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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chapter 38 ~ The Dream

Over the next three days, Sookie remained in the underground lair while the sun was up with Eric, Ahmose and her Vampire guards. Her security access had been removed from the system and she was literally trapped. Eric kept her up until dawn so she was able to sleep almost to noon and Ahmose ensured she had food and drinks to snack on when she woke. She would watch TV, read and play on a laptop that Ahmose provided her.

She would also sit at the repaired console and watch the monitors while Edwin interviewed human employees at various business Ahmose owned. She would expand her shields to hear them while Edwin questioned them and write down any information she picked up on. She and Edwin would then keep in contact through the communication system to relay any points of interest. She wasn't exactly bored, but she did resent the restriction on her movement. She hoped that this situation would just be temporary and that Eric would come down from his anger once they returned to Louisiana.

Her nights were spent in equal parts working and touring. The beginning of the night was reserved for going to major public gathering places for Vampires where she would listen in for trouble. She found two other Fellowship cells and they were apprehended. She didn't ask what would be done with them and frankly didn't want to know. Things continued to be uncomfortable with Bill around, and he and Eric never missed a chance to insult each other. Bill's were subtle as he couldn't afford to be as blatant as his Sheriff due to their different statuses, but Eric was more than obvious with his barbs. Sookie just tried to keep the peace as much as she could. When her jobs with Ahmose were done Eric would take her around the city. He took her to see the Empire State building, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, to see a concert by Taylor Swift at Radio City Music Hall, walking in Central Park, and he took her to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art which was by far her favorite. She tried to bring up the topic about keeping her confined once they returned home but he refused to speak of it any further. So she simply tried to enjoy her time with him and hoped to be able to sway him when they got back.

Now it was Friday morning and they were scheduled to fly home soon after sunset that night. Eric had decided with this new enemy it was no longer safe for them to fly during the day in travel coffins so they would do all their traveling at night. He would be safe from the sun if they were attacked but Han and Ivan would not. He didn't really care about Bill. At the moment Eric was dead for the day and Sookie was draped across his chest sleeping as she found herself pulled into a dream not of her own making.

She was wearing a shimmering white gown with gold embroidery as she walked alone in a beautiful forest. The trees danced around her and sunlight streamed down through the leaves to light the path she was on. Turning her head and looking around Sookie saw birds, butterflies, squirrels and all kinds of gentle creatures. They all watched her as she walked. Ahead of her she could see a sunny meadow. The grass swayed in the warm breeze and the scent of flowers tinged her senses. Stepping out of the woods she looked around and her eyes widened as she saw a women sitting quietly amongst the flowers. She was young and beautiful with flowing golden hair, but Sookie knew who she was, "Gran?"

Adele smiled softly at her granddaughter, the girl she had raised as her own, and nodded her head. "Come here Sookie. Sit with me."

Moving forward Sookie sat down in the sweet smelling grass with white flowers sprinkled throughout facing a much younger version of her grandmother. Tucking her legs under her as she adjusted her skirt Sookie asked, "Where are we."

"Somewhere," Adele answered with a smile.

"You look beautiful Gran. Happy."

"Thank you Sookie. I am happy."

Plucking one of the flowers from the ground and twirling it between her fingers Sookie asked, "This isn't a dream is it? This is another one of those visions that's not really a dream isn't it?"

Folding her hands in her lap Adele nodded her head and replied, "This is one of those dreams you will learn from. I've brought you here."

"Where's here?"

"You'll learn that soon enough. When the time is right for you to know."
"I'm hearing an awful lot of that lately."

"Indeed you are."

Searching the young face of the woman that had meant so much to her Sookie finally said, "You knew didn't you? Those walls in your mind, the thoughts I couldn't get to, they were about all this weren't they? You knew about the prophecy?"

Smiling softly at her granddaughter Adele answered, "Yes Sookie. I knew."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because if I had it would have altered the natural course of your life. Had I told you what you were destined for, you would not have become who you are now, and who you are, will allow you to be what you were meant to be. Fate is a tricky thing my dear. A very tricky thing."
Squashing the flower in her hand Sookie growled, "I'm getting so tired of people planning my future and leaving me out of the planning! It's not fair!"

"Sookie few things in life are fair. You were born to do great things; not only for yourself but the world as a whole. You were destined to save millions. I love you Sookie. I love you with my whole heart, but what is coming is beyond you. Life must always come first."

"What's coming?"

"You'll know very soon, but I did not bring you here to speak to you of your destiny. I brought you here to speak to you about the powers and tools you have in your possession."

"What do you mean?"

Reaching forward to take Sookie's hand in her own Adele explained, "Sookie you have power inside you. Untapped power. Just as your Viking's powers grew with your bond your own powers will grow, are already growing."

"I don't understand. What powers?"

"Aren't you already using your telepathy with more ease than you ever did? Did you not tap into the Fae magic inside of you the night you faced off against Maryann?"

Eyes widening Sookie asked, "You know about that?"

"There are few secrets here."

"That was Fae Magic? Like fairies?"


"How is that possible?"

Tightening her hand around Sookie's Adele replied, "Because I had an affair Sookie. Your true grandfather was a man named Fintan Brigant. He was half Fae and his father is Niall Brigant. The Prince of the Faeries; a very powerful supernatural. You are a Faery Princess Sookie; from a strong and powerful line."

Sookie looked stunned as she gasped, "Are you serious?"

"Very. That man you saw at your parents' funeral and those nights out by the woods was your Great Grandfather Niall. He was the one that sent you the earrings. He watches over you even now, but keeps his distance to ensure he does not interfere with your destiny."

"Is Jason part Faery too?"

"Yes, but the power of the Fae is not in him. He carries only the genetic appeal of the Fae; their looks and magnetism. You were the only one to inherit any power. Your father received only looks and appeal as well. The spark was passed only to you."

"What spark?"

"The Essential Spark. Combined with the power of our own line, the power the women in our family have carried inside them for thousands of years has created a source of unimaginable possibilities inside of you."

"What's so special about the women in our family?"

"You'll learn that soon enough as well."

Glaring at her Grandmother for her evasive answers Sookie pressed, "What kind of possibilities?"

Shaking her head Adele replied, "Even we are unsure of that. For right now all I know is that you have the power to read all supernatural minds. Including vampires."

Eyes widening Sookie argued, "I don't want to! Eric said I'll be killed if Vampires find out I can read them."

"Which is why you can't let them know. Your telepathy is growing Sookie and you will need it. You need to start honing your skill, but keep it a secret. You can tell your Viking as he will feel the power growing in you through your bond, but he will keep your secret. Your guards Han and Ivan know as well as Ahmose. These Vampires you can trust, but let no one else know until the Pythoness tells you it is safe. Stop being afraid of the things you can do and start respecting the power inside of you. You will need it soon enough."

"That's it? Work on my telepathy?"

"No. I know of one other power you have for sure."

Holding her Grandmother's gaze Sookie asked, "What's that?"

"The barriers you create in your mind are pure energy Sookie. You can expand them beyond your mind. Create them around yourself and others. Hone this skill as well."

"What do you mean barriers?"

"Your shields, Sookie. The shields you can create in your mind to keep thoughts out are made of energy. You can manipulate them to surround yourself and others. Not just your mind, but your body and beyond as well. Nothing would be able to get past your barriers once you erect them. No one and nothing. There is no magic in existence powerful enough to get beyond your energy barriers. The power you use to create them is not Fae and it is not mortal magic. It is a power beyond this realm."

"What power?"

"I can't tell you that. Not until the prophecy is well under way. You will know soon enough."

"How do I build the barriers?"

"I don't know. I don't know how you do what you do. You must simply try and keep trying until you succeed. Work on building them the same way you built them in your mind when you were little. You will need these barriers. Not only to protect yourself and others from your enemies, but from your Vampire when he loses control."

Biting her lip Sookie whispered, "He's going to hurt me that bad?"

"It's going to get much worse before things are right between the two of you Sookie."

"Then help me get away from him! Tell me how to break the bond!"
Shaking her head Adele replied gently, "I can't do that. You two are fated. You two have a destiny greater than any other and I can't interfere in that any more than I already am by calling you here now."

"What's going to happen?"

"Life is going to happen Sookie. You and your Viking will live and problems will arise. As his emotions for you overtake him more and more he will respond with dominance and brutality to prove he is still in control. I tell you to fight because I do not want to risk him hurting your heart beyond his ability to heal it. There is no escape for either of you. You both are bound for eternity. I want you to live together in love and happiness. To ensure that I want you to have the tools you need to fight back so that he doesn't go too far before he realizes the truth."

"What truth?"

"That he loves you more than life itself. That you are his whole world. That there is no one and nothing for him without you. Your Viking loves and needs you far more than you do or will him. You will be his heart and soul, Sookie, and I don't want him damaging it before he comes to understand that truth."

Sookie could do little more than sit in front of her Grandmother and stare at her in shock. Her mind was whirling with this information. She could hardly believe what she'd just heard. Finally she asked, "Why didn't you ever tell me this?"

"Because you couldn't know. You couldn't know where you truly came from. Your Grandfather has many enemies that would gladly see him and all his line destroyed. Not to mention the enemies you yourself have due to the prophecy. I couldn't tell you, but now you need to know."

"Why? Why is it ok for you to tell me now and not then?"

"It's not ok for me to tell you now. I shouldn't be telling you what I have, but I am willing to defy all those interfering in your life to help you."

"Help me what?"

"Fight back."

Shaking her head Sookie asked, "Fight who?"

"Your Eric."


Stroking Sookie's hand lightly Adele explained, "He loves you, Sookie. He loves you more than himself, but who he is, what he is, the life he's led, have caused him to be hard. He's buried his heart to survive. The emotions you bring out in him scare him. He's not used to any of this. He can't let you go, but he fears letting you close. He fears admitting what it is you make him feel. He admits only to lust and possession. He is going to hurt you as he tries to control what you make him feel."

Looking down Sookie whispered, "He's already hurt me."

"He will hurt you far worse in the months to come."

"What's going to happen?"

"I won't tell you that. I brought you here to help you fight back."
"How do I do that?"

Tightening her hand around Sookie's Adele explained, "Hone your skills. Embrace the power inside you. Fight. Fight for your rights. Fight for the right to be who you are. He wants to control you and in many cases you must bow to his leadership to survive, but the personal relationship between the two of you should be equal. You are his queen as he is your king. Learn to build the barriers to force him back when he goes too far. Try and learn to tap into the Fae Magic inside of you. I don't know what you can do with it, but I know you have it in you. Know that it is different from the power you have that creates your shields."

When she remained silent Adele pressed on, "You need to keep in mind that he does love you. His love is not like a man's because he has not been a human in many years. Even before he was made vampire he was not quite a man. He has always been more. Just as you have."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Smiling softly Adele replied, "The full truth of what your Eric is will be known to the both of you in time. He has great power in him just as you do. The both of you were literally created for each other. You are truly halves of the same whole."

"He's so mean to me."

"His has lived in darkness for a thousand years. There has been no place for light in his life for centuries. He does not know how to give you what you need, but that does not mean the desire is not there. You must grow with him Sookie. The two of you must learn and grow together. The path the two of you walk will not be easy Sookie, but I can promise the destiny you are meant for is one you will find complete happiness in … but you must be willing to fight for it Sookie. You must fight with everything you have."

"Fight what? Fight who?"

Adele tightened her hand on Sookie's and pressed, "You must fight your Eric for equality. You must make him see that you are a team. It is the two of you against the world. Fight him as much as he fights himself. However you must know when to offer peace as well. Love is about give and take. He knows nothing of love so you must teach it to him. And the rest? The enemies that will come for you both? Your Eric will tell you when to fight then. For now fight for your heart and fight for your dreams."

Sookie met her grandmother's eyes and whispered, "I miss you Gran. I miss you so much."

Reaching forward to stroke Sookie's cheek Adele replied, "I miss you too Sookie, but I know you are strong enough to go on. I wish we'd had more time. More time for so many things, but I have faith in you Sookie. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Your heart is strong and pure. I know you can do this."

Standing Adele pulled Sookie up and continued, "I love you, Sookie. I loved you as my own daughter and there was never a day when I wasn't proud of you. I wish I'd been able to tell you the truth, and regret you must face these changes in your life so unprepared. I wish for so many things my Sookie, but wishes don't go far. For now I want you to know that you are loved. You are loved greatly. Your Viking refuses to admit it but he loves you greatly. He will come to see that and admit it before the end. Those you hold close and those that watch you so closely love you as well. You were born to love and be loved Sookie. Fight for that."

Holding tight to her grandmother's hands Sookie begged, "Will I see you again?"

Pulling Sookie into a hug Adele promised, "I will call you here again. When the time is right. For now you must go. Go and live your life Sookie. Fight for all you love and believe in and try to remember that your Eric is new to emotions. He doesn't know how to express them. The things he feels for you make him afraid and because of that he responds with dominance and cruelty. These things he knows. You must approach him carefully."

As her grandmother released her Sookie stepped back and wiped the tears from her eyes as she said, "I'll try to remember that. He's still a jerk, though."

"All men are. Your Eric doesn't have a monopoly on that area. As women we have to learn to temper their natural male stupidity with our overabundance of patience. It has been that way since the beginning. You'll get used to it."

Sookie laughed. She could feel a pull inside her chest and knew she was going to wake up soon. Looking down at herself she saw her body begin to shimmer and fade. Her eyes darted to her grandmother as she begged, "Promise me I'll see you again! I have to see you again!"
Watching Sookie fade from sight Adele assured, "We'll see each other again my darling Sookie. For now go and live. Embrace your power and embrace your destiny. Know that I will always be with you."


Sookie's eyes shot open and she sat up on the bed gasping for breath. She was next to Eric who was still dead for the day. She'd been lying on top of him as she slept and now she sat staring down at his still form next to her as she tried to come to terms with what had happened. 'Was it real? Was all of that real? She was so young in my dream, but I know it was her.'

Feeling something in her hand Sookie looked down and gasped as she saw the white flower she'd plucked in her dream. It was crumpled from her tight grasp but it was there nonetheless. "Oh my God," she whispered as she looked at it in wonder. 'It was real. All of it. I was really with her. So everything she said ….'

Sookie's thoughts trailed off as her heart sped up. Everything her Gran had revealed to her whirled in her mind as she tried to take it all in. It was too much. The powers her Gran had spoken of, the relationship between her and Eric, the affair, being a Faery Princess, all of it hit her like a ton of bricks. Scooting away from Eric she wrapped her arms around her legs and rocked back and forth as she clutched the flower in one hand.

'What am I going to do? Why is all of this happening? Why me? Why I am so important to so many people all of a sudden when no one has wanted anything to do with me my entire life? Why are things so confusing all of a sudden? And why didn't Gran tell me any of this? She knew I hated being different. She knew it drove me crazy wondering why I was so different than everyone else. Why didn't she ever tell me? She knew how much I wanted to know why I could hear things. Why would she keep all of this from me?'

Minute by minute she could feel her panic and resentment growing. Learning so many truths from her dead grandmother in a dream she knew was real by the flower she woke with in her hand was quickly pushing her towards the edge. She was so angry with her Gran for hiding all of this from her. She was so angry at everyone telling her how to live her life; giving her no options. She was angry that no one was on her side. She was angry that everyone wanted to help Eric trap her. She was just angry.

Beside her Eric was roused from death by the torrent of emotions ripping through Sookie and flooding into him through the bond. He felt the panic, fear, shock, sadness, resentment and anger overcoming her. His eyes opened slowly to take in the sight of Sookie in a white silk shirt of his beside him on the bed. She was sitting with her knees drawn to her chest and her arms wrapped around them as she stared vacantly ahead. Sitting up as well he said, "Sookie?"

When she didn't respond and continued to rock herself slowly he pulled her into his lap. Stroking her hair back from her face he asked, "What's wrong?"

She was silent a moment before she answered, "I talked to my Gran."
That surprised him. "What do you mean?"

"In my dream. I talked to my Gran."

Realizing she'd had another one of those special dreams of hers, Eric pressed, "What happened?"

"Did you know I'm a Faery Princess?"

He stiffened under her. It had been made clear to him that Sookie was not supposed to know of her heritage yet and he wondered why Sookie's grandmother was telling her this now. He rolled the question over in his mind and finally decided he would not lie to her over this. "Yes, I knew."

"So you knew my great grandfather was Niall Brigant?"

"What all did your grandmother say?"

"You didn't answer me."

Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her back against his chest and replied, "Yes. I know you are a descendent of Niall Brigant."

"Did you know I'm going to be able to read all Supernatural minds including vampires?"


"Han, Ivan and Ahmose know."

"I'm aware."

She laughed bitterly. "Of course you are. Everybody seems to know all about me. I know jack of course, but it's all supposed to be ok since everybody else is in on the secret. Everything's just great since everybody knows who and what I am except for me. I'd say that's not fair but as it has been pointed out to me over and over by so many nothing in my life is fair."

Not pleased with the anger and resentment in her voice and coming through the bond, Eric soothed, "No one keeps things from you to hurt you Sookie. I was told your heritage was kept from you for your own benefit."

"My own benefit? More like the benefit of those that want to use me."
"Sookie you must …"

"She said you're going to hurt me."

Eric stilled before growling, "Sookie I will never …."

"Don't lie to me!" Jerking out of his hold Sookie stood from the bed and faced him with fists clenched. His large shirt dipped off her shoulder and she hissed, "I'm sick and tired of people lying to me! I'm tired of being used and manipulated! I'm tired of being a pawn for everybody else! Don't you dare say you would never hurt me! You've done enough lying to my face!"

Feeling how close she was to losing control through the bond Eric said, "You need to calm down. You're upset."

"Damn right I am! I just found out the only person I ever trusted or believed in completely was lying to me my whole life! She knew! She knew about this damn prophecy! She knew that this damn bond was going to happen between us! She knew why I wasn't right my whole life and never told me! She let me believe I was a freak to keep her damn secret! She knew I wanted answers more than anything else and she never gave them to me! Now she's here telling me that she loves me but cares more about this damn prophecy we're in and that I need to find a way to stick it out with you! I fucking hate this shit! I'm tired of all it! I wish I'd never met you! I hate you!"

Feeling a pain in his chest at her words, Eric forced back the emotion and embraced his anger. Standing from the bed as well, he moved in front of her and growled, "You are upset and therefore I will forgive you your words. I understand you are afraid and I understand you are confused. I promise I will help you through this. I …"

"I don't want your damn help! You only help me for your own benefit. You only help me so you can take from me! You've made it quite clear that my emotions only matter to you as long as they don't interfere with your happiness. So keep your damn handouts! I don't want or need anything from you!"

"Sookie stop this at once!"

"Or what? You'll spank me? You'll lock me up? You'll put me in my place? Go ahead! Let's stop the charade that you give a damn about my happiness! I'm tired of all of it!"

Clenching his fists Eric hissed, "I'm warning you, you don't want to push me like this."

Stepping closer to him with her head tilted all the way back to hold his gaze, Sookie pressed, "Don't I? To hell with all of this! I'm sick and tired of your crap. I'm tired of everyone telling me I have to put up with it because it's what I was born to do. I'm tired of all of it! I don't have to be with you if I don't want to! Fate, destiny, the Gods, all of them can go take a hike! You're not my Master and I am done putting up with your overbearing I-own-you-and-you-will-do-as-I-say shit!"
"Sookie you will shut your mouth…now."

"Make me! Go ahead! Hit me! Pop me one and show me whose boss!"
Taking hold of her arms and shaking her Eric snarled, "Enough! You will stop this now!"

Laughing hysterically now, Sookie cried, "Of course, my Master. You say, I do, right? I'm not allowed to have my own thoughts or words. I'm just supposed to stand around and look pretty. I'm here to feed you when you get hungry and spread my legs for you when you want to fuck me, right? You'll break me down with the bond until I think I love you and then I'll really be nothing more than your feed and fuck toy, right? Smile and nod when you tell me, and use my telepathy like a trick pony whenever you want it! Well, fuck you Eric! If you want anything out of me anymore, you're going to have to beat it out of me!"

Flipping her onto the bed with him, hovering over her, Eric pressed her body down with his own and hissed, "Oh I don't have to beat you to make you obey. All I have to do is use your brother and friends against you. Hell I could use a stranger. That tender heart of yours will have you falling in line soon enough the second another's life depends upon you. If you fail to obey me when the time comes for me to give you orders I will kill anyone I have to in order to bring you under control. Their blood will be on your hands."

Her smile was bitter as her eyes glistened with tears. "And there you are, Eric. Right there. You're not the man that tells me stories or buys me puppies. You're the man that threatens to kill my family and friends when I don't do what you want. I am and will always be nothing but a tool to you, and you will always be a monster dressed like a prince. The truth is ugly but it's better than your pretty lies."

Eric held her gaze for long moments before moving off of her. He laid on the far side of the bed staring up at the ceiling leaving plenty of space between them as he said, "Go back to sleep. We'll speak after the sun sets."

Getting up Sookie said, "I'm not going to be able to go back to sleep. I'm going to get a book out of Ahmose's library and read … if that's ok with you Master."

Gritting his teeth at the resentment in her tone, Eric simply moved to lie on his stomach and called forth death to escape the harsh situation he'd found himself in. "Do as you please."

Once she was out of the bedroom Sookie curled up on the couch in the main living area of the underground lair. She cried into her knees as all the events and truths she'd learned over the past few months filled her mind. It was simply too much too fast. Her entire world had changed, everything she thought she knew about herself and her family had been called into question and she didn't know what to do. She cried for a half hour before she heard a voice behind her.

"I think we all forget how very young you are, child," Ahmose said as he moved between the couches to sit across from Sookie. When she raised red rimmed eyes to look at him with tears streaming down her cheeks he continued, "So much is being asked from you and you are so very young. It is unfair. Necessary, but unfair."

Wiping her tears Sookie replied, "At least someone else is saying that besides me for once."

Reaching forward Ahmose handed her a silk handkerchief he'd brought from his room with him and offered, "Unfair does not mean bad, Sookie."

Blowing her nose she answered, "I didn't chose any of this, Ahmose. It's all just been dumped on me and I'm supposed to be happy with it. I'm just supposed to fall in line with being Eric's slave and having my entire life and future taken away. I'm supposed to be all smiles and cheer that I never get a say in my life again."

"You focus too much on the here and now Sookie. You are both learning at the moment. You are learning of the supernatural world and he is learning what it is to feel again. Already you both change. What is now will not always be. You must look to the future Sookie. Focus on the things to come."

When he saw Sookie look over her shoulder towards the door of the bedroom she shared with the Viking he assured, "He is dead. He cannot hear what we speak of and I will not tell him. You and I are the only ones up at the moment. Our words here are our own."

"Why aren't you dead?"

"A vampire of my age is able to stay awake for days if I choose. I actually die only a few hours a day most of the time." Silence stretched between them before Ahmose offered, "I didn't want to be a vampire, you know. I never chose this life, and did not want it when offered to me."

Clearly shocked Sookie asked, "You were turned against your will?"

"Not quite. I was chosen for this. I was chosen to walk through time so I would be here to aid you and your bonded. My Maker came to me when I was but a boy of 13 and told me I was destined to be a Night Walker. I was already Pharaoh by that point, but still learning to rule. My Maker told me one day she would return for me and give me eternal life. I feared it and sought a way to avoid it."


"I would not go out at night. I had powerful magic cast to protect me from vampires at night. I covered myself in silver to ward off the Night Walkers as we called them. I prayed to Sekhmet, often referred to as the Goddess of the Dead and Lady of Slaughter, for salvation. I made her numerous offerings to spare me from the fate I was chosen for. The night before I was turned she came to me in my room. She told me that she and the other Gods had chosen me for this life. They had chosen me out of all their Pharaohs, who truly were descended from the gods by the way, to walk through time so I could be here to help you fulfill the prophecy. I was told of what would happen. She told me how she and the other gods and goddesses of my people would fall to disbelief and lack of faith over time. She told me how their fate would mirror the fates of other deities around the world. She told me of how one day a girl child would be born. A girl child with a heart so big and pure she could carry the weight of the world. I was told of the fate of this girl and her king and I was told to wait for them. Wait and offer aid when they stood before me. This I have done. I accepted my fate and lot in life and have done my duty as I was born to. I will stand and fight beside you and your king for as long as I am able."

Sookie was silent for a moment before she said, "So you're telling me to buck up and get with the program?"

Chuckling softly, Ahmose replied, "No. I'm telling you that sometimes we are called to do things we do not wish to do, but that does not mean we will not grow to appreciate the lives we live. I did not choose this life and did not want it, but if given the chance to go back and change it, to give this fate to another, I would not. I love all of my children. I appreciate all of the memories I hold and the lessons I've learned. My life has been one of hardship and pain, but there has been love, friendship, joy, adventure, and happiness. I weather the low points when they come and rejoice in the high."

"Eric said something like that."

"As I said before the Viking is wise beyond his years, but he is unskilled and unlearned in many things still. Emotions being one of them."

Holding his gaze Sookie pressed, "If I ask for your honest opinion will you give it?"


"Do you think what he's doing is right?"

"Not all of it. Your Viking is making many mistakes and he will pay for them. You are worth more than slavery, but I understand why he's doing what he's doing. I understand his reasoning."

"So you think he should let me go?"

Shaking his head Ahmose replied, "I did not say that. I'm saying I do not agree with his methods. Your Eric is taking a new situation that involves emotions he's never experienced and trying to force it into a role he is more comfortable with. He's never felt for anyone or anything the way he feels for you, not even Godric, and yet every part of who he is cries out for you. He doesn't understand it and doesn't want to. He wants to force you into a manageable position. He believes if he can make you a slave, something he owns, then he can control the situation he finds himself in. He is wrong in this belief and he will come to understand that. He will come to regret the crimes he commits against you now."

"So you don't think he should lock me up like he's choosing to do?"

"Again, that's not what I said. I agree with him that you act based on emotion and presently that is beyond dangerous and costly. You are too young; too young and too unaware of the danger around you. As unfair as it is your life is no longer your own. You are now responsible for the world … literally. Your life along with your Viking's are more important than any other. You cannot die Sookie. Because of who you are and the intensity with which you feel you will always follow your heart. That is both good and bad. It is good as that you will never lose your humanity, and it is bad as you will never approach a dangerous situation as you should. You will always put yourself and your own wellbeing last despite the fact that no one on this earth is more important than you. Because of that your Viking's guidance and protection is necessary."

"So you're saying he should have control of me?"

"I'm saying you should have control of each other."

Laughing at that Sookie replied, "I'll never be able to control Eric."

Ahmose smiled genially. "You will. You will never beat him physically, but you control more and more of his heart by the day. Soon your happiness will matter greatly to him. Soon your word will have sway over him. You will be the moral compass and he will be the might. He will do the fighting and killing that must take place to keep you and yours safe, and you will keep the darkness in him at bay. Already the changes in you both grow."

"I still don't like this. It's not fair and I don't accept it. I will not be a vampire."

"I know."

Eyes widening Sookie gasped, "What?"

Leaning forward Ahmose replied, "What I tell you now you cannot mention to your Viking. Not until you are both told of the prophecy. Do you understand?"


"You will never be a vampire. You will never be turned and you will never live off blood. Your heart will never stop beating. You will always be what you are now."

Smiling softly Sookie asked, "I'm always going to be human?"

Shaking his head Ahmose laughed, "You are not human. Parts of you are of course, but there are parts of you that are most definitely not."

"Then what am I?"

"That I cannot tell you. What I can tell you is that you will never lose your sunlight. You will never lose your compassion or kindness. You will always value life above all things. In the end Eric will take nothing from you that you do not freely give. Least of all your humanity."

"He's taken my freedom and right to choose."

Shrugging Ahmose replied, "That is only temporary. Soon enough you will be equals."

"I'm learning soon is different for me than you guys."

Laughing again Ahmose said, "Indeed it is. Eternity is a long time Sookie. Plenty long for the two of you to resolve your issues."
"I thought you said I wouldn't be turned?"

"I did and you won't."

"Then how will I live for eternity?"

Smiling softly, Ahmose replied, "You'll learn that soon enough. For now know that nothing will be done to you. The power to live past a normal mortal existence was created in you at birth. Your joining with the Viking awakened it. The power in you grows by the day; already your body's aging process is slowing. Soon it will stop entirely and you will be preserved in time as you are now. Death will only come to you through a mortal wound. Never sickness or old age."

Mouth falling open in shock Sookie whispered, "Oh my gosh."

"Indeed. You were born to be immortal Sookie. You were born to walk many worlds and see things few can even imagine. Your destiny is great, Sookie, and one day you will rejoice in it. For now you must endure the hardships you face and fight for equality with your Viking. However I suggest you fight smart."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Smiling Ahmose offered, "Despite what you see in the movies of grand gun fights and battles fought by armies true tacticians know that battles are won by superior minds. You must outsmart your bonded. Use his affection for you against him. He says your happiness is nothing compared to his and yet he sacrifices many things that would make him happy for you. Find a middle ground and build upon it."

"How do I do that?"

"I'm certain you're smart enough to figure that out. Put your mind to it and I'm sure you'll find a way to regain some of the ground you've lost." Standing Ahmose continued, "For now I shall leave you to your thoughts. I will also reiterate that just because you did not choose this destiny for yourself and do not understand it does not mean you will not eventually want it. Take all things in stride my lady. Take them in stride and with an open heart and mind. Perhaps you will find more there than you think."

As Ahmose walked away Sookie called after him, "Thank you Ahmose."

Turning to face her Ahmose nodded his head and replied, "Always, my lady. If ever you have need of me I will give it." With that he headed back to his room. When he was at his door he said over his shoulder, "If I may Sookie?"

Smiling softly at him Sookie replied, "You can always speak your mind to me Ahmose."

"You hurt him, Sookie. I know he's hurting you as well, but he's just as unsure and confused by all of this as you are. Add that to the fact you are making him feel, truly feel with everything he is, for the first time in centuries and he is just as lost as you. He hides it better but he doesn't know what to do anymore than you do. All he's ever known is the fight for control and you're robbing him of that. He will not give you up, but he doesn't know how to keep you without changing. You must give him time. I know it's not fair that he expects you to change and fit the mold he's placed you in, but you must give him time. He's coming to understand that he's changing. He hasn't accepted that yet, but he will. You simply must be patient. Be patient and be gentle. As strong as your heart is his is just as weak. He hasn't used it in so long he's forgotten how. You must give him time to learn to feel and understand it again. You must teach him how to love properly. You must give his heart time to grow as strong as yours."

Sookie was silent a moment before asking, "Is he truly capable of loving me? Real and true love that is unconditional?"

"He's well on his way. He's fighting it and you. Something has to give. You can't defeat a warrior such as him with force. He was born and raised to never back down in a head on assault. He can't ignore a challenge. The beast in him will not allow it. Approach him gently. Appeal to the softness growing inside him for you. His heart yearns for you. Use that."

"Did I really hurt him?"

Nodding, Ahmose replied, "I think your rejection has the power to wound him even more than Godric's passing. Godric was his beginning. You are his present and future. He knows this. He won't admit it, but the truth is there inside him all the same. Your heart is strong. His is not. He has kept it buried for centuries. Don't beat it down. Instead build it up. It is the only way the two of you will come to realize the true bond you share."

As Ahmose pushed open his bedroom door Sookie asked, "Will we ever be truly happy?"

Ahmose paused. He didn't turn around as he answered, "You will if you are both willing to fight for it. Love is give and take Sookie. Sadly for now you must give more than you take, but soon enough there will be equality between you, but you must fight for it."

When he was gone Sookie sat and thought about what she'd learned. Her greatest fear had been resolved. She'd been terrified of being a Vampire; completely and totally terrified. Now knowing it wasn't going to happen had taken a large load off her shoulders and she was thankful. However that didn't mean she didn't have other problems to consider. 'Like everything to do with Eric and our relationship,' she thought with mixed emotions.

Now that she'd had a chance to calm down she recognized the fact that she had kind of lost it with him earlier. Her dream with her Gran had freaked her out and the truths she'd learned had really shocked the hell out of her. Most of the anger she took out on Eric had been directed at her Gran's secrecy and the situation she found herself in entirely. Eric had simply been a convenient outlet. She'd been so upset about being lied to by everyone and everything that she had taken it out on him to make herself feel better. She recognized it as being wrong now, but at the time she hadn't been able to help herself. Looking at the clock on the wall she saw it was a little past 2pm now and she knew that Eric wouldn't rise for a few more hours. She decided she might as well get dressed and then read a book. She would need her energy to face him when he did rise. Especially since they would be stuck down here together until the sunset.

Heading into the bedroom she forced herself not to look at Eric as she shed his silk shirt she'd slept in and dressed in one of her new outfits. She put on a beaded light blue sweater with dark leggings and suede boots. When she was done, she headed to Ahmose's library to retrieve the book she'd been reading on Egyptian mythology. As she settled on the couch, she thought, 'I hope he's willing to hear me out when he rises. If he doesn't things are going to get a whole lot worse.'

A few hours later Eric's eyes opened as he sat up. Immediately he saw Sookie sitting beside him on the bed. She was cross legged and obviously waiting for him. He could remember their earlier altercation clearly and was tempted to ignore her or punish her. He couldn't decide which. However it was also obvious that she was waiting to speak to him. 'She'd better be ready to beg my forgiveness for her words, because if she goes off on me again I'm pulling her over my knee,' he thought as he waited for her to speak.

Sookie watched as Eric sat up and raised a knee to drape his arm over while he stared at her with hard eyes. Taking a deep breath she said, "There's actually a lot I want to talk to you about, but first I have a request to make."

Arching a brow Eric laughed coldly, "I thought you wanted nothing from me? Yet here you are asking for favors as soon as I rise."

"Eric this will go a lot better if you're willing to meet me halfway. I want to talk about what happened earlier but first I have two very important questions to ask you. What I want from you now is for you to open the bond on your end so I can feel your honesty when you give me your answers."

"My word alone is not good enough?"

"Not for these questions. I need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are telling me the truth when you answer them. You can always feel me and whether or not I'm hiding something from you so I'd appreciate it if you would open your end this one time so I can feel the truth of your answers."

Eric was silent a moment before he threw open the bond. He watched her jerk back as his anger and rage washed over her and said, "Good enough for you?"

Closing her eyes as their connection tore at her, as his barely leashed fury burnt her from the inside she begged, "Eric please … please don't use this against me … I'm trying here … please."

Eric looked her over for a moment before he reined in the bond. He left himself open enough that she'd be able to feel his emotions, but not so much that she would be hurt by them. "Ask your questions."

Releasing a sigh as the pain inside her from his attack faded Sookie asked, "Would you ever truly kill my brother or friends, or hurt them in any way to force me to do what you want?"

"That's a difficult question to answer."

"Answer it as best you can."

Thinking how to word his answer Eric finally replied, "I would never harm any you care about over simple obedience. However if your life and safety are ever on the line and your compliance with my orders are absolutely necessary to ensure your survival I will do whatever I must to keep you alive."

"So if I ever broke one of your rules and refused to obey you wouldn't use them against me? You'd only use them against me in a life or death situation?"


She could feel his honesty through the answer. She felt some of her fear evaporate as she pressed, "Is there anything else you know about me that you haven't told me?"

"Yes. Two things."

"What are they?"

"I can only tell you one. The other you have to be able to see for yourself. Magic hides it from you and I will not go against it."

Biting her lip Sookie finally said, "Ok then tell me the other."

"Fairies killed your parents. They did not die in the flood. That was merely a cover up. They were murdered."

Sookie's mouth dropped open and she gasped, "What?"

Feeling her growing pain and horror Eric continued, "I know no more than that but I will get answers for you if you want them. I was told very little by Niall. He merely confirmed my suspicions that they were murdered. I believe your Gran knew it as well. Fae are greatly harmed by lemon juice and iron Sookie. I think your Gran knew you were a target."

"How could you not tell me this!"

"It does you no good to know. You cannot gain vengeance on those that killed them and this information only hurts you. However you asked and wanted the truth so I have given it."

Shaking her head, Sookie pressed, "Why? Why were they killed? What happened!"

"I don't know. As I said I was told very little by Niall, but I will contact him and ask for answers if you want them."

"You know him? You've spoken to him?"

"I've known him for centuries. I've only recently become aware that you are related to him though. He and I have never been on the best of terms but I guess you could say that currently we see eye to eye. If you desire answers I will aid you in seeking them. I cannot promise you will get them. Niall is a powerful supernatural and I cannot force him to answer your questions."

"But you'll try?"

"I will contact him as soon as we get home."

Sookie was quiet a moment before she asked, "Can I meet him?"

"I'm not sure. He knows you exist and my understanding is he watches over you but doesn't take part in your life to keep from interfering with the prophecy. I will ask if it will make you happy though."

Sookie thought that over before finally saying, "Ok. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Those were the two questions I had for you. Now I want to talk about what happened earlier." When Eric simply continued to look at her she said, "I'm sorry I yelled at you like that. I was upset. It's no excuse for going off on you like I did but it's all I have."

Clearly surprised Eric asked, "You're apologizing?"

"Yes. I realize that I took out my anger on you unfairly and I'm sorry for saying mean things simply to hurt you. I was upset by what I learned in my dream and I lashed out … so I'm sorry."

"So you didn't mean any of it?"

"Oh I meant plenty of it. I still think it's total crap that you get to order me around and I can't stop you. I think it's total crap that there's apparently been this big whole plan for me my entire life that so many people knew about and do know about but no one thinks I have the right to be clued in on. I think it's crap that I didn't choose this course in my life, and I think it's crap I don't have the right to change it. There's just a whole lot of crap in my life right now … but I didn't mean it when I said I wish I'd never met you and I didn't mean it when I said I hate you. Those things I said in anger and I'm sorry."

"And what you said about being nothing more than a feed and fuck toy to me?"

Sookie winced. "I shouldn't have said that. You've proven I'm more than that to you. I know if you only saw me as that you'd have taken both from me by force when we first met. I know you treat me better than other vampires treat their humans and I appreciate that. I'm sorry I said that."

Eric looked at her for a moment before he said, "I want you to tell me of this dream you had of your Grandmother. Tell me what she told you."

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "I'm not ready to do that. I … I need time to sort through it all."

"I want to know what—"

"Eric have I ever asked you to speak about Godric when you weren't ready to?"

Stiffening, he replied, "No."

"Then please do me the same courtesy. What Godric was to you my Gran was to me, and I just found out that she lied to me my whole life. She told me a lot in my dream and I need time to come to terms with it all. I'll tell you about it, but only when I'm ready."

After a few moments of silence Eric finally nodded and replied, "Very well. I'll give you your time as long as you promise that none of it is important for me to know in order to keep you safe."

Sookie shook her head, "It was all personal stuff. Some of it had to do with you but it was more along the lines of her speculating on our bond and relationship. I guess you could say she was giving me advice. If it makes you feel any better she fell in with everyone else and spouted off that crap about us being destined and I had to stay with you and all that."

Smirking, Eric reached forward to take hold of her wrist and pull her to his side. "It pleases me to hear that. Her opinion means much to you and I like that her vote was cast in my favor."

Rolling her eyes, Sookie added, "She also said all men are jerks and the only reason women can tolerate any of you is because we have an overabundance of patience. She said our patience counters your natural male stupidity."

"Well it's obvious at that point your Gran was just spewing nonsense. As I understand humans tend to become somewhat senile in their old age. That must have been the reason behind those words."

Laughing softly at that Sookie replied, "I like her version better, and she was young in my dream. Like my age young. She was beautiful."

"If you're descended from her I can believe she was a striking woman in her prime."

Laying her head on his shoulder Sookie whispered, "I really am sorry for what happened earlier."

Kissing the top of her head, Eric replied, "I know and I forgive you your words. I knew you were speaking in anger and should not have responded in kind. I also regret threatening your brother and friends. That was low of me and untrue. I, too, was speaking in anger at that point."

Sookie was silent for a moment before she asked, "Do you think we're going to get through this?"

"I know we will. It just might be a hell of fight to ensure we land on top."

"I'm no good in a fight Eric."

Laughing softly Eric said, "I'm plenty good enough for the both of us. Stick with me and you'll be just fine."

"You are so arrogant."

"It's not arrogance if it's true. I'm just that good."

"Conceited, too."

"Don't forget sexy as hell."


"Devilishly charming."


"All knowing."

"Stuck up."

"Now that's just not true. I slum it around fangbangers at Fangtasia all the time."

Scoffing Sookie replied, "You sit on a throne above them all and kick them in the head to send them flying when they annoy you."

"A man has to have his hobbies Sookie."

"You're such a jerk."

"Don't forget Viking sex God. Never that one."

"You soooo need to get over yourself."

"I could stand to have you over me right now. Specifically over the groin area."


Laughing he kissed the top of her head and stood from the bed to get dressed. "Come, my Sookie. You practically begged for that one."

As she watched him pull on his pants and shirt Sookie thought, 'Maybe there's hope for us yet.'


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    1-"This is another one of those I visions that's not really a dream isn't it?" take out I
    2-"Had I told you what you were destined for you would not have become who you are now, and" comma missing "destined for, you"
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