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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chapter 41 ~ Short Days, Long Nights

Around 5pm that night, Eric was leaning over Sookie as he watched her sleep. One of the things he loved most about his homeland was the short days and long nights in winter. He might be able to walk in the light now, but it still had an effect on his body and caused the need to die in him each day. However, at the moment he was wide awake, and enjoying being able to gaze down at his bonded while she was still dead to the world. He knew she was probably suffering a bit from jet lag, not to mention the long night he and Haldar had treated her to, and that was why she was still slumbering so deeply.

Brushing a lock of hair off her face he trailed his fingers along her cheek and smiled when Sookie mumbled in her sleep and nuzzled into the pillow she was clutching to her chest. 'Such a small woman, and yet she affects me so greatly. I know so much about her, and still I don't understand her. I don't think I ever will, and strangely that pleases me the most. She will always be a mystery to me. My mystery.'

Looking down at her, he let his eyes trail over her form. She was lying on her side hugging a pillow much the same way she hugged him while they were sleeping. Her hair, which was much longer now due to his blood, hung in curls about her back and shoulders in disarray. Her golden skin glowed against the darkness of his black silk shirt she wore. She was beautiful. He'd had more attractive women. He'd had women with bodies that would make any man drool. He'd had a goddess. He'd been with fairies and angels and all sorts of mythical women that most men could only dream of…none of them excited him the way Sookie did. When he looked upon her it wasn't about the color of her hair, the softness of her skin, or the curves of her body … it was about her. Who she was made her glow and shine with life, and in his eyes there was nothing more beautiful than Sookie. 'And she's all mine,' he thought with satisfaction.

His need for her went beyond desire and lust. He didn't even understand the reasons inside of him that drove him to own her. He didn't understand why every part of him, both the rational and the darkness in him, wanted her the way he did. He felt such possession for Sookie. With every fiber of his being he knew she was his. She belonged to him more than Pam, and he didn't understand it. What he really didn't understand was his growing need to see Sookie smile, to make her happy. He'd admitted to her that he liked her joyous, but it had never been a priority to him before. Her emotions had always been a byproduct of his own plans to make her love him. Now he found that more and more he was thinking of ways to make her happy for her own sake. He wasn't sure how to feel about that.

Before he could get all worked up on the ways Sookie was changing him she drew his attention by rolling over and snuggling against his chest as she sighed in her sleep. Leaning down he nuzzled her neck and whispered, "Time to wake, my Sookie."

He laughed when she mumbled something incoherent even to his superior hearing. Rolling her onto her back he braced himself above her as he nudged his large shirt off her shoulder and began to kiss and nip the soft skin of her neck, shoulder and collar bone. "Wake up, pet. Open your eyes little Sookie."

Sookie felt her body heating as Eric's cool lips worked slowly against her warm flesh. She found herself spreading her legs and raising her knees so he could lie comfortably between them while her hands dug into his hair. "I don't want to wake up. In my dreams I get to have you guilt free, no consequences."

"You're actually going to have me compete against myself? How horrible of you, Sookie. I assure you your dream version of me is nothing compared to the real thing, let me prove it to you."

Sookie laughed as he bit softly at her pulse while one of his hands snaked up inside his shirt she was wearing to skim across her abdomen and reach for her breast. Part of her knew she should push him away, but the other part of her, the greater part, didn't want to stop him … so she didn't. Gasping in delight as his large hand cupped her breast, she moaned, "You never play fair."

Rolling her nipple between his fingers as he ground his hips into her pelvis to show her how hard she made him, Eric growled, "I'll play any way I have to in order to win you."

"I thought I was already yours?"

Moving his hips against hers in a rhythmic motion while he teased her nipple Eric lifted his head from her neck to look down at her as he said, "I took your freedom to walk away, your heart must be given. That is the only way I'll truly own you."

Sookie held his gaze for a moment as he continued to play her body like an instrument before she pulled him down to her. Opening her mouth to his kiss she wrapped her legs around his waist and bucked up against his erection pressed so tightly between them. His lips devoured hers while her hands stroked along the muscled expanse of his back. 'He's so hard everywhere. So big and hard. He could kill me with the slightest touch, and yet he's so gentle with me.'

Eric stroked Sookie's tongue with his own as he braced himself with one arm beside her head while his other hand moved from her breast to tear his shirt she was wearing open. He didn't care that he was ruining it. It was in the way of her body. When it hung open leaving her breasts bare to him he ended their kiss with one final nip to her lips before he moved his way down her body. Tracing his tongue over her neck and collar bone he listened to her cry out softly as he finally took hold of her nipple with his teeth. Grazing it with his fangs he began to suckle her.

Sookie moaned in pleasure at the sensation of his mouth on her. Her knees gripped him tightly to her as he lay between her spread legs. One hand burred itself in his hair to hold him to her breast while the other traced along the corded planes of his back. "Eric …." she sighed breathlessly.

'Damn, she tastes good! Her body is unlike any other. Her scent, her touch, all of her is complete paradise to me,' Eric thought with a growl as he left one breast to pay homage to the other. He continued to support himself above her so as not to crush her with his weight, while his other hand smoothed down her side and hip to slip between their bodies. He pushed his way past the barrier of her panties and sought out the heat of her. When his fingers came in contact with her silky folds he groaned against her nipple. 'She's so wet and hot! Mine, all mine!'

As he began to stroke her, Sookie cried out in pleasure. Her hips rolled against his hand to pull him deeper while her fingers dug into his golden hair to hold him tighter to her breast. This man drove her completely insane! When she was with him all she could think of was him! "Oh Eric! ... please!"

Lifting his head from her breast, Eric continued to stroke her heated sex as he nipped her lips. "Feel me, Sookie, fell me touch what is mine, all that you are belongs to me, your pleasure, your pain, your joy, all of it, feel me touch you and know you are mine!"

Sookie didn't care about the dominance of his words. As his fingers plunged inside her while his palm rubbed against her clit she could do little more than grind down against his hand as her own fingers gripped his shoulders hard. Her head fell back as she arched up against him and whimpered, "Please, Eric … bite me!"

His fangs popped out and his eyes began to glow as a steady growl vibrated through his chest. Her words affected him deeply. As she turned her head and presented her neck to him he lost the will to hold back. "My Sookie," he hissed with possession before leaning forward to sink his fangs deep into her pulse. Her blood erupted in his mouth and his eyes rolled back in sheer ecstasy. Her scent, touch, and taste surrounded him, and he lost himself to his need for her.

Sookie cried out as Eric's deadly fangs slid into her neck so he could feed while his fingers began to thrust harder and faster into her wet folds. Her hips were bucking up against him as much as she could with his weight bearing down on her. She could feel his mouth working against her pulse and the combined sensations were driving her crazy! Wrapping one arm around his back while her other hand buried itself into his hair she cried, "Oh Eric! don't stop! I'm so close my Viking!"

He knew she was. He could taste her rising pleasure in her blood. Not to mention he could feel her tight walls fluttering around his fingers as he stroked. His eyes glowed bright with his power and their marks pulsed on their chests as the hum built between them. He knew if he lived an eternity more he would never get enough of this small woman beneath him, there would never be a moment when he did not desire her. As he felt her orgasm approach he sent a burst of his own lust back to her through the bond, and hissed into her neck as she arched beneath him and cried out while her hot cunt tightened around his fingers like a vice. He stroked her a few more times as he pulled back to lick her wounds closed. He'd taken a bit more than he intended, but she should be fine.

Sookie gazed up at Eric in wonder as her body trembled beneath him, and could feel his fingers stroking her slowly to bring her down from her orgasm. She watched with fascination as the glow slowly left his eyes, but he still looked deadly and feral. His fangs were still drawn and drops of her blood smeared his lips as he looked down at her hungrily. Reaching up she cupped his face and drew him down to her to lick her blood away while he continued to pet her. She could feel her cum leaking between her thighs, causing her lace panties to cling to her while his hand worked around them. "Eric …"

"My Sookie," he groaned as her lips moved softly against his own. When her hands pushed against his shoulders he moved easily to his back and watched with heated eyes as she moved to straddle him. He gripped her hips and looked up at her when she pushed the torn pieces of his silk shirt from her shoulders to leave her in only her panties. Her breasts hung glorious and free and he watched with awe as she ground herself against his erection while her hair spilled down around her shoulders. "Beautiful …"

Sookie smiled at Eric as she set her hands on his abdomen and traced the hard contours of his muscles before trailing them upwards on his chest as she leaned down to kiss him. "My Viking," she whispered against his lips. She felt him fist a hand in her hair to hold her to him while his other one cupped her ass and pulled her hard against his arousal. They were both rolling their hips together to create a delicious friction between them, and Sookie felt the wetness of her juices soaking through his boxers.

Tapping his tongue playfully with her own she pulled back from the kiss to nip at his jaw. "You make me burn, Eric … like never before."

"We burn together, my Sookie," Eric growled as he felt Sookie begin to kiss and lick her way down his neck and chest.

Sookie smiled at those words. Her hands stroked the hard pectoral muscles of his chest as she lowered herself over him. She bit his Mjolnir before kissing it lovingly. She felt a sharp pulse of heat and desire tear through them both at the action, and smirked with satisfaction when Eric groaned beneath her and let out a needy hiss. "You're so strong, Eric … you could break me without a thought."

Stroking a hand through her hair while the other gripped the bedding beside him Eric looked down at Sookie as she twirled her tongue over his Mark and growled, "Never … I will never break you."


"I promise … you are mine and will never be broken."

Grazing her blunt teeth across his own nipple Sookie asked, "And are you mine?"

"As much as I can belong to you or anyone."

"Good enough," Sookie whispered as she began to kiss her way down his abdomen. She was determined to make him scream for her just as he made her scream for him. She'd never done this before but was fairly certain she'd be able to judge what he liked by his responses, not to mention being inside so many people's heads over the years (especially Lafayette's and those at Fangtasia) she had a fairly good idea of what she was supposed to do.

Eric watched with drawn fangs as Sookie moved down his body. He saw her run her hand across the silk covered expanse of his throbbing cock and smile up at him. He knew what she was about to do and he was desperate for it! He'd fantasized her sucking on him so many times that her gentle attentions now had him ready to explode. "Suck me, my Sookie … take me into your mouth and swallow my seed."

"With pleasure." Sookie kissed his navel and began to push his boxers down.

"Get up Eric! It's time to play!"

Eric sat up and snarled at the door. "Go away, Haldar, or I'll send you to your final death! I'm busy!"

On the other side of the door Haldar laughed heartily and called back, "You have the rest of eternity to let that girl of yours suck your cock! I'm bored! Let's go out and have some fun! Come, little human! You can play with his dick later! Let's go out!"

Sookie's face went bright red with mortification as she gasped, "Oh my God! Damn vampire hearing!"

Feeling Sookie's embarrassment and the dousing of her desire, Eric flopped back on the bed and growled, "I'm going to have to kill everyone on the planet in order to finally fuck you."

"Oh, you haven't fucked her yet? At all?" Haldar called from the other side of the door. "I didn't smell your seed on her yesterday, but I just figured you two hadn't been at it in awhile or something. I can wait a few minutes for you to enjoy her. Seems like she's ready for you. Just be downstairs in thirty minutes … we're going out!"

When he knew Haldar was gone Eric looked at Sookie's beet red face and asked, "You're not going to take him up on his thirty minutes are you?"

Grabbing the scraps of his shirt to cover her chest as she hopped up from the bed Sookie looked at Eric with narrowed eyes and hissed, "What do you think!"

Eric watched Sookie stomp into the bathroom and slam the door shut behind her. Looking down at the tent in his boxers, he disdained, "We are so neglected."

Thirty minutes later, Eric led Sookie into the foyer of Haldar's home where the Swedish King was leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face while Han and Ivan stood off to the side. "I should stake you," Eric growled.

Haldar just laughed louder and replied, "We're going to the Arena…you can work off your energy there." Turning to look at Sookie he added, "I have even more respect for you now little human. Not many women can hold out against his charms for a night, let alone the months you've been bonded to him."

Sookie blushed brighter and whispered, "Can we not talk about sex please?"

Eric glared at Han and Ivan and hissed, "Some help you two are. You couldn't keep him away from the door for ten more minutes?" When the two Enforcers just smiled he shook his head and grabbed Sookie's coat, gloves, and cap so he could wrap her up.

Haldar just laughed harder. Eric and his human were so fun to tease! He watched as Eric bundled his bonded up again before saying, "Let's go! Time to play."

As they followed the Swedish King out of his home to the waiting limos Sookie leaned close to Eric and whispered, "I've changed my mind. I don't like him, and he's not funny."

"I concur."

Holding the door open, Haldar teased, "How can you say that old friend?! Everyone loves Haldar! It's not my fault you're losing your touch and haven't charmed your way between her thighs yet … your old age must be catching up with you."

"Watch it Haldar, or I'll toss you into Lake Mälaren. You won't be laughing then," Eric growled as he helped Sookie into the limo.
"I always do enjoy a cold swim," Haldar teased.

Eric just shook his head in annoyance. Thankfully during the ride Haldar stopped trying to embarrass Sookie so much and began telling her stories of him and their exploits together. Sookie couldn't help but be entertained and stopped being mad at the King for mortifying her earlier. Eric was simply grateful that Haldar only told Sookie stories of the fights and skirmishes they got into, and didn't tell her of the many women they had shared or orgies they'd participated in. He didn't need Sookie knowing of that. This trip was for him to seduce her, not piss her off. In no time at all the limo pulled into an underground parking garage and Sookie asked, "Where are we?"

"The Arena," Haldar said. He waited for Eric to take Sookie's coat, hat and gloves so they could leave them in the limo since the garage was heated before he stepped out of the limo with the others following. Once they were all out and headed towards the large double doors at the end of the garage guarded by two Vampires. After they entered and were making their way down the hallways he continued, "It's a fighting arena. Vampires and supernaturals can let loose here and use their abilities against one another … winning lots of money. There are usually only a few deaths each night, but most of the time the losers are only gravely injured. Good fun. The world has become too tame. The Arena allows us to let loose. I scheduled Eric for a fight … ten to one."

"Ten to one odds?" Sookie asked.

Eric shook his head and replied, "No, Sookie. He means ten vampires to one … I'm the one."

Sookie stopped dead in her tracks and gasped, "Oh no you're not!"

Eric stiffened and then looked at Haldar and their guards as he said, "Go on. We'll join you shortly." After the others had left Eric swept Sookie up in his arms and carried her to another hallway farther away from the entrance where they would have more privacy. Coming into a small sitting area where the bathrooms were located he set Sookie on her feet and glared down at her. "First, do not speak to me that way in front of other vampires. Second, you have no say over what I do. Do not think that because I agreed to give you money to ease your conscience on how I handle my affairs that you can order me. Do so again and I'll be forced to punish you."

"Then punish me, because you're not doing this!"
"Yes, I am."

Stomping her foot Sookie hissed, "You can't do this!"

"I can, and I am. You yourself admitted that you knew my world was full of violence and would find a way to accept that. Why are you throwing a fit now?"

"This is totally different! You're not fighting to protect yourself, and you're not fighting to protect me. You are fighting for the sake of fighting, and that is unacceptable."

"You have no say in how I conduct my affairs, Sookie. We've established that."

"Are you going to use your telekinesis?"

"No. I will use my bare hands. My other gifts are prohibited."

Shaking her head she repeated, "Absolutely not! We're leaving! Right now!"

Leaning close to her Eric hissed, "Do not order me!"

"You're not doing this!"

Taking hold of her arms, Eric growled, "Little girl, you are dangerously close to me taking you over my knee!"

"Fine! Spank me and then we'll go, because you are NOT doing this!"
"Sookie, you will calm down. I know you dislike violence, but—"

"This isn't about violence! This is about you walking into a ring to a possible fight to the death against ten other vampires! TEN! You could die!"

Eric looked at her for a moment before saying, "You aren't throwing a fit over the violence. You are upset because you think I will lose and die."

"Of course! There will be ten of them, Eric!"

"None of the vampires I'm going against are older than 300. Most haven't even reached a century. There could be twenty of them and I'd still be the victor."

Crossing her arms over her chest Sookie said, "You don't know that! If you aren't going to use your telekinesis you are vulnerable. One mistake and they could take you out! What would I do then?"

"You'd finally get what you want and be free of our bond and this prophecy. Han and Ivan would take you home and you could have your life back."

Her hand connected with his cheek of its own volition. She was too upset to realize she'd slapped him, and he did not take kindly to her doing that. Tears filled her eyes as she whispered, "How could you say that to me! How could you think I'd be ok with you being dead! You … you big jerk!"

Eric looked at her with equal parts anger, amazement, and curiosity. He was slightly upset that she'd hit him, but he was more interested with her reaction to his words. "You would rather me be alive and be bound to me, thus suffering the loss of your freedom and the right to make your own choices, than me be dead and you have your old life back?"



"Because I love you, you big idiot!" As soon as she saw his eyes go wide before an arrogant smirk appeared on his face Sookie realized what she'd just said and slapped her hand over her mouth as her own eyes widened in shock.

A predatory gleam in his eye Eric stepped closer to Sookie until they were only a breadth apart and purred, "Say it again."

"I—I …." Feeling trapped and cornered, Sookie stepped away from him until her back hit the wall. Unfortunately he followed her and she only felt more caged in by his presence and the deafening silence stretching between them. Over the weeks they'd been living together she had begun to feel closer and closer to him, and even she couldn't deny that her fondness for him had grown to all new heights, but her words had surprised her just as much as him. However as they rolled around in her mind over and over she found she really couldn't lie and take them back. She did love him, and she hated that fact. "I am so fucked," she whispered softly.

Setting his hands on either side of her head along the wall Eric leaned down to nuzzle her neck as he growled, "You most certainly are. I felt you through the bond Sookie, you did not lie. Your heart is mine!"

Shoving at his chest she hissed, "This is all your fault you big jerk! You're making me love you! I didn't choose this! Now are we leaving or not?"

"Say it again, tell me you love me again."

"No! Back off!"

"No, say it again."

She kicked him as hard as she could. "Eric, if you don't leave me alone about this I'll never speak to you again!"

He just chuckled as he picked her up to his height with his hands on her hips and pressed her against the wall as he leaned into her. His fangs popped out and he nipped at her pulse and shoulder as he said, "You lie and you love me, say it."

Sookie's eyes fluttered closed as she felt him begin to suck lightly against her skin while his fangs grazed her sensitive flesh at the same time. She could feel his hard body pressed along the length of hers while one of his hands kept a grip on her hip as the other slid into the slit on her dress to caress her bare thigh. "Eric, please don't—"

"Say it Sookie, tell me you love me, tell me you're mine."

"Eric, please …" She couldn't say it again. He had so much power over her already. If she repeated those damning words she would truly be lost to him.

"Give me the words, Sookie, say it again."

Burying her face into his neck as he ground himself against her she whispered, "You can feel me through the bond … you already know … you've known what you are to me for awhile I'm sure."

Indeed he did. He had felt her heart warming to him more and more over the weeks. He'd felt the warmth of her care and need for him coursing through her as they lived together. He knew she fought her emotions, but he'd been certain she was coming to love him, and he'd known this trip would be the final step in getting her to admit to the truth…he just hadn't suspected it to be so soon. Dipping his hand further into the slit of her dress to cup her ass he pulled her against his now raging arousal and growled, "I do feel you. I've felt you for weeks, now I want the words. Give them to me."

"Eric, I …"

He bit her shoulder softly. "Admit it, Sookie, admit you love me, admit your heart is mine, yield to me."

Tears filling her eyes Sookie whispered, "I can't, you'll win if I do."

"I've already won. You're mine and you're never leaving me. Denying me the words only hurts you, give them to me and ease both our suffering, yield to me, give me your heart freely."

"You'll break it."

Nuzzling her neck he replied, "No. I'll cherish it. Give me the words little one, say it again."

A tear slipped down her cheek as she said, "You don't love me."

Kissing the sensitive spot behind her ear he answered, "No. I don't, and I won't. That doesn't mean I don't care for you and can't appreciate your love. I'll take care of your heart, little one. I'll care for you and you will flourish under my attentions, now give me the words."

"I'll have nothing left if I do."

"You'll have me."

Sookie forced herself to look into his eyes. She held his gaze as another tear slipped down her cheek and whimpered as he licked it off. When they were once again staring into each other's eyes she thought, 'I can't lie to him and tell him I don't love him. He'll know, but if I admit it again, not in the heat of the moment, I'll be admitting I'm his. I'll be choosing this path between us. If I say it again it's all over…but isn't it over already? I can't get away from him. I can't leave him, and even if I could I don't know if I would. He's become so much a part of me and my life. Oh God I am so screwed.'

Eric refused to look away from her troubled gaze. He could feel the turmoil of her emotions through the bond, and knew she was fighting with herself. He knew how important this moment was. He knew she was afraid, and she had reason to be. There was literally no going back after this. Once she gave him her heart the last pieces of her would belong to him. He would truly own all that she was and she would never get away from him. He felt her breath moving across his lips since their faces were mere inches apart. His body was pressed tightly to hers as he braced her against the wall, and if his heart could beat it would be racing. 'So close, she will give me the words and it will be done, she'll be mine in every way.'

Finally coming to her decision Sookie closed her eyes and whispered, "I … I love you."

The beast in him roared and he fought for control as his eyes began to glow. Grinding his hips into her pelvis he growled, "Again, say it again!"

"I love you."

"And now you're truly mine." Eric wasted no time in slamming his lips atop hers. He devoured her as he rubbed his body against hers roughly. 'Mine! Mine! MINE, MINE, MINE!'

She could barely keep up with him he was kissing her with such force and abandon. His hands were everywhere as he pressed her harder into the wall while at the same time trying to pull her into him. His fangs were scraping at her lips and tongue as he dominated the embrace. She could feel the beast in him roaring to life and it wanted her now. Tearing her mouth from his as he began sucking and biting at her neck and shoulder she cried, "Eric!"

"MINE! Say it!"

He was losing himself to his darkness and she felt his mind open up to her and she saw what he wanted. His beast wanted to throw her to the ground and claim her in the most brutal fashion but Eric was quickly losing the will to fight. Stroking her hands up his shoulders and neck to cup his face she pulled him back from her neck and whispered, "Be here with me Eric, you have to calm down, you're going to hurt me if you don't ... be here with me, you promised to cherish my heart if I gave it to you. Time to make good on your words ... be here with me, Eric."

In between her words she kissed him lightly and Eric found his beast was actually soothed by her. He didn't have to force it back down and leash it with mental chains. It purred in satisfaction and settled inside him. A steady hum filled his chest as he pressed her back into the wall while growling, "There's no going back. Never again. You're mine now, forever."

Knowing the danger of him losing control had passed, Sookie hissed, "Well you're mine too! I refuse to be alone in this! You may not love me, but I'll be damned if I'm in this by myself! If I belong to you then you belong to me right back, you jerk!"

"But of course," Eric laughed as he let her body slide down the wall slowly. Taking her hand he kissed her fingers and said, "I will guard your heart well, my Sookie, now let's go."

As Eric turned to guide her back towards the Arena Sookie dug her feet in and hissed, "Wait just a damn minute! We talked about this! You're not doing it!"

Turning back to look at her outraged expression Eric replied, "And I told you that you are worrying needlessly. Those I'm fighting tonight have no hope of besting me. They are a group of young Vampires that Haldar wishes to teach a lesson to. As King he cannot take part in the Arena games. He asked this of me as a friend and I accepted. This nest has been causing problems and one in particular he wants dealt with. I've promised to see to it. I will come to no harm."

"Eric, I don't want you to do this. Let's just go, you promised to take me to the museum to see the Viking exhibit."

"And I will, after the match."

"Eric, I—"

"Do you trust me?"


"Do you trust me?"

Sookie held his gaze for a moment before saying, "I am such an idiot, but yes. I trust you. I shouldn't since you've tricked me and lied to me so many times, but I can't help but trust you after everything we've been through … even though I think you're shady at times."

"Then believe me when I say that this match is nothing but sport to me. These ten vampires are fools to have accepted the challenge and they will be dealt with quickly."

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."

Releasing a sigh Sookie replied, "I really can't talk you out of this?"


"Fine. We'll go to the stupid Arena and you can fight, but if you get hurt, I'll never talk to you again!"

Laughing Eric pulled Sookie close to kiss her before saying, "Then I must be sure to win quickly, I can't have you not talk to me now can I?"

"Would you be serious about this! Haldar said people die at this all the time!"

"I am different Sookie, or haven't you caught onto the fact yet?"

"You are so full of yourself."

"Soon you will be too. I will stretch you wide Sookie, and you will love every inch of me buried inside you."


Laughing, he pulled her after him as he guided her towards Haldar's suite. He would situate Sookie with the King and her guards before heading for the ring for his match. He got her seated with a drink of water since she was still determined not to drink anymore, and made his way down to the ground floor to wait his turn to be called. Since he had plans with Sookie tonight Haldar had made arrangements to have his fight near the beginning so they could be on their way when he was done. Haldar had made sure preparations were in order and he had a spare set of clothes waiting for him in limo if he got too much blood on the ones he was wearing.

Pulling off his jacket and tie he smirked as he felt the call to battle rise in him.

'I'll get this over with quickly and then have Sookie to myself. She has given me her heart, and now the time has come for me to claim her body fully. Time to kick some ass and get back to my woman.'

Up in the King's box Sookie was glaring openly at Haldar. She didn't like that he was having Eric do this, and she didn't like that there was nothing she could do about it. Vampire politics really sucked in her opinion.

Haldar raised a brow at Sookie's obvious ire and asked, "Something wrong little human?"

Deciding she didn't give a damn about Vampire protocol at the moment Sookie set her drink down and said, "Yeah something is wrong! You're having Eric fight down there! Ten vampires to one! He could get hurt!"

Realizing she was afraid for her bonded, Haldar threw his head back and roared with laughter. "Eric? Hurt? Ha! Never! I've seen that blond playboy take on entire armies single handedly and practically dance across the battlefield! These younglings will be treated to a beating the likes of which they've never seen! Your bonded will be done with them quickly. They don't stand a chance."

"I still don't like it, fighting isn't supposed to be about sport. It's one thing to defend yourself, and quite another to go looking to cause hurt, and if he does get hurt I'm holding it against you!"

"Very well," Haldar said with a smirk. The box they were sitting in was sheathed in soundproof glass and provided a perfect view of the caged-in ring below. The cage had a magic spell on it so that it couldn't be broken when vampires threw each other against the bars. "The fight is starting," Haldar said with a nod towards the floor.

Sookie jumped up from her chair and approached the glass as Haldar, Han, and Ivan moved to stand around her. She watched as Eric entered the ring. He'd removed his jacket, tie, and shirt and was standing in the center of the arena with only his boots and pants on. 

Her breath, as always, caught at the sight of his perfect chest. She looked towards the cage door as a line of other vampires began to stream in and surround Eric in a circle. They were all varying sizes, shapes and ethnicities, but Sookie knew a vampire was dangerous no matter what size they were. "There are so many of them," she whispered worriedly.

"Bah! They are all fools and Eric will show them the true meanings of Warrior and battle. It will not take long for him to teach all of them their place. You might have trouble following the fight with your human eyes though. They will all be moving at full vampire speed, and humans don't register movement that fast so well."

"I don't want to see the fight. I just want to see the ending … and it had better end with Eric left standing."

Han stepped closer to Sookie and added, "You worry needlessly. Your Viking is one of the greatest vampire Warriors in the world. He was an Enforcer for nearly a thousand years, these young ones are just amusement to him."

"Viking win," Ivan grunted.

"You see! Everyone agrees with Haldar! The fight will be fast and funny. Let's watch," the Swedish king laughed.

Sookie just rolled her eyes at him and focused on the ring. Her eyes widened in shock as suddenly all ten vampires shot towards the center of the ring where Eric was standing … but he wasn't there anymore. 

Her hands covered her mouth as she watched blurs of movement dash to and fro before her in a jumbled mess. She cried out as a spray of red shot out across the cage as an arm was flung wide, and she saw one of the ten Vampires fall to the ground clutching at his wound. She watched in morbid fascination as the appendage slowly began to regrow as the vampire crawled out of the door of the cage. He was obviously out.

"Oh God." Covering her eyes she whispered, "Tell me when it's over."

"Don't cover your eyes! You should rejoice and be proud in seeing your bonded meet out such punishment! He is a true warrior!" Haldar laughed.

Sookie spun away from the glass and cried, "This is horrible!" She heard Haldar laugh as Han took her arm and led her back to her chair. She sat down and buried her head in her hands.

"Calm yourself Sookie. Your Viking will be fine. You should have more faith in him," Han soothed.

"I hate this!" Sookie whispered. "I hate it! Violence isn't fun. Fighting isn't fun!"

"Not to you. We are not human. Your Viking is not human. You cannot put us in molds we don't fit in. We come from different worlds. Your Viking will not force you to accept things you cannot, but it is not fair of you to try and change who he is at his core, either. You gentle him in many ways, but he will always be a warrior. He was born to be this, and that will never change," Han explained.

Sookie moved to sit with her arms wrapped around herself as she kept her arms tightly closed. It felt like time dragged by and she could feel her heart thundering in her chest as she chanted in her mind, 'Please let him be ok. Please let him be ok. Please let him be ok.'

What seemed like forever to her, but was in fact only a few minutes, she heard Haldar say, "It is over."

Jumping up, she ran to the window and looked down at Eric. He was standing in the middle of the ring just as he had before. All around him were strewn body parts and eight vampires slowly piecing themselves back together. There was one puddle of blood that signified one man that had not survived the match. Apparently only that first Vampire had been able to pull himself out of the ring. Eric stood victorious with a smirk on his face and his body covered in blood. It was both the most sickening sight she'd even seen and the most welcome one.

In the ring, Eric looked up at Haldar's box and grinned at his friend before focusing on Sookie. She had a horrified expression on her face but he felt only relief through the bond. As he'd been fighting he'd sensed her fear and worry through the bond and been heartened by it. He liked that she was so worried over him even if there was no need for it. No one had cared for him in this way in so long. All those that knew him, even Godric, knew he could handle himself in a fight. As the cheers rang in the air he turned and headed for the showers. He knew he needed to clean up before going to Sookie. The battle lust was still strong in him and he wanted to taste her.

Up in the box, Haldar laughed loudly. "You see, little human?! Haldar told you Eric win easily! Now I go to take him his other clothes. Those too bloody. You wait here for your Viking, victorious warriors like to come home to soft women."

Sookie glared at Haldar's back as the King left the box leaving her alone with Han and Ivan. Turning to look at them she said, "He is never doing that again."

Shaking his head Han replied, "Sookie, do you think it as accident that you were meant for one such as he? Do you think it is an accident that your bonded is such a fierce warrior? Do you think it a fluke that his blood cries out for battle?"

Looking between Han and Ivan, Sookie asked, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Handing her the glass of water she had been drinking out of earlier Han explained, "He is a Warrior King because you will need a Warrior King to protect you through what's coming. He was purposefully made with the need to fight and protect what's his as viciously as he does so that he can be what you need … just as you were put into place to grow and become the kind of woman that could balance his darkness. You cannot stop him from being who and what he is no more than he can change you in such ways."

"I thought you guys said what's coming isn't going to be bad."

"Not bad. Great. Great things come hard, and with price," Ivan said as he leaned back against the wall.

"Ivan is right," Han agreed. "Yours and the Vikings destiny is great, but it will not be easy. As you yourself have seen there are those who wish to prevent you from walking your chosen path. Your Viking has been shaped into who he is to guard you against these enemies. He relishes fighting as he does because he was created to be this way, just as you were created to love. Two parts of the same whole. Different in so many ways, but together in those that are important. You must learn to accept the darkness in him as he accepts the light in you. There must be balance."

Before Sookie could say anything more she felt a fierce surge of lust through the bond and knew it was from Eric—he was coming. She spun around and faced the door just in time to see him appear with his vampire speed. His hair was wet and dripping and he was in a new pair of pants while clutching the rest of his clothes in his other hand. His chest was still damp from the shower he'd obviously taken, but it was his eyes that caught her attention. They were burning! For her. "Eric …." she whispered while taking a step back.

Eric never took his gaze off Sookie as he growled, "Leave us." Han and Ivan didn't need to be told twice. They bowed their heads and left the King's suite to rejoin him down on the main floor. When they were gone Eric tossed his shirt, tie and jacket on the back of one of the chairs and advanced on Sookie. His blood was still raging from his fight, pitiful though it was, and he was still on a high from Sookie's earlier declaration. "Did you enjoy the fight?"

"No, and stop stalking me," Sookie replied as she took a step back for every one he took forward.

"No, come here."

"I don't think so. You look like you're going to eat me."

Eric smirked at that and purred, "Maybe I am, come to me."


"Fine. I'll come to you."

Sookie gasped as Eric was suddenly directly in front of her with a mere inch separating them. She would have stumbled back from him but he grabbed her arms to hold her in place. "Don't do that!"

Lifting her up so they were eye level with her feet dangling in the air Eric said, "Back in my days as a human when a warrior returned home victorious from battle his woman greeted him with open arms. Will you do the same?"

Sookie was about to tell him exactly what he could do with his greeting since she was still mad at him for fighting in the first place when she remembered Han's words. She thought them over for a moment and finally decided that her bodyguard was correct. She didn't have the right to try and change who Eric was in such a fundamental way. He was a warrior and that would never change. Smiling softly at him she replied, "Promise to always wash the blood off first?"

Eric couldn't help but laugh and pulled Sookie forward to plant a kiss on her. He growled into her mouth when she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist to hold onto him. Her mouth was soft and yielding beneath his own and he gave himself over to the sensation of her in his arms.

Sookie was trying to calm the raging in his blood. She could feel the hum of energy between them and felt the violence on his end. She stroked her fingers softly along his neck and through his hair as she met his kiss with equal fervor. Pulling back as he placed hot open mouthed kisses along her jaw and neck she whispered, "I don't like you fighting."

"I know, little one."

"It scares me."

Still lavishing attention to her delicate flesh Eric replied, "I'll always win."

Tilting her head to the side to give him better access Sookie insisted, "I know you're always going to fight when the need arises, but is it too much to ask you to not go looking for them?"

Eric thought about it for a moment before answering, "I promise to never go looking for a fight I can't win."

"Good enough, now kiss me."

Oh he kissed her alright. He poured so much passion and possession into their embrace that she was nearly as mindless in need as he. Their hands were all over each other and they were practically dry humping one another as Eric pressed her back against the wall. He was reaching for her panties as she reached for the zipper on his pants when their attention was rudely diverted.

"I hate to interrupt such a naughty moment between you two, but if you're still planning to take her to Historiska Museet then you need to leave now. I've arrange for it to be open for you and the girl for a private viewing, but if you're not there on time the curator will close it down," Haldar said as he leaned against the door frame with a smirk on his face.

"I'm going to kill you, Haldar," Eric growled dangerously as he buried his face into Sookie's neck and tried to get control of himself.
"Get in line," Sookie muttered in annoyance. She glared at Haldar over Eric's shoulder and asked, "Can we have a moment, please?"

"You work that quickly? Eric led me to believe you were very new to sex."

"Haldar!" Eric snarled as he looked over his shoulder at the Swedish King.

"Alright! Alright! I'll let you two set yourselves to rights. Your limo is waiting in the garage. I'm taking Han and Ivan to another club of mine. They said you two would be fine by yourselves the rest of the night. I'm going." He started to turn around before looking at Eric again and saying, "I owe you a favor for your services tonight. Call upon it any time."

When he was gone, Eric lowered Sookie to her feet and watched as she straightened her dress and hair. "He interrupts me one more time and I'm going to stake him. Friend or not."

Sookie laughed as she pushed him towards his clothes on the chair and replied, "Don't be silly. When he's not be annoying he's really funny, and not very many vampires are. I want him to stick around. Hurry up and get dressed. I want to go to the museum."

Taking her wrist to pull her up against his chest Eric nipped her lips and growled, "Sooner or later there will be no interruptions, next time I'm not stopping Sookie. You need to understand that."

Sookie held his gaze for a moment before she replied, "We'll see how it goes when we get to the cabin Viking, but I'm telling you right now I'm not putting on a radio show for your friends! Nothing is happening again at Haldar's."

"Fair enough."

Less than an hour later, Eric led Sookie into Historiska Museet. Once inside, the Curator came out of his office and told them they were free to walk around and enjoy any of the exhibits they wished. He would be in his office if they needed him. They left their jackets at the front and Eric guided her through the museum. He'd been here once when it was first opened, but they'd obviously had some changes to the floor plan since then. He took her through the gold and textile rooms as well as the Gothic hall and saved the Viking exhibit for last.

Sookie had found the entire tour wonderful as Eric showed her different pieces and shared his own little pieces of history with her in relations to them after translating the information boards by each artifact. He told her about the Middle Ages as he remembered them, and described the hard and brutal lives so many people lived. She thought his stories were far more interesting than the little plaques by the art exhibits were. When they came to the Viking Exhibit she was overjoyed as seeing all the pieces that represented Eric's people's history. She was most impressed by the large ship in the center of the room. "Is that what you guys sailed in."

Eric stood beside Sookie as they both looked up at the reproduction of a dragon ship in the center of the room. "Yes. Almost identical, though this is of course much smaller."

"And you built ships like this?"

"Yes. I've built many."

Walking around the ship with Eric trailing after her Sookie asked, "What was it like back then? Sailing and seeing new places?"

"It was exciting. We spent many months locked in our homes due to the harsh weather so when spring and summer came we were eager to set sail and go places … to be free. It was always nice to come home, but heading out was just as much fun. It was harder sailing back in those days. No satellite GPS systems, or weather forecasters. Every Viking knew that once you stepped onto the boat it could be your last voyage. Many of us were lost to the sea when the weather turned bad."
Looking at him she pressed, "Were you ever afraid?"

"No. My people believed that the course of our lives was woven before we took our first breath. Our paths were set, and if it was time for us to die then we would die. We believed that fear was a useless emotion. What point was there in fearing the inevitable? We embraced life and accepted death when it came."

Sookie smiled at that. "I like that … it must be freeing."

"It was, and I live my life that way now. I enjoy what I can, and I fight when I must or wish to. I fear nothing because in the end what will be will be. If it is time for me to meet my final death then nothing I say or do will prevent that. Otherwise I live on."

"You fear me dying. You threw a hissy fit last time."

Eric's eyes darkened as he growled, "That's different—and do not speak to me of you dying again."

Not wanting to get into an argument Sookie asked, "What was your first trip like?"

Sweeping Sookie up in his arms Eric flew them into the display ship. He set her down on her feet at the front by the head of the dragon carved into the wood. "I remember the day we landed. I stood here at the bow." Picking up her hand to place it along the neck of the dragon he said, "I remember the feel of the wood beneath my hand. I remember the weight of my sword on my back, the helmet on my head and the shield on my arm. I could hear my father and his men behind me singing a song of war, but I was quiet and had eyes only for the shore ahead and the battle that waited for me there. I remember being excited and eager."

Sookie looked up at Eric over her shoulder as he set her hands on her hips. He was staring ahead of them, and she knew he was losing himself to his memories. He was going back a thousand years to tell her a story of when he was a boy. She listened eagerly as he described what he saw in his mind's eye.

"As we approached the land I remember thinking we were moving too slow and that I wanted to dive into the water so I could swim to shore faster. Our first trip was not a raiding party so much as a war party. We were actually attacking another Viking Settlement along the coast of what is now called Denmark. The trip there was not as long as most, but we had a blood feud to settle with them."

"What happened?"

"I don't remember that part. I know that my father had raged all winter that as soon as the snow let up we would sail to them and right the wrong he believed they committed. We actually set out a few weeks earlier than normal."

"Oh, keep going."

Putting his hand atop hers over the dragon's neck he continued, "We hit land at break of day. We pulled alongside their own ships and anchored. It did not take us long to make our way into the village."

When he stopped Sookie asked, "Well what happened?"

Finally looking down at her Eric said, "This is one of those stories of my past you will not like little one. You must decide if you wish to hear the rest or not."

Sookie was quiet a moment as she bit her lip. Finally she whispered, "I want to know."

Nodding, Eric picked her up and moved to sit on one of the benches in the boat with her tucked in his lap. Setting his chin on her shoulder as his arms wrapped around her he continued, "We attacked quickly. There were more of them than us so surprise had to be on our side. We had made our way through nearly half of the village before the other half realized they were under attack and were able to arm themselves. The first twenty or so men fell quickly to our blades. I killed the first two myself, and afterwards my father and his men sang songs of praise for me."

Keeping one arm tight around her waist as his other hand sought out hers to toy with her fingers he explained, "From the moment I stepped onto the shore the darkness rose up in me, and the need to fight became my whole world. There was little thought on my part. I raised my sword and didn't lower it until the last man in the village was dead. No boy over the age of eleven was spared. The women and children were taken hostage to become slaves, and we ransacked the village taking all they owned. We loaded up three of their boats to man back to our homestead along with ours, and burned the rest along with the homes. We left no one and nothing alive behind. I gained three slaves from the fight for my prowess in battle, as it was later learned I had killed more men than anyone else. My father told me he had never been more proud, and songs were written of me for my strength and courage in battle."

"Eleven? That's … so young."

Kissing her shoulder Eric replied, "Not quite so young. Times were different back then, Sookie. I myself was barely 13 on that raid. Young boys were killed because it could not be risked they would remember, and seek Vengeance when they were older. 10 and younger they were considered young enough to mold and make loyal after taken hostage. Any older and they were a threat. Many of the boys that were struck down had taken up weapons and were fighting us in return. Back then boys were given wooden swords as soon as they could walk and were trained to fight. Youths today are made soft. An 11 year old boy back then could hunt, track, farm, fight, fish, and provide for himself and his family if his father and brothers died. It would not be easy, but it could be done. And it was done in many cases."

"I don't know how to feel about that."

"The world is not black and white. Sometimes there is no right or wrong, there is only survival. We did what we must to survive. We lived and died by the codes and beliefs we had, and we did the best we could. In life you have to accept the bad along with the good."

"I still don't like the thought of children dying."

"What is a child today was not a child back then. Many people in this country consider anyone between the ages of 18 and 21 to be children. This is nonsense, but it is the culture you are building yourselves. In my time people did not live so long. The average life expectancy back then was around 40. We had much living to do in so little time. We had to work quick."

Kissing his cheek where he rested his head on her shoulder Sookie said, "Well you sure lucked out then."

Chuckling softly Eric replied, "Indeed I did. Come. I'll show you more of the exhibit." He stood with her in his arms and floated them back to the floor. He let Sookie take his hand and lead him around to the things she wanted to see most. She would point them out and he would translate the informational plaques by them before giving her his own back story. Finally they came to a replica of a Viking man in full battle armor and furs.

Sookie looked between the man (who was also blond) and back at Eric again. After a moment she asked, "Is this what you dressed like?"

"Almost exactly. When the museum opened before vampires came out I glamoured the reproduction artist to make sure he would get it right. I wanted as much of my people's history to be accurately portrayed here in my homeland as possible. The rest of the world saw us as rapists and murderers, but our descendants know what we truly were. They claim us as their ancestors with pride."

Sookie looked at the fake Viking and pictured Eric in the armor and furs before her. A blush settled on her cheeks as her mind headed down paths it shouldn't while in a public place. 'Oh my, he must have been gorgeous.'

Eric had easily caught not only the feel of her rising arousal through the bond, but the scent of it as her body heated. Smirking he moved to stand behind her with his hands on her hips as he leaned down by her ear and whispered, "I can dress like this for you if you like. I still have my sword even. I will be your Viking, sweet Sookie, and you can be the woman I steal for my own. I'll toss you over my shoulder and carry you off to have my way with you."

Sookie trembled. Her voice was breathless as she replied, "I thought Viking's didn't force the women they stole?"

"We didn't. They came to us of their own free will. We might have made them slaves, but they became lovers of their own choosing … will you pet? Now that I've stolen you, will you come to my bed of furs and lie with me?"

"Eric …"

He shifted his hands from her hips. Moving one across her abdomen to stroke her heat through her dress he let the other travel up her chest and cup her breast. Nipping her shoulder he growled, "Back then if you'd been a slave I'd stolen I would have showed my favor towards you by making you a house servant instead of forcing you to toil in the fields. I would have assigned you the task of waiting on me only. You would have sewn my clothes, cooked my food, and poured my drink in my hall. I would have smiled at you, and given you gifts of gold and fine cloth for your dresses. I would have made it known that no other man was to touch you, and that you were mine alone. I would have dressed you in white and gold, and looked only at you … would you have succumbed to my charms and come to my bed?"

Feeling his body wrapped so tightly around hers as her mind conjured up images of the scene he'd set with his husky words she moaned, "Oh lord."

"I will be your god, but you will still call me Eric." Still stroking her sex softly through the dress while his fingers rolled her nipple as best he could with the fabric separating them he continued, "I think I'll have another reproduction made, and I think I'll wear it for you. Would you like to see me in my Viking armor as I thrust between your thighs, pet? Do you want to feel my armor and fur pressing into your soft skin as I ride you hard? Will you scream for me? Will you call me your Viking sex god, and give me all that you are?"

When she collapsed back against him breathing hard he buried his face into her neck and growled, "I think you will … I think you'll beg to be my slave, and cry out to feel my Viking body inside yours. I may have stolen you but you will become my lover because you want me as much as I want you. You will come to my bed because there is nowhere else you'd rather be."

She could see it. She could see a bed of furs in a dark room in a great Viking hall like the ones portrayed around her. She could see herself lying on the bed in a simple white shift with gold threading. She could see herself glowing bright and golden against the darkness of the furs as he stood before her in his battle armor with sword in hand. He was rough and dirty from fighting and warring. He was wild and untamed as he moved above her on the bed. She could see his bright blue eyes lit with passion as he gazed down at her and demanded she yield to him. She saw it all … and she wanted it!

Eric's hand had settled over Sookie's heart and mark as he spoke and the hum had come alive between them. He too saw the vision in Sookie's head. He saw himself pull the dress from her body to leave her bare beneath him. He watched himself run his rough, battle worn hands over the soft curves of her body and delight in the feel of her. He saw himself make quick work of freeing his rigid length from the confines of his clothes. He watched himself hold her wrists down to the bed of furs as he thrust into her. He saw her arch up beneath him and cry out in wonder at the feel of him inside her. "Yes, ... just like that … it will be just like that between us. I will be your warrior, and you will be my prize. I will fight our enemies and come home to sink myself into your warmth and love … you will wait for me. You will open your arms to me and take me inside you, and you will love me!"

"Eric …" She was trembling in his arms. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back on his shoulder as his hands moved over her silk covered form. The vision in their heads was overtaking reality as the hum rang strong and true between them. The sensations caused by the dream were tearing through them both. Sookie could feel his large body clothed in fur and armor pressing her down into the bed. She could feel the long, thick length of him thrusting between her thighs and stretching her open for his invasion. In the here and now her legs were shaking, and her body's juices seeped through her lace panties to drip down her thighs as she panted against him.

Behind her Eric held her tight against his body. His fingers were rubbing her secret spot between her legs, and despite the layers of clothing between them he knew she was close. They were both too far gone from their combined vision for her not to be. For himself Eric felt like his cock was about to explode. He could feel the silky heat of her wrapped around him as he plunged into her again and again in the fantasy. He saw the glow of the candles in the bed chamber lighting her skin as she writhed beneath him. He saw his armor clad form dominate her as he rode her hard and fast like a concurring warlord. He could feel it all!...and he wanted it! He wanted her beneath him after he returned from battle. He wanted to own her in every way and know that everything she was belonged to him … he wanted her!

Together they watched as the vision of themselves came to its end. Fantasy Eric slammed hard into his Sookie one last time and filled her womb with his seed as he let loose a roar of satisfaction. Vision Sookie responded by arching up off the bed of furs to wrap her body around her Viking as she cried out in pure joy. In reality they came together crying out each other's name. Sookie's hips bucked against Eric's hand, while his cock released stream after stream of his seed inside his pants against her bottom where she was pressed to him. The vision melded with the feelings of their true releases and they both found themselves struggling for control.

Sookie was grateful for Eric's strength as he was the only thing keeping her upright, and Eric was thinking he was definitely having a reproduction of his own made.

'I'm going to fuck her in it time and again if it gets me these kind of results,' he thought heatedly.

Spinning her around in his arms he bent her back over his arm and purred, "I think I'll have a costume night at Fangtasia when we get back. I'll go as my Viking self and you can go as Scarlett. I'll get you that white and green dress she wore at the barbeque."

Still panting as she tried to recover from her orgasm, Sookie whispered, "You don't want the red one she wore near the end?"

"Oh I'll see you in that one too, but I want you to look all sweet and innocent when I ravage you afterwards."
"You are so bad."

"One of us has to be." Kissing her softly he stroked her back and said, "It pleases me that you enjoy my past so much."

Stroking his cheek Sookie replied, "What's not to enjoy? Some of it is frightening, but all of it made you who you are now, and I'm really starting to like who you are now."

"Just starting?"

Smiling Sookie answered, "Well you were a total jerk to me in the beginning, now it's only sometimes. I'm using some of that never ending patience my Gran said all women need to put up with men and their foolishness."

Eric couldn't help but laugh at that. "Come. I'll show you the rest of the exhibit and then I want to take you shopping in Östermalm. We're leaving for the cabin first thing tomorrow so we need to visit it tonight."

"What's Östermalm?"

"One of the greatest shopping districts in the world. You're going to love it. They have clothing stores, furniture stores, and shops with things you've never seen. It's one of the staples of Stockholm culture."
"Sounds nice, but I don't want you buying me a lot of stuff."

"No promises."

Eric took Sookie through the rest of the exhibit and then stopped by the gift shop where the curator allowed them to browse. Sookie got a little replica of the dragon ship while Eric wrote out a check to the curator for a donation. Afterward, he made good on his word and took her to Östermalm to shop. However to her dismay he spent loads of money buying her new clothes, jewelry, glass figurines, and lots of other things she never would have bought for herself. He also bought some things for Pam and ordered them shipped to her back in the states. Sookie thought that was sweet.

He also allowed her to do some Christmas shopping for her brother and friends before telling her it was time for her to eat and taking her to Operakällaren. He told her it was one of the greatest restaurants in Stockholm and after tasting the food she had to agree. They ended up making it back to Haldar's just a little before 7am and once again Sookie was dead tired. Eric didn't mind that he wasn't going to get to go farther in his seduction of her tonight because tomorrow they left for his cabin, then she was all his!


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