd discarded on the floor and headed downstairs. As he approached the stairs he began to growl at the conversation he heard.

"I say you spend all Sunday working on your tan, Babe. I sure as hell wouldn't mind sitting around all day and watching you suntan in a bikini. Feel free to strip down if you're worried about tan lines," Quinn said with a smirk towards Sookie as he sat her bags down on the ground. She had ended up buying several treats for her horses and a few toys for Thor at the feed store while they were out. It was just him helping Sookie inside since Mark and Allan had ridden in the same car on the way back and headed for home as soon as Quinn passed through the barrier with Sookie in her Mercedes.


"Well you said you wanted to hang out with your brother and roommate on Sunday and work on your tan since you've been so busy lately. I'm just casting my vote. You look good in plain clothes so I can only imagine how hot you'd look in a bikini," the Weretiger replied with a heated look.

Setting her purse on the hall table Sookie laughed, "Quinn you are so bad! You shouldn't say things like that!"

Eric decided it was time to make his appearance and used his vampire speed to appear behind Sookie at the base of the stairs. Listening to Sookie flirt so casually with the male in front of her and feeling her slight attraction to the man through the bond had his beast raging in possessive fury. He would not allow it. "No, you shouldn't," he growled as he stared hard at the Weretiger over Sookie's shoulder.

Gasping Sookie spun around and cried, "Eric! Don't do that! You scared me."

Eric spared a glance at Sookie before focusing on Quinn and adding, "You will not speak to my bonded in such a way. You are here to guard her. Not hit on her. She is mine."

"Eric! Don't …"

"Be silent," Eric growled at Sookie before returning his attention to Quinn. "From this point forward you will keep things purely professional between the two of you or you'll be gone. Understood?"

Crossing his arms over his chest Quinn arched a brow at the Viking and replied, "Sorry Vamp, but I don't work for you. The Council ordered me here to protect Sookie. I don't work for you like the Werewolves. I take orders from the Council so the only ones that will be dismissing me is them. You got a problem with me being friends with Sookie you can take it up with them."

Eric bared his fangs at the Weretiger in anger as he knew the man was right. He hadn't hired Quinn like the Shreveport pack and couldn't order him around. Holding his arm out he used his new gift and pulled Sookie to his side with merely a thought to trap her against his body as he hissed, "Go. It is night and your job is done for the day. Now leave."

"Eric! Stop being so mean! You can't—"

Glaring down at Sookie Eric tightened his arm around her waist and ordered, "You will be quiet now. Do not forget who is Master here, Sookie."

Quinn watched as Sookie stiffened and said softly, "It's alright, Sookie. I gotta go anyway. Frannie will be waiting for me. I'll see you tomorrow."

Sookie nodded at Quinn as he left then looked up at Eric with narrowed eyes as she struggled against his hold, "Let me go!"

Eric spun her in his arms so she was facing him and demanded, "Stop struggling. You will tell me what the hell you think you are doing flirting with him! Did I not tell you it was against the rules for you to flirt with any man but me? Are you so eager to be punished that you would blatantly disobey me yet again with another male?"

Mouth dropping open in shock Sookie gasped, "You can't punish me! I didn't do anything wrong! We were just joking around!"

"You were joking around? Tell me how it is you managed to be discussing your preferences in swimwear at all."

Still struggling against his hold Sookie explained, "I was telling him that I was looking forward to Sunday, you big jerk! I told him about wanting to lie out all morning to work on my tan since I haven't had a chance to in weeks, and that I was excited about making Sunday dinner for Jason, Tara, Lafayette and Eggs, like we planned. He just started joking around with me about the sunbathing. Now let me go!"
Eric merely pulled Sookie closer as he leaned down so their faces were inches apart. "I don't care why you were joking around as you call it. I have told you that you are not to flirt with other men, and you have disobeyed. Now you will be punished."

"What! But I didn't do anything wrong! That's not fair!"

"Ask me if I care whether you think my decision is fair or not."

"I didn't do anything wrong!"

Shaking his head Eric replied, "I can feel your emotions through the bond Sookie. You are attracted to that fool, and the scent of his lust for you was heavy about him."

Gasping, Sookie kicked his leg as she insisted, "You can't control my feelings and you can't hold them against me! What I feel about others is my business! Not yours!"

"Oh, but it is my business, Sookie. I have told you again and again that you belong to me. Everything you are belongs to me. You will not flirt with other men, and you will not speak so casually with that idiot again."

"You can't tell me what to do!"

Arching a brow, Eric taunted, "Can't I? You forget that I own you Sookie. I say and you do. And I'm ordering you not to engage in such behavior with that Tiger again or I'll punish you."

Jerking on her arms one last time to try and get free Sookie finally tilted her head back to glare at him defiantly and said, "Fine. Punish me. I don't care if you spank me, because I'm going to be friends with Quinn whether you want me to be or not!"

Smirking darkly down at her Eric nuzzled her cheek as he whispered, "Oh I'm not going to spank you. While I enjoy doing so tonight you will have a different punishment. You are going to get down on your knees, bow down to me and call me Master." Releasing his hold on her, Eric stepped back and ordered, "Bow, slave."

Sookie stared at Eric in total shock. "You can't be serious."

Crossing his arms over his chest Eric replied, "I am completely serious. Bow."

Clenching her fists at her sides Sookie hissed, "NO!"


"No! I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Obviously we differ in opinion, and whose opinion do you think actually matters here?"

Gasping at that Sookie stepped back from him and argued, "Eric you're overreacting to this whole thing! I can't help it if I think a man is attractive! I don't hold it against you that you sleep with other women do I?"

"My actions are not under your rule or scrutiny. I'll say this as much as I need to for you to understand little Sookie: I am Master and you are slave. You belong to me and you are subject to my will. Not the other way around. I will not share your attentions in any way, now bow."

Shaking her head Sookie said, "No."

Smirking at her Eric offered, "I can come up with an alternative punishment if you'd like? I did enjoy your last one. As I remember it you did as well until your annoying friends got in the way. Since it is so early I assume they are working and will not be here to interfere this time. Perhaps an alternative form of punishment is the better way to go."

Tears filling her eyes Sookie pleaded, "Eric stop this. I—I didn't do anything wrong! I can't help the fact that I think Quinn is handsome! That's not my fault."

"True. However your behavior towards him is your responsibility. I told you that you are not to flirt with other men and you have disobeyed. I shall punish you. Now kneel, bow before me, call me Master and promise not to misbehave again or accept an alternate form of punishment."

"Why are you doing this? You've been so great lately and now you have to do this?"

Shrugging Eric replied, "I comforted you when you needed it. Now you need discipline and I will provide it … get on your knees, Sookie."

Tears slipping down her cheeks Sookie whispered, "Eric don't make me do this … please."

"Now Sookie … if you make me tell you again I will punish you in a different fashion."

Holding his gaze and seeing the unwavering determination there Sookie knew she had no choice. She didn't dare refuse again and let him come up with an alternative. She could remember the last alternative punishment he'd given her and she would not go through that again! Wiping the tears from her cheeks she whispered, "I'll hate you for this."

"For awhile, but your heart is tender. I will ease your anger and you will begin loving me again soon. Now bow before me and call me Master. Promise to obey."

Closing her eyes Sookie slowly sank to her knees on her hardwood floor. "I will—"

"No," Eric interrupted as he smirked down at her. "You are merely kneeling. I want you to bow. Bow at my feet, Sookie, bow, and call me Master."

Clenching her fists Sookie stared straight forward at Eric's knees as she fought the need to tell him to go fuck himself. 'I have to do this. If I don't he'll just make everything worse. I'll make him pay for this eventually.' Squaring her shoulders, Sookie forced her body to lower and bow at Eric's feet. "I will obey Master."

Eric smiled down at the prostrate form of his bonded at his feet. He enjoyed seeing her in such a subservient position before him. "Who do you belong to Sookie? Who owns you?"

She had to force the words out of her mouth. They were strangled and rough.


"Say it. Tell me the exact words my Sookie."

"I … I belong to you. You own me."

Satisfaction flowed through him. His beast purred in triumph within him and he felt his Mjolnir throb. Holding his hand out, he used his power to pick Sookie up off the ground (he was thoroughly enjoying this new power of his), and pull her to him. He enjoyed the shocked expression on her face as he floated her in the air. When she was directly in front of him he pulled her into his arms against his chest to nuzzle her hair and neck. "Good, little one. You have pleased me. Remember this lesson the next time you decide to get friendly with that damn cat. If I find out you have gifted him with your smiles or attentions in any way I deem to be inappropriate I will punish you again, and it will be worse. Keep in mind that you are no longer living your life by your views and standards but mine. You live to please me Sookie. You need to start understanding that."

Sookie whispered, "I hate you. I hate you for doing all of this to me."

Kissing her neck Eric replied, "No you don't, Sookie. You're hurt, angry and humiliated, but you don't hate me. I feel you. I feel every one of your emotions and hate is not there."

"Let me go."

Nipping her shoulder Eric set her on her feet and said, "I've laid your clothes for tonight out on your bed upstairs. I also went through your closet while you were gone and tossed what you are no longer allowed to wear. The discarded clothes are on the floor. You will get rid of them tomorrow. For now go get ready to leave. I want to head to Fangtasia in 20 minutes. Do not tarry."

Sookie turned away from Eric with tears in her eyes and made her way upstairs. She walked into her room and sighed at the huge pile of clothes on the ground, but decided she'd worry about that later. Picking up the dress and shoes Eric had set out for her to wear tonight she headed into the bathroom as she thought, 'If I wasn't sure that Eric isn't as nice as he's been acting before he just proved it. I'm going to find a way to get away from him. I won't live like this!'

When she had left Eric stood at the base of the stairs smiling after her. There was no part of her punishment that he hadn't enjoyed. Seeing her bow to him had been particularly sweet. Hearing the door open behind him he turned to face Han and Ivan and nodded his head at them. "Gentlemen," he greeted.

Han and Ivan both bowed their heads at him before Han said, "You undid all the progress you made with her over the last few days. Her heart was warming to you."

Eric shrugged and replied, "I don't care. Her lust for me is still strong. She will not be able to hold out against me for much longer. I am more concerned about getting her trained. Once she learns how to behave I'll rarely have to punish her and then she will flourish under my care. Until then I will enjoy teaching her obedience."

Han and Ivan shared a secretive smile as Ivan remarked, "Lust do for now."

"The Joining is all that is important at the moment. Everything else can and will come later. There is plenty of time for love. As Ivan said lust is all that is needed for now," Han added.

Arching a brow as he looked back and forth between the two Enforcers Eric asked, "By Joining ,I'm guessing you mean when Sookie and I mate for the first time?"

"Indeed," Han answered.

"And what will happen at this Joining?"

Ivan and Han simply smiled at him before the Russian Enforcer replied, "Know soon, Viking."

Fifteen minutes later, Sookie came down the stairs in a black and white dress with flower embroidery. The thin spaghetti straps left her neck and shoulders bare and she was wearing the platinum E necklace as Eric had ordered her to wear everyday unless she wore another piece of jewelry he'd given her. Totally ignoring Eric she grabbed her purse, called Thor to her and headed outside to the Hummer.

The ride to Fangtasia was made in silence as Sookie tried to hold onto her anger while Eric bombarded her with calm and comfort through their bond. She hated how he could do that! When they arrived at the bar it was only a little after 8pm and Eric told her to sit in a booth with her guards since he had some work to do in his office. She didn't respond to his command in any way and simply headed for a booth to sit down.

When they were in the booth with Ivan sitting beside Sookie, trapping her against the wall while he sat on the outside, and Han sitting opposite them, the smaller man said, "He did it because he was jealous Sookie."

Arching a brow at the ancient Enforcer across her and asked, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"The Northman has never been so covetous of someone before. Monogamy is not common among vampires. It is hard for him, especially. He cannot stand the thought of sharing you. The jealousy he feels towards you is strange to him. He reacts badly to the emotion as he is unused to it."

Shaking her head Sookie argued, "He's never said that to me. This is just him being an overbearing jerk."

"He has not said it to you because he sees his unyielding possessive feelings for you as a weakness. He spends so much time preoccupied with thoughts of you, and this is unusual for him. He feels that he must control you to keep control of his emotions since so many new ones are coming out in him because of you. You make him feel Sookie. That is new and hard for him. The Viking has gone nearly a thousand years with very few emotions in him, and most of them not warm and loving ones. He does not understand why you mean so much to him, and thus he fights to control you in the misbegotten belief it will allow him to control his feelings."

Crossing her arms over her chest Sookie insisted, "I don't mean that much to him. He's told me as such. He sees me as a toy to make himself happy, and doesn't care about my feelings at all when his are on the line."

Smiling softly at her Han pointed out, "You must stop listening to his words, Chosen One. Pay attention to his actions. If you meant nothing to him would you have been able to pull him back from the kill last night with only your words and need? He denied his desire to kill the one that harmed you to make you happy. He gave up his desire to kill to fulfill your desire for mercy. The Viking sees love as weakness, and thus will deny having it. He does not understand the emotion and does not wish to. That does not mean he is incapable of it as he says he is. However a man such as Northman will never admit to weakness unless he has no other alternative."

Shock on her face Sookie asked, "You think he loves me?"

Shrugging Han replied, "I can't answer that. However I doubt he would be so infatuated with you, or so tuned in to you unless you held some great meaning to him. He says he cares nothing for your wants or needs in comparison to his, and yet Compton lives despite Eric's desire to kill him. He has not turned you yet. He has not claimed you despite his obvious desire for you. He has not forced you to live with him. All of these things he desires greatly and yet does not do. You must stop listening to his words and pay attention to his actions."

Letting out a huff Sookie replied, "Well his actions are rarely pleasing to me either."

"See wrong. No see true reason," Ivan offered.

Looking up at her huge guardian Sookie asked, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"He's saying that you aren't understanding Northman's true reasons behind what he's doing. Eric forced you to act subservient tonight because he felt such jealousy at the thought of you wanting anyone but him. He has never felt that way before. It wasn't about humiliating you. It was about controlling you so he could feel in control of himself. You make him feel out of control of the situation. He is not used to that. He prides himself on control. He is so determined to have you, and the fact that his instincts scream at him that you are necessary is hard for him. He has worked his entire vampire life to beat his instincts. He wants logic over feeling, and all you bring out in him are feelings. You must be understanding with him. Emotions are new to him and he does not know how to handle them. When these new emotions push at him because of what he feels for you he reacts by trying to control you. He thinks if he can control you he can control these emotions you invoke in him," Han explained.

Sookie was quiet a moment before pressing, "How do you know all this? How do you know so much about him if you've never met him before?"

Han smiled softly at her and replied, "Do you think our presence here is accident or coincidence? Powerful beings are watching over you, Sookie. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You will fight your bond with Eric, but you will never escape him, just as he will never escape you or the hold you have on him."

"What hold? I have no hold over him!"

"But you do, Chosen One. He will not admit it and you refuse to see it. Already he is changing, just as you are. You both will change together. Eric fights the warmth and affection he feels for you. You fight the love and need you feel growing in your heart for him. He says he does not love you and yet the thought of you wanting anyone but him drives him to the point of insanity. He says he does not care for your wants or needs and yet every time you've needed him he has come. When you discovered the other one's betrayal did he not do all he could to comfort you? Did he not give you what you needed instead of using your weakness against you as he could have? Did he not spare the other one's life when you asked it of him? If he did not care for you these things would not have happened. The Viking will not be easy to live with. He will rarely give you soft words of love, but his actions prove that he is very much dedicated to you. You must look past your anger and see what is truly there. Not what he wants you to see."
Looking back and forth between Ivan and Han as they both stared at her in all seriousness Sookie whispered, "I'm really never going to get away from him?"

Shaking his head Han replied, "Beings more powerful than you could ever imagine have destined you for the Viking. There is more binding you to him than just the blood bond. You and he are Fate Sookie. Pure Destiny. There is no escaping that."

"What destiny! What is it you guys are keeping from us?"

"No time know," Ivan growled.

"He's right. It is not time for you to understand. I can promise you will know soon," Han added. "Trust what I have told you Sookie. I know it is hard for you to tolerate the loss of your independence, but you must understand it is hard for Eric as well. He has never wanted or needed anything in his life the way he wants and needs you. His desire and need to have you is all consuming and he does not understand it. The way he cares about you defies a thousand years worth of habit to him. He has lived by always using logic and intellect. Now new and strange emotions beat at him and he is trying to control them by controlling you since you bring them out in him. He is not human, and he is not a man of your world. You must stop putting your human ideals on him and try to understand him. Work with him Sookie. Work with him to find a middle ground."

Shaking her head Sookie argued, "There is no middle ground! He told me it's always going to be what he wants. What's the point in trying to find a way to bargain with him?"

Smiling at her Han replied, "He says it is only what he wants and yet he does all he can to give you everything you've ever wanted. He shields you from so much of our world to protect you. He denies himself so much of what he wants from you so that you can have a choice. You underestimate the power you have over him. Move slowly Sookie. Handle him as you would a cornered animal. Speak calmly to him. Offer him soft words and gentle touches. He will come to you."

Biting her lip Sookie asked, "Do you think he could ever love me?"
Nodding his head Han replied, "I think he will love you as much if not more than you will come to love him … and despite your denial, your heart already yearns for him."

The bar was starting to fill up now but as they were in the back booth, and since Ivan was such an imposing and scary looking Vampire, no one was close enough to bother them. Looking between the two Enforcers Sookie whispered, "Do you two love each other?"

Han smirked at her before turning his eyes to Ivan and saying, "Very much."

Ivan nodded his head at the smaller man and added, "Love hard and deep. Is Russian Way."

Sookie smiled at that and said, "Eric says you don't. He says he can't love. He says it's a stupid emotion."

Shrugging Han replied, "Eric does not understand love. You must teach him. It will not be an easy lesson and he will fight you every step of the way."

Sitting back in her seat Sookie thought on all that Han had told her before she insisted, "I can't just accept all this. I can't stand the thought that he owns me. I can't stand the thought that he controls my life. I can't stand the thought that he is going to turn me. I'm going to try and get away from him."

"And that is your choice. You can try as much as you like. However I swear to you that you will not succeed. If you wish to make the attempt that is your prerogative. I remind you though that the Viking will punish you greatly for any efforts to leave him. Trying to deny your fate will only bring you pain."

"No leave Viking," Ivan agreed.

"Why is everyone always on Eric's side," Sookie growled.

"We aren't. We're on one side and one side alone … the both of yours. There is no you and there is no him Sookie. You two are one now. You fight this truth and will continue to do so for quite some time, but that does not make it any less true. You and the Viking are fate. You are one. You are destiny. He is yours and you are his. The longer you fight against this truth the harder it will be for you both. The Viking will not accept all that is between the two of you until you do. You will have to guide him through the myriad of emotions awakened in him."

You are his  He is yours  Become one  Become destiny 
The words rang true deep within Sookie and she shuddered as her chest throbbed at the proclamation. Crossing her arms over her chest she whispered, "I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"Very well," Han replied. He knew he'd given Sookie more than enough to think about. The Ancient Pythoness had tasked he and Ivan with not only protecting Sookie, but helping to guide her in accepting her path. Her and the Viking's destiny would not be easy. They were destined to do more than any two beings had ever been called upon to do. They would need all the help they could get.

'Something big is going on here, and I hate that they won't tell me what it is. What is it that Eric and I are supposed to do? How do I know that Han is even telling the truth? It's obvious that he and Ivan have their own agenda and until I know what it is I can't believe what he says. I don't care about some stupid prophesy. I'm going to find a way to get away from Eric. I won't accept him as my Master. I just won't!'

Eric was in his office for another hour talking on the phone with the other sheriffs in the state. All were requesting the use of his bonded and he was working out a schedule for Sookie to go to different areas over the state to monitor other supe bars for Fellowship spies. Since he could fly he would be able to get them there and they could stay at a hotel if need be, but since they had an upcoming trip to New York next week he didn't want to overstretch Sookie. When he was finally done he made his way to the front and took a seat on his throne as he motioned for Han and Ivan to bring Sookie to him.

Sookie couldn't help but glare at Eric as he held his hand out to her so he could pull her into his lap. She sat as stiffly as she could with her arms over her chest and faced away from him. She could hear the disparaging thoughts of the Fangbangers around them and she wanted to tell them all she would more than gladly give up her seat to any one of them, but she also knew that Eric would publically humiliate her for doing something like that. So she sat quietly.

Eric could feel Sookie's anger and resentment flowing freely from the bond. He countered it by sending gentle waves of calm and comfort to her as he asked, "Are you thirsty? You don't have your drink as you normally do."

She didn't look at him as she said, "I'm not going to drink every night anymore. I used to have a drink maybe once a week at most. For the past couple of weeks I've been drinking two or three a night and I don't want to form a habit."

Arching his brow at her Eric replied, "You fear becoming an alcoholic?"


Feeling her strong revulsion at the idea he remarked, "You have strong feelings about this. Strange considering you work in a bar."

Shrugging Sookie replied, "Alcohol makes people do stupid and hurtful things."

Feeling a deep ache in her heart Eric realized there was more to the story and asked, "Who hurt you?"

"None of your business … leave me alone."

Deciding he'd press her on the topic when they were alone Eric sat back in his throne and eyed the vermin before him and Sookie. As always everyone looked at him with longing and lust and glared hatefully at Sookie for having his attention. The last few weeks he'd begun to make use of women that did not frequent his bar to vent his sexual frustrations on so that Sookie would not be bombarded with images of him and others, but each night his romps became less and less satisfying. It was getting to the point that he had to close his eyes and envision Sookie beneath him and imagine her voice in his ear in order to find release. No longer did he enjoy a woman for hours until they passed out. Instead he took them hard and fast to try and release some of his frustration of being denied Sookie's body when he wanted it so much. The hardest part of being with other women was their disgusting scents. Sookie's scent was so fresh and sweet. He abhorred the scents of the whores he had to resort to using while Sookie continued to refuse his advances. He didn't understand why he was so focused on her and only her as a bed partner, but he felt sure that once he had her he would be free to enjoy other women while she waited faithfully in their bed … and it would be their bed.

'She can't hold out against me much longer. I feel her desire for me grow more and more by the day. She will succumb to my advances soon, and when she does I'll sequester us away in my lair to have my fill of her for days. Only when I have taken her in every imaginable position, and lived every one of my fantasies will I allow either of us to return to the real world. I will learn every inch of her body and teach her how to bring pleasure to mine. She will be thoroughly addicted to my touch before I let her leave my bed and will only long to return to it.'

The rest of the night passed quickly and soon enough it was 1am and it was time for them to head home. The trip back was again made in total silence as Sookie's mind was awhirl with everything Han had told her, and Eric was content to let the peace stretch between them. He knew he'd be able to speak to Sookie once they were at her house. Besides he had a visit to pay to Lorena and Bill across the cemetery and he was envisioning how satisfying it was going to be. When Ivan pulled the Hummer up to Sookie's house he turned to her and said, "Go inside. I have business across the cemetery. I'll be back soon."

Sookie opened her mouth to ask what he was going to see Bill for but decided she didn't want to know. So instead she simply turned and slid out of the car to head into the house with Thor and her guards. She'd seen Tara's car parked by her Mercedes and knew her roommate was here, but sincerely hoped she was asleep. She wasn't up to talking right now. She wanted to get out of her dress and heels and go to bed. However when she stepped inside she found Tara sitting on the couch eating a bowl of popcorn and watching TV. Forcing a smile on her face Sookie greeted, "Hey girl."

"Hey Sook. Sam let us off early tonight since Jane was the only one there. I'm watching a Friends marathon. Want to join me?" Tara spared Han and Ivan some worried looks before forcing her attention on Sookie. Her daytime bodyguards were strange enough but Sookie's Vampire guards freaked the hell out of her!

Sookie nodded her head and replied, "Sure. Just let me get changed out of this dress and I'll be right down." Turning to face her bodyguards, who she knew freaked Tara out considerably, she added, "Eric will be back soon and the barrier is up so you guys can go if you want."

Han and Ivan both bowed before Han said, "We shall leave you for the night. Good eve Sookie."

"Night Sookie," Ivan offered before he turned to open the door and lead the way out with Han following behind him.

When they were gone Sookie checked on Thor's water before heading upstairs to change. She didn't really want to watch TV, but she didn't want to turn Tara down either. Her friend had been so supportive lately and she didn't want to push her away.

Outside, Eric made his way quickly to Compton's house. He was eager for the confrontation. He knew that Jessica was there with Bill and his maker and by now Compton would have a very good idea of exactly how well he had manipulated Sookie into the position he wanted her. Standing on the porch with a smirk on his face he rung the bell and thought, 'This will be sweet.'

Bill opened the door a moment later, hoping it would be Sookie, and hissed at the sight of Eric on his porch. "What do you want?"

Strolling past Bill with a condescending smirk on his face Eric replied, "Is that any way to speak to your superior Billy boy?" Spotting Jessica sulking on the couch while Lorena made her way down from the top of the stairs he greeted, "Ladies."

"What's he doing here!" Jessica cried as she jumped up from the couch.

Lorena was equally annoyed and growled, "You are not welcome here Northman … the Council will hear of your treatment to my child!"

"Of that I have no doubt. However since it was the Council that sent Han and Ivan to guard Sookie, not to mention John Quinn the Weretiger, I doubt they will find any fault with my actions last night."

That shocked both Bill and Lorena, Jessica was still clueless as to much about the supernatural world, and Bill asked, "What does the Council want with Sookie?"

Leaning against the banister as Lorena moved to stand with her child Eric replied, "Quite a bit, apparently. If you wish to know more you'll have to take it up with them as I was instructed to keep quiet about why they are so determined to keep Sookie and I together."

Stepping towards Eric with a hateful look in his eyes Bill hissed, "This isn't over, Eric! I won't let you take her from me without a fight!"

Lorena was annoyed by this. "Bill, we've spoken of this! Your infatuation with the girl is shameful. I will seek retribution from Northman for his harming you over a human last night, but I will not tolerate you continuing to pine over the girl!"

Spinning around to face his maker Bill said, "And I've told you I don't care about your feelings on the subject. I love Sookie and I will not lose her!"

"Oh Billy, you poor stupid fool. You have already lost her. You lost her the moment you brought her into Fangtasia and I set eyes on her," Eric laughed. "She was as good as mine the moment I decided I would have her. However what assured she would no longer want you was the moment the queen paraded that pitiful cousin in front of Sookie and told her of your mission to return to Bon Temps. It doesn't matter if you love Sookie now. She will not forget that you began a relationship with her based on deceit, and she will not forgive you for it."

"You think you know her better than me? Don't talk about her like you know her! You don't know anything about Sookie!"

Arching a brow Eric asked, "Oh really?"

Nodding his head Bill insisted, "Sookie is nothing to you. She's just a shiny toy for you to parade around! You don't care about her thoughts or feelings! You don't know her! You treat her like a doll! I love her! We're soul mates!"

Eric threw his head back and laughed at that. "Very well Bill. Let's test this theory of yours. Did you know that Sookie can actually open up different pathways in her mind so that she can think multiple thoughts at once? When she listens at my bar she'll divide the thoughts of the humans around us into small manageable groups so she can listen to them all at once and monitor their thoughts. I think she had some 27 different thought processes going through her mind at one point. Did you know that she's thinking about keeping up her shields even when she's asleep?"

"So you've made sure you know everything about her gift! You obviously want to make sure you can get the most out of her for your own gain," Bill sneered.

"Well then let's try something a bit more personal then. Tell me Bill … where did Sookie get her cat Tina?"

"What?" Bill asked.

Leaning against the banister Eric smirked at the younger Vampire while Lorena and Jessica flanked Compton on either side to glare at him as well. "Tina … her cat. Where did she get her?" When Bill continued to stare at him dumbly Eric continued, "I'll take it that you don't know. The answer is her brother gave her the cat after their parents died. Gave her the money he'd been saving for a dirt bike so she could take the cat to the vet as well. Now let's try another question. What language has Sookie always wanted to learn?"

"She …" Bill stumbled as he wracked his brain. He'd never discussed that with her and couldn't answer.

Still smiling Eric replied, "French. What did Sookie do once a month with her mother before she died?"

Bill opened his mouth to answer but found he couldn't. He didn't know. He'd only asked Sookie about her parents once or twice and he'd always kept the conversation brief.

Eric smiled knowingly, "She used to go ice skating in Shreveport with her. She used to go fishing once a week with her father and brother as well. You see Bill I think you're the one that doesn't know Sookie. I may not love her but I know her far better than you do."

Shaking his head Bill argued, "None of this matters! Sookie doesn't want you! She loves me! She—"

"Not for long." Smirking darkly now Eric continued, "I'm bonded to her Billy boy. I feel her. She holds love for you yes, but it is slowly dying inside her. Her love for you has been sorely tested these last weeks as she questioned your relationship more and more as I and her friends pointed out how odd your actions were towards her. Then the queen was helpful enough to tell her your true reasons for returning to this rat hole town and that began the true dissolution of her feelings for you. She might still have some love for you in her heart, but it is fading fast due to the truth of how you betrayed her. Soon I will be the only one she loves."

Fists clenched at his sides Bill hissed, "You lied and tricked her too! You manipulated her into being yours! She won't love you either!"

"Won't she?" Eric taunted. "I lied and tricked her about my methods of obtaining her true. However I never lied or tricked her about wanting her, and that is what is important to Sookie. I didn't go after her because I was ordered to. I went after her because I wanted her to be mine. Now she is and will always be mine. Every breath she takes belongs to me … until I drain her and turn her to rise vampire as my child and eternal companion!"

"NO!" Bill tried to throw himself at Eric but was stopped by an invisible wall. He hissed in outrage as he found himself raised into the air with his arms and legs spread out as though he was staked to a wall spread eagle. Jessica and Lorena hissed and made to move forward but they were forced down to the ground and held there by Eric's new strange power.

Eric laughed darkly and advanced on Bill to walk around him slowly in a circle. "Billy, Billy, Billy. Tsk, tsk. Didn't you learn your lesson last night?" Snapping his fingers Bill was forced to his knees as Eric growled down at him, "You live by my grace alone Compton, don't forget that."

"How are you doing this?" Bill asked in shock.

Eric merely grinned wider. "That's none of your business. Know only that powerful magic binds me and Sookie together now Compton. Make no mistake about it; she is mine! You cannot take her away from me now or ever. I came here tonight to inform you that the Queen wishes you to return to New Orleans. I believe she is very upset with you over your failure. Apparently she very much wished to have Sookie for her own and now that will never happen." Glancing at Lorena and Jessica he ordered, "Take your bitch Maker and pathetic child with you. You are no longer welcome here." Raising Bill up to his eye level with his power and looking into the younger Vampire's hate filled eyes he hissed, "And if you ever come near Sookie, if you ever touch her again, I will kill you slowly. Sookie is mine!"

Bill watched as Eric walked around him and headed out of the house as he stated, "I'm not just going to give up. I love her."

Opening the door Eric looked back over his shoulder and replied, "I'd respect you even less if you did. I know you'll try to take her from me, but you will fail. Sookie is mine and I will kill any that attempt to take her from me." With that he was gone.

When the door closed behind the Viking,  Bill, Lorena, and Jessica were released from the hold of the invisible force that held them down and rose. Looking at his maker Bill said, "I must go to New Orleans. I cannot ignore a summons from Sophie-Anne."

Nodding her head Lorena replied, "Very well. We shall see what she wants and then we will return to Portugal."

"What about me?" Jessica asked quietly.

Lorena rolled her eyes at the girl and headed back upstairs as she answered, "You will come with us if Bill wishes."

When Lorena was upstairs Jessica looked at Bill with bloody tear filled eyes as she whispered, "I'm sorry about Sookie. I didn't want to help Eric trick her but he—"

Pulling Jessica into a hug Bill soothed, "It's ok, Jessica. I know what Eric is like. I'm going to find a way to fix this and get Sookie back. We won't be going to Portugal with Lorena. I'll find a way to get rid of her as well. No matter what happens I'm your Maker and I'll take care of you."

Back outside Eric had used his speed to make it over to Sookie's in the blink of an eye. He opened the front door and stepped inside to find Sookie curled up on the couch with her roommate while the two girls watched TV. Instead of one of the nice sleep outfits he'd gotten her she was wearing that horrid worn down Dallas Cowboys football jersey that was huge on her. Walking into the living room he held his hand out to Sookie and said, "Come. It is time for you to go to bed."

Sookie wanted to yell at him for ordering her around. She could feel Tara's eyes on her and she offered her friend a soft smile. "It's ok Tara. I'm tired anyways and I'm working the lunch and early dinner shift for Sam tomorrow. I'll see you in the morning."

Tara glared up at Eric, who merely smirked at her, and replied, "Good night, Sook."

Ignoring Eric's offered hand Sookie stood from the couch and headed up to her room with Thor at her side. She could feel Eric following her and she wondered what was going to happen once they were upstairs. When they were in her bedroom she watched Eric close the door behind him and begin to pull his shirt off. "What are you doing?"

Tossing his shirt onto the floor and sitting down on the side of her bed so he could remove his boots Eric replied, "We're going to exchange blood, and then I'm going to lie with you again."

"Oh no you're not!"

Pulling one boot off and dropping it on the floor as he reached to pull the other one off Eric replied, "Really?"

Crossing her arms over her chest Sookie hissed, "You think we're just going to bunk down again after what you did to me tonight?"

His boots and socks off now Eric stood to unbuckle his belt and pants and push them down his legs as he answered, "Yes."

Stomping her foot Sookie growled, "No!"

Eric just laughed as he stepped out of his pants and turned around to fold back Sookie's bedding so he could slide in. Shaking his head at her he said, "Stop arguing with what you cannot change Sookie. I enjoy holding you while you sleep and will do so whenever I wish." Holding his hand out he ordered, "Come here and we will share blood then you will give me my kiss. I will take shelter in your panic room again today."

Glaring at him Sookie asked, "How do you know I won't hurt you during the day? Or that Tara won't? She's mad enough at you to try you know."

Smirking Eric replied, "Sookie even if I put you in chains and demeaned you in front of those pathetic vermin at Fangtasia you wouldn't try to hurt me during the day time. You are simply incapable of such a thing. As for your friend? Well if you remember what Octavia said you'd know if anyone is a threat to you or me the barrier would force them out. If your friend got it in her mind to try and hurt me while I'm vulnerable the barrier would force her out to protect me … now come here Sookie."

Realizing he was right on both counts and hating him for it Sookie argued, "It's not fair Eric! You get to hurt and demean me and then you get to snuggle with me like nothing's wrong! You haven't even apologized about what you did!"

"Apologize? Oh how you amuse me! I will never apologize for handing down punishment when you disobey. A Master never apologizes for ruling their slave."

Shaking her head Sookie whispered, "Why are you so mean to me?"

"I'm not mean. I'm truthful. You focus too much on unimportant things. You misbehaved and I punished you. The episode is over and it is time to move on."

"It doesn't work like that Eric!"

"It does. Now come here Sookie. It is time for us to exchange blood and then you need to rest. I can feel the tension in your muscles from your riding lesson today so you need my blood anyway."

Looking at the hand he was holding out to her Sookie heard Han's words in her head. You underestimate the power you have over him. Move slowly Sookie. Handle him as you would a cornered animal. Speak calmly to him. Offer him soft words and gentle touches. He will come to you. With that in mind she decided to try a different approach with Eric. While she doubted Han's truthfulness that she'd never be able to escape Eric she knew for the foreseeable future she was bound to him. If she intended to keep her sanity and dignity during the time it took her to get out of all of this she needed to come to some sort of understanding with Eric.

Moving to sit beside him on the bed Sookie said, "I want to talk first."

"About what?"

Brushing her hair back Sookie watched Thor hop up on the bed and curl up on at the bottom before she continued, "I need a middle ground with you Eric. I'm tired of being afraid."

"Sookie I have told you I will not rape you or beat you."

"That's not what I'm talking about Eric. It's everything else I'm afraid of."

Arching a brow at her Eric asked, "What are you afraid of?"

"You Eric! I'm walking around all the time worried that you're going to take me away from my home and friends. I'm afraid of you hurting me. I don't want to live in fear. I need some kind of middle ground with you."

Eric tested the bond and felt her honesty and knew she was telling the truth. He thought it over for a moment before he pressed, "What do you mean by middle ground?"

Pleased that he was speaking to her about it Sookie explained, "I get that you think you can order me around and I get that I have to do what you want, but I'm not a doll Eric. I'm not a robot. I can't live my life entirely how you want me to. I can't live that way."

"I will not let you go Sookie, and there are certain behaviors I will not and cannot tolerate now that you are my bonded."

"I understand that. However I don't think it's fair that you can make such a big deal out of little things that aren't really problems to anyone but you."

"You're speaking about what happened with the tiger?"

Nodding her head Sookie replied, "That's one example. You say I was giving another man my affections but I disagree. I admit I think Quinn is attractive." Eric narrowed his eyes at her over that and Sookie continued, "But I'm not going to do anything with him. I can't control my thoughts like that and I don't think it's fair you hold them against me. I was just hanging out with him and trying to be friends. Just because you took it the wrong way doesn't mean you should hurt me because of that. It makes me afraid of you."

"You should fear my wrath. It will keep you from disobeying me."

Rolling her eyes Sookie argued, "Do you want me to be afraid of you or do you want me to respect you?"

That made Eric pause. He thought it over for a moment before he replied, "I want you to respect and recognize my authority over you."

"I recognize you can make me do whatever you want. I doubt I'll ever freely accept it. I don't like it and I don't think it's fair, but for now I recognize that you have power over me. You know I'm going to do my best to change that, but for the immediate future I know I answer to you. However if you stop punishing me for stupid things and ease up on controlling so much of my life I might be able to respect you more. I get the fact you're really good at this whole leadership thing and with all this Supernatural crap going on with me I know that I'll need your help to guide me through it all, but I'm afraid of you. If we're supposed to get through this together isn't it better I have some measure of trust and respect for your decisions?"

Eric thought about it and finally nodded his head in agreement. "I agree with that. Tell me how you think we can achieve such a relationship."

Smiling Sookie offered, "Well how about you get rid of the rules about my appearance and lifestyle. Let me wear what I want when I'm not at Fangtasia or out of town with you. Let me cut my hair if I want to. Don't force me to gain weight if I don't want to. Trust me to take care of myself and get the sleep I need to."

"I will allow you to wear what you wish and keep your old clothes if it will make you feel better. I will not enforce a sleep schedule as long as I feel you are not getting warn down, but if I see you are pushing yourself too much I will have to rethink that. And if it will really make you feel better you can maintain your current weight. As for your hair? No. I want it longer."

Deciding that was better than nothing Sookie replied, "Ok. Now about what happened tonight."

"I will not allow your attentions to other men."

"Eric I wasn't being like that with him! I was just being friendly!"

"I did not see it that way. You affections are to be for me and me alone."

Rubbing her temples Sookie argued, "Eric I'm not looking to start a relationship with Quinn! I was just hanging out with him. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way but that's not my fault! I shouldn't be punished just because you take something entirely different than me."
Shaking his head Eric replied, "This is not a negotiable point with me Sookie. If at any time I feel you are behaving inappropriately with another male I will punish you."

Sookie was about to continue arguing but she decided she had better pull back for now. She'd made some head way with Eric tonight and she didn't want to undo it by backing him into a corner. Han had told her to move slow and gentle; to treat Eric like a cornered animal. If she kept pushing him now he might take back all the concessions she'd gotten him to make. "That's good enough for now."

Using his new power Eric lifted Sookie off the bed to situate her in his lap with her back to his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. "Now it is time for you to feed me and take my blood."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "You're really digging that new gift aren't you?"

"Indeed. To move things with only a thought? Very handy."

As Eric began nuzzling her hair Sookie asked, "What did you talk to Bill about?"

Running his fangs over her pulse Eric answered, "I told him the queen had summoned him to New Orleans and I warned him never to come near you again."

"Bet he took that real well."

Lifting his head he turned her head to look up at him and pressed, "Do you wish to see him again?"

Fighting back the tears Sookie closed her eyes and shook her head as she replied, "No I don't. I—I want him to go away and never come back. It hurt me to look at him, and I don't want to have to do it again. I was going to drop his ring off in his mailbox tomorrow and then be done with him."

"No need. I shall see to its return. Where is it?"

Pointing at her nightstand Sookie answered, "It's in that drawer."

"I'll take care of it tomorrow when I rise." With that Eric returned to kissing and nipping at Sookie's neck and shoulder. The large jersey she was wearing hung off her shoulder and gave him access to her soft skin, but he looked forward to the nights when she would lie naked in his arms and her entire body would be bare to him.

Feeling heat build in her body as his fangs brushed along her sensitive skin over and over Sookie whispered, "Just do it already. I'm tired, and want to go to bed."

"More like aroused, but as you wish." Eric ran his tongue over her pulsing neck once before lowering his mouth to sink his fangs deep into her breast. He again enjoyed the rush of her powerful blood into his mouth as the same heat threatening to overtake Sookie gripped him.

Sookie settled her arms over Eric's around her waist and pressed back against him as she moaned, "Eric." Her voice was breathless and filled with need. Each time he fed from her she found more and more pleasure in the act. It was entirely different from her experiences with Bill and took intimacy to a whole new level with her.

Eric could feel the need rising in Sookie and took his fangs from her neck long enough to bite into his wrist and offer it to her before returning to his feeding. When her hands wrapped around his wrist and arm to hold the wound to her mouth so she could feed he felt the hum start between them and begin to build in intensity as they drank from one another.

Sookie whimpered against Eric's wrist as she drank long and deep. She could feel Eric's erection pressing against her bottom as he rocked beneath her. His arm was tight around her waist and she could feel him sucking hard at her neck. Her chest warmed and throbbed as a delicious hum built inside her. It felt like a wave of energy was building in her body. She felt alive. She felt warm and aroused for Eric.

Eric could sense Sookie's emotions just as strongly as his own. He could feel her hunger and need for him. Her desire for his blood and his body. Nipping at her neck he pulled back to lick the wound closed. Tugging his wrist he smirked as Sookie whimpered and tried to pull it back to her mouth as he closed the wound. He let her lick the last few drops from his skin before using his telekinesis to raise her up in the air and turn her around to straddle his lap. She was only wearing the jersey and her panties so the only thing separating his cock from her womanhood was the thin layer of silk from his boxers and the bit of lace of her panties. He wrapped one arm around her waist while the other moved to cradle the back of her head as he drew her forward for a kiss.

Sookie didn't even think of denying him due to the still heated condition of her body and the haze in her mind. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pressed against him and opened her mouth to the kiss. Her tongue swirled around his fangs before meeting his to stroke slowly and softly in an intimate dance. 'He tastes so good.'

Eric could feel Sookie's need and knew she wouldn't fight his touch so he moved his hands to push under her jersey while she remained straddling his lap. Continuing to stroke her tongue into submission, Eric trailed his hands softly up her sides to cup her breasts and toy with her nipples. 'Soon she will yield to me soon.' One hand continued to toy with her nipple while the other covered her Faery Star.

The shock that ran through them both was immediate. Sookie gasped into their kiss and a growl built in his chest as the hum between them grew and vibrated wildly. He bucked his hips up against her as he felt his cock leak precum and throb in need for the woman in his lap. The air energized around them and Eric growled, "I want you, Sookie. I want you more than I've ever wanted anything else."

"Eric," Sookie whimpered. She could feel him. She could feel his hunger and need for her and it fueled her own. She rocked her hips against him and didn't offer resistance as Eric pulled her jersey over her head. She only raised her arms to help him.

Looking at Sookie's bare tits before him Eric growled, "Mine," before leaning her back over his arm so he could fasten his mouth over one hardened peak and begin suckling her.

Sookie could do little more than wrap her arms around his neck and shoulders to hold him to her as her eyes fluttered closed and she sighed at the sensation of his mouth on her breasts. "Eric, oh God, don't stop …."

He continued to suck and nibble at her breast while he used his free hand to slip between them and dip inside her panties. His fingers sought out the liquid heat of her and he began to stroke her folds softly in search of her clit. Pressing into the tight lips of her sex, he growled against her chest and thought, 'She's so perfect. So soft and sweet. I will never let her go. Never!'

Sookie could feel his hand between her thighs. His thumb stroked her pearl while two of his other fingers thrust inside her to stretch her walls. She could feel him working her and driving her closer to the edge as he licked and sucked at her breasts; first one and then the other before switching back again. Her hands threaded through his hair as she whimpered, "Eric, please it burns!"

Her words spurred him on as his hand became rough between her thighs while he nipped hard at her breast before kissing his way up to her heart to trail his fangs over her mark. Sookie reacted like lightening had struck her and cried out in his arms as her sheath clenched around his fingers. "You're so tight min älskade. So tight and wet for me. I want to feel you around my cock. I want to bury myself inside of you and ride you long and hard … you will scream for me little one, you will beg for the pleasure only I can give you."

"Eric," Sookie moaned before pulling his lips to hers. She rocked against his hand as her nails scored his back in her hunger.

Her desire was driving his own and all he wanted was to push her onto her back, tear his boxers and her panties from their bodies, and bury himself inside her. His fingers were thrusting hard and fast inside her now as his mouth slanted over hers again and again. She was bent all the way back over his arm from her kneeling position as he leaned over her with her knees squeezing his hips. The hot skin of her breasts and abdomen pressed against his own cold flesh and made him shudder with longing for her. He'd never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her and his need was threatening to consume him. As his fingers continued to stroke her towards completion while they kissed he could feel her hands trailing up and down his back.

Sookie whimpered into his mouth as the coil of her desire wound tighter and tighter. She could feel her climax approaching as she bucked her hips against Eric's hand in a desperate attempt to find her release. Throwing her head back as he began to kiss his way down her neck and shoulders back to her chest she moaned, "Eric, please my gyllene krigare! Don't stop!"

"I won't älskade. I'll never stop, never," Eric replied as he nipped at her Star and continued his motions between her soft thighs. The silky wetness of her sheath gripped at his fingers and he longed to feel the sensation of her walls tight around his cock and swore he would soon. His erection was hard and throbbing in need and he could feel the precum practically running from the head of his dick to coat his boxers. His manhood begged to be buried inside the tiny human in his arms. "You're mine Sookie, all mine, soon you will be writhing beneath me as I bury my cock deep inside you, so deep you'll never get me out!"

His words finished her off as she ground her hips down on his hand and leaned her head forward to bite into his shoulder to stifle her scream. She bit deep into his flesh as her body convulsed against him while her nails dug into his arms.

Eric could feel her tight walls fluttering around his fingers as their thrusting slowed to ease her through her climax. He luxuriated in the feel of her teeth in his flesh as she bucked and jerked in his arms while riding out her orgasm. Her pleasure was his own and his cock was throbbing in pure need. "My Sookie, min älskade, tell me you belong to me,tell me I own you, tell me you're mine."

Nuzzling his neck and placing gentle kisses along his skin Sookie whispered, "I'm yours Eric, only yours. I need you, please! I need you inside me." Her hand pushed between their bodies to stroke along the silk covered form of his cock as she begged him to take her. "Please Eric. I need you!"

Eric moved in vampire speed to press Sookie down onto the bed with him kneeling between her thighs. They were facing the end of the bed and Thor was peering at them curiously from where he was curled up, but was wise enough not to interrupt them. He could feel Sookie's hand push inside his boxers to wrap around his length and he jerked his hips against her hand as he nipped her pulse. He supported himself on one arm while his other hand moved to push her panties down her hips to bare her womanhood to him.

"I'll give you everything, little one. I'll give you the world if you ask for it, just promise to be mine, älskade, and I'll move mountains for you."

"I promise Eric. You! ... You 're what I want! Please—" Sookie was nearly mindless with desire and need by now. She was about to shove his boxers down so that his cock would be free to enter her when everything came to a grinding halt.


"Hey Sook I'm going to bed! See you in the morning," Tara called out as she stood outside her friend's door.

Inside the bedroom Sookie's eyes went wide as Eric buried his head into her shoulder. She took deep breaths and replied in a shaky voice, "O ... Okay Tara, see you in the morning hun."

There was a moment of silence as Sookie panted beneath Eric while he cursed that meddlesome roommate of hers. "She has to go," he growled.

Closing her eyes as her desire slowly died down and shame and embarrassment rose up inside her Sookie replied, "No way! She just saved me again. I'm going to make her favorite breakfast in the morning and serve it to her in bed."

Leaning up to glare down at her Eric said, "You are too cruel, my Sookie."

Wrapping her arms over her chest Sookie ordered, "Get off me and close your eyes."

"Why should I? If you insist on pulling away from me, I should at least be comforted with the sight of your magnificent breasts for the few moments it will take you to cover them up, which is a crime by the way."

"Because I'll sleep on the floor if you don't!"

Rolling his eyes Eric growled, "Like I said, cruel." Sitting up he closed his eyes and listened as Sookie sat up as well and shuffled around to pull her panties back up and scrounge around for the jersey he'd tossed onto the floor somewhere.

When Sookie was clothed again she faced Eric and hissed, "Why does that keep happening?"

Taking that as his cue that he could open his eyes Eric looked at Sookie standing beside the bed and shrugged. "It just does. I have no complaints though." Holding his hand out to her he said, "Since you're obviously not going to let me finish you might as well get some sleep, come here."

Shaking her head Sookie watched Eric move to get under the covers and replied, "No way! Being in a bed with you is dangerous, you've got to sleep somewhere else."

"Not a chance." Eric didn't give her a chance to respond as he used his new power to have her flipped on her side and floating towards him under the covers he held up for her. When she was pressed against his body with her back to his chest he nuzzled her cheek and asked, "I guess I have no chance at a hand job, huh?"


"Thought as much, how about a blow job?"

Sookie practically snarled at him as she jammed her elbow back against his ribs. Of course it wouldn't hurt him, but it was the principle of the thing! "Keep dreaming! I never even did that with Bill! I've never done either of those things before!"

Pulling Sookie back against him Eric smirked and replied, "I'm pleased to hear that. I will be your first and only in regards to those acts. I assure you that you will enjoy sucking on my cock when the time comes, my pet."

"Eric! Stop!"

Chuckling Eric kissed her temple and replied, "You will not be so shy about it after we become lovers. You will beg to suck me."

Sookie began to struggle against him. "That's it! I'm sleeping on the couch!"

Jerking her back against him Eric laughed and soothed, "Shhh Sookie, you're not sleeping on the couch. You're staying right here. Time to sleep, little one." He started shoving feelings of calm and comfort into her to bring her back from not only her anger but her still raging desire.

Sookie could tell he was influencing her but as it was pushing back the heat in her blood that still called out to him she decided not to get angry about it. She could feel his arm tight around her as she snuggled into her pillow. "No more talking. I'm going to sleep."

"Good night, my Sookie." Eric waited for her to fall asleep before he kissed her neck and pushed a hand up under her jersey so he could cup her breast. The sun would rise in two hours and he would content himself with holding her until then before he sought his rest. 'It will be soon. She cannot resist me for much longer, and that damn roommate has got to go!'


  1. Can Quinn quit with the Babe thing already?? Wish I had horses. No Sookie, don’t give in. He has a lot to make up for first. Wow E is going to throw out her clothes??? Ah Arsehole Eric rises again. Back to Slave again…..way to try to win her over, idiot. The boys are right, he is an idiot. But Lust is not love, stupid men. Eric is going backwards and is going to make things take so much longer Sorry Han, not buying it. He's a dick. Words mean just as much as actions.....Regardless if it wasnt about humiliting her, he did it and it still hurt. She is just supposed to accept that Eric is confused and should just let him have what he wants and suffer at his hand while he figures out his emotions. As sookie says, a pampered slave is still a slave. She thinks she's human, why would she not think like a human? Also....its not like anyone is giving her any real reason to give eric a shot. He did lie and manipulated her more than he said he did to bill. All they will tell her is that its her "destiny" to love him. Why in the world would she want to love someone who tells her he wont ever love her back, punishes her for stupid shit, and threatens her constantly with more punishment and threats. ugh Tell her enough to get her interested and shut her down. UGH. Agreed They are all on Eric's side, conspiring to hurt least that is what it seems like at this point. He def deserves the silent treatment. oh so she can't flirt, but he is still screwing around the countryside???? As much as I love Eric (and I know things should get better) I want his dick to fall off right now. You may have gotten Sookie to talk about the trivial things but she's never told you the big ones Eric. You aren't much better than Scumbill at this point. Sorry Eric but you've been lying too. Respect is earned not demanded. She isnt allowed other men, she should ask if the street goes both ways. LOL Yea for Tara knocking. the only reason she gets worked up is the blood and the bond it created. She might lust after him but she really doesnt want him at this point. Its the same as taking advantage of a drunk woman.

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