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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chapter 42 ~ The Cabin

The next day, Eric pulled his four wheel drive to a stop along the end of the road where his land was located. He was going to have to carry Sookie through the forest to his cabin since there was no road leading up to it. He would get her and Thor situated inside with a fire going, and then come back for their luggage and the food supplies for Sookie and her puppy.

He didn't worry about her being alone because Niall had called him before Sookie woke and told him that the barrier was already up and in place, and only he and Sookie would be able to enter and leave at will. Niall had also assured him that the Pythoness had cast her sight time and again and seen that their time here would go uninterrupted. He was very pleased to hear that. Now there would be no one to stop his seduction of Sookie. No one. "Are you ready?"

Sookie smiled at Eric and replied, "Yeah, it's beautiful out here." And it was. There was a full moon and the snowy ground and forests were glowing in the night. The trees glistened with ice and Sookie thought it was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen…as pretty as the bayou in summer when the fireflies came out.

Nodding his head in agreement Eric replied, "I agree. I enjoy coming out here to escape the confines of civilization. It's still wild up here. My cabin is the only home for miles around."

Pulling her gloves on after securing her scarf Sookie said, "Well let's go. I want to see this cabin you built for yourself. I still can't imagine you doing something like that."

"I've done many things, my Sookie. Many things," Eric replied as he got out of the car and came around the side to retrieve her. "Hold Thor tightly because we're going to fly."

Nodding her head Sookie wrapped her arms around Thor, who was really getting too big to carry, and nuzzled her face into her scarf and coat as Eric swept her up into his arms and took to the sky. She couldn't help but lean over to look at the ground as he flew them through the air. The wind was biting cold, but the beauty of the land around her was far too magnificent to miss. "It's so pretty."
"I'm glad you think so. I will bring you back here in the summer and you will truly appreciate it then."
It only took him a few minutes to fly the fifteen miles from the road to his cabin, and Sookie couldn't help but gasp as they approached. "What's that?"


"That weird feeling…didn't you feel it?"

Realizing she was picking up on the feel of Fey magic surrounding his land he explained, "There is a magic barrier around my home. The Council arranged to have it put up in order for us to be able to stay here alone. Only you and I can walk in or out of it. or fly. We will be safe inside, and I've been assured that nothing will happen while we are here."

Sookie was about to ask how anyone could make that assurance when she caught sight of the "cabin" Eric had built decades ago. "It's huge! You said it was a cabin!"

"It is a cabin. See all the wood," Eric laughed as he landed in the small courtyard covered in snow. He would have to dig out the fire pit.

"Eric, cabins are small. This is a lodge."

Carrying her to the door and setting her on her feet so he could unlock the door with his keys Eric argued, "I'm a large man. I like my space. It was smaller initially, but over the years I added onto it bit by bit. I put in a theater and game room about ten years ago. Keep your coat on until I get all the fireplaces going and the heat on."

Sookie looked around in amazement as Eric led her inside. 

The great room had a huge vaulted ceiling with large windows that looked out into the wilds surrounding them. A massive fireplace and stone hearth was surrounded be two brown leather chairs with matching couches across from them. The wood floors traveled throughout the entire house and Sookie marveled at the beauty of the area. "You built all of this?"

"I built the entire home and any and all furniture made of wood."

"Wow! It's so beautiful … and clean. Wait! Let me guess … anti dust spell?"

Eric laughed as he led Sookie towards the fireplace in the main living room. Setting her in one of the chairs as she sat Thor down, where he promptly took off to investigate, he began stacking the precut wood he'd left here seven years ago into the hearth and said, "Yes. No one but me ever comes up here so to keep it clean magic was needed. I'm glad you like it."

"And we can come here again?"

"As often as you want. This is your cabin now, too. I'd say you could change anything you want, but you'd put flowery couches everywhere. I can't have that."

Sookie laughed. "I wouldn't change anything about this place. I like it like this. It's a perfect vacation home, but our house will definitely be for me to decorate. You can decorate your office where you do your top secret Vampire business, but I get to do everything else. Hopefully that's a long time away though. I don't want to leave my Gran's house."

Eric smiled as he continued stacking the wood. Sookie no longer said any "ifs" when she spoke of their future. She was talking in "whens". She was accepting the fact she was his now, and he loved it. "I will try to keep you in your Gran's house for as long as possible, especially now that it is surrounded by the barrier. However, you will need to stay with me at times in the compound I'm going to have built after I deal with Sophie-Anne. I won't always be able to stay in Bon Temps with you after I become king, and we will not be separated. So, what kind of home do you want?"

Surprised, Sookie watched as Eric finished stacking the wood and moved to light the fire. "I can pick?"

As the fire roared to life Eric turned to nod at his bonded. "Yes. Do you want a palace like Ahmose has? A mansion like Sophie-Anne's?"

"Any home I want?"

"You have but to name it."



"From the movie."

Realization dawning on his face Eric laughed, "You really are in love with that film, aren't you?"

Nodding, Sookie smiled demurely. "When I was a little girl I watched it almost every night. I always dreamed of having my own Tara one day. With horses, a garden, and a pool."

"Then you'll have your Tara with your horses, a garden, and a pool. I might have to make it a little bit bigger than the one I saw in the movie, but it will look the same."

"I could kiss you!"

"You will. After I finish lighting all the fires and get the heat going. Then you'll be able to take your coat off, and I'll go back for our things, but be assured, I'll claim my kiss before tonight is over."

Following after Eric as he moved through the house to light all the other fireplaces, Sookie asked, "Why do you have heat here? Aren't you immune to the elements?"

"Yes. However I have heat and central AC for the same reason I have indoor plumbing. I like to be comfortable. Vampires don't get overheated or freeze, but we still feel temperature. We like mild temperature as much as humans do. We just won't die if we're exposed to extreme temps."

As they passed a hall bath she asked, "Ok. Well why do you have bathrooms and a kitchen? I get the showers, but why do you need toilets, a stove, and oven? Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and all since I'm not an outhouse kind of girl and I like cooked food, but you certainly don't need them." Eyes narrowing, she stopped in the hallway and pressed, "Have you brought other women here?"

Delighted by her jealousy Eric faced her. Kissing her brow, he soothed, "I have brought Pam here, but no other. I swear."

"Then why do you have toilets and the other stuff?"

"Because I prepare for all eventualities. I built them in case I ever needed to sell this land or the house, or in case I ever had to take refuge here and brought a human for food. None of them have ever been used, and you are the first human I've ever brought here. I promise."


As Eric lit the fire place in the game room he laughed, "You are so territorial. I like it."

"Ha! You're the one that's territorial. You start growling anytime other guys get near me. You bought a huge ruby E necklace and put it on me in front of everyone at Fangtasia, and the rest of the time you make me wear my platinum necklace with your initials. You go around saying my Sookie all the time. You're the one that's territorial."

"I'm a man. I'm supposed to be. Women are supposed to be claimed by men."

"Hey! I thought you weren't sexist!"

Finished lighting the fire Eric laughed and teased, "You are too easy, Sookie."

Slapping his arm as Thor ran into the room after having apparently investigated the whole house Sookie said, "Don't pick on me!"

"But it's so much fun."

Sookie laughed again and followed him as he moved on to the next fireplace. It took Eric only minutes to light the rest of the fires and get the heat going. Sookie kept her coat on since the house was so large it would take a while to warm up. When he was done, Eric told her to look around while he went back to the car to retrieve their things. 

Sookie took the time to take a better look at things. She found a sauna, a room with a hot tub, the theater room, two guest bedrooms, and a library. The entire place was beautiful with carved wood furniture, animal skin rugs, and quality leather chairs and couches. She wouldn't change anything about the placeeven if Eric would let her.

Eric made three trips to the car to bring in all of their luggage and Sookie's food supplies. He stored everything in the kitchen and took the bags down to his underground lair beneath the house before seeking out Sookie. He found her and Thor in his library where she was looking at a huge stone ruin that he'd hidden as a newborne and dug up about 100 years ago to place here in his home. By now, she'd taken off her coat and he admired the look of her. She was wearing a red cashmere sweater that fit to her body perfectly and came down to her thighs, and black designer jeans that hugged her curves. Her hair hung in loose curls down her back and shoulders. She was beautiful to him. Since he wasn't affected by the cold like she was, he was in his normal black muscle shirt and pants with boots. "Do you like it?" he asked as he leaned against the doorway.

Jumping at the sound of his voice Sookie spun around and hissed, "Eric! Don't do that! You know I don't like you sneaking up on me!"

He laughed as he straightened and moved towards her. Coming to stand behind her, he set his hands on her shoulders and squeezed gently. "This is a tablet from my days as a human. Few could read and write back then. We had ruins, though. This tells my story as a human. The language is all but lost, but I remember."

She looked up at him over her shoulder. "Will you teach me? I want to be able to read it."

"When you learn Swedish I will teach you the old language and these ruins. Call it incentive."


"Did you look around?"

"Yes. I really like it, and even if you would let me change anything I wouldn't."

"Does that mean you won't fill the new compound with flowered couches and cherubs?"

Sookie turned around to look up at him as she laughed, "Don't bet on it. I like flowers. I might hold off on the cherubs since you're going to give me my very own Tara, but the flowers are a definite must."

He laughed, "Are you willing to brave the cold in order to see something special?"


"You'll just have to wait and see. So do you wish to see what I want to show you? I'll fly as fast as I can but it will still be about a twenty minute flight. The conditions are right. It's not snowing and the night is clear. You'll enjoy what I have to show you. We'll have to leave Thor here, though."

Sookie didn't have to give it much thought. She definitely wanted to see whatever Eric thought was interesting. "Let's go."

"Ok. Put your hat, scarf, glove and coat back on. I'm going to get a fur blanket to wrap you in. Stockholm is a little warmer than here, and we're flying north which is even colder. You'll need it."

After putting a bowl of water and food out for Thor, Sookie retrieved her coat, cap, gloves and scarf and was putting them on as she stood by the door when Eric emerged from the back of the cabin with his own leather jacket on carrying two large silver fox fur blankets. They were beautiful and Sookie smiled up at him as he bundled her up in one while tossing the other over his shoulder. "I'm not a burrito, Eric! I can't move!"

"Trust me, you won't want to move and will be thankful I'm binding you so tight once we take off. When we land, I'll unbind you. Tuck yourself into me with your back to the wind, and remember, the flight is worth it."

Sookie remained silent as Eric swept her up in his arms and carried her out on the porch. He put her down only long enough to close the door behind them before sweeping her up in his hold again and shooting into the sky. She wouldn't admit it out loud, but he'd been right. She was beyond thankful he'd wrapped her up so tightly, and pressed herself into his chest. The wind was biting cold against her back, but her fur coat and the fur blanket did help. She was also really glad for the fur lined boots Eric had bought her in New York.

Eric flew them to the north of Sweden as fast as he could so Sookie wouldn't be exposed to the freezing wind longer than necessary. He landed them at the base of a valley of a mountain with a clear view of the sky. She had been tucked into his chest the entire time and he knew she hadn't seen anything yet. As he set down he said, "Keep your eyes closed."

When she obeyed he took the other blanket he'd carried across his shoulder and spread it out on the ground for them to sit on. With that done he began to unbind Sookie so that the blanket draped around her body instead of trapping her inside it. When she was more comfortable he turned her around, wrapped his arms around her waist, and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Open your eyes and look up."

Sookie did as he asked and gasped as she took in the night sky above her. "Oh my gosh! What is that! Is it magic?"

Eric chuckled as he moved to sit on the blanket and cuddled Sookie in his lap. "No. That is the Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights. They are a natural phenomenon."

Still gazing up at the lit up sky above them with total wonder Sookie asked, "What is it? How is there?"

"It's caused by large numbers of electrons streaming towards the earth along its magnetic field … you are familiar with the magnetic pull of the north and south poles?"


"Ok. Well when the electrons along the magnetic field collide with the air particles it causes the Aurora Borealis. More commonly known as the Northern Lights."

"It's beautiful."

"Yes it is." Pulling a small digital camera out of his back pocket he asked, "Do you want a photo?"

Looking up at him over her shoulder she replied, "Yeah, but will you take it? I don't want to take my hands out of the blanket."

Laughing, Eric focused the camera and snapped several shots. He'd have them framed when they returned to Bon Temps so Sookie could hang them up by her stars. Replacing the camera he said, "I remember the first time I saw this sight. I was about ten years old. Normally you can't see them so far south, but every once in awhile the conditions are right and you do. I remembered being amazed and asking my Father what they were."

"What did he tell you?"

Tightening his arms around Sookie as she leaned back against him Eric explained, "He told me they were Frigg's love personified."

"She was the queen of the gods and the only one allowed to sit on Odin's throne right?"

"Very good, little one. Indeed she was. She was also the goddess of the atmosphere and the clouds. My people believed the Northern Lights happened when she sang down to us from the sky. As humans we couldn't understand her words, and so the sky interpreted them for us by making them physically beautiful. We believed when we saw them it meant our women were the most fertile and when the lights were high in the night sky our men mated their women long and hard."

Sookie laughed. "Trying to tell me something, Viking?"

"The same thing I've been trying to tell you since I first laid eyes on you. Are you getting the message yet?"

Looking up at him over her shoulder she questioned, "Are you just saying this to get in my pants?"

"No. It is a true story … but I'd like to know if it's working?"

Shaking her head in amusement Sookie sat back against him and said, "I'll let you know. I will say that you have some of the most creative pick up lines I've ever heard, and trust me since I've been in so many people's heads I've heard a lot."

"What can I say? I like to be different."

"Oh you're different, alright."

"Then we're perfect for each other."

Sookie smiled and continued to look up at the sky as she leaned back against him. She enjoyed the feeling of his arms around her and the quiet of the night around them. 

"What's it like being a vampire?" she asked suddenly. Ahmose had assured her that she wouldn't be turned, but she found she was curious what it was like to be a creature of the night. What was it like to feel the things they felt? To see and hear so acutely? What was it like to walk outside of time?

Eric stiffened a bit at her sudden query. He was pleased by her curiosity and explained, "It's confusing when you first rise. Everything is so much clearer. You see the world differently. You hear it differently.

"I … can't explain it exactly. You have no concept of it nor anything to liken it to so my words wouldn't make much sense. I can say that the benefits far outweigh the losses. You lose the sun and the ability to have children, but instead you gain lifetime after lifetime of experiences. You walk the world and see and do things few can imagine. You see magic. You see nations rise and fall. You see entire civilizations grow, mature, fade and be replaced by others. You learn truths once believed fantasy. You live."

"What happens when you've seen and done everything?"

Nuzzling her cheek Eric replied, "Then you find someone to walk the ages with. You make a child and show them the world. You will stand by me throughout time, and I will spend centuries showing you all this world has to offer. You will show me the world I've seen through new eyes. I will find joy in things I've already done by seeing you experience them for the first time. When we are done with that we will travel beyond this world to explore the stars together. We will have lifetimes of adventures between us."

"That doesn't sound too bad." Of course she knew that she would be walking beside him through the ages as she was now instead of a Vampire, so she would never lose her sun. It hurt her to know she would never have children, but she'd accepted that fact when she had started dating Bill. She contented herself with the fact that she'd have Eric … that would be enough.

"Not bad at all," Eric agreed. 'She is beginning to accept that I will turn her. She is beginning to look forward to her life as my child. This is good.'

They were silent for a moment before Sookie said, "It's going to hurt me to lose my brother and friends, Eric."

"I know. It is hard watching the world change around you while you stay the same, but it is something all immortals have to learn to do. I would advise you to cut them out of your life now so that when they pass away it will be easier for you, but I know you will not. Their passing will be hard for you, but it is a lesson we all must learn. Humans come and go, Sookie. They do not live forever, and it is dangerous to become attached to them. Too much loss can break even the strongest of spirits. I can only promise that when they are gone you will still have me. You will always have me just as I will always have you. We will be each other's forever, and that will get us through eternity."

Silence stretched between them as Sookie thought over his words. Finally she decided there was nothing to think about. If the prophecy was right, if Ahmose was right, if Eric was right, if she was truly born to be immortal then whether she liked it or not she was going to have to watch her brother and friends grow old and die. The only thing she could do was enjoy the time she had with them. Leaning back against him she said, "I guess there's no point in thinking about it. I can't do anything about it."

"No, you can't."

"Can I see you in the sun tomorrow?"

"Yes. No one is around to see us. I thought I'd teach you how to ski or snow board. You said you wanted to learn, and I brought the equipment."

"I want to learn how to snow board. My brother has always wanted to learn, and it will be fun getting to learn before him."

Smirking at that Eric laughed, "You do have a mean streak inside of you … apparently all it takes is sibling rivalry to bring it out."

"I prefer to think of it as a competitive streak. Not mean ... and if you knew half of the pranks he pulled on me as a kid you'd want to get back at him too."

"Couldn't you just read his mind and see what he was planning to do?"

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "I spent all my time trying not to listen to other people, and I especially tried not to listen in on my family and friends. I thought it was disrespectful."

"Your friends and family should have supported your talent. Not treated it as a hindrance."

"I don't want to get into another argument over that. Tell me a story."

So he did. For the next hour Eric kept Sookie bundled in his lap as they looked up at the night sky filled with the Aurora Borealis, and he told her stories of his youth. He told her of his accomplishments and the battles he led his men into. When he felt the cold getting to her he told her it was time to go home and once again wrapped her tightly in the blanket before throwing the other over his shoulder and launching them in the air.

When they were back in the cabin after letting Thor out to take care of his business Eric set the Go game up that he'd purchased for Sookie while she made herself a snack of fruit in the kitchen. When she rejoined him he'd set up the game in front of the fireplace on top of a bear skin rug. As she settled on the floor across from him while Thor laid down at her side she said, "Remember the first five games are practice."

"I remember. However I remind you that Go is not a quick game. I played one game with Godric that lasted six months."

"Are you serious?"

"Very. Go is a very involved game, and while the rules are not as complicated as Chess since the board is larger and there are more pieces the game itself quickly becomes complicated. As the board fills up with pieces you begin to analyze your moves and your opponents more. You get drawn in and plan your moves with more thought. I think you are right though, this game will be more challenging for us both; my experience against your many thought processes. I'm interested in seeing what kind of player you become. The better you become the longer our games will last. Our first few games will probably go much faster since you are learning, but once you get the knack for it our games could take weeks to finish."

Eating one of the slices of apple she'd brought she asked, "So how do you play?"

Eric quickly explained the rules and since Sookie was new to the game she got to be black (which always goes first), and he allowed her the nine stone handicap. He explained that as she progressed in the game he would remove her handicaps until they played as equals. Sookie was fine with that.
So after she placed her first nine stones he put his first piece on the board and asked, "Why were you so attracted to Bill?"

Clearly surprised by the question Sookie said, "Why do you ask? What does it matter?"

After she placed another piece on the board he quickly countered and pressed, "It is something that I have wondered about. You are not a stupid woman, nor are you boring. Bill is both of these things. I do not understand what your attraction was to him. I want you to explain it to me."

Placing another piece on the board Sookie said, "Well when I first became friends with him I wasn't looking to start a relationship, and as we headed towards that path I even backed off a few times."

"So what led you to allow him to pursue you? What made you so loyal to him?"

Sookie thought about it for a moment and explained, "It started with friendship. When you guys first came out I was as shocked and curious as anyone else. Probably more excited than them though. Your coming out made me feel less alone. My whole life I'd been the town freak. My whole life I'd been an outcast and an oddity. Then Vampires announced their existence and suddenly I wasn't so strange to everyone else. I wanted to meet one of you right away, but Bon Temps being what it is didn't give me much chance."

"You should have come to Shreveport. I opened Fangtasia a month after the great reveal … I definitely would have noticed you."
Smiling as she placed another stone on the board Sookie laughed, "I would have noticed you too. Anyone that isn't blind would have noticed you, but I never heard about your bar until my brother got in trouble. I probably would have gone to check it out before then if I had."

Placing his own stone on the board Eric asked, "So the fact that Bill was a Vampire is what attracted you to him first?"

"No. That interested me first. I told you, Eric, it's not about looks for me. It's what's inside. I was so interested in knowing him because he was a Vampire. I remember when he first walked in and realized he was a vampire I tried to hear his thoughts. When I couldn't I was ecstatic. I'd never been around anyone that I couldn't hear before. That was the biggest selling point for me to get to know him better."
"So you dated him because you couldn't hear him? That doesn't seem like you."

Shaking her head as she put another piece down Sookie replied, "No. I agreed to get to know him more because I couldn't hear him. When I saved him from the drainers the fact I was telepathic came out pretty quick, and I told him how relieving it was not to hear him."
"So you started out as friends?"

Nodding her head Sookie said, "Yeah. I wasn't looking to start a relationship with him … and now that I look back on everything if he hadn't gotten his blood inside me I probably wouldn't have. Before then I hadn't really been attracted to him, and I feel like such a fool that I didn't figure out something was wrong when I suddenly thought he was hot. I should have known something was up."

"So you had no true feelings for him? It was the blood?"

"I didn't say that. I said I don't think I would have gotten involved with him if the blood hadn't been a factor, but once we got together I did start to have some feelings for him. Despite his lies and manipulations, he did some good things for me. He was there for me when my Gran died, he tried to protect me from Rene, and even exposed himself to the sun to do it. I don't know if I'll ever forgive him for betraying me like he did, but there was some genuine affection between us. I don't care for him like I used to and would never take him back, but I still care about him in some way. Maybe one day we could be friends. At the very least I don't want anything bad to happen to him."

Eric didn't like hearing that. He was not happy with the fact that Sookie held any feelings for Compton at all. "How can you care about him at all? He went to Bon Temps for the sole purpose of betraying you. He returned your bravery in saving him with more betrayal and allowed you to be hurt. He took your virginity under false pretenses. Why would you care about him at all?"

"The same reason I care about you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Placing another piece on the board after he did Sookie explained, "Bill tricked me and manipulated me. He took things from me he had no right to take … and so have you." 

When Eric's eyes narrowed at that she continued, "You forced me to work for you in finding Long Shadow and going to Dallas. You faked being hurt to get your blood inside of me. You took advantage of my naivety about your world, and maneuvered me into being your slave. You stole my life from me, Eric. What you did was not so different from what Bill did. The only reason I have any forgiveness for you at all is the fact that from the very beginning all you've wanted was me. I'm still upset that I'm in this position without my consent, but I can't say anymore that if things had gone differently I wouldn't still be here with you. I've felt a pull towards you the first time we met, but the way you acted repulsed me."

Eric didn't know how to react to that. He studied the board for a moment before putting another piece down as he asked, "So you have forgiven me for tricking you into being my bonded?"

"Partially. I'm not happy with the whole slave concept, Eric, and I never will be, but you've done some really great things for me since all of this has happened…and the fact that you wanted me for me from the beginning really means a lot to me. No one has ever done that before. The few people I have in my life that care about me have cared about me in spite of my hand—uh … gift. You make me feel special, and I can't ignore that."

"So you'll eventually forgive Compton as well?"

"In some ways. There's no going back for Bill and I, and the only way we can go forward is by being friends, and with the way he's been behaving lately the odds of that happening are pretty slim, but the fact remains he did help me a lot. Whenever I was in danger he came for me. I understand he was in an impossible position, but he had so many opportunities to tell me the truth and didn't. If he knew me at all he would have known he could have told me the truth, and found a way to work with me on it. You lied to me, but you knew eventually you'd be telling me the truth. He was trying to find a way to keep from ever having to come clean. That's a big problem. Not to mention the only reason he got involved with me in the first place was because he was ordered to."

Watching her study the board he said, "I do not like you comparing us."

Shrugging Sookie replied, "Truth hurts sometimes, Eric. As much as you don't like it the fact remains you have done many of the same things Bill did. You just did them for different reasons."

Eric could understand her reasoning there. "So what was it about Bill that kept your loyalty?"

"His dedication to me. I understand that at first it was about him obeying his Queen, but he did come to love me and was loyal to me. Loyalty means a lot to me, it's one of the things I like so much about you."

Seeing an opportunity to gain territory and points on the board Eric placed his next piece strategically and said, "I think it's time you tell me what it is you do like about me."

Opening different pathways in her mind to follow his actions on the board while planning out her own attempts to gain territory Sookie laughed, "Fishing for compliments?"

"No. I want to know what it is you find admirable about me. I am nothing like Compton, and you were not attracted to me at first, so I want to know what opinions you have about me that have changed."

Sookie smiled at that and replied, "I like that you are loyal. Loyalty means a lot to me. So many people claim to be loyal, but aren't. You were willing to die for Godric. You were willing to die with him. That moved me the most about you. I like that you are so observant. You notice everything and remember it. I like that you don't think I'm stupid. No one has ever thought I was smart like you do."

That caught Eric's attention. "What do you mean by this? I realize most of the vermin in your town do not realize your worth, but surely your family and friends know you are above average intelligence?"

Shaking her head Sookie explained, "Not like you. They know I'm not as stupid as everyone else thinks I am, but you're the first person who has ever thought I can actually do things. You are the first person that ever thought much of my intellect. People have wanted to use my telepathy before when it would benefit them, but no one has ever tried to get me to learn like you do. You don't just offer to teach me. You demand it of me, and you don't give me much time to learn in."

Thinking she was upset with his demanding schedule of her time Eric defended his actions. "I make no demands you cannot meet. My requirements are fair."

"Eric, I'm not upset about how quickly you require me to learn. I'm happy about it. In school or whenever anyone was ever trying to teach me they treated me like I was stupid. I wasn't. I was just trying to pay attention to what they were saying while trying to keep the noise out. By the time I learned how to put my shields up properly everyone already thought I was slow. Then when I started to test well they all thought I was cheating with my mind trick. It was just easier for me to sit back and keep my head down. If I ever tried to step out of the box people put me in they reacted badly. I even purposefully messed up my SAT scores because I knew if I scored too high the school would get upset. So I like that you expect me to learn so fast."

"The stupidity of those you surround yourself with surprises me. I do not know why you tolerate them."

"Because they mean well, and sometimes we have to love people in spite of their flaws."

Eric put another piece down. "So you like that I'm loyal, and you like that I challenge you … anything else?"

"I like that you want me to be better than I am. You want me to be stronger. I think Bill wanted me to be a woman like his wife, and while I'm a lady I'm still a lady in the 21st century, and don't need a man to take care of me. You're helping me to learn how to defend myself. Bill wanted me to run and hide when Rene was after me. You still protect me, but you give me the tools to protect myself too. I really like that."

"I intend to always protect you, but if the measures I put in place fail I don't want you to be helpless. My hope is that you will never have to fight, but if you must you can."

Smiling Sookie replied, "And I really appreciate that. I also like that you have a sense of humor. Bill was always so serious. I like to laugh. You make me plenty mad a lot of the time, but you make me laugh just as much. You're very laid back, and only get serious when you need to be. I like that. I feel normal around you. No one has ever made me feel that way. Even when I was with Bill there was this tension. I thought it was because he was a Vampire, but it's not there between us. I like it when it's just us like right now. Things are … nice."

"Do you want to know what I liked the most about you after I decided you would be more to me than a pet or child?"


"I liked that you are alive … that you live."

Laughing at that Sookie said, "Eric, all people are alive and live."

Shaking his head Eric replied, "No. They exist. You say I exist, and I'm beginning to think in some ways you're right. You make me feel alive in ways I haven't in so long. You see the world in a way I never have or could. Bad things happen to you and you let them roll right off your back and focus only on the good.

"You know how cruel, vicious, shallow and undeserving people are, and yet you reach out to them time and again. You see the truth of the world probably better than any other, and yet you aren't jaded by it. I like this about you the most. And I love the fact you are never afraid of me. From the first time we met you held your ground and refused to back down. You knew I was dangerous but refused to be cowed. You have spirit that matches mine."

Sookie placed a piece on the board leaving her with only another move to mark off territory for herself as she said, "I don't know if I agree with all that, but I'm glad I make you happy."

Thor yipped in his sleep and his feet began twitching as he chased something in his dream. Sookie stroked a hand through his soft fur as she asked, "What's it going to be like when you are king?"

Knowing he couldn't prevent her from taking the territory she was marking off, but having several areas he was after as well Eric replied, "Some of the changes you will enjoy, and some of them you will not."

"Start with the bad, and move onto the good. I always like to end things on a good note."

"Very well. The bad is that I will be required to attend and hold court almost nightly. Perhaps not for very long, but at least to hear the accounts of what is going on in my kingdom. I will be able to keep the weekends free but during the week I will have to make myself available to my subjects. As my bonded you will be required to be present much of the time. As much as you hate it you are a status symbol in my world … you will have to sit at my feet Sookie."

She didn't like hearing that. She gripped her bowl holding her game pieces tightly in her hands as she looked down at the board and tried to think of what to say to that. "Like Hadley?"

"Somewhat, but I will never treat you like that, Sookie. Never. You will sit on a mound of silk pillows and all will know you are favored by me greatly, but as a human you must sit beneath me."

"What else?"

"Once I become king you will no longer be allowed to work at all. Other than reading for me and other vampires you will not be permitted to work. It would make me seem weak to allow you to do so."

"Eric no! What am I supposed to do? Sit around all day and play tea party?"

Putting a piece on the board to mark off his own territory in the upper left hand corner Eric replied, "No. I'm going to send you to school. You'll go to college and learn. Depending on what area you decide to study when you graduate I will be able to employ you myself. That will allow me to uphold appearances, and satisfy your need to be busy."

"Eric, I don't ...."

"This is one of those things you're going to have to accept. Sophie-Anne is going to move against me, and I'm going to have to kill her. After I do I have two options; become King or pick up and move. I'm willing to do either. If you wish to stay here then I must become King. If I become King things have to change. I will be an even bigger part of vampire politics, and as you are already learning it is a dangerous arena. I cannot look weak in front of my subjects or other monarchs. Many want you, and more do by the day. I will treat you with respect in front of others, but certain appearances must be kept. If I am too lenient with you it will make me appear weak and could jeopardize our safety. I can't allow that. If you truly wish to work as you do now then we'll have to leave the state. Pick one."

Sookie rolled her bowl of pieces back and forth between her palms as she thought it over. Finally she asked, "I could study anything I want?"


"Well I always wanted to study history, but how would I work for you if I majored in that?"

"I'll buy or build a museum, and you can run it."

"You would do that?"

"If you want to work, I'll make it happen. First, I want you to get the education you've always wanted, and then I need to assure you work within the parameters of what is acceptable of being the bonded of a King. So if you want to be a history major I'll send you to school to get your degree, and once you have it I'll build or buy you a museum to run. Great tax breaks there too if we make it public. With the artifacts I own and the ones that Godric left me I wouldn't even have to buy much to stock it with."

"Godric left you things?"

Nodding his head Eric replied, "Godric left me everything. Mr. Cataliades contacted me a few days after we returned from Dallas and set up a time for me to discuss my Maker's will. Vampires acquire many things after living so long, and the custom has always been that unless they were claimed by the one who had killed that Vampire they went to the vampire's child. I am Godric's only child. I donated all the money to the World Wildlife Fund and towards the preservation of Sweden's forests, and the four hundred or so artifacts he left me I had put into secure storage."

"Wow. What kinds of things did he leave you?"

Smirking Eric said, "Things much like the pieces I've collected over the ages. The Smithsonian would drool and beg on their knees to showcase even a fraction of it. Our pieces aren't chipped and broken from being retrieved out of excavation sites. Vampires hide things very well before they move on to new lands. Godric had pieces that were thousands of years old, and are in excellent condition because he entombed them in the ground securely. Just as I do. So when the time comes to build your museum you'll have some of the best artifacts in the world to showcase."

Actually pleased with that idea Sookie said, "Well that doesn't sound too bad. So what else will change?"

"Well, other than the restriction of our time, upholding appearances in front of other vampires, and you not being able to work that is basically all the bad. The good is that we will no longer be subject to the queen. I can also make some much needed changes in the state. In fact, if you want to work while going to school you can help with the effort to rebuild New Orleans. One of my major points of contention with the queen has been her hands off approach to that problem. She's content to sit back and wait for the humans to rebuild it on their own. New Orleans is a vampire friendly city, and a huge draw for our culture. It is needed for the mainstreaming movement, and Sophie-Anne has done little to aid its restoration."

Placing another piece on the board Sookie asked, "Who are you going to make sheriff there?"

"I was thinking of calling Isabelle. The reports I've received say she is not happy with her position in Texas. I'm fairly certain that once I become king she will accept the offer to come work for me. She is fond of humans and works well with them. She is perfect to lead the restoration movement, and play hostess to all the humans in New Orleans. I want to build a vampire hotel and casino there. It will provide jobs for the humans, and be a draw for tourists which will bring more money into the city. Isabel is a perfect vampire to run it."

Watching Eric place his own piece on the board Sookie said, "I liked Isabel. Hugo not so much. She doesn't have very good taste in men."

Growling, Eric replied, "I should have killed him. He nearly got you raped and killed. If Godric hadn't ordered me to let him go I would have torn him apart."

"Don't get all upset, Eric. That's over and done with and Godric saved me, and I like your idea of me going to school, and helping Isabelle repair New Orleans. It will be strange not working, but since you're having to become king when you don't want to be I can adjust too."

Still upset by the memory of Sookie nearly being raped and killed, but mollified by her acceptance of the changes that were going to have to be made when he became king, Eric said, "Fair enough."

The game continued on for another two hours while Eric and Sookie alternated telling each other stories. In the end Eric won, but he told her she had done much better than he thought she would. They agreed tomorrow she would start the game with only an eight point handicap. After that Eric said he needed to go chop some more firewood since he was going to keep the fires going almost nonstop while they were here. He suggested that while he was doing that she take her shower and get change into her night clothes. If they were going to go snowboarding tomorrow they would have to turn in earlier.

As Sookie and Thor headed to the bathroom Eric smirked while he went outside to get the axe. He had absolutely no intention of them turning in early tonight. They had nearly two weeks for him to teach her how to snowboard. Tonight he intended to teach her the true joys of mating. He was certain Bill was a pitiful lover in comparison to him, and he intended to wear Sookie out tonight. She would be dead to the world all day tomorrow due to exhaustion.

While Eric was outside chopping wood Sookie searched the bedrooms for their luggage, but when she couldn't find it she decided Eric probably had an underground lair and their luggage was down there. She found towels in the bathroom and they were large enough for her to wrap herself in so she'd go ahead and take her shower and hopefully by the time she was done Eric would be back and could show her where their luggage was. Shedding her clothes she stepped into the shower and found some of Eric's sandalwood bathing supplies. She actually liked the idea of smelling like him and got to work cleaning up.

It didn't take Eric long to chop wood for inside the house. He got every room with a fireplace stacked, and heard Sookie turn the water off just as he was finishing up. He knew she didn't have any clothes to wear and he was looking forward to leading her into his underground lair with her in nothing more than a towel. He had absolutely no intention of her having the chance to change into anything. He took his jacket off and tossed it on the back of a chair and kicked his boots and socks off. He wanted as little clothing between him and Sookie as possible.

Sookie finished drying her hair and body and wrapped the towel tightly around her body as she opened the bathroom and gasped at the sight of Eric leaning against the hall wall with his arms crossed over his chest. "Eric! You scared me!"

Eric ran his eyes up and down Sookie's body. Her skin was still slightly damp from the steam in the bathroom and her golden hair hung in wet strands down around her shoulders. A thick white towel covered the body he was so desperate for, and he could barely control himself from reaching forward to rip it away. 

Thor was at her feet looking up at him as well with his little towel wagging. He swore to himself that if the puppy did anything to interrupt his plans for tonight he'd toss the mutt straight into a snow drift and tell Sookie he ran away. Meeting her eyes again he said, "I forgot to show you the underground lair earlier and that is where I put our luggage."

"Yeah, I figured you had another one of those stashed around here somewhere when I couldn't find my clothes. So are you going to lead the way?"

Smirking, Eric turned and headed down the hall towards the library where the hidden entrance to his lair was. Taking Sookie's hand he pulled on one of the books on the shelf and watched as a hidden door opened beside the fireplace. Sweeping her up in his arms he said, "We have to walk down the steps and there are no lights. I'll have to carry you."

"Something tells me you're not too upset by that fact," Sookie replied dryly.

"Not at all."

Sookie was quiet as Eric lead her into the tunnel and the door swung shut behind them leaving them in total darkness. The trip was fairly quick and soon enough she felt herself being lowered to her feet. Her toes dug into the soft fur beneath her as she asked, "You do have lights down here, don't you?"

"I have a fireplace. It has a built in ventilation system that carries the smoke out."

"Why is it warm down here?"

Eric moved to stack the wood in the fireplace and explained, "It is naturally warmer since it is beneath the house and since I turned the heat on upstairs it helps to keep it warm."
Sookie listened to him moving around and asked, "What does it look like?"

"You'll see in a second. I think you'll like it."
As the fire roared to life and lit up the room Sookie looked around. The room seemed to have been built into an actual cave. The walls were rocky and crystallized but clean. The floor was covered in animal skins, and the fireplace Eric was standing by was built into the cave wall and the chimney seemed to go up into the house. Turning around she saw the bed against the wall and her eyes widened. It looked so much like the bed in the vision she'd shared with Eric at the museum. 

It was a giant wood framed bed covered in black Egyptian cotton sheets with huge silver fox fur blankets. The wood was intricately carved with drawings of Viking ships and battles. There were two wooden chests along the wall and their luggage was stacked by them. The room was dark and romantic. 'A little love cave,' she thought with a smile. Turning back around to face him she said, "I like it."

"I thought you might. Sit on the bed and I'll brush your hair for you," Eric replied as he moved to get her brush out of her luggage.
"Maybe I should change first."

"Your hair is still wet, and your clothes will get damp when I brush your hair out. Let it dry a bit first."

"That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard, Eric," Sookie laughed.

"Did it work?"

Sookie smiled at him as he dug her brush out of her bag and approached her. Shaking her head at his boyish expression she sighed, "Ok, don't get fresh with me though."

Eric watched as Sookie moved to sit on the bed with her legs tucked under her while Thor laid down at the end and went to sleep. Eric could feel his cock hardening. There was no one to interrupt them, and he was fully intending to complete his seduction of Sookie tonight. Standing beside the bed on the side she was sitting on he began to brush her hair out. He needed to get her talking so she wouldn't think about what was going to happen between them very soon. "If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?"

Closing her eyes at the feeling of Eric brushing out her locks Sookie asked, "Go to visit or go to vacation?"

"What's the difference?"

"Well there are lots of places I want to go visit because I think they'll be interesting, but if I want to go on a vacation just to relax there are other places I'd go."

"Tell me both."

"If I could pick somewhere to go on a relaxing vacation I would pick somewhere warm with a beach, blue water, and pretty fishes. If I could go somewhere interesting I'd want to go to India."

Eric was actually surprised by that. "India? Really. Most people your age in America pick France or Italy."

Still enjoying the feel of him pulling the brush through her hair in a rhythmic motion Sookie replied, "I'd like to see those places too, but I did a report on India while in school and what I learned about it was really interesting. Their culture is colorful, and I'd like to see it."

"I will take you to see India. I enjoyed my travels there. The land is beautiful. So where would you want to go to vacation?"

"Anywhere with the things I said; somewhere warm, with a beach, blue water, and pretty fish. I'd like it not to be crowded too. I don't like being around hordes of people when I'm trying to relax. They bombard my shields."

Pulling the brush through her hair he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Then I'll take you to my island."

Looking up at him over her shoulder Sookie asked, "You have your own island?"

"Yes. It's off the coast of South America. It has all the things you mentioned. Good surfing. I'll take you there in the summer if you want. My house is built into the side of a mountain, which the entire island is basically, and it looks out over a lagoon. The whole island is only about 100 square miles, but it's beautiful and tropic."

"I'd like that."

Finished with her hair Eric tossed the brush back on the luggage across the room and said, "You owe me a back rub. I was nice to Compton every night at the club."

Looking up at him she replied, "I promised to give you back rubs every night you were nice to him, and I did. We haven't been around him so I don't owe you one … now, I'm getting ready for bed. You close your eyes while I change."

"Come, my Sookie. One back rub. I am giving you your very own Tara, after all."

Rolling her eyes Sookie sighed, "Fine. Ten minutes. Then we're both getting ready for bed."
Eric turned to hide his smirk from her as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. He moved to lie on the bed on his stomach and forced himself not to groan as Sookie moved to straddle him. He felt her weight settle atop him and a purr filled his chest as her hands began to kneed the muscles of his back. He knew she was skittish. As much as she wanted him she was still slightly frightened of their relationship progressing. She was afraid to give over the last pieces of herself to his care. He would have to handle her delicately.

"So are you enjoying your trip here to Sweden?"

"Of course I am. Your country is so beautiful. I like the snow. I've never seen it in real life before. Only pictures. It amazes me you could be happy in Shreveport when you could and have lived in places like this. America must seem so dull to you in comparison."

Turning his head to smile at her over his shoulder he replied, "Louisiana has its own treasures."

Sookie blushed at that and kept rubbing. "I have a question."

"I probably have the answer."

"Why do you have Fangtasia? You don't need the money, and you don't really enjoy working there. From what I've seen you don't like any of the Fangbangers all that much. I know a lot of vampires go there to pick up an easy feed, but why do you spend so much time there?"

"Several reasons. First, being that the queen requires all of her sheriffs be visible. Each area has a bar open to the public. All vampires are trying to promote the mainstreaming movement to some degree, even if we don't live it, but Louisiana especially. Second, by making ourselves so available at Fangtasia it draws not only those humans most open to us there, but those that aren't as well. If there is going to be a strike against us in Shreveport the likely target will be Fangtasia. It's easier to thwart your attackers when you know where they're going to strike. Fangtasia serves as a diversion to keep many other vampire hang outs in the shadows. Third, it is a base of operations for my meetings with those in my area. Fourth, it is a way for us to misinform humans about ourselves. We want them to see us as dark and creatures of the shadows. As long as they think we wear only black leather and corsets it is easier for us to blend in with them when we are not putting ourselves on display. They do not expect us in jeans and t-shirts, or in Pam's case pastels."

Sookie giggled. "I so wanted to laugh the night I saw her at Fangtasia when I read your employees looking for your thief. You were still in black but she looked like a school teacher. It surprised me."

"Pam always does like to look pretty. She hates getting dirty. She really hates having to dress like a goth at the club as well, but she finally stopped complaining about it a few months ago."

Sookie laughed at that and asked, "Why do you where black all the time."

Eric knew the main reason he wore black a lot … blood didn't show up on it. He couldn't tell her that though, it would kill the mood he was trying to set. Instead he said, "I look good in it."

"Eric, you look good in anything."

"What would you have me wear?"

"Pink. Definitely pink … and bows … you need bows."

"Not on your life. Ever."




"Absolutely not."

"Why not? You wear silk."

"That's completely different. I look good in silk."

"I happen to think you'd look great in pink spandex," Sookie said with a giggle.

Looking at her over his shoulder Eric said, "Well that's something you're going to have to envision, because you'll never see it in real life."

"Come on, Eric, if you're going to have a costume night at Fangtasia it would be a perfect opportunity. You could go as Prince."

"If I did I wouldn't go as a Viking. Which would you rather see?"

Remembering the way Eric looked as his Viking self in her vision Sookie whispered, "No. I'd rather see you as a Viking."

Feeling the burst of lust she felt through their bond, Eric decided it was time to make his move. Using his vampire speed, he flipped onto his back so quickly Sookie wasn't even dislodged. She looked startled of course as he leaned up on his elbows and purred, "I want to be your Viking, and I want you to be my southern belle. We will make a fine pair … now it is time for you to feed me."

"Eric, I think … uh—"

Eric didn't give her time to respond as he sat up with her now straddling his lap. Wrapping one arm around her waist to press her into his chest he fisted the other one in her hair to tilt her head to the side as he growled against her neck, "Just one taste, my Sookie, then you can change."

Setting her hands on his chest as he scraped his fangs along her skin Sookie moaned, "I—I don't think you'll ever be satisfied with one taste."

"You're right. Let me taste you, my Sookie. Your blood makes me burn."

Sookie could feel the same fire alighting in her veins. She loved it when he fed from her. She felt connected to him in such powerful ways. Tracing her fingers over his Mjolnir she thought, 'This is it. This is the moment that I have to choose, this is the moment I have to choose to give myself to him.' Feeling the hum begin between them as she stroked the mark on his chest that symbolized their joining she begged, "Promise me, promise me that no matter what happens tonight tomorrow you'll still be like this, promise me you'll still be my Eric. Promise you won't change tomorrow."
Cupping her cheek Eric stroked his thumb over her lips and replied, "The only thing that will change for us, Sookie, is that there will be no more distance between us. I am your Eric, and you are my Sookie … that is the beginning and end of it. I promise."

Sookie held his gaze for a moment before tilting her head to the side and whispering, "Bite me, Eric."

'She's mine!' His fangs popped out and a steady growl built in his chest as he scraped his fangs along the beating pulse in her neck. "This is forever, little one. No going back. Once you give yourself to me, I'll never let you go."

His words rang true down to her soul. She felt the area over her chest begin to heat and throb and she felt the mark on his chest respond in kind beneath her hand. "I…I know. I want you."

"Then you'll have me." He sank his fangs into her neck and took her essence into him. The power of her blood exploded inside him and he felt his own power rush up to meet it. He wrapped his arms tight around her to hold her against his body. One hand fisted in her damp curls that were quickly drying while the other arm banded around her waist like steel. 'She's mine. All mine…forever.'

Sookie's hands splayed across the hard contours of Eric's chest as he tilted her back over his lap and drank from her. She could feel the hum building between them, and it was so much stronger now than it had ever been before. She could feel her heart thundering in her chest as the realization that this was really happening took her over. Strangely she felt no fear, only excitement. "Eric…" she moaned breathlessly.

Eric drank only a few mouthfuls of her sweet blood because he wanted to feed on her again while he was inside her. He had a knife in his back pocket and as he licked her wounds closed he pulled it free and brought it to his chest to slash a wound over his Mjolnir. "Drink, my Sookie. Take me into you as I took you into me."

She didn't even think to say no. Leaning forward she latched onto the wound. Eric's ancient blood flooded her mouth and she felt her body respond to its call. She shifted restlessly over his erection pressed beneath her and whimpered against his chest. 'He tastes wild,' she thought in awe.

Eric could feel Sookie's emotions as though they were his own. He could feel the magic binding them together pulsing like a living thing as he buried his hands into her hair and growled down at the sight of her. She was looking up at him with her big eyes filled with her need for him as she drank his blood, and he could feel the lust she had growing brighter and brighter inside of her. When she'd had enough he tugged on her hair to pull her back from his chest and allowed the wound to close.

"You are so beautiful, my Sookie," he purred.

"So are you."

"I want to see you."

"O … ok."

Eric never took his eyes from hers as he pulled her towel slowly from her body and let it drop down to her waist. He wrapped one arm around her back with his hand cupping the nape of her neck as he leaned her backwards on his lap. He set his free hand on her hip and slowly stroked it up her body; enjoying the soft feel of her skin. "You are perfect."

Sookie felt so small in his hold. He moved her body with such ease. His power was awesome … but she was not afraid. She knew he would not hurt her. As he cupped her breast and began to knead it her eyes fluttered closed and she moaned,


"Please what, little one? Tell me what you want."

"You Eric, I want you."

"Good." Eric tossed the towel away from them and flipped Sookie down onto her back on the bed with him hovering over her. He knelt between her raised knees and looked down at her. The black and silver fox fur caused her tan skin to glow in the firelight as her hair hung about her in waves. Her eyes were wide and bright, and he could feel her nervousness. He had every intention of fucking her into unconsciousness tonight, but he would give her the lovemaking she needed first. Now was for her … later would be all about him and fulfilling his many fantasies. As best he could anyway. His need for her was great. Setting his hands on her breasts he and trailing them down to stroke her smooth abdomen and hips he purred,

"Your body is mine, sweet Sookie, no other man will ever touch you. You are mine alone."

Setting her own hands on his broad shoulders Sookie whispered, "I know … kiss me, Eric."

"With pleasure." Eric leaned down to capture her lips with his own. His fangs grazed her before his tongue plunged into her moist depths. He could feel her soft hands stroking along his shoulders and back as he pressed close to her. Their tongues warred for long moments before he broke away and began placing hot, open mouthed kisses along her neck and collar bone as he made his way down her body. "I'm going to make you scream, my Sookie. I'm going to make you scream my name, and I'm going to fill your body so well you'll never be able to live without me again."

"I won't let you live without me either, Eric."

 He nipped her navel. "I don't intend to."

Sookie watched as Eric kissed and nipped his way down her body. Bill had never done this to her before. Their couplings had always been frenzied and hurried, and she actually got the sense that he just wasn't interested in going down on her, so she was kind of nervous. She was panting lightly as her fists clutched at the fur bedding beneath her as Eric pushed her legs open and moved between them. She wanted this with Eric. She wanted it so bad.

As he came to lie between her legs Eric looked at the glistening folds of his bonded and felt the beast in him roar to life. The heady scent of her threatened to overwhelm him and he growled, "Mine," before moving forward. He gripped her hips as he licked his tongue all the way up her sex. Her flavor exploded across his tongue and his entire body shuddered at the sensation. 'By the Gods she's sweeter than I ever could have imagined,' he thought as he pushed his tongue inside her.

"Eric, oh God!" Sookie buried one of her hands into his hair while the other dug into the bedding as she arched off the bed. She could feel his tongue push into her tight passage and begin to lick her while his hands gripped her hard to hold her still for his assault. She never thought it would feel like this. His tongue felt so soft inside her as he teased her mercilessly with slow licks. "Oh God, it feels so good! I didn't know it could feel like this!"

Eric had doubted Bill had done anything like this to Sookie. He was far too prudish since splitting from his Maker. For himself Eric enjoyed the taste of women as long as they were properly groomed and had good hygiene. However he had never tasted a woman like Sookie, and he doubted he'd ever want to taste another woman's sex again after having her now. There was no comparison. 'She tastes like heaven,' he thought with satisfaction as he curled his tongue inside her a few more times before seeking out her clit. Sucking it into his mouth he smirked against her dripping folds as she cried out above him and bucked her hips eagerly into his waiting mouth.

"Eric! ... oh! ... don't stop!" Sookie was fast losing control as Eric licked and sucked at her most delicate area. He would suckle her hard and fast before backing off to nurse gently at her pearl. The teasing of his mouth was driving her over the edge and she soon found herself sobbing, "Please! Please, Eric! ... it's too much!"

His fangs popped out and scraped along the swollen lips of her sex as he growled, "Beg for me, tell me you belong to me, tell me I own you."

"Please! Please!"

Pushing two fingers into her tight passage Eric scrapped his fangs softly over her swollen clit and demanded, "Say it Sookie, say you're mine. Tell me!"

Her body was throbbing so badly she couldn't deny him. "I'm yours, Eric. I belong to you!"

"Damn right you do." He plunged his fingers harder and faster into her as latched  back onto her clit and began sucking with all he had. His fangs pressed against her folds increasing her pleasure as he worked her towards completion.

Sookie arched up into his mouth and rolled her hips in time to the thrusting of his fingers. The pleasure was coiling inside her as her knees tightened around Eric's head. She could feel the soft feel of his hair beneath her fingers as she held him to her while she cried out, "Oh God! Eric! It's so good! Don't stop! It feels so good!"

He knew it did. Her juices were flowing freely from her folds and coated his fingers as he pumped them into her again and again. Her rolled her clit with his tongue and suckled her hungrily. The taste of her filled his mouth and he felt her walls clenching around his fingers as she approached her orgasm. He wanted to bring her to release first so that when he entered her she would be more relaxed. She was tight around just two of his fingers, so he knew that his cock was going to stretch her wide. 'I'm going to fuck her all night long,' he thought darkly.

Sookie's head rolled from side to side as she bucked wildly up against Eric's mouth. Her legs were trembling and her body began to tighten as her orgasm rushed upon her. Her body arched up off the bed as her legs clamped around his head. "ERIC!"

He opened his mouth to her as her cum rushed out of her body and he drank it eagerly. The spicy sweet honey of her body flooded his mouth and he took it all as he drew his fingers out of her clenching passage to give him easy access. He licked and sucked until she'd given him all she had to offer, and when she collapsed back on the bed he rose up above her and sucked his fingers clean as she stared up at him in orgasmic wonder. When he was done he ordered huskily, "Undo my pants."

Sookie bit her lip as she reached out to take hold of Eric's belt and slowly unbuckle it. She couldn't take her eyes from the sight of her hands pulling it out of his pants and tossing to the side of the bed before she reached for his pants. She unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down so she could push them and his boxers down his hips. She leaned up to kiss Eric when he leaned down to brace himself above her with his hands on either side of her head. This position allowed her to push his pants down and shove them off with her feet until they were both naked. When he lowered his body to lie against her she moaned into the kiss. For the first time their bodies were truly pressed together and she could feel every delicious inch of him. "Eric …"

"My Sookie," he growled. Digging his hands into her hair he drew back to look down at her as he continued, "I'm going to claim you tonight. I'm going to take all you have, and make you mine in every way. I'll never let you go, Sookie. Never."

For Sookie there were no more worries or fears. Here, now, there was only them. The energy building between them. The affection and friendship that had grown over the months. He was all she wanted or needed at the moment. "I know. I don't want you to let me go."

He couldn't wait anymore. He had to be inside her … now. "Wrap your legs around me, little one." When she'd done as he ordered he said, "Look at me, don't close your eyes or look away. I want to see you as I claim you."

Sookie set her hands on Eric's shoulders and nodded her head as she stared up into his heated gaze. "I won't. I promise."

Reaching between them he positioned his cock at her entrance before bracing his weight on his forearms beside her. "I'm large, Sookie, there will probably be some pain at first, but it will get better."

"I'm ready. I just want to feel you. I need to feel you."

He was pleased by her words and pushed in slowly. Inch by delicious inch, he filled her. He watched her eyes go wide as she felt herself impaled on his cock. He could feel her wonder and amazement through the bond and growled, "Take me into you, my Sookie. Feel me inside you. Feel me stretch you wide."

"Oh my God!" Sookie could feel her walls give way to his massive cock pushing hard and deep inside her. She didn't think he would ever end! She'd known he was large. She'd felt him in her hands a number of times, but feeling him inside her was entirely different! There was some pain. It was more of an uncomfortable ache and a slight stinging pain, but soon enough all she felt was a neverending fullness.

He was all she could feel or think of. His huge, hard body surrounded her, and pressed her down into the soft bedding. His erection filled her to fullness, and she felt like he was taking everything she had, but she wanted to give it to him. As he finally bottomed out inside her and she felt his hips pressed tightly to hers as his cock nudged her cervix deep inside her she let out a needy moan. Tightening her legs around his waist while her fingers dug into his shoulders she begged, "Move … oh God, Eric, please move!"

"Not yet." Looking down into her eyes bright with lust Eric ground his hips into her. He listened with satisfaction as she cried out softly at the feel of him inside her. Fisting one hand in her hair he pulled her head back and demanded, "Tell me you love me."

"Eric, please."

"Say it! Tell me you love me, me and no other."

Sookie could see the steel in Eric's eyes. She could see that he would not back down. Cupping his face she stroked his cheeks softly and whispered, "I love you, Eric. I love you, my Viking. You are my one and only.

His fangs slipped down and he pulled his hips back slowly so that only the head of his arousal was inside her before slamming back in. He watched Sookie arch beneath him and cry out at the assault. His hard thrust had caused her both pleasure and pain as her body tried to adjust to his invasion. She was so small, and it was a tight fit. "You're mine!" He thrust into her again. "I'll never let you go!" He slammed into her. "I'll kill anyone that tries to take you from me!" He pulled back pounded his cock back into her tight folds. "I'll chain you to my side if you ever try to leave me!"

Sookie could barely breathe let alone think. Each thrust was harder than the last and it felt like he was pounding her into the bed. His words were dark and dominating, but she was lost to everything other than the feel of him. She was mindless in her need. Her body shook and trembled around his as tears filled her eyes and she cried, "I don't care! Own me! Keep me! Just don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

He lost it. His hands moved under her back to grip her shoulders so he could hold her in place as his hips began to move faster and harder. He was riding her hard and fast and the soft crackling of the fire was drowned out by the slap of his thighs against hers. The slick sound of his rigid length thrusting into her wet folds was music to his ears, and he luxuriated in the feel of her tight, hot cunt gripping him. Burying his face into her neck he slammed into her over and over causing the bed to shake and slam against the rock wall. The wood creaked from the force of his fucking her, and he could feel the beast in him roaring in satisfaction. "Mine! You're mine! Everything you are is mine! I own you!"

"Yours! I'm yours!"

"Who do you belong to?"

"You! I belong to you!"

He was near snarling now. He could feel the darkness reaching to overtake him. His mind was lost to everything but the voracious hunger consuming him. She was so soft and warm beneath him. Her body yielded to the driving force of his so perfectly. She was his woman, and he was her warrior king claiming what was his. "My Sookie! My woman! My mate! MINE! ALL MINE!"

She couldn't understand anything but him. He was taking everything! His body surrounded her. Filled her. Overcame her! She felt like he was driving her out of her mind. She could do little more than cling to him as he fucked her with a force and power she would never have believed imaginable. She felt a power come awake from deep inside of her and reach for him. She felt the mental walls in his mind give way and open to her. She could feel the wild dark beast inside him. It was part of him and who he was. It was awesome. She felt the long dormant power inside her wake and reach for his newly roused source. Their powers brushed against each other as Eric slammed into her again and again.

And he felt it too. His eyes began to glow as her body lit beneath him in brilliant rays of starlight. She shimmered in his hold as he lifted his head from her neck and growled, "I feel you … you're reaching for me … you're calling me."

"I can't help it! I need you!"

"I will claim you, and all that you are! You are mine!" Eric pushed his power against hers as he rode her harder and faster. His hips were slamming into her as he watched their marks begin to glow on their chests. He was so far gone in the feel of her around his cock, and the pleasure he felt from her power reaching inside him to stroke along the power of his darkness, that he didn't care actual strings of energy erupted from their marks in brilliant blue rays to begin weaving together.

Below him Sookie's eyes widened in wonder as her nails dug into his shoulders while she stared up into his glowing eyes. He was snarling down at her as he took her in madness. His hips were moving so fast the human eye wouldn't be able to see, and the pain of his brutal assault was overcome by the pleasure he was providing. He was hitting a spot so deep inside her, her entire body shook with ecstasy. She was losing herself to the sensations of him fucking her, and didn't have the mental capability to care that her body was beginning to glow brighter and brighter while that glow surrounded them both.

She didn't care that the mark she'd seen in her dreams suddenly appeared to her eyes on her chest and blue strands of energy wove with similar strands emitting from Eric's mark. She didn't care that a burning heat was tearing across her abdomen and along her hips while Eric's chest and back heated beneath her hands as she held him to her. She didn't care that sparklingly lights appeared in the air around them and began to swirl in a circle as the bed floated off the ground. She didn't care that these lights created a whirling vortex around them as the fire in the hearth exploded upwards into the chimney and turned so blue it was almost white. All she cared about was the feel of Eric inside her … around her. "Eric, I can feel you—"

Eric saw all that she saw, but just as Sookie was lost to the feel of him so was he consumed by her. "My Sookie, it's happening, we're becoming one. I feel your power inside me, you're touching my beast. you're touching my darkness … you are not afraid."

She wasn't. She could feel the powerful animal that was part of his soul. She could feel the gnawing blackness inside him that demanded blood from all but her…from her it demanded possession. She gave it love. The true powers of their souls reached for one another to become one as Eric slammed into her one last time sending her over the edge. Her body bucked beneath him, and clenched around his length inside her while he threw his head back and roared with animal fury before throwing himself forward to bury his fangs into her neck. He drank long and deep as his cock erupted inside of her filling her with his seed. The heat in their bodies exploded and their forms were alit with light, power, and magic as the marks of The One appeared on their flesh. The swirling vortex around them burst into millions of shimmering lights as the bed slowly lowered to the ground. It was done. Destiny had come about. The Chosen One had come alive, and she had named her Warrior King with the power of her love and her body. It was time for the world to change. It was time for the gods of old to return to the world…and Sookie would name them.

Sookie felt Eric collapse atop her as he continued to drink from her neck while she shook beneath him. He laid between her spread knees as she panted under him and stroked his hair. "Oh…my…God," she whispered in awe.

Eric felt awareness return to him slowly. Realizing he was taking too much blood, he pulled back to lick the wounds closed. Forcing himself up with his hands on either side of her head he looked down at Sookie and replied, "I don't know what that was…but you're damn sure never getting away from me now."

Sookie was about to reply when she noticed the marks on his body. Her eyes widened as she said, "Eric look at your chest! And your arm!"

He was still buried inside of her and moved to kneel between her spread legs without dislodging his still hard length from her folds (it was good to be a vampire). Looking down at himself, he ran his fingers over the new tattoos covering his form. He'd never seen markings like these before, and he'd seen most tribal markings during his travels of the world. As he looked down at the markings on his waist his eyes were drawn to the matching markings adorning both of Sookie's hips and abdomen.

"Sookie…you are marked as well."

Sookie followed Eric's gaze and gasped as she took in the sight of the thick black markings covering her hips and abdomen. She watched as Eric traced them with his fingers and asked, "What are they?"

"I do not know. I have never seen markings like this. I think they are part of the prophecy. What just happened between us was powerful. It was no mistake … these are no mistake."

As Sookie looked down at herself she saw the mark over her chest and said, "It's the mark from my dream!"

Unwilling to lie to his bonded about the marks any longer, Eric leaned back over her and said, "That's the other thing I knew about you that I couldn't tell you when you asked." Nipping the mark over her chest and hearing her cry out in arousal at his actions he continued, "As I've had the Mjolnir on my chest since our bonding so have you had this mark, you just couldn't see it. For some reason it was hidden from you until now. I was told you would not be able to see it until you were ready."

"What is it?"

"It is the Septagram, or Faery Star. It is a powerful symbol."

"What does it mean?"

"That is a question you are better off asking Niall. He can tell you more than I. I actually know very little about it. The Fae are as secretive as Vampires about their ways. Especially their magic."

Sookie thought about getting mad at him for keeping this from her, but finally she decided it would do no good. He'd told her there was something he was keeping from her, and he'd told her he had good reason to. This mark obviously had to do with the prophecy they were involved in, and he knew about as much as she did about it. 'Besides I'll get my answers from this Niall guy when we get back. I can wait until then.'

Tracing her fingers over his knew tattoos Sookie asked, "Do you like them?"

"Do you?"

Looking them over Sookie decided she did. "Yeah, they look good on you. Are they on your back too?"

Looking over his shoulder Eric saw that the tattoos did in fact cover his back on the right side as they covered the right side of his chest and said, "Yes." Looking down at her he propped himself up on one hand so his other could trace her hip as he added, "I like yours. I would have picked red, but black looks good on your skin as well."

"What do you think they mean?"

"I don't know. Like my Mjolnir and your Star I think they are probably symbols or results of our joining. As they are markings completely unfamiliar to me I can't guess at their true meaning. I imagine we'll find out soon enough. I was led to believe a great deal will be explained to us when we return home."

Tracing her fingers along the new marks adorning his pale skin Sookie said, "Are you mad or worried about them?"

"No. If they are a part of our joining then I welcome them. I think they resulted from what happened with the power between us. We were both distracted, but we both felt it. Something came alive inside of you, Sookie. Whatever it was reached out for me and connected with my darkness. That's when the heat started in us. I felt it in you and I know you felt it in me. I think that's where these marks came from."

"You seem to be taking this well."

Still moving his own fingers along the new patterns on her soft skin Eric asked, "What well?"

"That I'm changing you, because I am. You're right, we connected. I ... have power over the darkness in you. It responded to my call. It does respond to my call. I would have thought that would be something you'd get upset over. You don't like me affecting you like that."

Eric was silent a moment before he said, "You are changing me in good ways. For the better. You being able to pull me back from my darkness is not a bad thing. It's a good thing. We were connected before this, but now the connection is stronger. I will not be upset by anything that binds you closer to me. The more you belong to me the better."

Stroking her hand over his Mjolnir Sookie replied, "The way I see it these markings mean you belong to me just as much."

"I will allow you this view point."

Before Sookie could respond, their attention was drawn towards the side of the bed as Thor put his paws on the mattress and whimpered. He'd obviously been freaked out by what had just happened. Eric rolled his eyes at the dog and remarked, "At least he waited until I finally had you to draw your attention away from me." 

Looking down at her he said, "So I guess you're going to abandon me now?"

Sookie smirked and pushed on his shoulders. When he pulled out of her she moaned at the sensation, and watched him flop onto his back beside her with a resigned look on his face. Leaning over him she patted Thor on the head and said, "Go lay down, puppy. It's okay." Having no intention of leaving Eric, Sookie swung her leg over his waist and lined herself up with the head of his arousal and slid over him. "I'm not going anywhere."

Eric hissed as Sookie took him inside her with one thrust of her hips. He looked up at her as she sat back over him. Her head fell back exposing her throat and pushing her breasts out. She was beautiful. "Sookie," he growled as his hands moved to take hold of her breasts and massage them. "You're so beautiful … and you're mine!" Moving his hands to her hips he bucked up into her and ordered, "Ride me."

Sookie smiled as she set her hands on Eric's toned abdomen and rocked forward. She gasped at the thick feel of him inside her. 

"God, Eric, you're so big, you feel amazing inside me."

"I love being inside you … you feel amazing around me … and I love watching your breasts move like this."

Sookie laughed and began to rock against him faster. She set her hand over his Mjolnir and took his hand to lay over her mark. The effect was immediate. They both moaned as lust ripped through them while heat filled their bodies. "Do you feel that?"

"Fuck yes! Dammit, Sookie, you're going to be the end of me," Eric groaned as his hands gripped her hips harder. "Ride me, little one."

"My Viking," Sookie whimpered. "I've never gotten to be on top before. Bi—"

"Don't! Do not say his name!" Eric picked Sookie up and slammed her back down on him forcing her to cry out in pleasure as he filled her roughly. "Never say his name again! Me! There is only me for you! Say it!"

Feeling his anger through the bond as she stroked his bond Sookie soothed, "You're all I want Eric … it's ok … shh! It's just us, my Viking." She began to move over him again taking his erection inside her over and over. "Calm down and focus on the feel of me. I feel you … you feel good inside me, Eric, don't you want to make me feel good? Don't you want to make me scream? Move with me, Eric, move with me and make me cum for you."

Eric pushed the darkness back. Ever since bonding with Sookie, it was so much closer to the surface than before. That fact would be alarming, but as Sookie could soothe it so easily he didn't worry. Besides if that was the price he had to pay to have her he'd pay it. Bucking his hips in time with hers he demanded, "Tell me you love me."

"I love you, Eric."

He thrust up into her while pulling her down on him hard. "Tell me you're mine."

"I'm yours." Tracing her hands over his washboard abs she said, "You're so hard … I love your body."

"I love yours more." Reaching up to cup her breasts and tease her nipples he added, "Your breasts are beautiful … I could suck on them forever … and I love your ass. I've had so many fantasies of you on your hands and knees before me as I ride your ass, and I can't wait to fulfill them."

Sookie was too hot for him at the moment to be upset by his crude words. Leaning back to put her hands on his thighs as she thrust her breasts up into his hands she dropped her head back and continued to roll her hips against him. "Eric … you feel so good."

Eric's fangs popped out as he watched her ride him. Her body was glorious and he intended to worship it time and again. Running one hand up her and down her abdomen while the other slipped between their joined bodies he said, "You'll feel me often, my Sookie. I'm going to fuck you every night for the rest of our lives … and it still won't be enough."

Sookie cried out as his fingers found her clit and began to stroke her. He played her body so well. He seemed to know just how to touch her, just where to stroke, how hard she needed it and when to do it soft, he knew her. Rolling her hips faster she rode him as fast as she could. It was nothing like the power or speed of his fucking, but she could feel her orgasm approaching nonetheless. "Eric …"

Beneath her, Eric watched as Sookie moved to lean forward over him again. He kissed her hungrily when she pressed against his chest and he helped her find the rhythm she needed. His hips moved with hers as he continued to stroke her while they kissed. Her hands were running up and down his arms as she sought her release and he fought the need to roll her beneath him and take her as savagely as he wanted too. He would have his time. Now it was her turn.

Needing more of him, Sookie set her hands on Eric's chest as began to buck against him as hard and fast as she could as her head fell back. "Oh God! Eric! I didn't know it could be like this!"

"I did … I  knew fucking you would be the best experience of my life. You're all mine, Sookie. I'll be the only man for you for the rest of your life."

"You're the only one I want."

"The only one you'll have."

Sookie was too caught up in the feel of him to get upset at his dominance. His cock was hitting so deep inside her every time she slammed down on him. Her cum and his seed from their previous coupling were dripping down around his thick length and coating both their thighs as she rode him. Her body glistened in the firelight and her soft mewls of pleasure accompanied his growls in the darkness of the cave. She could feel her release approaching. Her thighs trembled with exertion as she rode him. Her breasts bounced with her movements and Sookie could feel her walls clenching around him. "Eric … I'm so close ...."

"Cum for me little one, fuck yourself on my cock and scream my name," Eric growled as his hands gripped her hips hard. He was picking her up and slamming her down to help her find release, and the sight of her now dry hair falling around her shoulders in wild curls as her skin glowed in the darkness from the fire had his lust soaring. He could feel her pleasure through the bond, and it fueled his own.

Slamming herself down on his hard arousal Sookie cried out, "ERIC!" Pleasure soared through her. Tiny tremors tore through her body causing her to shake as she collapsed forward on Eric's chest as he stroked his hands along her body. Her pussy clenched around his length as she rolled her hips softly against him trying to bring herself down from her orgasm.

Eric buried his head into Sookie's curls as he rolled her beneath him. As a human she couldn't move fast enough to bring him to release when she rode him, but he had enjoyed the experience, nonetheless. Seeing her move over him was beautiful. Kissing and nuzzling her neck he purred, "You're so fucking gorgeous, my Sookie. I'll never have enough of you."

"Ditto," Sookie gasped as Eric began to thrust into her again. She tilted her hips up to give him better access. Stroking her hands up over his arms, across his shoulders and down his back, she grabbed his ass to pull him closer and cried, "You make me burn! I've never felt like this before."

He could feel her need building again despite the orgasm she'd just had. He wondered at her stamina as well. All the human women he'd been with had needed much more recovery time than this. It was why he usually took two or three to bed at once. That way when one came he could move on to the next and make the rounds with them until he was satisfied, but Sookie was once again proving to be the exception. He figured part of it was probably their bond, but truthfully he didn't care. The fact remained she could keep up with him, and he intended to take advantage of that delightful perk. "It's because you were born to be mine. Only I can make you feel this way, and you'll only ever want or have me again."

As he thrust up harder into her, Sookie reached up to cup Eric's face and pull him down for a kiss. She licked his still drawn fangs before slipping her tongue inside his mouth. She could feel his cock pushing into her and she loved the full feeling of him inside her. Pulling back she kissed his chin and neck as she whispered, "Then it's a good thing you're the only one I want … now fuck me."

"Oh Sookie … you're going to wish you never said that," Eric growled as his eyes began to glow again and he began to move faster as he rode her as hard as he could.

"I doubt that," Sookie moaned as she wrapped her arms and legs around him to hold him to her tighter.

 ... turned out she was right.


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