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Monday, November 5, 2012

Chapter 43 ~ Bliss

The next evening, Eric laid on his side as his eyes caressed Sookie sleeping quietly beside him. He had taken her again and again the night before, and only allowed her to rest when the sun began to rise around 8am. He was delighted that Sookie was able to keep up with him. Every time she began to tire, they only had to touch each other's marks, and they both would come alive again.

He'd had her in so many ways and in so many positions, yet he was still not satisfied. She'd given him pleasure unlike any other, but he knew with everything he was, that no matter how many times he buried himself between her thighs, it would still never be enough.

Stroking his large hand over her soft curve of her hip, he traced upward along her smooth skin and smirked as Sookie sighed in her sleep and rolled onto her back. His gaze was naturally drawn to her breasts. They were the most beautiful breasts he'd ever seen and he'd seen many. As there were no boundaries between them anymore, he didn't hesitate to trail his hand up along her rib cage to cup one of the luscious mounds. He stroked her gently while moving to lie over her body as he nuzzled her neck. 'She's slept long enough. I want her again, and I know just how to wake her,' he thought hungrily.

He wasted no time in teasing her nipple between his fingers while he sucked at her delicate flesh. He ground his hips against her, and groaned heavily at the feel of Sookie's damp sex against his hard arousal. He'd brought her to release and filled her with his seed so many times during the night that she was still leaking their combined juices from between her folds. His scent thoroughly saturated her own and it was a heady, intoxicating aroma to his nose. He swore to himself that from this point forward, there would never be a day where she didn't smell strongly of his semen both on her skin and within her. He wanted to mark her as his in all ways.

'Everyone will know she is mine. All will know that her body belongs to me. Any that come near her will know I spend hours giving and taking pleasure with her … she is MINE!'

Sookie came awake slowly as her body lit with arousal. She could feel the cool form of Eric pressed against her as his hands smoothed along her warm body while he playfully nipped at her shoulder. Mostly she could feel the hard length of him pressed against her center, and she couldn't help but shudder at the intensity of her own desire. Her hands came up to stroke along his back as she moaned, "Eric."

"My Sookie," he purred. "I'm hungry … will you feed me?"

Damn his voice affected her! It was so deep, and guttural … and male! The sound of his voice alone had her sex clenching with need for him. There was just no denying him. As he shifted down her body to lick and suck at her nipples, she whimpered, "Yes … oh yes! ... bite me, Eric!"

He didn't waste any time. Reaching one hand down to slip two fingers into her welcoming heat, he grazed his fangs along her nipple before enveloping it with his mouth and sank his fangs deep into her breast. As always, the delicious fae laced blood of his bonded flooded his mouth and roused the darkness within him. He growled against her as his fingers inside her sheath stroked her roughly. He'd give her her gentle lovemaking as often as she wanted it, but he'd fuck her like the beast he was just as often. 'Mine … my Sookie … all mine,' he thought possessively.

Sookie buried her hands into Eric's hair to hold him to her breast as her knees came up to capture his hard body between her thighs. This man drove her wild! Her head rolled from side to side as she whimpered and moaned at the feel of him feeding at her breast while his fingers plunged into her again and again. His palm was rubbing against her clit, and the aggressive touch of her Viking was driving her hard and fast to the precipice. "Oh God! Eric … you make me burn!"

He burned just as hotly. Not wanting to take too much of her blood since he had fed on her several times the night before, and intended to do so again tonight, Eric withdrew his fangs and licked the wounds closed. Still stroking her pussy with his fingers, he rose up and braced himself above her with a forearm beside her head. Leaning down, he nipped at her lips before kissing her with his thousand years worth of practice. He enjoyed the feel of her hand stroking along his back before they settled on his shoulders with her nails digging into his skin as his fingers pumped her harder and faster. "You're so tight, so fucking tight. I love the way you feel around my cock."

"I love the way you feel inside me. You're so big, Eric."

"But you love every inch of me, don't you, little one?"

Smiling up at him Sookie agreed, "Absolutely … oh!"

He pushed his fingers inside her again and scissored them to stretch her walls before continuing his assault. He growled, "This is my pussy now. I'll fuck you whenever I want. I'll lick your juices and clit anytime I want to taste you. Everything you are now belongs to me … you are mine!"

"Eric! ... oh God … don't stop!"

"Never … I'll never stop fucking you." His fingers were creating a burning, stinging rhythm in her now as he scraped his fangs along her jaw. "Look at me … look into my eyes as I bring you pleasure, Sookie."

She forced her eyes open and looked up at him. His fangs were drawn and his eyes were beginning to glow. She could feel him stroking her nub roughly to drive her towards the edge, and she was desperate for her release! Running her hands up his chest, she stroked his neck and moaned, "I love the way you touch me."

As her soft hands stroked over his chest, shoulders and neck he growled, "Tell me who you belong to … who owns you?"

"You do … I'm yours, Eric," Sookie whimpered as she rolled her hips against his thrusting fingers. "I'm so close … uh! ... it feels so good!"

"Cum for me, sweet Sookie. Scream my name as I bring you to release!"

As if waiting for his command, Sookie's body went still while her head rolled back as she screamed his name. Her walls fluttered around his fingers before clenching tight in an attempt to keep him deep inside. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she cried, "Oh God!"

When she went limp beneath him, Eric pulled his fingers from inside her. While she gazed up at him he sucked them clean and growled, "Are you ready for me to fuck you? I can't wait to be inside you again."

"You're insatiable."

"Only for you." He was done talking. He sat back and reached down to flip her onto her stomach and pull her up onto her hands and knees. Running his hands over her pert bottom, he said, "I love this view." He moved to a kneeling position and took hold of the head of his erection to line himself up with her entrance before taking hold of her hips and shoving forward.

Sookie couldn't help but cry out as she was impaled so roughly on his hard cock. "Eric!" Her body was pushed forward with his every convulsive thrust, and drawn back as his hands pulled her hips into him. He was truly riding her, and she reveled in his possession.

Holding her to him to draw her back against his cock as he plunged into her Eric ran a hand up her back to grip her hair and pull her head back. "Tell me you love me, Sookie."

"I … I love you, Eric!"

"Tell me you belong to me!"

"I belong to you!"

"Damn right you do," Eric growled as he threw himself across her back. His hands fisted in the bedding on either side of hers as he nuzzled her neck and cheek. "You're mine … all mine."

She turned her head so she could kiss him over her shoulder. As her tongue warred with his she did her best to keep up with the rapid pounding of his hips into hers. 'Damn … he's so good! He feels so good inside of me! I never knew it would be like this! He fills me so well.' Twirling her tongue around his fangs she whimpered, "Eric … oh God, Eric!"

"My Sookie, my woman. This is what it is to be mine, little one. This is what it is to belong to me. Your body is mine!" he purred, as he grazed his fangs over her petal soft lips.

Sookie no longer had the ability to reply as Eric sped up his movements. His massive frame surrounded her smaller one and she felt sheltered in his hold. The feel of him spreading her open while his body continued pushing and pulling was simply heaven, and she felt sure that she wouldn't mind spending the rest of her life in bed with him. "Oh god …."

He could feel his orgasm approaching and kept himself braced above her with one hand on the bed while the other slipped under her to seek out her clit. Stroking her pearl he growled, "Cum for me, cum hard around my cock … I love the way your sheath grips me when you climax … you're so tight, my älskade."

Sookie was pushing back against him, riding, sliding, gliding along his shaft, moaning and begging for him to let her cum. His fingers rubbed hard fast circles around her clit as his rigid arousal stretched her wide with every lunging of his hips. She gasped in agonized pleasure. When they were like this, he was her whole world, and she lost herself completely to the feel of him in and around her body. She could feel her muscles tightening. She could feel her burning fire raging and spreading through her body. When he scraped his fangs along her shoulder as he pinched her clit gently, she lost it. Arching beneath him, she let out a strangled cry while her womanhood clenched around him. "Eric!"

Her release set off his own. The bond between them was bright and alive with their combined pleasure. The moment her orgasm rushed over her, it flooded their connection with ecstasy as her pussy clenched tight around him and he was overcome. He snarled against her shoulder as his cock erupted inside her with one final brutal thrust of his hips against hers. "Sookie," he groaned while they both collapsed in a heap on the bed, he careful to keep from crushing her under his weight.

Sookie lay beneath Eric, trembling as tiny aftershocks rippled through her body. She had to admit that being with Eric was unlike anything she'd ever experienced or imagined. She knew now why so many women trailed after him like puppies waiting for scraps of his attention. He was truly a Viking Sex God … and he was all hers! She might belong to him, but he damn sure belonged to her right back!

Being a vampire, Eric recovered quickly, and was still hard and ready to go in moments. Pulling out of Sookie's passage, he listened with satisfaction as she whimpered at the loss of him inside her, before he flipped her over onto her back and slid back into her. "Again," he murmured silkily as he nuzzled her neck and began to ride her with slow, measured strokes to reignite her lust.

Sookie raked her nails down his back and bucked her hips up against him. He was so long and hard inside her that he hit that special spot within her on every stroke that caused her eyes to roll back in her head it felt so good. "Uh!—oh—Eric, you know—oh God! Right there! … I … I'm going to have to—uh! ... g ... get up sometime … god!"

Grazing his fangs up her neck and along her jaw as he bucked into her harder and faster, Eric growled, "Sometime is not now. Now I fuck you."


He did just that … over and over.

 A few hours later, after Eric finally let her out of the cave to take care of her human needs, Sookie stood in the kitchen making herself some bacon, eggs, and biscuits for breakfast. She really needed the food since her Viking was trying his best to wear her out. At the moment, he was outdoors with Thor while she prepared her food. 
 She stood over the stove barefoot in only a black silk kimono robe with a red silk obi tied around the waist since Eric had hidden their clothes from her sometime while she was sleeping. He promised her he'd give them back when it was time for them to go skiing, but said, since she'd slept the day away and it was nighttime again, she didn't need clothes. In his mind that seemed to mean she couldn't have them anymore. Sookie smiled as she flipped the eggs, remembering their argument over at least being allowed to wear the robe she had on.


Sookie stood at the end of the bed with the black Egyptian cotton sheet wrapped around her. Eric was lying completely naked on the bed with his back propped against the headboard with one knee raised as he smirked at her. She'd just spent the last 30 minutes searching the house for their clothes and hadn't found them, and she was mad!

"Eric, you give me my damn clothes back!"



"That's right, Sookie, scream my name."

"Eric! This isn't funny!"

"Says you. I happen to find a good deal of humor in the situation."

Stomping her foot, Sookie growled, "Eric, I'm serious! You give me my clothes back!"

"Let me think about it. No."

"Oh! You make me so mad!"

Holding his hand out. Eric purred, "Come here and I'll make you burn … come, lover, let me make you scream for a different reason."

Despite her ire, Sookie felt her body heat and took a step forward before she remembered how upset she was. Backing up two steps, she shook her head and hissed, "No! You get up, and get my clothes right now!"


"Eric! What am I supposed to wear?"

"Nothing. That's the whole point."

"Absolutely not! I'm not walking around naked!"

"Yes, you are. I don't want barriers between us. It takes too long to get clothes off you, and I don't like waiting to be inside you. No clothes for you."

Pulling the sheet tighter around her body Sookie argued, "Eric, you can get my clothes off in five seconds or less with how fast you move!"

"Too long."

"Five seconds is too long?! Eric, you're being childish!"

Eric simply shrugged, "I've been waiting months for you to yield to me so I could truly enjoy your body, and I will not tolerate hindrances now. The second I want you I will have you. The five seconds it takes to shed you of your clothing is simply too long. I want to have to do nothing more than push your legs apart and thrust into you."

"Eric! I'm not a toy for you to use!"

"No, you're not. You're my bonded, my älskade, and you've finally given all of yourself to me. I'll cherish you, as I promised, but I will have you when and wherever I please. As we are alone, and others aren't around to see you, I want you available to me at a second's notice. I want, I take. That's how it will be between us here."

"Eric, you can't just expect me"

"Do you have any idea just how good you feel around my cock, little one? I've had tens of thousands of women. None compare to you. You're so hot, and tight, and silky around me when I am inside you. You make me burn in ways no one else ever has." Remembering the pleasure he felt between her thighs Eric decided a thirty minute break was long enough. Eyes darkening as his cock twitched and throbbed he growled, "Come here."

Recognizing that look and the certain tone of his voice, Sookie backed up even farther, "Oh no! You stay right there. You've kept me down here long enough."

"I just let you out for thirty minutes to go to the bathroom, and to search for clothes you'll never find until I show you where they are. I've earned a reward for suffering so long without you … now come here."


"Fine. I'll come get you."

Seeing him rise from the bed with his raging arousal jutting out from his body, Sookie felt her breath catch. Backing up, she held her palm up to him as if to ward him off, "No you don't! You stay right there! I can't think when you touch me, and right now I need to bargain with you."

Like he was really going to listen? Within the blink of an eye he was in front of her and had ripped the sheet from her body. Sweeping her up in his arms, he trailed his fangs along her shoulder as his arms wrapped around her waist to press her hard against him. "No bargains. No clothes for you. Your body is too beautiful to cover up. I want all of you all the time, and I'll have you!"

As soon as their chests pressed together and his arms wrapped thickly around her, Sookie couldn't keep from crying out at the sheer feel of him. Without thinking, she wrapped her legs around his waist and ground her pelvis up against his. "Oh, Eric … why do you make me feel this way?"

"Because you're mine … say it."

Forcing herself to look into his eyes, Sookie demanded, "Tell me you're my Eric first … I've done enough yielding."

Flashing his fangs at her as his eyes glowed, Eric growled, "Tell me you're mine!"

Putting her hands on his shoulders and using the strength of her thighs to lift herself up over his erection she smiled victoriously as she lowered herself down atop him. They both groaned with the erotic pleasure of being joined again and she whispered, "Tell me you're my Eric first."

As Sookie set her hands on his shoulders to support herself with her legs wrapped around him, Eric laid his hands on her hips, and with his manhood firmly implanted between her thighs, began pistoning in and out of her clenching lips. He was helping her to ride him as she relaxed, clenched, relaxed, clenched. Wanting her admittance of his ownership of her he said, "I'm your Eric … now tell me I own you!"

"You own me," Sookie moaned as she leaned back and gave herself over to the sensation of him inside her. "Oh, god … I love having you inside me!"

"It's where I belong." Eric's gaze was drawn down to Sookie's breasts as her head fell back and her chest was thrust forward. She was leaning far back with her nails dug into his shoulders as he increased their pace. He was picking her up and shoving her back down on his cock again and again, and the sight of those glorious breasts bouncing in time with his movements as Sookie mewled in pleasure was driving him towards the edge. "Mine … my Sookie … my älskade."

Raising herself back up to kiss him, Sookie purred, "My Eric … my vampire … my Viking."

They held each other's gaze as he continued to move her body in the rhythm they both wanted and needed. The muscles inside her vagina clenched greedily in desire. She could feel her pleasure building, and hissed when she stroked one of her hands down his shoulder to trace his Mjolnir. "Sookie," he groaned huskily.

Her fingers ghosted over his mark in a feathery light caress. He was bucking his hips as he lifted and lowered her atop him at an increasingly fast pace and she reveled in the surging lust that coursed through them both, suffusing the bond between them. "I didn't know … I didn't know it could be like this."

"Nor did I." Leaning down to graze his fangs along her shoulder as they moved together, he continued, "I knew you'd be good, but mating has never been like this with me. I've had goddesses, fairies, angels and women trained in the arts of pleasure … none of them hold a candle to you. You make me burn in ways no other ever has or will. We are destiny. It will always be like this between us."

"I hope so."

No more words were spoken as Eric picked up the pace and began pounding into her as he jerked her down atop his cock. Sookie's head fell back again as she simply hung on for the ride. For long moments the only noise in the cave was the slick sound of Eric pumping in and out of her and the slapping of their flesh against one another. Finally, Sookie felt the rush of pleasure take her and threw herself against Eric's chest to hold him tightly as she cried out his name. She buried her face into his neck as her legs and arms gripped him.

Eric's release was just as powerful. He snarled in lust as he thrust up into her clenching cunt one last time to bury himself to the hilt as his seed shot forth. His orgasm was so intense he was actually brought to his knees as he held Sookie just as tightly to him. If he could breathe, he'd be panting equally as hard as her. Instead, he moved to lay her on her back on the furs covering the cave floor and kissed her cheek as he moaned, "Damn, Sookie … you keep getting better and better."

Having recovered enough to find her voice, Sookie nipped at his neck with her blunt teeth and rocked her hips against him as she murmured, "Good enough to get some clothes?"

As Sookie sucked at his neck and rolled her hips beneath him, Eric fought for control of his quickly arousing body. Little Eric was ready to give her anything and everything she wanted if she'd keep doing what she was doing. "You're not playing fair, little one," her growled as she nibbled at the underside of his chin while tracing her hands along his back to grab his ass. She seemed to have as much of a fondness for his as he had for hers.

"Fair doesn't get me anywhere with you. Time to get down and dirty," Sookie purred before biting his shoulder. "Give me my clothes, and I'll make you a very happy Viking."

He decided a compromise was in order. "You can have a robe. The new kimono I gave you after we got back from New York. That's as good as you'll get—and nothing under it."

"Good enough," Sookie agreed as she pushed on his shoulders to dislodge him from between her thighs. When he rolled to his back she wasted no time straddling him. As she lowered herself over his erection once again she moaned, "My turn to ride you."

Reaching up to take hold of her breasts so he could roll her nipples between his fingers, Eric hissed, "I knew you'd love being on top." When she swirled her hips and ground her pelvis against him before beginning a slow rocking motion he growled, "Fuck … if I weren't already dead I'd think you're trying to kill me."

Setting her hands on his abdomen to give herself leverage, Sookie teased, "I'm just trying to give as good as I get—now I want to hear you scream for me, my Viking."

Sookie got her wish, though she was screaming right along with him.


So she'd gotten her robe. 'I'm starting to like negotiating with him,' Sookie thought with a private smile as she finished up her eggs. Of course, it had taken a little more persuasion on her part to convince him to wear something as well. As much as she loved his bodyand oh boy! did she love his body—she was still uncomfortable with casual nudity. In the end, he'd relented since he could feel through the bond just how uneasy it made her for him to be naked when not actually being intimate. He'd told her it was a habit he intended to break her of, but agreed to wear some black hakamas on for now.

Eric came into the kitchen just as Sookie took a seat at one of the stools positioned at the end of the large island so she could eat her breakfast … well, really late dinner. He watched as Thor ran over to jump at her legs while barking happily, and he smiled at the sight of Sookie feeding the puppy a piece of her bacon. His eyes gleamed. "Eat a lot," he suggested, as he came to sit next to her. "You're going to need it."

Sookie snared his gaze as she took a bite of her scrambled eggs. She swallowed carefully, her heartbeat accelerating at his stark challenge and asked, "Will you get his ball? His bag of toys is by the front door. He needs to burn off some energy of his own. He probably feels neglected. Please, would you play with him while I eat?"

Eric did as she asked and retrieved Thor's bag of toys from the front door. Setting it on the island, he rummaged around inside it until he dug out a tennis ball. Reclaiming his seat, he called Thor over. As he'd lived with Sookie, he'd seen her work with her puppy often and he knew the puppy was actually very well trained. Holding the ball up, to which Thor came to immediate attention knowing it meant play time, he ordered, "Fetch." He threw the ball down the hallway and watched as Thor scrambled on the hard wood floor as he shot off after it. As Thor came skidding back to his side with the ball in his mouth, Eric leaned down to retrieve it and threw it again. He asked, "Would you like to use the hot tub after you've eaten?"

After swallowing the food she had in her mouth, Sookie replied, "Yes. I want to watch a movie in your theater room, too. I've never been in a personal theater room before."

"I'll build you one of your own at your house, if you'd like."

"No, that's ok. The huge TVs you got me are enough. I'll just use yours here."

Thor pawed at Eric's knee with the ball in his mouth to reclaim his attention to the game, and Eric took it from him to throw again as he remarked, "Why do you never want things for yourself? A home like Tara is the first thing you've asked for without me having to practically force it down your throat."

"I'd never turn down a Tara of my very own. I've wanted one for so long I just can't bring myself to deny myself. As for asking for things? I just don't. I think the biggest problem with the world today is people want more and more, and aren't happy with what they already have. I like having nice things, but it's better to me if I earn them myself. I don't want things for the sake of having them … and I don't want you to feel like you have to buy me things to make me happy. That's not how I operate."

Eric pondered that for a moment as he continued to throw the ball for Thor. Finally he said, "I don't buy you things in the belief that it will make you love me. I know it doesn't work that way with you. I buy you things in the hopes you will take joy in them. Which makes me happy. It is not wrong to enjoy nice things, Sookie. Whenever you wear the jewels I buy you, or the clothes, or drive your car there is always a twinge of guilt, and sometimes even something akin to pain, coming from you across the bond. I don't understand why you feel this way. Why do you feel guilty having these things?"

Sookie thought about it before replying, "I … don't always think I deserve them. Growing up—I just grew up thinking that asking for things is not okay."

"You thought you should be happy with the scraps others decided to give you, and that having anything more or better than them made you a bad person? Does this have to do with your parents?"

"In a way. It wasn't intentional, though. Growing up, they tried to give my brother and I as much as they could … but I could see what it cost them. I know how much they worked, and how hard it was for them to get things for us. I could see how tired and run down my father was in every toy or doll I got. I could see the long hours he labored for crappy pay to buy us the smallest things. In my mom? I saw worse. My father couldn't spend much time with me because I couldn't go to work with him, or really be around people at all, so he'd buy me a new doll, toy or dress every month to make up for it. He was able to spend more time with my brother. My father worked odd jobs on the weekends and would take my brother with him to teach him how to repair and build things. I couldn't go since I was hand … uh … different, so with me all he could do was give me presents."

Pushing her eggs around on her plate, she continued softly, "They weren't really expensive, just little things, but when my mom saw them, her resentment towards me grew. She never said anything, but I could see it in her mind. She knew why my dad gave them to me. It's like they were reminders that I was different, and she was stuck with a freak daughter. I played with them in front of my dad to make him happy, or wore the dresses he bought me, but I put them away the rest of the time so my mom wouldn't get more upset. I hated getting gifts from them. Not only could I see how hard my parents had to slave at crappy jobs to be able to afford them, but I knew I was only getting them because I couldn't be the kind of daughter they wanted. I just … I don't feel right getting gifts."

Cursing under his breath, Eric hissed, "Your parents were idiots."

"Eric, let's not fight about this again. You asked, and I told."

Throwing the ball harder, but trying to rein in the edge on his anger, Eric swore, "I will break you of this, Sookie. If it's the last thing I do, I will make you realize your worth."

Pushing the remainder of her eggs around on her plate, she said, "Just let it go. I've gotten better about it over the years. I understand that sometimes people give gifts simply to give them, but … I … I just prefer to get things for myself so I don't feel guilty."

Throwing the ball for Thor again, Eric took Sookie's chin in his hand, and turned her face towards him. He could see the tears building in her eyes as her sad childhood memories resurfaced. "Sookie, you have nothing to feel guilty about. You have one of the worst inferiority complexes I've ever seen with absolutely no reason for it, and I will rid you of it. You give and give and give to your family and friends without a thought, but the second someone does anything for you, you feel guilt and self loathing. I detest this, and I will break you of this habit. I will give you mansions, jewels, horses, cars, furs, designer clothing, and anything else you could ever want. I will give them to you not only because I wish you to have them, but because you deserve them. You deserve to have everything you want, and I will give it all to you. If you wish to work you may, but it will not be to provide yourself with what you want or need. It will be simply because you wish to work. From now on, every want or need you ever have I will take care of. It is not only my right as your bonded, but my privilege. You deserve to be taken care of properly, and I will do it."

"I can take care of myself. I don't need anyone to support me."

"I'm aware. From what I understand, you have been surviving on your own since you could walk. Your parents gave you a roof and food, but little else. You've taken care of yourself long enough, and I'm not disputing the fact you could continue to do so. What I'm saying is that you just aren't going to anymore. I will take care of you now. I will care for you in the manner you deserve to be cared for, and in the manner I wish you to be cared for. You will stop feeling guilty, and you will stop thinking so poorly of yourself. Now tell me something you always wanted."

"I can't."

"Sookie, it was not a request. I'm ordering you to tell me something you've always wanted."

Finished with her breakfast and moving to wash her plate, Sookie replied, "I can't. You've already gotten me everything I've ever wanted. You fixed my Gran's house, you bought me horses, you got me piano lessons, you're going to get me French lessons when I'm proficient in Swedish, you got me a new car, you got me a puppy. Tomorrow you're going to teach me to snowboard, you're going to build me my Tara, you're going to take me to India, you're going to take me to your island to see a beach, and you're going to send me to school. I have nothing else to ask for."

His fists clenching, Eric raged, "Do you see what your parents did to you! You tell me I've lost the ability to dream? Well you never had it! Your parents robbed you of it! They hurt you so deeply, the damage has been so great, you don't even think you have the right to dream or wish for things! That is the most pitiful list I've ever heard! Ask anyone else for a list of things they want in life and it would be miles long! You? You have 11 things!"

Slamming his fist down on the counter top, cracking the wood, he harshly expelled, "One of your biggest dreams was a fucking dog! You dreamed of having a dog of your own! Most people think nothing of this, and you were made to believe you didn't deserve a fucking animal! I swear, if your parents were alive, I'd rip their goddamned hearts out!"

Eyes widening at his mounting fury, Sookie pressed herself back against the counter as Thor whimpered and laid down on his belly submissively. "Eric … you need to calm down." He stood before her with his fists clenched, his eyes lit with his power. The stools lifted off the floor along with the rug and microwave, and outside Sookie could see logs, boulders and snow floating off the ground as his power radiated.

Walking forward slowly as she held Eric's glowing gaze, she soothed, "It's ok … Eric, you have to calm down." Holding her palm out, she set it over his Mjolnir and whispered, "Be here with me … right here. Push the anger back, and be here with me."

Fisting a hand in her hair, he drew her forward to bury his face in her neck. Wrapping an arm tightly around her waist, he pulled her up against him and growled, "I want you to dream for me, Sookie. I want you to dream, and wish, and want so I can fulfill them all … let me take care of you."

His words touched her heart and Sookie felt tears fill her eyes as she whispered, "Oh, Eric."

"Dream for me, Sookie … right now."

Wrapping her arms around his neck as her legs went around his waist, she frantically cast about in her mind trying to think. Finally, she kissed his shoulder and said, "I want a pool with a waterfall."

"Done … dream more."

Her mind raced, "I want one of those saltwater fish tanks that could be embedded into the wall in my bedroom, with a coral reef and pretty fish."

"You'll have it by the time we get home. Alcide and his men are all contractors when not protecting you, and they can go inside the barrier. Your pool and fish tank will be there … more."

Digging her hands into his hair she pulled back to look into his still glowing eyes, and whispered, "You. I want you … right now."

He growled as he set her down on the cracked island counter. Shoving her robe open, his mouth was hot and hungry on hers as she fumbled with the tie of his hakamas to push them off his hips. There was no foreplay. There were no tender touches, or soft caresses. There was no hesitation. The moment her robe was open and his hakamas around his ankles, he pulled her towards him and thrust into her. His hands gripped her hips to hold her in place for his brutal assault as she leaned back on the counter with her hands behind her to thrust her breasts upwards. He watched her head fall back exposing the delicate expanse of her throat and continued to pound into her as he hissed, "You will dream, Sookie. You will dream and hope, and I will fulfill them. You will be happy!"

"Eric .…" Sookie could do little more than say his name as her body soared under his carnal invasion. He was bucking into her at a maddening pace, and there was nothing gentle about it. He had taken her roughly the night before a number of times in between her more tender lovemaking sessions, but nothing like this. She'd never been fucked so hard or so fast before, and she couldn't believe how much she wanted it! "I am happy, Eric … you make me happy, my Viking."

Her words only furthered his lust and need for her. His hands gripped her tighter as he used his vampire speed to claim her with all he had. Their mating was frenzied and hard, and neither lasted very long. She came screaming his name as she reached forward to take hold of his neck and pull him forward for a kiss. Her tongue licked along his drawn fangs while he hissed as his own orgasm overtook him. He bucked his hips into her one last time and filled her with his cum. "Sookie …."

Sookie licked his lips softly before cupping his cheeks, placing soft kisses along his lips, nose, and closed eyelids. She felt so close to him right now, and she wanted him to feel the same. "My Eric … you make me happy. You make me feel special. You make me hope and dream … please don't be angry anymore, my Viking. If those things hadn't happened, I wouldn't be who I am now … Don't you like who I am?"

Fisting his hands into her hair to claim her lips in a possessive kiss, he showed her how much he enjoyed her as she was without words. When she pulled back and hugged him to her, as she pressed her face into his neck, as her legs tightened around his waist, he agreed, "I like you very much as you are … I just want you to start liking you. Stop feeling ashamed. Stop thinking so little of yourself. Stop believing those around you are better than you. They're not. You are above them all in every way. Be proud of who and what you are, my Sookie. This is what I want."

Kissing his neck Sookie whispered, "Oh, Eric, you say such beautiful things to me."

"I speak truth to you." Tugging her hair to pull her back, he continued, "You are special, Sookie, and not because you are part faery, not because you can read minds, not because you have some prophesized destiny—you are special because of who you are inside. Your heart makes you special. I thought I wanted to make you hard like me, but I've realized I would hate to change you like that. I want you to stay as you are. I want you to always smile and laugh. I want you to always see the good in everything. I look for the bad, and I need you to show me the good. That's what makes you great, Sookie. You know better than anyone how horrible this world is, how shallow and cruel people are, and yet you focus only on the good. That's what makes you better than everyone else. That's what makes you great."

His words moved her. As silent tears slipped down her cheeks, she tightened her legs around his waist to pull him closer as his still hard length filled her completely. "Eric … you make me feel beautiful."

Kissing him softly, she added, "I love you."

Eric's eyes slowly stopped glowing and everything sank back down to the ground in its original position. Thor, who had been frightened by the deadly energy whirling around Eric, crept forward to grab his ball and took off to another part of the house. Neither Sookie nor Eric paid him any attention as Eric replied, "I know, but you will tell me often. Every day, several times a day, from here to eternity."

"I can swing that … now show me this hot tub. I've never been in one, and I have an idea as to how we can make my first experience memorable."

"I've got some ideas of my own."

"Oh, I'll just bet you do."

A few hours later, Eric and Sookie were once again sitting on either side of the Go game board in front of the fire place. Sookie was back in her kimono robe, and Eric was back in his black hakamas. Both of their heads were damp from the shower they'd just shared, but drying quickly in front of the fire. As Sookie put down her eight stones for her handicap, she asked, "Will you tell me about Godric's tattoos?" As they were both now heavily marked themselves, she found herself wondering what Godric's had meant more and more. She didn't want to push Eric if he wasn't ready though. "You don't have to tell me if you're not ready. It's just that now …."
"Our own marks have you wondering," Eric finished for her. When she nodded, he said, "I am not as … hesitant to speak of him as I was. I will tell you." He placed his first stone down and continued, "Godric was from Gaul, and, as they had limited writing or means of written communication, they used tattoos and markings. The markings around his neck signified him as a chieftain of his tribe. Any man that assumed leadership was given the mark."

"Was it hereditary like with your people?"

Placing another piece on the board after Sookie put down one of her own, Eric offered, "No. In Gaul men had to fight for leadership. It was not passed from father to son. In Godric's tribe, there was a festival once a year for warriors. Men competed in the tournament, and the victor was able to challenge the chief if they wanted. During the tournament, it was rare for men to be killed as it was bare handed fighting, but if a challenge for leadership was made, it was to the death. Godric won the tournament, made the challenge, and killed the former chief to take command. I do not want you to think he was power-hungry though. He did it more for revenge. His father had been chief before then and the current chief had killed him. Godric wanted to avenge his father's death."

"Oh, was he a good chief?"

"I assume so. Godric spoke rarely of his human life. I know he had two children, a young wife, and three brothers and a sister when he was turned. He told me that, much like I had, he checked on his family after being made, and, when he knew they would take care of one another, he left to begin his life as a vampire. He never looked back. Also, just as I had killed all the enemies that threatened my home, he took out several Roman legions invading Gaul to ensure his family and people would be safe for a while longer after he left them. Troops were not so easily replaced back then."

Putting another stone on the board Sookie said, "I don't like the easy killing part there, but I like that your families, your people, meant something to you both after you were turned."

"You do not become an entirely different person when you are made into a vampire, Sookie. Who you are at core cannot change, and will not change. What you are changes. Bad people become bad vampires when turned. Good people become good vampires."

"But you've done things … bad things."

"I've also been alive a thousand years, and have an entirely different perspective on life than you. I have lived through things you cannot imagine. I have learned that not all life is equal. I respect the fact that you do not see things this way, and I will not begrudge you your viewpoint, but I cannot help but be what I am. I will never think of killing as a last resort. The notion was ludicrous to me in my human life, and was impossible for me as a newborn, let alone now. I have learned to control my blood lust, but I will kill when I decide it is necessary. I am a warrior, and death will never be abhorrent to me. I will protect you from it, though."

She stilled. She watched him put another piece down on the board, and asked, "What did the markings on his arms mean?"

"The jagged stripes on his left arm represented his greatest victories. Each band signified an achievement he'd made. In his tribe, boys had to go through a rite of passage to be declared men, and when they passed they got their first band. He told me that most of the time men in his tribe were lucky to make it to two bands. I know he got another one for his defeat of the former chief, and I know he received two for great battles he won as leader of his tribe. One of the bands he had put on to signify becoming a vampire, one he added when he turned me, and the last band on his arm I do not know the meaning of. I noticed it when I rejoined him in Dallas. It is new, and I do not know what he got it for. I did not have time to ask him. I hope to find the answer to that question in the journal he left me."

"Have you read any of the journal yet?"

"No, but I have it with me. I can't seem to let it be far from me, but nor have I found it within me to read it."

He had the bond closed off, but Sookie could tell he was hurting. Leaning over the board she kissed him softly before whispering, "I'm sure Godric told you everything you need to know in the journal and more. You have forever to read it. There's no rush."

As she started to pull back, Eric gripped her chin and kissed her again, but his was much more thorough. By the time he let her pull back, she was panting, anticipation coiling in her breasts and lower abdomen.. Brushing his thumb along her lips he said, "You please me, Sookie."

"You're not so bad yourself, Viking. And it's your turn." She watched him place his next stone as Thor came padding into the room after having finished his food, and laid down beside her with his head in her lap. She scratched his ears softly as she asked, "What about the rest of his tattoos. The ones on his back were beautiful."

"They were. The red stamp was the mark of Rome. I'd asked Godric about it many times, but he would never tell me why he got it. He'd just smile and tell me one day I would find out. Due to what Ahmose revealed to us, I believe now he got it to show his brotherhood with Caesar."

Smiling, she placed another stone. "You're probably right. Regardless, it was beautiful. He was beautiful."

Pleased, Eric said, "I'm glad you think so. He liked you."

"He did?"

"Very much. He told me you were more deserving of immortality than anyone he'd ever met, and encouraged me to blood bond you to me before turning you. He told me you were special, and your heart was purer than any he'd encountered. He said you glowed from within, and even he knew it was not because of your telepathy. He knew, just as I do, that it is you that makes you glow with life. In the short time you knew him, you gained his respect and admiration. Neither are easily given, and both speak to your value and character."



"So what did the marks on his spine mean?"

"His people worshipped Dyaus Pitar, whom they called "Father God" or "Sky God". He was the God of war and protection. The markings on Godric's back meant he was touched by Dyaus Pitar, and was protected by him."

Watching him mark off a piece of territory, she pursued, "And the markings on his right arm?"

"Those were runes that meant a number of things. Some meant mighty warrior, others marked his possessions as a man, the things he had as chief of his tribe, and some referenced his abilities. He was a great tracker, swordsman, hunter, and scout. They were like descriptions of him as a man. All were true of him in life, and in death. He was a great man as a human, and as a vampire."

Her eyes trail over Eric's newly marked form. "I wonder what ours mean?"

"I believe we'll find out soon enough. No doubt the answer to that question will be waiting for us back in Louisiana when we go home."

"I hope it's nothing bad."

"Very doubtful. The marks appeared as our powers came together. That cannot be bad."

She continued to scratch Thor's ears as she placed another stone on the board, and said guardedly, "Everything is going to be so different when we get back."

"Nothing stays the same, Sookie. Things have already changed. We must enjoy the calm moments when we have them, and stand strong during the trying times that come whether we want them to or not … now it's your turn. Tell me something about yourself."

"I can't stand it when people get crumbs in the butter."

Arching a brow, Eric asked, "Pardon?"

"Crumbs in the butter. When people are buttering their toast or bread, and they don't wipe the knife off, it gets crumbs in the butter. I can't stand it!"

"Fascinating," Eric replied dryly.

Chuckling as she placed her next stone, Sookie added, "I like strawberry jelly in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of grape. I like to mix grape juice with my orange juice, and I can't stand it when people don't use a coaster. I mean seriously, they're right there on the table! Why is it so hard for them to put their glass on the coaster right in front of them?"

Thoroughly amused now, Eric prodded, "Keep going."

"I hate Speedos. Gay man or not, they just don't look right."

"I swim naked or in swim trunks, so you're covered there."

"Good. This just wouldn't work out between us if you liked them."

"Good to know. Keep going."

"I always eat one thing on my plate at a time."

"I've noticed this. When eating dinner you always eat your side dishes first before moving onto the main course. When you ate breakfast you ate all your bacon, then your eggs, and saved your biscuits for last. Is there a reason for this?"

Shrugging, Sookie replied, "Nope. I've just always done it."

"Well, since it doesn't bother me, I don't mind that you do it. Tell me more."

"I like a separate drawer for my socks and underwear, and you need to quite mixing yours up! I gave you two separate drawers for each, and you keep tossing them in together."

Laughing now, Eric teased, "Have you ever given thought to the fact you might have a slight case of OCD?"

"No. I just like things being in the right place. I don't turn door knobs three times before I open a door or anything like that. There's nothing wrong with being organized."

"Fair enough. I'll keep them separate if it is such a pet peeve of yours. Anything else?"

"I don't like music alarms. I prefer the beeping ones. I never buy one of those radio alarms. I don't want to mess up when I'm trying to hit snooze and accidently turn the beeper off and the radio on instead."

"Now you're just being picky."

"Am not. That is a perfectly logical preference."

"How so?"

"When I hear music I don't think anything of it. If I hear a beeping it means something is up. I hear music and I just roll over."

"What if it's talk radio?"

"I'm used to voices, and I'm used to tuning them out. I can ignore that easily."

Nodding, Eric replied, "I can understand that. So no radio alarms for you. What else is odd about you?"

"When I'm reading a book, I have a horrible tendency to read the last few chapters after I read the first few so I know how it's going to end. That way I don't get too upset by the middle."

"That's cheating."

"I know. I can't help it, though. I'm so used to knowing things since I hear people, that when I'm reading I just can't stand not knowing how things turn out! I know when people are going to break up in town or get together before anyone else. When I'm reading, I can't do that and I just can't help skipping to the end to see how things turn out. I always read the middle afterwards."

"Did you do that with 'American Gods'?"

"No. You said it was one of your favorites so I forced myself to read it straight through without cheating. It was really hard though, because I really wanted to know how it was going to end."

"Did you finish it?"

"Yeah. Odin deserved what he got."

"In some ways. However, I can't help but understand him."

"Because he was trying to reclaim his power?"

"Because he was trying to reclaim himself."

Watching him place another stone down, and thwarting her attempt to block off territory, she said, "I don't understand."

"He was a god, Sookie. He ruled the skies. He presided over the world and those in it … and then he was forgotten. Human belief made him a warrior and king, then human belief shifted and stripped him bare. He was losing himself. A god living as a human? He'd seen things even I can't imagine. He didn't want to be lost. He wanted not to be Mr. Wednesday. He wanted to be Odin again. As deceiving and manipulative as his actions were, his reasons were understandable. What would you do in order to be who you are?"

"I never thought about it that way. I guess I can understand that. I don't agree with what he did, but I can understand it. It was mean of him though. He forced two sides into war and he used his own son to do it."

"As I said, Odin was not painted in a favorable light in that book, and I doubt he would actually sacrifice his own son the way he hung Shadow out to dry."

"Have you ever spoken to Odin?"

"No. He did send a Valkyrie to me once."

Eyes widening Sookie asked, "He did? When? What did she say?"

As Sookie placed another piece on the floor, Eric replied, "I was around 16. It was the battle my father fell in. After our enemies were defeated, I built the funeral pyre for my father, and, as I stood watch for him as he burned, the Valkyrie came down from the sky. I was the last man standing in the field as the fire burned, and I watched as two of the battle maidens carried my father's soul to Valhalla while one came to stand before me. She told me AllFather favored me. She told me he'd watched me from the day I was born, and I was never far from his sight. She told me that, even when I moved beyond his reach, I would never be beyond his sight. She told me one day the darkness in me would be explained, and I would understand then. After that, she left, and I never had any word from Odin again."

Sookie was silent for a moment before she whispered, "Eric, you know that dream I had of my Gran?"


"She told me you weren't completely human before you were a vampire. She spoke about the power inside of you."

Staring hard at Sookie, he ordered, "Tell what she told you."

"She said that you weren't quite a man. That you were more. Just like I'm not quite human. She told me that I'm more than a faery, and that we'll both find out what is inside us after the prophecy is under way. She said you have great power in you, just as I have power in me. She said that our powers were created for each other. She wouldn't tell me anything more. She said we'd both find out soon enough what it is inside us that makes us different."

Testing the bond, Eric asked, "What else did she tell you in the dream?"

Shaking her head Sookie replied, "I'm still working on some of that. When I figure it out I'll tell you the rest. I will tell you that she said we're fate, destiny, and the whole nine yards. So everything she told me at root works in your favor."

"At root?"


"So parts I will not like?"

"Probably not."

"I do not like this secret between us."

Shrugging, Sookie replied, "You've kept your fair share of secrets from me. This one's mine, and I already told you that I'm going to tell you all of it eventually. That's as good as you're getting right now."

"You've aggravated me. Make it better."

Laughing, Sookie leaned forward again and kissed his lips softly. When he fisted his hand in her hair and held her to him as his mouth slanted over hers, she moaned into the kiss. 'Damn, this man knows how to make me burn!' When he let her pull back, she asked, "Better now?"

"Partially. Take off your robe and I'll be happy."

"Eric! I told you I'm not sitting around naked with you. When we're in bed it's one thing, out about the house is another."

"Why are you so ashamed of your body? Other than needing to gain a bit of weight, you're perfect."

Sitting back in her seat, she asked, "You really think I need to gain weight?"

"Yes. You are not plump enough."

"You want me to be fat?"

Shaking his head, Eric replied, "Americans' concepts of fat are ridiculous. They believe all women should be slim enough to see a hint of bones. They want flat stomachs and sculpted bodies. They are destroying the female form. Men are supposed to be hard, angular, and sculpted. Women are supposed to be soft, curvy and voluptuous. Trends had better change soon. I'm getting tired of seeing stick figures everywhere. I would definitely prefer you a bit larger."

Setting her hand on her abdomen she asked, "You don't like flat stomachs?"

"No. I like it when a woman has a little meat on her. I want you to have that slight roundness to your stomach that women had in my day. I don't like seeing even the slightest hint of rib on a woman. I don't want to feel her hip bones, and I don't want to see muscles. A woman is supposed to be soft. A man should be able to sink into her, and enjoy having a soft body beneath him. Women in my day were strong, but not overly muscular. Your culture is telling you to stop eating and work out like men. It is ridiculous."

"So you don't like my body?"

"I did not say that. I said I would prefer you to put on some weight. You are not as ghastly thin as most women today, but you could still put on some weight. Your thighs, ass, and breasts are perfect, but your stomach is too flat, and I can see too much of your ribs. I love your legs though."

"I don't want to be fat."
Eric's concept of female body beauty
"I'm not asking you to be fat. I'm asking you to be soft as you were born to be. Your ridiculous pop culture is brainwashing girls today to believe that they are fat unless they can see their bones. Fat means unhealthy. Plump is beautiful. You could put on twenty pounds, and you would be even more attractive to me."

Setting a piece on the board, Sookie replied, "Pam is not plump."

"Regrettably. She is aware that I prefer fleshier women, but I did not turn her for her body. I turned her because I felt a pull to her."

"What kind of pull?"

"The pull of a maker to a child. A vampire can turn any human they wish, but the best children are the ones you feel a pull to. Pam is my only child, because she is the only one I ever felt the pull to. I would think her more beautiful if she were filled out properly, but again, it was not her body that drew me to her."

"Do you feel this pull towards me?"

"No. The pull I feel towards you is entirely different … and much stronger. Pam was meant to be my child. You are meant to be my eternal companion."

Sookie was quiet a moment before she said, "I guess I could put on some weight if it will really make you happy."

"It would make me ecstatic."

"On one condition though."

"Which is?"

"I want my chair back at Fangtasia."

Setting his own piece on the board and blocking off yet another territory for himself, Eric asked, "Why? What point is there in having any boundaries now? You are truly my lover, so why put distance between us?"

"It's not about distance, Eric. It's about me being comfortable. I don't mind being affectionate in public, but sitting in your lap like I do is a bit much for me. Maybe I'll get used to that kind of forwardness, but for now it makes me uncomfortable. It's hard enough having to listen to all those horrible thoughts in the bar without making me feel awkward."

Eric thought about it for a moment, and finally agreed, "You get your ribs covered properly and round out your stomach a bit and I'll give you your chair back."

"Deal." Thor moved to lie on his back at her side and she rubbed his belly. She said contemplatively, "You know you could do wonders for women's esteem if you made a public announcement about how much you hated thin women. Girls fall over themselves everywhere you go, and, if they knew you didn't like them all tiny like they are, they'd start stuffing their faces."

"You're the only one I give a damn enough about to put the effort into plumping up. The rest of them need to come to their senses on their own."

Putting another piece on the board, Sookie asked, "Are you going to keep working at Fangtasia when you become king?"

"No. I'll sign over the rest of my shares to Pam and she can run it. She will not like me becoming king as it will mean more duties for her to see to. I will make her Sheriff of Area 5, and she will definitely not like that."

"Then why make her sheriff at all?"

"Because it is the area you live in, and the one I will rule in. I need the most trustworthy sheriff to keep control of the area. We are all going to have to make adjustments. Pam is already aware that she is about to become sheriff. She's making me buy her a better house to make up for it."

Sookie couldn't help but grin at the thought of Eric having to buy Pam a house to make her feel better. 
They continued to play the game, and Sookie came a bit closer to evening the score. She still lost though. When the game was over Eric pushed the board out of the way. His voice was low and smoky, "Come here, my Sookie."

Deciding to tease him, Sookie continued to pet Thor's stomach as she asked, "Why?"

"Because I want to give you a gift."

"Is that so? What?"

"It's big."

"How big?"

"Very big. Hard, too."


"Indeed. You'll like it. In fact you'll love it so much you'll scream."

"And what will I do with this gift you want to give me?"

"Come here and I'll show you exactly what you can do with it."

She'd decided she'd teased him enough … herself too. Crawling towards him on her hands and knees, she asked, "Do I get to unwrap it?"

"But of course, as long as I can unwrap my gift as well."

Moving to straddle him as he sat cross legged beneath her, Sookie kissed his chin and whispered excitedly, "But I don't have a gift for you."

"Oh, but you do." Setting his hands on her hips as he pulled her against his straining arousal under his hakamas, Eric growled, "You have many gifts to give me, my Sookie. Many." Moving to grab her ass, his eyes suddenly gleamed, "Here's one." Untying her obi so that her robe would fall open, he pushed it off her shoulders to pool around her waist before taking hold of her breasts to caress them gently. "You have two more gifts right here. Bountiful gifts that I delight in over and over."

Her breath caught in her throat as she trembled atop him. The fire was bright beside them, and the heat of it warmed her skin along with the surging heat invoked by Eric's hands on her. Stroking her fingers along his shoulders, she traced the hard contours of his chest, and the swirling designs of his new marks. "Where's my gift?"

Leaning forward to nip at her lips with his fangs he took one of her hands off his chest and drew it down the hard length of his body to press against his arousal. "Right here. Unwrap it and you can play with it."

"Goody," Sookie moaned before leaning forward to kiss his neck as she made quick work of untying his hakamas. Pushing her hand inside she took hold of his cock and sighed, "It is big and hard … but it's soft too. Velvety soft." Rubbing her thumb over the head to spread the precum she teased, "If I play with it just right do I get a prize?"

"Oh yes." Eric was barely holding himself in check. His fingers pinched and rolled her nipples as her hands stroked him. He could smell the liquid arousal of her sex as her body prepared for his impending invasion and he growled in desire. "I want to be inside you."

"Only if you promise I can play with my new toy later."

"Sookie, you can play with it whenever you want."

Biting his shoulder softly, she replied, "Then you can have the rest of your gift now."

He had her on her back before she even finished her sentence. He felt her feet push at his hakamas to shove them down his legs. She was laid out on the bear skin rug before the fire and the light of the flames danced across her skin. Taking hold of her wrists, he trapped them over her head with one hand while the other stroked down her body to dip inside her, testing her readiness. He found her slick with want for him.

"You're so wet for me, little one. Tell me what you want."

"You. I want you. I want you inside me! Right now! Please!"

Lining himself up with her opening he thrust into her as he growled, "Then you'll have me!"

The force of his invasion had her crying out. "Eric! Oh God!"

Holding her wrists to the floor so she was immobile beneath him, he began to ride her with long, smooth strokes. He hissed, "That's right, scream for me!" he rasped.

"Scream my name and know it is the feel of my cock inside you that gives you this pleasure!"

She was arching beneath him as her legs convulsively wrapped around his waist. She desperately wanted to touch him and told him so. "Please, Eric, please let me touch you!"

"No. You will stay where and how I put you while I take what is mine. You can play later. Now it is my time."

When he bucked into her harder and faster, Sookie begged, "Please! Please! I need to touch you!"

Running his free hand up along her abdomen to stroke her breast he let his fingers trace her Faery Star as he demanded, "Why? Why do you need to touch me?"

"Eric, please!"

"Tell me why, my Sookie."

"Because I love you!"

His eyes lit with pleasure as he demanded, "Say it again!"

"I love you!"

He let her wrists go. Immediately her hands came up to cup his face as she pulled his mouth down to kiss him. Her tongue pushed against his as she whimpered and moaned beneath him. "Oh God, Eric! I want you inside me always."

"I plan to be here as much as possible." He supported himself above her with one forearm beside her head while his other hand slipped between their joined bodies to seek out her clit. Stroking the hard little nub as he plunged into her he purred, "You're all mine. All mine. Everything you are belongs to me. Your body, your heart, your soul. I own your smiles, your laughs, your tears. I own every part of you, and I'll never let you go."

Running her hands down his back she angled her hips to take more of him into her. She gasped at the hot feel of him reaching deep inside of her with every long thrust. "I'm yours, but you're mine too! I don't want anyone but me to ever touch you again. I want to be the only one to please you. I want to be the only one you touch like this."

"I'm your Eric, my Sookie. I'm yours in a way I've never belonged to any other woman. No one will ever please me like you do."


"I promise."

Scraping her nails up his back she trailed them over his shoulders to stroke along his chest. Her voice was pitched in agonized desire, "Harder, Eric! Take me harder!"

"Sookie," he groaned. Her words spurred him on. He moved his own hands to wrap under her back to pin down her shoulders so she'd stay fixed against him for the rough ride he was about to treat her to. Eric promised, "I'll fuck you as hard as you want, my älskade, and you'll only beg for more!"

As Eric began to pump into her with renewed vigor, Sookie did her best to hold on. The feel of him inside her was unlike anything she'd ever experienced. He reached so deep inside of her that sometimes she didn't think it possible she'd ever get him out, and she was fairly sure that was perfectly ok.

For his part, Eric reveled in the feel of Sookie's silky heat wrapped around his cock as he tore into her again and again. His hips were literally a blur as he used his vampire speed to take her with everything he had. Being with Sookie was a pleasure in its own right. The feel and scent of her always threatened to overcome his senses. Her scent drove him wild and called to his beast, while her body fit to his so perfectly. He knew he'd never get enough of her. Hunger and need raged inside him and, as he felt Sookie's walls fluttering around him as her orgasm approached, he decided to send them both over the edge. Scraping his fangs along her shoulder, he roared, "Mine," before biting into her.

Sookie cried out as Eric's fangs sank into her flesh and sent her spiraling into orgasmic bliss. "ERIC!" Her nails scratched down his back as her legs tightened around his hips to pull him deeper into her. She could feel his cum shooting into her and coating her womb and it made her shudder with pleasure.

As her blood rushed into him, Eric felt pleasure rush towards him like a tidal wave. His body jerked against her roughly as he shot stream after stream of his seed deep inside of her. He was drinking deeply of her intoxicating blood as he felt her hands turn gentle on his back and begin caressing him. 'Eternity is not long enough … I will never have enough of her,' He thought rapturously. Taking as much blood as he could, he pulled back to lick her wounds closed. When she was healed, he captured her lips in a kiss as he ground his pelvis against hers.

Sookie dug her hands into Eric's hair as she opened herself to his dominate embrace. She loved how he stayed hard inside her even after coming. It was amazing! When he pulled back to begin kissing his way down her neck and shoulder, she murmured invitingly, "You promised I could play with my new toy."

Chuckling softly, Eric replied, "That I did." He pulled out of her and rolled onto his back as he continued, "Far be it from me to deny you your pleasure, little one."

Sookie smiled at him before kissing her way down his chest and abdomen. She took hold of his cock in her hand and felt a frisson of pleasure run through her body at the wet feel of it. Her cum and his seed coated it, and it glistened in the firelight with their combined juices. She was so turned on she couldn't wait to get him in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the tip she listened with eager ears as Eric groaned her name over and over from the sensation of her warm mouth around him.

Above her, he buried a hand in Sookie's hair and hissed, "Fuck, I love it when you suck me, my Sookie."

She pulled off him long enough to say, "I love the way you taste."

As she resumed her attentions to his arousal, and began to bob her head up and down his length while her hands stroked the parts her mouth couldn't take, he growled, "You'll taste me often."

Sookie may have been inexperienced to giving oral pleasure, but her walks through the minds of so many who were provided her with some handy knowledge. Lafayette had especially been helpful in giving her some ideas. The night before when she'd given Eric head for the very first time he had flat out asked her if she'd lied about her inexperience since she had pleasured him so well. She'd reminded him that just because she hadn't done it before, didn't mean she didn't know about how to do it. She'd smirked at him as she told him how helpful it was seeing inside the minds of people in that regard. Needless to say, he was more than happy to reap these particular benefits of her gift, and did so quite vocally. By the time he came, he was snarling down at her and doing his best not to tear her hair out. She barely had time enough to swallow the mouthfuls of seed before he flipped her onto her hands and knees and thrust into her again with total abandon. Damn! Having a vampire lover came with some remarkable benefits!

As with the night before, Eric refused to let Sookie rest, and used the magic of their marks to keep her energized so he could have her again and again until the edge of his hunger for her was taken off. He knew it would never be completely satisfied, but at least he could push it back enough that he didn't feel feral with need for her. When he finally let her rest, she barely found the willpower to make him promise to take her snowboarding come daylight. She told him she wanted to see him in the sun. He gave her his word and as she dozed on the bear skin rug, he took Thor outside one last time before returning to carry her into the underground lair. She offered little resistance as he got her tucked into bed and curled her body into his as he slipped in behind her.

She fell asleep with a satiated smile on her face, and he died with a triumphant smirk on his. They made quite the pair. Neither noticed that as they slept their marks glowed brightly as Sookie's body shimmered, just as these had the night before. They'd learn the truth of what they were accomplishing with their mating soon enough.


  1. Jeez Eric, she's not going to be able to walk at this rate. LOL. I can understand her working for what she gets, but she does have somewhat of an inferiority complex. Aww poor scared Thor. "Well, since it doesn't bother me, I don't mind that you do it." Well aren't you generous. LOL. Like her book reading.... I can't do that but its a cute quirk. Like that he is trying to make her feel better about herself. LOL for gift talk. "I'm your Eric, my Sookie. I'm yours in a way I've never belonged to any other woman. No one will ever please me like you do."---That's not the promise you really wanted silly girl. Yo Eric, she is never going to gain weight if you keep up this pace without breaks and eating. LOL.

  2. His beast coming out gets me every time.... the cabin chapters are wonderful and well loved Kristie

    1-"he checked on his family after being made, and, when he knew they would care well for one another" okay it makes since this way "they would be cared well for by another"
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